Season 4, Episode 37: "Cherubimania"
English Version written by Steve Blum
Original Air Date:
Transcribed by: gogglegirl181306 (
Rika: You'd think after handing Cherubimon a heaping helping of defeat, everything would be fine, right? WRONG! The gang was soon attacked by that frozen creep, IceDevimon, who only wanted to toy with them before gobbling up their data. He froze Koji's and Takuya's d-tectors, then trapped the others in ice so he could pick them off, one by one. JagerLowemon fought IceDevimon, while Korikakumon freed the others, and luckily they were able to stop the evil dude and chill him and purify his data. But then Cherubimon came back! Don't these guys ever get a break?
[Theme song, episode opens]
[All are looking up in awe at large stone objects slowly revolving around the Rose Morning Star in mid air]
Neemon: Wow! Look at all those pretty floaty-thingies!
Bokomon: Sorry to burst your blissful bubble of imbecility, but those are not "thingies."
Neemon: Oh yeah? Then what are they? Hmm?!
Bokomon: Well...
[Takuya and Koji grunt, watching the "thingies"][retorts] I don't know, but see "thingies" do not glow!
Neemon: Oh. Okay!
[Data streams are shown coming from all directions, meeting at the centre--the Rose Morning Star--and getting absorbed]
Takuya: Whatever it is, it sure is sucking up a whole lot of data.
[Bokomon and Neemon cry out fearfully as the land they are standing on begins to break off in chunks and rise slowly into the air]
Korikakumon: [noise of alarm]
MetalKabuterimon: Oh boy! Now what?
[Show lots of rock rising up in the air towards the Rose Morning Star, giving the appearance of an asteroid field]
Kouichi: Cherubimon. He's definitely up to something up there, I can FEEL it.
Zephyrmon: I don't know about the rest of you, but I've had just about enough of that guy.
[Slight warp can be seen as the rock continues to move upwards. It reoccurs randomly, with a distant bang. Show Takuya, Koji, Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon, much alarmed]
Bokomon: Apparently, the space and gravity data is being affected by some sort warp...
Neemon: OR, by those glowing thingies...!
Bokomon: [sound of annoyed exasperation] Neemon, would you PLEASE stop it with your "thingie--" uh..."thingie"...
Koji (intense): I think it's time to finish this. How 'bout it, are ya with me?
Takuya: Uhh-huh...I guess...we...have to do something, right?
Koji: Definitely. And you and I are the only ones who can do it.
Neemon (thinking, not out loud): I bet Bokomon and I could do it...if I only had the nerve!
Bokomon (thinking, not out loud): I bet Neemon and I could do it...if he only had a brain...
MetalKabuterimon: [de-digivolves to JP]
JP: Well, alrighty then!
Zephyrmon: [de-digivolves to Zoe]
Zoe: Win this battle, and you could save the digital world!
Takuya: Yeah...! We really could, huh?
Korikakumon: [de-digivolves to Tommy]
Tommy: You bet! [laughs and holds out his hand in a peace sign as Kouichi agrees]
Takuya: Well--! I'm game if you are!
Koji: You guys don't mind--staying behind?
JP: Aw, c'mon, why would we mind? After all, you're the ones who have to fight Cherubimon. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon are the only ones strong enough, but don't worry--we'll be here rootin' for ya!
Koji: Wow, I'm touched!
JP: [mimics] "I'm touched." Touch THIS. [walks up to Koji and puts one hand on his shoulder and uses the other for a playful punch] Just remember, pally, if you lose, you have to answer to me!
Koji (laughs): Right...
Takuya: Relax, JP. We got everything under control.
JP: Yeah baby!! [has right arm around Koji, then suddenly puts his left around Takuya and draws them close. Takuya gets the wind knocked out of him, from the sound of it] I'm glad to hear it, men! And we'll all celebrate once you've won.
Patamon: Yeah, when you defeat Cherubimon, I'm going to cook a big yummy dinner for everybody.
Zoe: I want to contribute something...I know! When you win, you can take me out on a date!
JP: [understandably alarmed] Wha?!
Tommy: [makes kissy face, says through puckered lips] Yeah, and I'm going to give you both a great big kiss on the cheek...
Koji and Takuya (disgusted): That's just wrong...
[JP is bent over with a sweatdrop on his head, crying at his misfortune over the Zoe issue. Bokomon walks by, dragging Neemon by the pants behind him]
Bokomon: I'm going to knit you both matching waistbands to look exactly like mine...
Koji and Takuya: Bokomon, you really shouldn't.
[Ground quakes a bit. Bokomon seems slightly sad at the insult. Takuya notices, and tries to cheer him up]
Takuya: But I--mm?
[Kouichi approaches and Takuya's attention is diverted]
Kouichi: Before you go--there is something I need to tell you.
Koji (smiles): Mmhmm?
Kouichi: You can do this.
Koji: Yeah.
Kouichi: I believe in you--Brother.
Takuya: [In a tone implying too much sentiment] Ok. Well then! [Walks off a bit] I'm as ready as I'll ever be...! How 'bout it?
Koji (laughs a bit): Oh yeah! Now let's go make some history.
JP: [gets up] Then go already! I've got some rootin' to do!
[All dramatically whisk out their d-tectors from their pockets in the following order: Takuya, Koji, Tommy, Zoe, JP, and Kouichi]
Koji: We're comin' for ya, Cherubimon!
Takuya: I don't know what's going to happen up there, but I DO know we'll need you guys to believe in us with everything you've got. You up for that?
Others: Definitely!
Takuya: Let's bring peace...back to this world!
Koji: This could be our last battle. I'm proud to be fighting it with YOU--Takuya!
Takuya (amused): I guess we better win then. Huh?
Koji (also amused): Yeah!
[They begin to walk toward the Rose Morning Star]
JP: Go get 'em, guys!
[All begin to cheer and call out encouragement at the same time. Shows Takuya beginning evolution]
Takuya: Unity, execute! Unified Spirit Evolution! Ahhhr!
EmperorGreymon: Rrrrr-arrr! EmperorGreymon!
[Show Koji beginning evolution]
Koji: Unity, execute! Unified Spirit Evolution! Ahhhr!
MagnaGarurumon: Uhh! MagnaGarurumon!
[They are ready. Shows them side by side]
EmperorGreymon: You ready?
MagnaGarurumon: Mmmhmm. Let's do it!
[They launch into the air and fly towards the Rose Morning Star. The others eagerly run after them. To them, they are just two bright streaks of light in the sky.]
JP (cheerfully): [cups hands around mouth] Don't mess up guys, hey! But no pressure!
Tommy: [wildly waves his hat around in the air above his head] Get 'em get 'em get 'em get 'em!
Zoe: Stay strong! We believe in you!
Patamon: Fly strong! Fly fast!
Neemon: [jogging and speaking over Patamon] Fly high, fly toast, I'm hungry!!
[All are forced to stop at the cliff's edge, and watch EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon continue their journey alone]
Bokomon (shouts worriedly): Come back safely!! Oh dear...uh, just... come baaaaaaaaack!!!
[All watch with concern and a hint of wistfulness. Shows EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon in the midst of floating rock field. Then Cherubimon is shown, laughing over a glowing sphere inside what's left of his old hideout at the Rose Morning Star. He's laughing.]
Cherubimon: The compression of the data is working perfectly...[laughs again] The human children have been a source of great irritation...but oddly...because of seems...ah [kisses the glowing sphere]'re that much sweeter. [Laughs yet again]
[EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon land on rock floating close by. The "glowing thingies" suddenly stop moving and discontinue glowing. It is though they are frozen in place]
EmperorGreymon: I think he knows we're here...
MagnaGarurumon: Mmmhmm, I feel him.
Cherubimon: [laughs]'ve come back to may have lived a little longer had you not. [Approaches, smugly holding the sphere in his left hand] Take a look. Do you know what this is? Well? Then let me enlighten you. This orb contains all the data I have collected from the digital world.
MagnaGarurumon: But WHY?
EmperorGreymon: Yeah. What exactly do you plan to do with THAT?
Cherubimon (matter-of-fact): Make it a part of me.
EmperorGreymon: Erg, great! What does THAT mean?
MagnaGarurumon: He's insane!
Cherubimon: Yes, perhaps I am. But once I've assimilated this compressed data, I will be invincible!
[He holds up sphere, it floats for a second, and then is absorbed through his forehead. His twisted grin turns to a grimace.]
Cherubimon: It is done!! [Glowing purple energy surrounds him] And now I shall relieve you of the legendary spirits. [laughs]
MagnaGarurumon: I don't think so! Uh! [Blasts off]
EmperorGreymon: Not as long as I'm breathing! [runs]
Cherubimon (amused): Mmm...
MagnaGarurumon: Magna Missiles!
[Cherubimon laughs and avoids attack. Leaps down and begins assent, only to get handled a swift uppercut by EmperorGreymon that briefly sends him reeling.]
MagnaGarurumon: Magna Rocket!
[He heads straight for Cherubimon, who merely waits. One of the huge boulders blocks the attack, and Cherubimon evades harm as rock is blown to pieces.]
MagnaGarurumon: Missed again!
EmperorGreymon: Whoa! Calm down. Did you really think it would be that easy?
MagnaGarurumon: You're right. We need to get focused here!
EmperorGreymon: Yeah.
[Quickly switches back to the others, who all face the Rose Morning Star at the cliff's edge. Bright balls of fiery light burst in clusters where the battle is]
Tommy: What are those lights?
Bokomon: The beginning of a very big battle, I'm afraid.
Cherubimon: Storm of Judgement! [black lightning with an eerie red glow shoots out everywhere, and it's all MagnaGarurumon can do to dodge it all.] Ah. Very well...[he outstretches his arms, and a bow of sparkling red lightning forms, starting at one hand and stretching to the other] Lightning...Spear! Rrrr! [he throws it fiercely at EmperorGreymon]
EmperorGreymon: Huh? [unsheathes his sword and slashes the lightning, unharmed] Is that the best you've got?!
[Cherubimon is very much angered, leaps off the rock he had been standing on and growls, headed right for them]
MagnaGarurumon: He's pretty quick. I'll drive him this way--back me up!
EmperorGreymon: I'll be ready. [He begins to wildly swing his sword above his head] Ahhh--!!
MagnaGarurumon: [Reaches Cherubimon] Hey Ugly! Wanna dance? [fires missiles, but Cherubimon uses acrobatics and floating rock to avoid them. He still has a tough time of it] Sorry, you're not gettin' away this time!
Cherubimon: [grins] For someone with so much courage, you are a little short on brains. I was merely testing you!
MagnaGarurumon: Test's over! Time to teach YOU a lesson!
[Tries attack again, but only blows up the rock Cherubimon was hiding behind]
MagnaGarurumon (thinking, not out loud): Gotta get closer!
[Show EmperorGreymon still whirling his sword in a blurred circle over his head]
EmperorGreymon: Arr! More power! I need more power! Arh!
[Switches back to MagnaGarurumon again]
MagnaGarurumon: [thinks to himself] I know!
[He fires constantly. Cherubimon floats backwards with speed, laughing and avoiding the attack--until he slams into rock.]
MagnaGarurumon: Gotcha! [he continues firing as Cherubimon's back is against the wall of rock]
Cherubimon (angry): NO! [the rock explodes, but Cherubimon remains, still unharmed] You HAD me...!
[Shows EmperorGreymon, his sword in front of him, but it cannot be seen because it is in a blazing light]
EmperorGreymon: Almost ready...just a little bit more...[sword is then ready] Dragonfire Crossbow!!
[It is a direct hit to Cherubimon. He is consumed by flames and lets out a long yell. All that can be seen is the huge explosion resulting from such a powerful attack. It looks like a giant glowing orange sphere.]
MagnaGarurumon: I hope that worked...!
[Through the flames, Cherubimon is seen, grinning with malice]
EmperorGreymon: Oh--WHAT?!
Cherubimon: Valiant effort...impressive strategy...oh! But did I mention that I am INVINCIBLE?!
[Air and sky completely clear, revealing Cherubimon, who is still there--but only from the chest up and his arms.]
MagnaGarurumon: That's impossible!
Cherubimon: Not when you possess as much data as I do. [He begins returning back to normal, his body reforming] Thank you. That was quite refreshing!
EmperorGreymon: His body!
MagnaGarurumon: It's regenerating!
Cherubimon: Even stronger. And you will be my first victims! [His forehead glows light purple, and purple rays of light extend outward in all direction. He lets out a roar and grows in size.] Mmm.
MagnaGarurumon: He's HUGE! And he looks mad...!
Cherubimon: Tell me...are you afraid now?
EmperorGreymon (angry): No way! [his sword glows] I don't care HOW big you are!
Cherubimon (angry): Rarr!
MagnaGarurumon: You don't scare me either.
Cherubimon: That will change. Watch out, the sky is falling!
[His forehead glows purple, streams of data unfurl from it. EmperorGreymon cries out in shock. The streams vanish in the distance, there is a small purple explosion. From it, rocks come hurtling]
Cherubimon: Let's swing! [Waves arms around him] Get ready, I'm about to rock your world! Ahr! [Huge rocks hurtle at EmperorGreymon, too fast for him to be able to avoid them all. He gets caught between two, but MagnaGarurumon comes to the rescue and blows them to pieces.]
MagnaGarurumon: Nice trick. But you've gotta do better than that!
Cherubimon: Perhaps you'll like this one! [His forehead glows, and an entire castle, towers pointed downward, comes roaring out of the sky, casting a shadow on MagnaGarurumon as it approaches.]
MagnaGarurumon (shocked): Uh!
[Shows others, still watching from their standpoint]
Neemon: Are castles supposed to do that?
All: NO!!
[Castle crashes into the ground, all cry out in alarm]
Zoe: What's happening?!
[Back to the battle]
Cherubimon: Just a little demonstration to show you who's still in charge around here. Now, to finish the job. Rrr. Thousand Spears! [laughs as a whole line of shimmering red bolts appear in front of him, and begins firing down on the castle and MagnaGarurumon and EmperorGreymon, who are trapped under it]
[Briefly shows others crying out in worry as they see all the explosions. Next, MagnaGarurumon and EmperorGreymon are shown wiped out, moaning and struggling to get back up as the bolts imbedded all around them continue inflicting damage]
Cherubimon: Ah. Maybe one more! [MagnaGarurumon and EmperorGreymon are still helpless] Terminal...Judgement! [purple lightning shoots everywhere, but MagnaGarurumon and EmperorGreymon struggle into standing positions]
EmperorGreymon: We're not done yet...!
MagnaGarurumon: No way!
[Through lightning, they fly up toward Cherubimon with firm resolve. EmperorGreymon let out an angry yell, then all fades into a flash of white light.]
[Two birds are shown perched on the branch of a tree. They look down at Zoe, who is seated on the ground, her back against the trunk. Takuya has his head on her lap, and is asleep. He wakes up groggily, and Zoe laughs down at him with slightly pinked cheeks.]
Takuya (very groggy): [groans] Where am I?
Zoe (giggles): In the middle of our date!
Takuya: [Draws his left hand across his face to shade his eyes from the bright sunlight, still groggy, and groans a bit again] Mm...our what...?
Zoe (merrily): Silly boy. Don't you remember? I promised...I would go on a date with you if you won! I'm sorry I'm so boring...
Takuya: But you're not...[Zoe giggles] I mean...I guess I'm just really...tired....
Zoe: Well, that was quite a battle...maybe you should sleep some more.
Takuya: N' Kay...[he rolls over]
[They then show Koji dash wildly by, pursued by the others in a noisy stampede, except for Kouichi, who is calmly seated on a bench a short distance away.]
Koji: Leave me alone!! I risked my hiney out there, too! How come Takuya got to go out on a date?!
Zoe (laughs): Looks like Koji's got his hands full out there. But I suppose after what you guys have been through, he should be able to handle anything...
Takuya (laughs): Yeah, but I gotta say, I'd much rather be doin' what I'm doin' than doin' what he's doin'. Guess I will take that nap...[closes eyes]
[An explosion takes place, the two birds fly, and Takuya's eyes snap open as he gasps. Then reality strikes--it had all been a dream.]
EmperorGreymon: What! Oh no, we're still here. It was just a dream! Uh! [leans heavily on sword to stand up] We're NOT done yet. MagnaGarurumon! Wake up!
MagnaGarurumon: [grunts, and gets up with difficulty]
Cherubimon: Amazing! You are still alive...
EmperorGreymon: You're tellin' me...[to MagnaGarurumon] Can you still fight?
MagnaGarurumon: Yeah...I think so!
Cherubimon: No rush. Perhaps I should enjoy my new powers. You are such willing playmates. [laughs]
[Shows others observing from the same spot]
Tommy (points): Look! He's moving!! Oh no! I--think they're in trouble!
Zoe: [as Kouichi lets out a soft cry] Don't worry! They'll be all right! But we all have to believe in them...!
JP: Z's right, we can't give up on 'em yet!
Kouichi: I believe.
[All agree emphatically. Briefly show MagnaGarurumon and EmperorGreymon get embedded into a cliff wall. Others let out a cry, and Zoe briefly looks away, closing her eyes.]
Cherubimon: Fools! Why do you resist the inevitable? Give me your spirits!!
EmperorGreymon: He's...too strong!
MagnaGarurumon: Mm. Forehead.
EmperorGreymon: What?
MagnaGarurumon: It's...his forehead. Beams of light seem to shoot out from it every time he's about to launch an attack. It's gotta be the source of his power!
EmperorGreymon: So what do we do?
MagnaGarurumon: Our attacks are useless from a distance. We've got to strike at close range! If we can find a way to release the compressed data stored in his forehead, he'll have a sudden loss of energy. Then we can take him out!
EmperorGreymon: Ok. But how are we supposed to get that close?
MagnaGarurumon: I fly in first and distract him, while you come in behind me and go straight for the forehead.
EmperorGreymon: Why should YOU go first? My armour's stronger than yours!
MagnaGarurumon: And what am I supposed to do once I get there? [a slight pause] In case you didn't notice, my attacks were USELESS, the only way to get him is with your sword! [Cherubimon's forehead glows again] Once we're up there, it's all gonna be on YOU. So what do you say? Think you can handle it?
EmperorGreymon: Well...sure. No problem!
MagnaGarurumon: Thatta boy!
Cherubimon: I am tired of waiting. Goodbye!
[Huge sphere of purple light forms in his hands and he socks it right at them. Direct hit. They ley out an angry battle scream, burst through, and go full throttle right for him.]
Cherubimon:Come seal your fate! Arrh!
[He fires an infinite amount of bolts at them. MagnaGarurumon charges forward even though pieces of his armour start flying off from the assault]
MagnaGarurumon: Bring it on! I can take anything you've got! [continues getting bombarded, cries out.]
Cherubimon: Thousand Spears!! Aarahh!
[MagnaGarurumon continued, though it is obviously painful from the sound of it. EmperorGreymon follows close behind, shielded by his friend]
EmperorGreymon: Hang in there, Koji!
MagnaGarurumon (inside his head): Almost there...I can do this!
Cherubimon: Lightning Blast! [Thick beam of shimmering red lightning shot out. MagnaGarurumon takes the full force of it head on. Lets out a yell, defeated.]
MagnaGarurumon: Go, Takuyaaaaaaaa....!
EmperorGreymon (screams): Koji!!
MagnaGarurumon: [weak, unable to function, says as EmperorGreymon passes] Go get 'im, buddy.
EmperorGreymon: [angry scream]
Cherubimon: Give up your spirit...I'm going to take it anyway...
EmperorGreymon (enraged): You're not taking ANYTHING--ever AGAIN!
Cherubimon: What makes you think you can stop me?! You're all alone!! Thousand Spears! Rarr!
EmperorGreymon: I'm not alone! I can feel them! [begins flashing the faces of everyone in this order: Tommy Zoe, JP, Bokomon, Neemon, Patamon, Kouichi, Koji, and himself, Takuya] The spirits of my friends are with me. That is the source of MY power. As long as they believe, NOTHING can stop me!!
Cherubimon: [smirk then turns into frightened alarm] No! Uh!
EmperorGreymon: You're DONE, Cherubimon. It's time to restore--
Voices of all: The peace of the Digital World!! [flashes each of their faces again in the same sequence]
EmperorGreymon: [angry scream, heads straight for Cherubimon in a burning streak of powerful crimson and orange flame]
Cherubimon: [beside himself with fear] NO! Stay back! Get away from me!
[Briefly shows others]
Zoe: I hope Takuya believes in himself as much as we believe in him!
[Back to battle]
EmperorGreymon: [in the midst of his blazing inferno trail, emits another angry scream]
Cherubimon: [roars as forehead glows]
EmperorGreymon: Let's finish this! [Spears him in the forehead with his sword. Cherubimon yells as datastreams come flooding out] Goodbye, Cherubimon! [Cherubimon's data is seen] I don't know if all that evil can fit in my d-tector, but it anyone needs purification, this guy does. Fractal Code--[Cherubimon's face appears on Takuya's d-tector] Digitize!
[Cherubimon returns to his original vaccine form]
Patamon: See ya soon...Cherubimon...
[Cherubimon smiles kindly. He sees a vision of Seraphimon and Ophanimon waiting for him. He smiles wider and tears fill his eyes. Then he is no more, and his egg speeds away into the night]
EmperorGreymon: [strides over to MagnaGarurumon, who is on the ground] Hey--you ok?
MagnaGarurumon: Did we get him?
EmperorGreymon: OH yeah!
MagnaGarurumon: Well, then I'm fine. Uh...[de-digivolved to Koji, unconscious]
EmperorGreymon: Koji!
[Data orb speeds, unnoticed, down into a crevice toward the centre of the Digital World]
[Shows others]
JP: I hope they survived that!
Tommy: [points excitedly] They're coming!
[Shows Takuya carrying the unconscious Koji. Others are teary eyed with happiness]
Zoe: Takuya!
Kouichi: Koji!
Takuya: Uhh? [looks up and grins, nearly laughs] Hey!!
[All others laugh and cheer, JP is loudest, cheering, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, OH YEAH!" Takuya shifts Koji to the other side, smiling and laughing]
[Creepy music plays as data sphere descends and is absorbed by a larger pink sphere at the core of the Digital World. Through the haze, the form of someone can be seen. That someone is Lucemon.]
Lucemon: Cherubimon, you pitiful fool! You failed me. No matter! As long as I have the data you collected, my resurrection will soon be complete.
[Screen zooms out through the layers of the Digital World and into space to view it as a globe. Most of it is destroyed.]
Lucemon: Riiiise UP, my Royal is NOW up to you...
[Shows an explosion as the 2 Royal Knights spring out of the ground at his command, their dark silhouettes seen through the clouds of smoke. They stand there intimidatingly, ready and waiting.]
Rika: Oh great. There's somebody WORSE than that creep Cherubimon? This oughta be good, on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters.
[Episode ends here, with "to be continued..." written across the screen.]