Season 2, Episode 48: "Oikawa's Shame"
Original Air Date:
English Version Written by: Seth Walther
Transcribed by vande (vampirelucemon)

Cody: Can you believe that Oikawa used to be my dads best friend? You see Grandpa knew Armadillomon was a Digimon
because Dad + Oikawa had seen the Digital World years ago. Oikawa is desperate to go to the Digiworld and is somehow
planning to use the Dark Blooms to get there. Grandpa tried to convince Oikawa to be good again but it didnít work. Then
BlackWarGreymon showed up to fight Oikawa and was hurt pretty badly but before he was completely reconfigured. BWG
sacrificed himself to seal the Highton View Terrace Gate, It was horrible, it was wonderful I told him he had a heart

{Opening Theme}

{The kids are hiding in bushes watching a bridge they see Dark Spore kids appear

Yolei: Well this is supposed to be the meeting place

Davis: Well no-ones even here

Kari: Wait look thereís one of them now

Izzy: And thereís another one too

Cody: They seem to be waiting for something

Kari: Did you think theyíre waiting for Oikawa?

Yolei: I wonder if thatís why they're all here

Cody: That would make sense maybe this is our chance to capture him

Matt: Now wait a minute you guys lets not rush into anything

Davis: But why are they at Highton View Terrace

Izzy: A gate to the Digital World has been opened in this location many times before maybe thatís why there here.

Matt: But according to what Gabumon and the others said BWG completely sealed the gate between the worlds unless those
children donít know that yet

Cody: The Oikawa doesnít either

Davis {talking loud} Hey TK

Yolei: Sush Big mouth

TK: Do you know where Tai and Sora are?

Armadillomon: Theyíre keeping an eye on that girl from yesterday to make sure nothing happens to her

{Scene shift to Tai, Sora, Agumon + Noriko}

Tai: Be very quiet Agumon we canít let her know where here.

Agumon: I am being very quiet

Tai: But youíre not being very invisible get back here.

Agumon: Being a spy would be so much easier if we didnít have to do so much spying

{Back to HVT}

Izzy: Does it bother you that Sora is with Tai instead of you?

Matt: Come on Taiís my best friend and he knows how I feel besides I completely trust Sora Iím not worried at all Izzy.

{Izzyís phone rings}

Izzy: Huh Hello

Mrs Izumi: Hello Izzy honey its mom Iím down in Highton View Terrace.

{Izzy looks from where they are hiding and sees his mum in a phone booth below}

Izzy: Mum what are you doing here?

Mrs Izumi: Well you know I was just thinking that the fact other parents are doing their part to help out all of you kids you know
each one lending out their own expertise so I sat right down and asked myself now what is my experience and the answer is snacks.
So I made you guys some PB+J with the crusts cut off.

Izzy: PB+J but mum

{Gatomon + Armadillomon laugh}

Mrs Izumi: I know how you hate the crusts

Izzy: Ok hold on Iíll be down in a minute.

Mrs Izumi: Ok bye

{switches phone off}

Izzy: My mum Iíll be right back

Armadillomon: PB+J

Veemon: Yeah

Kari: Donít you think that everything about the Digital World just seems to be getting worse and worse? I mean we donít have
any idea what Oikawaís planning or what that shadow that came out of him was or even if heís more than an ordinary human I
wonder if thereís really anything we can do to save all these children.

TK: I donít know but weíve just got to believe in ourselves and keep trying we canít give up

Kari: Youíre right I guess Iím just feeling nervous I just wish we knew what Oikawa was planning.

{On top of a building close by to where the kids and DDís are Oikawa, Mummymon and Arukenimon are standing}

Oikawa: The time for harvesting has come

Mummymon: {Sees DDís} Oh now look at that, itís those pesky kids theyíre guarding them!

{shows the DDís again}

Ken: Huh what is that?

{Looks up to where the trio were standing but they aint there then the scene goes back to Ken}

Wormmon: Whatís the matter Ken?

Ken: Nothing I thought I felt something.

Wormmon: Was it Oikawa?

Ken: I really donít know maybe my mind is playing tricks on me.

Wormmon: I sure hope so

Davis: Yeah I hope so too

{Back on top of the building they trio are back}

Arukenimon: Do you think they noticed us?

Oikawa: Well if they did then itís all over

Mummymon: What itís over!

Oikawa: *angry* Over for them not over for us!

Mummymon: Oh right over for them sure I get it now

Oikawa: Yeah youíll get it.

Mummymon: Terrific, wait are we still talking about the same thing

{They walk away from the top of the building}

{Back with the kids Mrs Izumi has joined them}

Mrs Izumi: Well hello there everybody I brought you all some PB+J with the crusts cut off.

*hands Kari the snacks*

Kari: Ah you didnít have to do that.

All others: Thanks Mrs Izumi

Izzy: Thanks but you better go home now

Mrs I: Canít I stay for a while?

Izzy: But Mum things might get really ugly.

Mrs I: Ok I better go

Izzy: So go then

Mrs I: Oh...{upset}

Matt: Please try to understand Izzyís feelings youíre really very important to him and he doesnít want anything to happen to you.

Mrs I: I know itís just that those children Iím sure their parents would be worried about them if they knew what their kids are doing.
Wait thatís it. If you donít need me here then I can go talk to their parents, maybe I can get their folks to come down here and see
for themselves just what their children are doing

Izzy: Hey thatís a great idea there mum.

Mrs I: Really?

Izzy: Hmm Hmm

Mrs I: Ah Iíll go do that Ken, goodbye everybody becareful.

All: Goodbye Mrs Izumi

{She leaves leaving the kids alone again}

Yolei: I donít know if bringing their parents here is going to help though.

Cody: And I doubt that even their parents will be able to remove the dark spores from inside them.

TK: Donít give up hope guys, maybe their parents can reach their kids in a way that we canít.

Gatomon: Just the way Kari was able to reach me when I was working for Myotismon.

Kari, TK, Matt: Hmm Hmm

Yolei: Yeah

Cody: But

Ken: There right I mean look at how you guys were able to turn me away from evil if I can be saved they can.

Cody: Yea

Ken: And as for their parents trying to help out there is no doubt in my mind that they will make a difference. You see I believe
that part of the reason the Dark Spore stopped growing inside of me is because I was finally bale to accept the love my parents
had been trying to give me all those years.

Kari, Yolei, Cody: Oh, wow, hmm

Hawkmon: Everybody something is happening

{Scene shifts and we see Oikawa with the children}

All: Huh

Ken: Oikawa!

Davis: Letís get that creepy dude.

{They all run to go to Oikawa but are stopped by Arukenimon + Mummymon}

Arukenimon: And just where do you think youíre going.

Veemon: Move it lady.

Ken: You better not touch those children.

Oikawa: Iím afraid I have no choice you see the roots of the Dark Flowers are spreading like wild fire and if there not removed
before their growth cycle is complete all of these children will turn into Dark Trees.

Matt: Is he serious?

Ken: Iím not sure thatís not what happened with me but can we really afford to take the chance?

Oikawa: Youíre spore was the original so it was able to live inside of you without destroying you but the Dark Spores in these
children are only copies of yours so there imperfect and it seems there completely taking over.

Cody: How could you do such a thing?

Oikawa: They wanted the spores ask them

DS Kids: Hm Hm

Davis: Youíre a liar

Oikawa: And now

{he holds a computer in his hand and starts typing on the screen is the Ďgateí from Myotismonís castle and the first card enters on
the bottom of the gate}

Ken: What do you think youíre doing?

Mummymon: Weíre on our way to the Digital World

Arukenimon: Have bandage brain just because weíre doing that doesnít mean we have to tell them.

Mummymon: Oh right I forgot

Oikawa: Leave him alone Arukenimon it doesnít matter that they know because there is nothing they can do to stop me.

Mummymon: Yea

Cody: Oh yeah how do you know that?

Oikawa: Oh really Iíve successfully sent Arukenimon + Mummymon from here to the Digiworld many times before havenít I?
Itís a weak spot between the 2 worlds and now the Dark Spores will open the gate.

Davis: But thatís the gate BlackWarGreymon...

Yolei: Sush

TK: Big mouth! When the gate doesnít open Oikawa will be distracted and that may give us the chance to save those children.

Davis: Oh I got you good plan.

Oikawa: Well this is your last chance is there anything youíve wanted to ask me?

Ken: Why me? Why did you have to pick me?

Arukenimon: Oh not this again

{Flashback to Kenís youth at Samís Funeral Oikawa speaks over from modern day}

Oikawa: I always knew you were Digidestined and I knew you were the most vulnerable one, overwhelmed by darkness yourself
you were the prefect tool.

{Back to real time}

Ken: But not forever what are the Dark Towers?

Oikawa: A present from the Dark Ocean to keep you busy they proved to be quite fortuitous, well they were to change the borders
of the Digital World.

Izzy: And just what did you hope to accomplish by changing the borders?

Oikawa: Itís simple really I wanted to weaken the Digital Worlds defences.

Cody: But why would you?

Oikawa: I could always open a gate to the Digital World but there was 1 little problem itís defences always prevented me from
entering so I created these 2 by turning my DNA into data I sent them into the Digital World in my place. But when I saw them there
it only made me want to go more so I used you to build the Control Spires Ken but all you other kids ruined that plan so I had to
come up with another one. If I couldnít altar the barrier between the worlds from inside the Digital World Iíd do it from inside the
real one and thatís when I came up with the idea of the Dark Spores. Each one of them feeding on the innocence of a child that
enables them to enter the Digital World and converting it to the power I needed to go there myself. My only dream my life long
goal is almost within my grasp thanks to these deluded children Iíve waited so long for this

{he now cries}

Veemon: Why is he crying?

Arukenimon: Hey whatís the matter, boss!

Oikawa: My dream is finally coming true oh Hiroki how I wish I could have brought you with me.

TK + Cody: Oh

{The computer beeps and he gathers the children together}

Oikawa {no longer crying}: Now my little children all together, Boys and girls, Boys and girls lets go to the Digital World.

{All Spore kids sing in a ring around the roses theme}

All DS kids: Boys and girls boys and girls lets go to the Digital World {repeats while DDís speak}

Kari: Heís trying to open it!

Davis: Ok get ready to jump him heíll find out soon enough rind around a rosy wonít get him to the Digital World.

Veemon: Weíre ready!

Mummymon: That song is pretty catchy!

{An energy field goes round the kids and Oikawa, the last card (Agumon...wrong card but could be right see end of script for my
reasoning) goes into the slot. Oikawa types into the computer and a gate opens much to the DDís surprise}

Oikawa: Ah this is it here we go the long wait is over at last.

Yolei: Ah it opened!

Oikawa: Yes it actually worked children follow me!

{He and the DS kids run through the gate}

Mummymon: Hey what about us?

Arukenimon: Wait donít leave us behind

Mummymon: Wait up.

{They go and follow Oikawa through}

Matt: How did he open up the gate?

Izzy: I donít know.

All: Gasp.

Cody: What should we do guys?

Davis: Same the world as usual

Ken: Yeah

Davis: Come on.

{The Ď02í kids go running towards the gate.}

Matt: Wait a minute you guys hold one we canít just rush after him itís too dangerous.

{They run after them but it closes before they go in}

Izzy: Itís too late there all on their own now.

{On the other side all the spore kids sing}: weíre here, weíre here they Digital World is here! {Continue to sing as Oikawa speaks}

Oikawa: Gather round children weíre finally here.

{Kids cheer and run off to play but where they are is Dark, Oikawa seems not to notice}

Oikawa: Itís real Iíve spent so much time dreaming about this but finally being here makes it seem as if Iíve fallen asleep and
returned to that dream but itís real the dream is real. The moment I have been waiting for is finally here.

Spoke Kid 1: cries out...{the smallest kid in the green coat}

{Oikawa runs to the boys}

Oikawa: Huh! Whatís the matter with you why donít you play with the other children?

Spore Kid 1: This is wrong. This is just wrong weíre not really in the Digital World.

Oikawa: What are you saying of course itís the Digital World.

Spore Kid 1: No itís...itís wrong.

{The background changes to multicoloured shapes and weirdness}

Oikawa: Ah what is this place. If this isnít the Digital World then where have I brought us?

{There is a flash of light Oikawa turns and growls}

Arukenimon: Acid Mist

Exveemon: V-Laser

{Gato + Ankylo attack and pound Mummymon}

Gatomon: Lightning Paw

Ankylomon: Tail Hammer

{The 02 kids run in}

Davis: that was just a sample of your parting gifts.

Ken: Yeah now let those children go!

Oikawa: Whatís going on I donít understand itís gone what happened to my dream?

{The spore kids are all together and they cry as Oikawa is despairing}

Kari: Hey where are we?

Yolei: I donít know because BlackWarGreymon shut the Digital Gate we must have ricocheted to another world but which world
this might be I have no clue Iíve never seen anything like this before.

Oikawa: Itís not fair I wanted to go to the Digital World.

{A pair of purple lips appear in the air a short distance away from Oikawa and it has fangs}

Mouth: You canít always get what you want can you?

Davis: Now thatís what I call a big mouth.

Mouth: You can forget the Digital World, Oikawa, its beyond your reach now you will never see it again even in your dreams.

{The spore kids cry some more but stop when the mouth addresses them}

Mouth: Yes cry you are doomed for you have entered a world of despair where your souls will be consumed by Darkness and
there is no place for you to hide or hope for you to escape.

{The kids cry again}

TK: Who or what are you? Are you working for Daemon or some other weirdo?

Mouth: Daemon ha!

Oikawa: Am I going crazy or is my voice coming out of that mouth?

Mouth: A bit of both I think you see Iím you.

Oikawa: What are you saying?

Mouth: 3 years ago I was in need of a host and when I found you I used you to store my data then you and I became as one.

Oikawa: 3 years ago...that was just about the time my friend Hiroki died.

Mouth: {laughs} ah yes Hiroki the friend over whom you pretended to grieve but you secretly hated him didnít you, hated him
because the 2 of you promised to go to the Digital World together but he left you all alone.

Oikawa: Thatís not true I could never hate Hiroki.

Mouth: {laughs and opens to a flashback of a younger Oikawa at Highton View Terrace when the Digital World is in the sky}

Oikawa: {crying} Look Hiroki can you see it. {Holds a photo of Hiroki up in the air} Itís the Digital World we were supposed to visit
together can you see it? Why did you have to do it Hiroki why did you have to die and leave me alone? How could you do this to me?

{A mist is seen at the bottom of the screen as he sees the Digidestined 01ís go back to the Digital World in the rainbow beam}

Oikawa: Huh the Digidestined take me too I want to leave this world.

{They obviously leave him behind as they donít hear him he looks so sad then}

Voice: Do you really want to go to the Digital World?

Oikawa: Huh? Whatís that? Whoís there?

Voice: If you really want to go to the Digital World then soothe your heart with darkness and Iíll take you there.

Oikawa: yes Iíll do anything, anything you want just take me there!

Voice: So be it

{The mist enters Oikawa through the ear as Oikawa gasps. Back to real time}

Oikawa: That was you this whole time youíve been inside of me controlling everything I did.

Mouth: I do so love irony my little marionette.

{Gatomon gasps and starts to look peeved}

Gatomon: That voice...

Kari: What?

Gatomon: I still hear that voice in my nightmares...{gets very peeved}...MYOTSIMON!

Myo: {laughs}

Angemon: Myotismon but how can that be?

Kari: Myotismon

Gatomon: Yes

Myo: Iím not surprised you saw through me my old pet, but hereís something you didnít know. The Dark Spirals were based on
your own beloved Tail Ring so in a way you caused those Digimon to be enslaved.

Gatomon: I should have known that only your twisted min could come up with a plan as evil as this. If it takes my 9 lives Iíll destroy

Myo: Delightful but youíre so very misguided

{The mouth disappears and Oikawa calls in pain as a blue beam comes from his mouth and becomes a 2nd Oikawa}

MyoOikawa: Whatís the matter are you seeing double? Oh sorry Gatomon got your tongue? Oh by the way about the Dark Spores
opening a doorway between the worlds they are really just the batteries that will allow me to finally be reborn.

Oikawa: You...{collapses}

{MyoOikawa turns to the Dark Spore kids and begins to walk towards them as they cry}

MyoOikawa: Please donít worry I wonít destroy you yet I first need to harvest the Dark Flowers growing inside of you.

Davis: I wouldnít count on that

MyoOikawa: {To Arukenimon + Mummymon} What are you waiting for fight!

Arukenimon: Right

Mummymon: Oh yea

Arukenimon: Spider Thread

{Mummymon just laughs as he shoots from his gun, MyoOikawa starts to harvest the Blooms/Flowers}

MyoOikawa: This Dark flower had roast beef and this Dark Flower had none and this Dark Flower went wee wee wee...

Davis: Thatís really getting on my nerves!

Arukenimon: Now Now let him (something...) in peace.

{She stops them getting through as MyoOikawa gets the last Flower/Bloom}

MyoOikawa: And last but not least allow me to reveal myself.

All DD: oh

{MyoOikawa starts to Ďevolveí do a Digimon form}

Cody: Heís changing.

TK: But into Myotismon or VenomMyotismon?

{He is then shown in a different form}

MaloMyo: Actually you can call me MaloMyotismon.

Gatomon: {Digimon Analyser} Heís nothing but a blood sucking fiend, nothing is as evil as MaloMyotismon.

{Malo is huge and doubles the size of his flunkies. He growls, grabbing Arukenimon by the neck/shoulders and picking her up.
She makes a yell.}

Arukenimon: What are you doing? I've been your faithful servant, master!

MaloMyo: What do you think I'm doing? Tell me.

Arukenimon: I don't know!

MaloMyo: I think you do!

{Arukenimon whimpers in fear}

MaloMyo: Show me what you're thinking.

{MaloMyotismon raises his other fist and hits her in the face she calls in pain}

Mummymon: Arukenimon!

{The kids cringe and look away. Mummymon gasps horrified}

Mummymon: What have you done to her?

MaloMyo: I just did what she was thinking. Now really... Is that so wrong? {Addresses Arukenimon} Is it?

Arukenimon: Please stop! Just because I was thinking it doesn't mean I really want it to happen!

MaloMyo: I love this game. So tell me, what do you think I'm going to do next? Think hard, now.

Arukenimon: I don't know! I don't want to think about it!

MaloMyo: But you already have. And it's a tasty idea!

{MaloMyotismon swings his tail up like a scorpion would and he strikes her with it making her call out in pain again}

Mummymon: Arukenimon!

{The kids cringe again and look away. Mummymon is annoyed and runs towards MaloMyotismon}

Mummymon: Don't hurt...

{Malo kicks him away then he turns back to the fearful Arukenimon}

MaloMyo: What next? What should I do? Show me what you fear.

Arukenimon: {Shaking and has fear in her voice} Please no, Not that {whimpers}

MaloMyo: Very well.

{Maloís shoulder opens up and hits Arukenimon deleting her, Mummymon gasps}

Mummymon: Arukenimon?

MaloMyo: I'm afraid she's gone to pieces. All I did was grant her, her wish to get as far away from me as possible. Well, she'll
never be near me again.

Mummymon: You destroyed her... How could you! Snake Bandage!

{Mummymon attacks. Snake Bandage lands, but MaloMyotismon just snaps them with ease}

MaloMyo: You can't hide your fears, either. You think you don't stand a chance against me, and you know what? You're right, you don't.

Mummymon: You don't scare me. You've taken away my Arukenimon. And now I'm going to make you pay for what you did to her!

MaloMyo: Ha! What do you plan to do, wrap me in another useless Snake Bandage? You scare me even less than these Digidestined
fools from the other world.

Mummymon: Then I will teach you to fear me!

{He uses his gun to attack but it does nothing}

MaloMyo: Playtime is over. Crimson Mist!

{Mummymon melts in blaze of red mist let off by Malo. The Digidestined are in shock and go into a fearful state}

Gatomon: {looks at Kari} Time to Digivolve.

Kari: You canít

Gatomon: Why not?

Kari: I donít want you to be destroyed

Gatomon: {looks shocked}huh

Davis: Come on you guys itís up to us to stop him

TK: Iíve never felt like this. Iíve never been so afraid to fight before.

Yolei: Canít someone else fight anyone else please!

Cody: This is just a nightmare soon Iíll wake up.

Davis: Whatís wrong with you guys if we think we canít win then all of us are doomed from the start weíll win but weíve got to
believe in ourselves.

Exveemon: Heís right

Other DDs: hmm...

Exveemon: Donít worry Iíll fight him all by myself Davis.

Davis: What but you canít fight alone.

Exveemon: Hey wait a sec you thing Iím going to lose donít you!

Davis: Maybe a little

Exveemon: Believe in me, youíve got to believe that we can defeat him.

Davis: Right letís fight...just imagine itís the last minute of a soccer game and itís you against the goalie you know what to do right?

Exveemon: Not a clue.

Davis: Beat the Bad guy!

Exveemon: Right you donít look so tough

MaloMyo: Raaa

Stingmon: Ken please!

{Ken thinks and then runs to Davis and holds his arm which is shaking}

Ken: Wait, MaloMyotismon is too powerful for Exveemon alone we need to DNA Digivolve right?

Davis: Your hand itís shaking

Ken: I canít help it Iím afraid.

Davis: Hey weíll never be able to DNA Digivolve if youíre afraid of it Ken, now Iíve got a bad guys to beat.

Ken: Yeah..but...

Davis: Now donít say another word Ken. I know that youíre afraid but you canít give into it. You canít let fear control you.

TK: Weíve got to hide our fears from MaloMyotismon or heíll use them against us...weíve got to.

Davis: {with confidence} Letís get him Exveemon you will win you must defeat him}

{Exveemon grunts and then runs at MaloMyotismon ready to right}

Narrator: Can the Digidestined overcome their fears and band together to defeat the evil MaloMyotismon? Keep watching
Digimon, Digital Monsters to find out.

{End Theme and Credits}

{Right about the gate cards. I said Agumon could be the wrong cards as it was Gomamon used in Adventure 01. Thinking
about it to get back the other way it could be the Agumon card. It didnít get them to the Digital World anyhow but Myotismon
should have known this with him being inside of Oikawa and since he used the cards to go to the Real doesnít really
matter at the end of the day I suppose}