Season 2, Episode 42: "Digimon World Tour: Part 3"

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Original Air Date: April 21, 2001

Transcribed by: katiecat <>

(In a city in Mexico, several citizens express their concerns about the Control Spire that's popped up, and about the two digimon racing towards it.)

Stingmon: There it is!

Garurumon: Howling Blaster!

(Garurumon's shot blasts a hole in the spire. Stingmon extends both his blades.)

Stingmon: Spiking Strike!

(The Control Spire explodes in a hail of dust.)

Matt: Yeah!

Ken: Hey Matt! The renegade digimon are trying to hide in the Mayan ruins to the east of here. We'd better get over there before they take the place apart!

Matt: Good plan! Let's go!


(Matt, Ken, Gabumon and Wormmon hide in the bushes near the ruins.)

Matt: Where are the Mexican digi-destined? I thought they were supposed to meet us!

Ken: They have a curfew for kids here.

(Matt sees a whole lot of guards, guarding the ruins.)

Matt: So it's four of us to how many of them? I don't like those odds!

Ken: Nobody said it would be easy.

Matt: That's true.

Gabumon: Don't worry, Matt, we'll even the odds!

Ken: That's what I'm afraid of. Wait till those guards get a good look at you and Wormmon!

Matt: So they don't. You and I will go in first. The digimon can sneak behind us.

Ken: Right.

(They sneak towards the entrance to the ruins, but are immediately stopped by a guard.)

Guard: Stop right there!

Ken: Please let us through, I think my little sister's in there!

Guard: Just how dumb do you think I am? You little punks just want to get in there and tag the ruins!

Ken: Tag the ruins?

Guard: Now get out of here, go home!

Matt: The direct approach didn't work. There has to be another way in, we just have to find it!

Ken: Exactly.

Wormmon: Oh, but first, Ken, what did that guard back there say to make you so angry?

Ken: He...called me a punk.

Wormmon: There was a time when that would've been a compliment.

Ken: Yeah, I guess so.

Matt: Times have changed!

Gabumon: Yeah, for the better!

(How so? If being called a punk used to be a compliment, but is not now, I'd say that's a degradation of the English language. Anyhow, they sneak around to the back of the ruins, where there are more guards!)

Matt: So much for sneaking in the back door. They're not taking any chances here!

Gabumon: But it's already crawling with digimon!

Matt: Ironic.

Man: Good thing I'm here, eh?

All: Huh?

(This guy looks exactly like Gennai, but as we've seen in the previous two parts to this episode, it's probably just his regional clone, with a name to match.)

Josť: Ah, my manners! I am Josť, Gennai's Mexican counterpart.

(Told you so.)

Matt: You sure know how to make an entrance, Josť!

Ken: Great timing, too. Can you help us get inside?

Josť: Piece of cake. Watch, I've been waiting for a captive audience!

All: Huh?

(Josť runs out towards the guards, who stupidly leave their posts and crowd around him.)

Josť: Ola! Buenos nochez, gentlemen. I am Josť the Magnificent, at your service!

(He causes a distraction by putting on an impressive martial arts demonstration. As one of his 'moves', he signals to the four that they can safely go in.)

Wormmon: Does he expect money?

Matt: Oh, I get it, let's get out of here!

Ken: Right!

(They run straight into the ruins with no interruption.)


(Walking down a stone corridor...)

Ken: I read somewhere that there is an ancient king buried in these ruins.

Matt: All right, maybe we'll see his ghost! Wouldn't that be cool?

(Wormmon spots a creepy green face on a wall.)

Wormmon: Waaaaah!

Ken: Calm down, he's just kidding!

(Ken notices the face as well.)

Ken: Ok, that is a little spooky...

Wormmon: I'm not afraid of ghosts, I just tripped. Yeah, 'cause it's dark. That's it, it's dark and you could get hurt, Ken.

(He shoots off the screen for a second, and returns with two glowing sticks held in a headband. They provide light in the dark ruins.)

Wormmon: Sometimes I'm so smart it scares me.

Gabumon: Sometimes you scare me too, but I think it's for a different reason.

Matt: Gabumon!

Gabumon: Sorry...

Matt: He may be a goofy little glow-worm, but that light was a great idea.

Wormmon: Geniuses are always misunderstood.

(A Gotsumon rounds the corner at the same time as they do.)

Wormmon + Gotsumon: Waaaaaah!

Gabumon: A Gotsumon? What's he doing here all alone?

Matt: It doesn't matter. Come on, little guy, it's time to take you back to the DW!

(A girl steps out in front of Gotsumon. She can't be more than ten years old.)

Girl: No! Ola, Buenos nochez!

Ken: Hi - uh, I mean, Buenos nochez.

Rosa: My name is Rosa. You're really cute - now I'm double-glad I sneaked out of the house to help you!

Matt: Who is she?

Ken: She must be one of the Mexican digi-destined. She seems kinda young to be one of us, but then again, she seems pretty brave.

Gabumon: So this crazy little guy is your digimon partner?

Rosa: And who are you?

Ken: Oh, my name is Ken. And these are my friends Matt, Gabumon and my partner Wormmon.

(Rosa suddenly has the Look Of Love because of Ken.)

Rosa: Amite!

Wormmon: What-did-she-say?

Rosa: I'm so scared, would you hold my hand?

(She grabs Ken's hand.)

Wormmon: What does she think she's doing?

Gabumon: I don't know what she said but it's pretty clear what she's doing.

Wormmon: Ken? Ken?

(Rosa and Ken trip over him.)

Wormmon: You're a rude little girl!

Rosa: I'm what?

Matt: Calm down guys, there's no need for an international incident here, there's enough of Ken to go around! Let's not forget why we're here, OK?

Ken: Yeah, you're right.

Wormmon: I know what I'm doing. Come on, Ken.

(Wormmon accidentally (read 'deliberately') knocks Rosa.)

Wormmon: Sorry.

(Once more, with even less feeling.)

Rosa: Gitano!

Wormmon: What?

Ken: Come on guys, no time to waste!

Gabumon: Hey Ken, what did Rosa just call him?

Ken: Fish-bait.

Matt: I don't think I'd tell him that if I were you.

Wormmon: It's not fair. She could at least insult me in a language I understand!

(Josť steps out in front of them.)

Wormmon: Waah! Little warning next time?

Josť: Celencio, is this your idea of sneaking? They're right this way!

Ken: Right!

Matt: We're on it!

(They run into another room. Rosa pulls a face at Wormmon as she passes.)

Rosa: Nee-nee-nee-nee-ner!

Gotsumon: She's just young.

Rosa: So Ken, do you have a girlfriend? If you don't, maybe you could move here! Then I could be your girlfriend! Don't you think I'm cute?

Wormmon: Who does she think she is?

Josť: I don't think that is what matters. What matters is what she wants to be. Just call her Rosa Ichijouji!

Gabumon: Wormmon would rather bite off his own tongue than call her that!

(Many glowing eyes can be seen in the distance.)

Ken: What's that up ahead?

Matt: I don't know, but I bet it's trouble.

(Two digimon are standing in the room. One has many more eyes than the other.)

Gabumon: It's Minotaurumon and Dokugumon!

Matt: He's right, and they're not at all happy to see us!

Ken: Matt, these ruins are a valuable historical site, we can't fight in here, we'll destroy them!

Josť: He's right. We need to find a way to get them outside.

Matt: Outside, huh? We can do that.

Josť: Be careful.

Matt: Come on, Gabumon, let's do it!

(They start waving at the renegades. Matt taunts Minotaurumon.)

Matt: Is that a ring in your nose or an allergic reaction?

(They run back the way they came, followed by Minotaurumon and Dokugumon. Ken and the others follow.)

Josť: They are very good at this!

Ken: They practice.

(While they're running, Rosa trips.)

Ken: It's all right, Rosa. Here, I'll carry you.

(Rosa climbs onto his back.)

Wormmon: We'll see about that.

(He trips over on purpose, and jumps towards what he thinks is Ken. However, it's Gotsumon. Wormmon bounces off his rocky body.)


(Outside, the guards appear to have vanished.)

Minotaurumon: Darkside Quake!

(He smashes a rock formation.)

Ken: Stop him, Wormmon.

Wormmon: Mmm-hmm.

(Cue digivolving animation.)

Wormmon: Wormmon, digivolve to...

Stingmon: Stingmon!

Ken: Stingmon, these ruins are the last will and testament of the Mayans. Try and leave them in one piece.

Stingmon: Of course. I'm not a barbarian!

(Stingmon shoves Minotaurumon away from the ruins.)

Ken: Perfect. I never should've doubted you.

(Both digimon start bashing trees to the ground with their heads.)

Gabumon: And I thought you had a hard head, Gotsumon!

Matt: This is dumb. They don't even seem to care that we're here.

Gabumon: I can bring them to their senses. Let's use Azulongmon's power!

Matt: Right. Howl away, my friend.

Gabumon: Yeah.

(Cue digivolving animation, followed by Ultimate digivolving animation.)

Gabumon: Gabumon, digivolve to...

Garurumon: Garurumon! Garurumon, digivolve to...

WereGarurumon: WereGarurumon!

Rosa: Amigo!

(And another digivolve...)

Gotsumon: Gotsumon, digivolve to...

Monochromon: Monochromon!

(Dokugumon jumps at Ken and Rosa.)

Rosa: Monochromon!

(Monochromon raises his horn and pushes him away.)

Stingmon: I've had just about enough of you!

(Stingmon sends Minotaurumon flying into the air. WereGarurumon punches him back down.)

Josť: Now is our chance, Ken. Send them back!

Ken: Digiport, open!

(Minotaurumon and Dokugumon are sucked into the laptop Josť is holding.)

Wormmon: Ken!

Rosa: Night-night...

All: Huh?

(Rosa falls asleep on Ken's back.)

Rosa: Stingmon, es me hore...

Wormmon: Even when she's asleep, she's mean to me...

Ken: Not at all. She just said, "Stingmon, you're the greatest."

Wormmon: Huh? Mmm....

(Wormmon goes red at his mistake.)

Matt: Poor girl, she's exhausted. We'd better get her home to her parents.

Gabumon: Delirious.


(Rosa wakes up on her doorstep, where her parents are waiting.)

Rosa's Mother: Rosa! Eres tou?

Rosa: Mama? Papa?

Rosa's Father: Do you have any idea how worried we've been? We were just about to call the police! Whatever were you thinking, just wandering off like that? That's no good!

Rosa's Mother: Oh, thank goodness you're all right...

(The Japanese digi-destined watch from a safe distance.)

Wormmon: Ken, how do you say "thank you" in Spanish?

Ken: Gracias.

Wormmon: Gracias, Rosa.


(The Kremlin has been invaded by Flymon! They're hovering menacingly over the city of Moscow. Yolei, Sora and three Russian digi-destined are already there. Two girls and a boy, their digimon are Unimon, Snimon and Kuwagamon, respectively.)

Yolei: Ok, so where do we start?

(The first girl points to herself.)

Anna: Anna.

Yolei: Hi, Anna!

(Yolei hugs her. The second girl points to herself.)

Sonya: Sonya.

Yolei: Hi, Sonya!

(Yolei hugs her. The boy points to himself.)

Yuri: Yuri.

Yolei: Hey, Yuri!

(Yolei hugs him.)

Sora: That went well. Now what?

Yolei: We're pleased to meet you. I'm Yolei, this is Sora, and these two-

Biyomon: I'm Biyomon!

Hawkmon: I'm Hawkmon!

(Moments pass as the two groups smile at eachother.)

Yolei: You're Anna, and Sonya, Yuri!

Russian DD: Mm. Mmm-hmm.

Anna: Yolei, Sora.

Sonya: Biyomon and Hawkmon.

Japanese DD: Mm. Mmm-hmm.

Yolei: You're Anna, and Sonya, Yuri!

Russian DD: Mm. Mmm-hmm.

Anna: Yolei, Sora.

Sonya: Biyomon, Hawkmon!

Japanese DD: Mm. Mmm-hmm.

Yolei: This is hopeless! Why don't the others have this problem?

Hawkmon: We're just lucky, I guess.

Sora: Even if we can't understand each other's words, we're all still digi-destined.

Biyomon: Right! Let's try it again!

(The Japanese Digi-destined continue smiling, with clasped hands.)

Yolei: This is embarrasing. I'm not gonna tell...

(I'm unsure as to the rest of this sentence. It's probably Sora overlapping Yolei's speech, as the Russian DD do now.)

Anna: This is hopeless!

Sonya: This is disaster!

Yuri: The one with the purple hair is kinda cute!

Hawkmon: Righty-o! On to plan B!

Yolei: But I don't have a plan B!

Biyomon: You'd better come up with one unless you can read their minds!

Sora: That'll happen when pigs fly.

Yolei: That's it!

Sora: It is?

Yolei: We'll fly! See the Flymon? All of our digimon can fly too! You know, fly!

(Yolei flaps her arms up and down.)

Yolei: Fly, see? We'll just attack! Attack from the air!

(Yolei punches the sky.)

Yolei: Attack!

Biyomon: It's just like charades!

Hawkmon: Yes it is, but in a different language!

Sora: Yolei will find a way to make it work.

Yolei: You think so? Do you think they understood?

(But the Russian digi-destined still look confused.)

Russian DD: Huh?

Yolei: now what? I can only get so far with body language...

Sora: I feel so helpless...but the only Russian I know...

Yolei: Wait, you know some Russian words?

Sora: Yeah, peruski and borscht.

Yolei: Terrific. So you're in charge of ordering for us in a restaurant.

Sora: Ehehehehe.

Yolei: I got it! When I say peruski you fly to the right, and when I say borscht, you fly to the left. And caviar means we attack!

Hawkmon: Unorthodox, but it just might work!

Biyomon: I'm willing to give it a try!

Sora: Anna, Sonya, Yuri - Ok?

Russian DD: Ok!

(Why would they understand what Yolei said just because she threw a few Russian words into her conversation? It doesn't make sense.)

Unimon: Peruski!

Snimon: Borscht, uh-huh!

Kuwagamon: Caviar, ok!


(The five digimon fly up into the sky. Yolei's on Aquilamon, and Sora's on Garudamon.)

Yolei: Let's go! Digimon air force, full speed ahead!

Sora: You were born to give orders, Yolei!

Yolei: I've heard that before!

(The Flymon shout out an attack and launch their stings.)

Yolei: Peruski!

(The Flymon let off another volley.)

Yolei: And borscht! Caviar!

Unimon: Imperial Attack!

Snimon: Twin Sickles!

Kuwagamon: Scissor Claw!

Aquilamon: Blast Rings!

Garudamon: Phoenix Claw!

(The group of Flymon are sent back down to earth, but there are still more groups. The digi-destined celebrate, but almost fly into a building.)

Yolei: All right, it's working! But let's watch where we're flying!

Sora: Aye-aye, General Inue!

Yolei: Go! Digi-destined rule! All right, borscht and caviar!

(Another group is sent flying downwards.)

Yolei: Peruski and caviar!

(And another group of Flymon bite the dust.)

Yolei: Let's finish this, I'm hungry!

Sora: Yeah, me too!

Garudamon: Wing Blade!

Aquilamon: Grand Horn!

(Garudamon takes care of the last of the Flymon, while Aquilamon destroys the Control Spire.)

Yolei: Let's send these guys home! Digiport, open!

(The Flymon are sucked back to the Digital World.)

Yolei: Great job!

(Everyone's stomachs start growling.)

Yolei: We don't need a translator to explain that!

Sora: We may not understand eachother, but growling tummies are universal!

Biyomon: If I don't eat soon, I'll pass out!

Hawkmon: I will too!

(Anna makes eating actions.)

Yolei: Well, I think she means peruski!

(Sonya makes drinking actions.)

Sora: And borscht?

Hawkmon: By the way, what is borscht?

(The girls wipe the drool from their mouths.)

Yolei: Oh, please tell me it's lunchtime!

Sora: Or dinner or breakfast, I don't care!

Hawkmon: I'm going to have seconds and thirds even before I've had my firsts!

Biyomon: Me too!

(Another guy who looks like Gennai appears.)

Ilya: I am sorry for being late. My lunch ran long. I am Ilya. I hope you're all ready to get to work.

Yolei: You're kidding.

Sora: But what about lunch, Ilya?

Ilya: I told you, I just finished. Now about your assignment. We are desperately needed in Siberia!

All: Aaahh!


(Frigimon belonging to the other Russian digi-destined face off against a herd of Mammothmon.)

Frigimon: Sub-Zero Ice Punch!

(Sora and Yolei fly overhead.)

Sora: I liked Gennai better when he was an old man - he wouldn't have sent us to Siberia!

Yolei: Without lunch! And he wasn't even mad when we needed him to translate! It makes me so mad!

Sora: Maybe that'll keep you warm!

Aquilamon: Blast Rings!

Garudamon: Wing Blade!

Mammothmon: Tusk Crusher!

(The girl's digimon have to divert their course to avoid a flying tusk, and cancel their attacks.)

Aquilamon: That was close!

Yolei: No lie! My hands are so cold, I can hardly hold on!

Garudamon: It's awful, the girls will freeze if we don't get this over with!

Frigimon: Sub-Zero Ice Punch!

(The Frigimon's attacks anger the Mammothmon.)

Yolei: I'm so cold, I can't tell if I'm still here...

(Yolei's eyes begin to close.)

Aquilamon: Don't you dare go to sleep!

Sora: Yolei, you'll fall off!

(That startled Yolei.)

Yolei: Fall?

Sora: I know it's hard, but we have to hold on! Just think about peruski, and Yuri!

Mammothmon: Tusk Crusher!

(The tusk flies past, almost hitting Garudamon, and causing her to throw Sora off.)

Sora: Aaahh!

Yolei: Sora!

(Aquilamon catches her in his talons as she falls.)

Aquilamon: Gotcha!

Yolei: Oh Sora, are you ok?

Sora: I think so...

(While the girls are on the ground, the Mammothmon stampede towards them.)

Yolei + Sora: Oh no!

(A blur of a digimon swoops down at the Mammothmon, causing them all to fall over.)

Yolei + Sora: Imperialdramon!

Imperialdramon: Who were you expecting, Santa Claus?

Davis: Great timing, huh?

Yolei: If you like drama. Ilya!

Ilya: No time to waste! These fellows will be home in time for dinner! Digiport, open!

(The Mammothmon are sucked through Ilya's laptop.)


Ilya: It was nice meeting you. You two are very resourceful. Lesser girls than you would've crumbled like a stale peruski!

Sora: Goodbye, Ilya! Keep busy!

(He runs away from the group and disappears in rainbow light.)

Davis: All right then, let's go grab Kari and Izzy in Hong Kong and then head home, I need a serious nap!

Yolei: Wait, we can't go home!

Ken: It's almost Christmas morning. If we're not home in time to open our presents, our parents are going to get suspiscious.

Yolei: No! I wanted peruski and borscht!

Davis: What's wrong with an old-fashioned riceball?

Sora: But Yuri was taking us out to dinner!

Matt: Yuri?

(Yolei, Sora, Biyomon and Hawkmon all burst into tears.)

Davis: This is embarassing. Come one everybody, let's get out of here before their eyelids freeze together!


(In a military complex, somewhere in the world...)

Military Officer: What have you found out?

Worker #1: I regret to inform you, sir, that we don't know anything more now than the last time you asked. I wish there was more to tell you.

Worker #2: Every time we find something promising, it disappears before we can open it!

Military Officer: The enemy's very clever.

(Ilya finishes writing the program that erased the knowledge from the military computers.)

Ilya: And to all, a good night!


(Imperialdramon begins it's journey back to Japan. "Jingle Bells" plays in the background, as we see images of what the other digi-destined are doing: Mimi and family have cake to eat; the Poi Brothers think of Kari; Rosa dreams of Ken and Stingmon; Anna, Sonya and Yuri eat peruski and borscht; Derek and Crabmon eat pizza;, Catharine and TK's grandfather share wine. Imperialdramon reaches Japan as the song ends.)


(On an otherwise deserted street, a boy stands. A truck pulls up beside him, and Arukenimon steps out.)

Boy: Woah!

Arukenimon: Are you ready to be a hero?

(The truck drives off. Both Arukenimon and the boy are gone. Mummymon is driving the truck, with Arukenimon in the passenger seat.)

Mummymon: This is your most delicious plan yet, my diabolical darling!

Narrator: What is Arukenimon's evil plan? Will the digi-destined be warned in time to stop her? Keep watching Digimon - Digital Monsters!

---To Be Continued---