Season 2, Episode 46: "Duel of the Wargreymon"

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Original Air Date: May 5, 2001

Transcribed by: ComicMan16 <>

Show fades in at the place where Ken's dad works and the title of the episode.

Ken's dad over the phone: Yes, sir we're organizing and cleaning and cleaner and this place would be a soup factory. Ken's dad gets off the phone and goes into a drawer.

Man: Yeah I've already organized that drawer sir. I've got the paper cuts to show for it to.

Ken's dad: Sorry I just need to find something.

Man: I'll get the bandages.

Ken's dad: I'm actually going to miss the office over the holidays. Everything's so nice and quiet, Found it! See what I mean? Ken's dad pulls out something like a picture from the drawer and everyone is quiet.

Ken's dad: There, this is the guy. He gives me the willies.

TK: It is him!

Ken's dad: He was at work just a few days ago, but yesterday and today he didn't show up at all he didn't even call or anything.

Ken: Thanks dad. Will it be all right if we kept this picture?

Ken's dad: Of course go right ahead, but don't do anything dangerous okay.

Ken: Mm-hmm

Ken's dad: Why do I think that's exactly what you're going to do?

The DigiDestined are walking outside talking about the picture.

Cody: He looks like an ordinary person.

Yolie: Yeah, well how is he able to control Arukenimon and Mummymon?

Davis: I don't care what he is. I just want to shut him down!


In a distance away Oikawa was driving.

Oikawa: Ah Mount Fuji, this world can be beautiful, but soon I'll claim my true prize.

As Oikawa leaves the car chuckling he sees Arukenimon struggling with a door.

Oikawa: Arukenimon I believe that opens in.

Arukenimon: Well, it dose now. Oikawa, Arukenimon and Mummymon go into a cabin and Oikawa and Arukenimon sit down on a couch and watch a TV.

Arukenimon: If only Digimon were this deluded the Digital World would fall at our feet like a little plum.

Oikawa: To them Digimon and UFOs are the exactly same thing. It's just something they're afraid to admit that exits. But think -- if there's such a commotion now just wait until all of those dark spores begin to bloom. Ha ha ha ha. .

The scene changes to a house that one of the kidnapped kids live.

Boy: There we go. I'm all done.

Father: Are you saying that you're done with your homework for the whole winter break?

Boy: Mm-hmm

Mother: Honey that's amazing!

Father: I'll say it is. Crazy even, I mean he was just returned from that whole kidnapping incident just last night.

Mother: That's because he's such a smart little boy.

Father: You know the press is sure to show up again to talk about the kidnapping and we can get more attention by telling them just how smart he is.

Mother: Hon, maybe he'll become a media darling like the Ken Ichijouji and then we'll get on TV.

Father: You bet. Then everyone will know that we are the parents of a genius.

Boy to himself: Insects.

The scene then fades out to show some commercials. Then the show fades back into the show AR TK's house and TK is showing his mom the picture of Oikawa.

TK's mother: Yeah, that's the man all right. Ohh. He gives the willies.

TK: Yeah, that's what everybody says about him. Hey, didn't you have to be someplace?

TK's mother looking at her watch: You're right! Fill me in when I get back. Okay? Make yourselves at home.

The DigiDestined: Thanks!

TK's mother: See you later! Oh wait here.

TK: Hm? Looks like mom has done some investigating of her own.

Ken: Huh?

Kari: Didn't you know that TK's mom is a newspaper reporter?

Ken: Really?

TK: Yeah and look!

Davis: Wow! Uh, what is it?

Veemon: Oh is it a grocery list?

Yolie: No goofy. It's the names and addresses of the kidnapped kids.

Hawkmon: Your mom dose good work TK.

Wormmon: Ken?

Ken: We've got to save them all before it's too late.

Gatomon: You can count me in.

Ken: We can't allow those children to become drawn into evil the way I was.

Davis: Right! All of those kids are counting on us!

The DigiDestined: Yeah!

Armadillomon: Hey I don't mean to cause trouble, but just what is the plan anyway?

TK: Well um

Yolie: Let's split up and go meet up with those kids, If we act quickly enough maybe we can stop those dark spores from growing. What are we waiting for? Let's go!

TK, Cody, Patamon and Armadillomon are waiting for Noriko.

TK: That Noriko girl should be home anytime now right?

Cody: Right?

They see Noriko right in front of them.

Patamon: Guys, isn't that her like right in front of us?

TK: Oh yeah.

Cody: She doesn't look so evil playing with that cat.

Noriko: Get away from me. You're disgusting.

She kicks the cat.

Cody: She kicked it!

Armadillomon: I guess she is evil huh?

Cody: Yeah, maybe it's not even worth talking to her. It looks like the dark spore has already taken hold.

TK: We've got to at least try.

Cody: I don't even like to fight Digimon. What will we do if we're forced to fight other kids?

Noriko: What do you want?

The scene changes to Kari, Davis, Ken, Veemon, Wormmon and Gatomon.

Woman: No! Now go away and don't come back!

Davis: Wait ma'am just listen for a minute. Man how do people ever get any encyclopedias sold? Sorry guys I tried.

Kari: We know Davis. It's not your fault she got angry.

Gatomon: Yeah. What she needs is some catnip.

Davis: Well, let's try the next one.

Boy: Insects! Stupid meaningless bugs! They need to be squashed!

The scene changes to where Arukenimon, Mummymon and Oikawa are in a cabin.

Mummymon: Okay I'll throw in some oysters, broccoli, a quart of buttermilk and a dash of vinegar.

Arukenimon: Why do people find this cold wet gunk pretty? Do you think it'll cause any problems tomorrow?

Oikawa: Well, I suppose anything's possible Arukenimon. Go put the snow chains on the tires

Arukenimon: What? Why should I?

Oikawa: Because you're annoying me.

Arukenimon: Fine.

Arukenimon goes out to put the snow chains on the tires.

Arukenimon: "Because you're annoying me." Huh?

Arukenimon looks up in the sky ad sees something falling down.

Arukenimon: Was that a shooting star?

What Arukenimon was referring to be a shooting star was actually the evil BlackWargreymon!

TK's house where all of the DigiDestined are/

Yolie: Ken, I know you're going to hate hearing this, but I really don't think we're going to be able to remove the dark spores from those kidnapped kids. I'm thinking that Oikawa is probably the only person that can extract them. But we may be to use that to our advantage. He's probably got something specific planned and will come for them sooner or later, so . . .

Patamon: So if we watch them, we'll catch Oikawa.

Yolie: Right.

Davis: That's a great idea. We can ask Tai and the others to help us out too.

Yolie: I'm sorry Ken, I know you hoped we could save those kids before --

Ken: You really don't have to worry about me. I'll be fine.

Yolie: Mm-hmm

Gatomon (to Kari): You ever not get mail?

Kari: It's from my brother.

Davis: All right! Let's get started on this plan guys.

The scene changes from TK's house to Oikawa's cabin.

BlackWargreymon: They are near by. I can sense it. Perhaps now I will finally find the answers I seek.

Oikawa, Arukenimon and Mummymon are inside sleeping.

Mummymon: No it's my teddy bear mine!

BlackWargreymon is getting closer and Oikawa can sense it.

Mummymon: I already told you -- you can't have it!

Oikawa: Hey, you lazy bones wake up!

Oikawa throws a pillow to Arukenimon and Mummymon.

Arukenimon: What?

Oikawa: We have a visitor. Find out who.

Mummymon: Teddy bear?

A red ball smashes threw their cabin, and they all groan and gasp as a second red ball breaks the cabin. Arukenimon and Mummymon go outside. There they are attacked again and they see a familiar figure right in front of them!

Arukenimon: (Gasp) It's BlackWargreymon!

Mummymon: Oh no!

BlackWargreymon: Oh yes!

Next the scene changes to various scenes with the kidnapped kids and the DigiDestined right behind them.

Yolie (Over the phone): Okay, everyone has got their assignments about who they're supposed to follow. Make sure you stick close to them. We don't want Oikawa sneaking around while we're not looking. While we're following those kids, Tai and Kari are going to the Digital World. Okay, see you soon.

Kari: Look at all this destruction. Any ideas of what caused this?

Tai: No.

Just then Agumon and Gabumon came over to Tai and Kari.

Agumon: Tai! Kari! Sorry to calling you in the Digital World like this, but you're in real danger.

Gabumon: You-know-who is up to something!

Gatomon: Twitch my tail!

Kari: You don't mean? Not BlackWargreymon!

Agumon and Gabumon: Mm-hmm..

Agumon: Remember when Azulongmon gave up some of his power to help us fight in the real world? Well, when Gennai gave that power to us the defenses of the digital world were weaken. Which the balance thrown off here there's not much not can stand in the way of BlackWargreymon.

Tai: I guess we have no choice, but to find a way.

Gatomon looking off in the distance: Hey look!

Tai: What is it?

Kari: Looks like Mount Fuji.

Gabumon: That's because it is Mount Fuji.

Tai: Do you mean that BlackWargreymon is in the real world?

Agumon: That's what Azulongmon told us. We knew we had to call you guys.

Gatomon: But we don't have the strength to defeat him.

Gabumon: Agumon got more power from Azulongmon, but there wasn't enough power for anyone else.

Tai: Do you think you're up to battling BlackWargreymon buddy?

Agumon: If he really really wants to.

Tai: All right then.

Kari: Let's go find him guys.

Gabumon: Be careful with BlackWargreymon. but you can't let him win.

Commercial break.

End commercial break.

BlackWargreymon made it to where Arukenimon, Mummymon and Oikawa were.

BlackWargreymon: So, we meet again.

Mummymon: And this time we're ready for you!

Mummymon and Arukenimon change from their human forms to their real forms

BlackWargreymon: Ready to be defeated again you mean.

Oikawa: So this is the infamous BlackWargreymon. Just what do you hop to accomplish here?

BlackWargreymon: I wish to look upon the face of my creator.

Oikawa laughs.

Arukenimon: You've come all this way to see what you've already seen then. I gave you life from just the tiny hairs on my head.

BlackWargreymon: Perhaps, but who gave you life? And who is your creator Mummymon?

Oikawa: It was me.

Arukenimon and Mummymon: Huh?

Oikawa: I made both of these Digimon by turning my DNA into data. So you see BlackWargreymon I am the creator you've been searching for.

BlackWargreymon: Than I am a product of the real world not the digital one. Interesting.

Oikawa: Yes I belive you've gotten what you've came for haven't you? So, now leave us.

BlackWargreymon: It's all beginning to make sense to me know. I've been searching for answers in the digital word -- trying to find meaning of my existence, but so far been unable to find something ease my pain and now I know why. I was created from you just like Arukenimon and Mummymon were. We are a part of the real world -- foreign to the digital world. We don not belong there.

Oikawa: If you're done philosophizing then goodbye.

BlackWargreymon: I'll leave as soon as I'm done here. Foreign objects must be eliminated.

Oikawa: What are you talking about I'm not a foreign object.

BlackWargreymon: But you are you belong in neither the digital world nor the real world. You upset the balance of both.

Mummymon: This guy's talking crazy. Do you want me to uh take care of him for you boss? Boss?

Oikawa: A foreign object? I give you live and this is how you repay me?

Arukenimon: What's going on?

BlackWargreymon: Ahh!

Then Tai, Agumon, Kari and Gatomon come into the scene on time!

Agumon: Wait wait wait!

BlackWargreymon stops to see Agumon.

BlackWargreymon: You -- I remember you.

Agumon: Let's talk about this.

BlackWargreymon: There is nothing to talk about. Ahh!

BlackWargreymon lunges at Oikawa.

Tai: Hey look out!

Agumon: Agumon warp-digivolve to Wargreymon!

The evil BlackWargreymon battles Wargreymon and my good BlackWargreymon!

Mummymon: It's going to be a good fight. Maybe we should stay.

Kari: Gatomon stop him -- quick! Digiarmor Energize!

Gatomon: Gatomon armordigivolve to Nefertimon -- The angle of light!

BlackWargreymon: Why do you protect him?

Tai: Because without Oikawa we'll never get the dark spores out of those kids! Don't you understand they'll stay inside the kids forever if we let you destroy him!

BlackWargreymon: Then you should have stopped him not attack me!

Wargreymon: Don't even think about hurting Tai!

Kari and Nefertimon were chasing Oikawa, Mummymon and Arukenimon in a car.

Arukenimon: Stop her!

Mummymon: Snake Bandage!

Nefertimon: Cat's Eye Beam!

Nefertimon's attack hit the back of the van and Mummymon broke the back of the van off.

Nefertimon: We better call the others.

Kari: Right!

Wargreymon was still trying to reason with BlackWargreymon.

Wargreymon: Stop! Don't you remember what we talked about? We should be working together!

BlackWargreymon: Never! Terra Destroyer!

Tai: No! Watch out!

Wargreymon used his shield to block BlackWargreymon's attack. Then Wargreymon flew off to catch up with BlackWargreymon.

Nefertimon caught up with Oikawa, Arukenimon and Mummymon.

Nefertimon: Rosetta Stone!

Wargreymon hit the evil BlackWargreymon down on the ground followed by my BlackWargreymon!

Wargreymon: I don't understand you. Why do have to fight when we could be friends?

BlackWargreymon: Friendship is weakness. Fighting, struggle -- that is my life.

Wargreymon: But it doesn't have to be that way.

BlackWargreymon; Enough! There is no need for two Wargreymons in this world. Ether both of you go or I go!

The scene then goes to where Kari and Nefertimon are chasing Arukenimon, Mummymon and Oikawa. Just then Yolie and TK came in on Pegasusmon and Aquillimon!

Aquillimon: Never fear! The gang is all here.

Kari: You're just in time. Hey where's Davis and Ken?

TK: They went ahead to cut of traffic.

The scene goes to where Davis and Ken are.

Stingmon: Just a detour folks. Nothing to see here.

Exveemon: Yup just couple of big digital monsters directing traffic.

Davis: You heard what the big monster said folks.

Ken: I just thought of something.

Davis: What's up?

Ken: What happens if the military gets involved in this?

Davis: Don't worry. Cody and the other can taking care of them.

Next we see how Cody and Digmon are doing.

Digmon: Rock cracking! It's for your on good, solder boys.

Next we look how Wargreymon and BlackWargreymon are doing. Wargreymon hits BlackWargreymon down in the snow.

Next we see Pegasusmon, Nefertimon and Aquillimon are attacking the van that Arukenimon, Mummymon and Oikawa are in.

Aquillimon: Blast rings!

Nefertimon: Cat's eye beam!

The attacks get closer this time.

Oikawa: Maybe I should drive.

Arukenimon: Fine.

With that Arukenimon changes from her human form to her true form and somehow she is able to get out of the van and she joins Mummymon in the battle.

Mummymon: It's about time! It's three on one out here.

Arukenimon: Let's even the odds. Spider thread!

Mummymon: Snake bandage!

Oikawa watches the fight through one of the review mirrors.

Oikawa: Ha! Ha! Ha! Take that brats! (Gasp)

Oikawa sees Paildramon is blocking the way!

Davis: You can't get away!

Ken: Go get him Paildramon!

Paildramon: Hyah!

Mummymon: Oh, no!

Paildramon is about to attack Arukenimon, Mummymon and Oikawa, but just then Paildramon misses the van because of BlackWargreymon's Terra Destroyer!

Davis: He's escaping!

BlackWargreymon: Terra Destroyer!

Wargreymon is able to miss BlackWargreymon's attack, but it is headed to the city!

Ken sees Wargreymon and BlackWargreymon are heading to the base!

Ken: They're headed towards the base!

Davis: Yeah, but should we stop them or go after Oikawa?

Paildramon: Which one's it going to be guys?

Davis: Oh, man I don't know! I guess it should be the base.

Ken: Let's go then!

Paildramon:: Paildramon mega-digivolve to Imperialdramon!

Imperialdramon flies off to chase after Wargreymon and BlackWargreymon.

Oikawa, Arukenimon and Mummymon take this chance to escape!

Ken: There they go!

Kari: Come on. We can still catch them.

Kari, TK and Yolie go after Oikawa, Arukenimon and Mummymon. People in the street are running scared.

BlackWargreymon has pinned Wargreymon to a building.

BlackWargreymon: Now you shall face your doom!

Imperialdramon: No! Imperialdramon mode change to fighter form.

Imperialdramon snatches BlackWargreymon before he can attack Wargreymon. And Wargreymon flies after them!

BlackWargreymon: Unhand me, or feel my wrath!

BlackWargreymon is free, nut he, Wargreymon and Imperialdramon fighter mode are in midair.

Wargreymon: This is your last chance!

Imperialdramon (Stingmon's voice): Why is he so eager to fight?

Imperialdramon (Exveemon's voice): I don't know, but we fight hear at least no one will be hurt.

BlackWargreymon: So be it. Terra Destroyer!

Wargreymon: Terra Force!

Imperialdramon Fighter Form: Positron Laser!

The 3 attacks combine in the air and explode!

Oikawa has stopped because a train is coming and Arukenimon is thrown from the van roof.

Arukenimon: Whoa!

Oikawa: Oh, thwarted at every turn! Our only chance is to run come on!

Yolie, Kari and TK are running through the crowd.

Kari: Watch out everybody!

Mummymon: Hey look at the sale prices on those jackets!

Oikawa: Will you be quiet?

Nefertimon: With all of these people around I can't attack.

Mummymon: I can!

Mummymon attacks Aquillimon, Pegasusmon and Nefertimon and causes them to change into Patamon, Hawkmon and Gatomon. Yolie, Kari and TK are running to their Digimon.

Yolie: Hawkmon!

Kari: Speak to me.

Gatomon: SO did we get him?

Yolie: No he got away.

Patamon: Just when we almost had him.

TK: It's the police. We better get going.

Last commercial break for this episode

End last commercial break.

The scene fades in where Agumon, Veemon, Wormmon and BlackWargreymon are.

BlackWargreymon: I'm surprised you could defeat me -- even two on one. Though I almost wish you had destroyed me completely.

Wormmon: You're kidding me. Is that what you're after?

BlackWargreymon: What?

Wormmon: You mean this whole time we've been chasing you around -- watching you blow up everything blow-upable you just wanted to find something to destroy you? Don't you ever have anything better to do with your free time?

BlackWargreymon: Hmm.

Wormmon: My life has no meaning poor, poor pitiful me. I know all about self-pity. When Ken was the Digimon Emperor he treated me like fish bait. I almost started to belive the awful things he said. But deep down I had faith that someday the real Ken would come back to. I just kept trying to get through to him. I never gave up and neither can you.

Agumon: Even if your life is all fighting and struggle it could still have meaning. I had to fight all my life, but I believed in what I was fighting for. I think it's that belive not fighting that's given my life meaning. Can you imagine the trouble Tai would get into without me? If all you've got in your life is lemons make lemon pie! Hey, I'm hungry.

BlackWargreymon: Hmm.

Veemon: And your life doesn't, you know, have to filled with a whole ;ot of bunch incredibly amazing events to be special. Belive me some of the best times I've had are just sleeping and eating and hanging out with my friends! And the thing is that we would all be your friends if you just gave us the chance to be.

Wormmon: He's right look at Ken. He never thought he could have friends and now he's got lots of them. You just have to lighten up, give us a chance.

BlackWargreymon: I don't know.

Veemon: Please don't go.

Agumon. Don't you want some pie?

BlackWargreymon: This is all so foreign to me. I must think on this,

Wormmon: Are you sure?

BlackWargreymon: I thank you for your advice.

Veemon: You're welcome.

BlackWargreymon: Perhaps it is time to put aside my warrior ways. They have provided me few answers. And then one day we could even be friends.

With what he said to Veemon, Wormmon and Agumon BlackWargreymon flies off.

Agumon: I hope so BlackWargreymon. I hope so.

Narrator: Will BlackWargreymon find the answers he seeks and join the DigiDestined in their quest to defeat the forces of darkness? Keep watching Digimon -- Digital Monsters to find out!