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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Digidestined - Ken
Patamon's World > Digivice > Digidestined > Ken

 Ken Ichijouji 

Ken Fast Facts

Series: 2
Digimon: Wormmon
Grade: 5
Age: 11
Digivice: Black
Crest: Kindness
Armour-Egg: Kindness
Japanese VA: Paku Romi
English VA: Derek Stephen Prince

Ken Ichijouji is your typical "evil genius". He's been a Digidestined from the time of Season 1, but he never had access to his Digivice.

Ken had an older brother, Sam. Sam was a genius, and Ken's parents gave him all the attention. Ken felt left out. When Sam died, his parents started pushing Ken to do all the things that Sam might have done. Ken grew resentful and started to lock himself in his room with his computer. While programming, he "created" the Digital World, where he was the evil Digimon Emperor and brought fear to the hearts of all the Digimon. He thought that the Digital World was something that he made up, and when Davis and the gang helped him see that he was wrong, he thought he could just delete all the data and start over. Of course, this wasn't true.

When Ken stopped being the Digimon Emperor and started being Ken again, he found a Crest - the crest of Kindness. If you're wondering why it was a crest and not a DAE, it's because he was supposed to be a Season 1 DD, except he didn't have access to his DV.

Why didn't he have access to his DV? When he got it, his big brother Sam took it and put it away, warning Ken not to touch it. Little Ken accepted that, because at that time he practically worshipped Sam and assumed that everything new belonged to him.

Ken's really good at everything he does. He's an excellent soccer player and computer programmer. He's also very good at work etc. (Well, duh. He's a genius.) And he's good at computer games too~

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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