Season 2, Episode 40: "Digimon World Tour: Part 1"
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Transcribed By: Patamon_Princess

Kari: Control Spires started springing up all over the
world! Ken figured out that Arukenimon put them there
and opened all the digi-ports too, allowing Digimon to
come and go as they pleased. Then Gennai showed up
looking young, and not too shabby I might add. He
brought us a powerful digi-core from Azulongmon and
told us we have to go around the world destroying
Control Spires and teaming up with other Digi-Destined
to send the Digimon through the digi-ports back where
they belong. Plus, the digi-core made Paildramon mega
digi-volve to Imperialdramon. But I wonder while we're
away saving the world, who's watching Arukenimon?

LADY: There's this strange report coming in off the
news wire. It says there are monsters all over the world.

GUY: You mean the ones on public television? My kids
can't get enough of those cute, fuzzy things.

LADY: No, real monsters, and big, black towers. Hey,
what's that?

GUY: I don't know.

LADY: It's a UFO.

GUY: We better report this to NASA right away.
[In Paris, France. TK and Tai]

TAI: This is our stop, Imperialdramon. TK and I will
stay here in Paris to organize the french resistance.

TK: Vive la France!

IMPERIALDRAMON: Good luck, guys.

[In Hong Kong, China. Izzy and Kari]

TENTOMON: You can get great deals here in Hong Kong.
No wonder the Chinese wanted in back so bad.

[In Sydney, Australia. Cody and Joe]

CODY: Why do they call this place "Down Under"?

JOE: I don't know. I don't speak Australian.

[In Moscow, Russia. Yolei and Sora]

YOLEI: Great. Everyone else is warm and cozy while
we're in the middle of a Moscow blizzard.

[In America. Matt, Davis, and Ken]

DAVIS: Now that's what I'm talking about!

KEN: Nice shot, Imperialdramon! Now let's get to our

MALE SPECTATOR: Oh, great, we finally got a

FEMALE SPECTATOR: Only trouble is, they forgot to put
a light in it.

ALL: Oh!


DAVIS: Miami, here I come!

VEEMON: I'm back to plain old Veemon now.

DAVIS: You're just low on energy. You'll be good as
new once we get some food in you.

VEEMON: Great!

DAVIS: But first, we're supposed to hook up with
Michael somewhere around here.

MICHAEL: Davis, over here!

DAVIS: Hey, Michael!

MICHAEL: I'm sure hope you guys like to fly. Ken and
Matt, you guys take the helicopter to Mexico.

MATT: Gotcha.

MICHAEL: Davis, you and I are taking the Red Eye to
New York.

DAVIS: Huh? Hope you can fly this thing.

MICHAEL'S DAD: Piece of cake.


VEEMON: What's the matter, Davis?

DAVIS: I feel like I'm watching a movie. This guy was
in my favorite movie of all time!

MICHAEL: Hey, I see you guys have met my dad.

DAVIS: Uh, Michael, you never told me your dad was a
Hollywood movie star.

MICHAEL: Oh, yeah.

MICHAEL'S DAD: I'm ready for some action!


MICHAEL'S DAD: *laughs*

SHOGUNGEKOMON: Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

GENERAL: Look at him, scared out of his mind, waiting
for us to attack.


GENERAL: Hold on, look up in the air! Now there are
two of them!


SOLDIER: What do you think it is, General?

GENERAL: I think the fat one is asking the flying one
for some help.



SOLDIER: What's going on there?

GENERAL: I know it sounds crazy, but I think there's a
little kid on that monsters shoulder.


GENERAL: They're retreating. Troops, let's move out!

SOLDIER: General, we just received this important
dispatch from headquarters. It seems the monsters from all over the
country are headed for New York City.

GENERAL: Tell them we're on our way there. If those
monsters think the Army is tough, wait'll they get a load of
New York.

RADIO ANNOUNCER: It's entirely possible that the land
where New York now stands used to be the monsters prehistoric
breeding grounds and they are simply following their instincts
by returning. In other words, they're like salmon
swimming upstream; Only these salmon have giant fangs and claws.

MR. TACHIKAWA: No, not again.

MRS. TACHIKAWA: It's not fair. We had such horrible
things happen to us four years ago in Odaiba. Now the same thing's
happening to us again here in America.

MR. TACHIKAWA: Uh, don't tell me we're moving again. I
don't want to change jobs again and I'm sure Mimi doesn't want to
change schools, do you Mimi? Huh? What's this? "Dear Mom and
Dad. Running away from monsters with you is tons of fun,
but I forgot to do something very important. I'll catch up with you
later. Love Mimi"? Mimi!

MRS. TACHIKAWA: Come back!

MIMI: Why aren't the others here yet?

PALMON: Look, Mimi.

MICHAEL'S DAD: I see the runway.

MIMI: Over here! Ah!

DAVIS: They're all headed for Central Park. That's
cool. They're sending all the digimon our way because they know
we're the only ones who can handle the job.

MICHAEL'S DAD: Wow, delicious! Mmmm!

MICHAEL: Dad always gets the munchies whenever he
flies. So, Mimi, did you come up with this plan to meet?

MIMI: No, Michael. A dear friend cam up with it.

BENJAMIN: You all made it.

DAVIS: It's Gennai!

BENJAMIN: Sorry to confuse you, my friend, but my name
is Benjamin.

MIMI: That's right. Benjamin's Gennai's friend.

VEEMON: But he looks exactly like him.

BENJAMIN: That's because Gennai and I were once one in
the same.

VEEMON: Can you get anymore confusing?

BENJAMIN: Don't worry. I'll explain everything once
this is all over with.

DAVIS: Everytime I turn around there's more Gennai's
and more DigiDestined. I'm out of the loop. Hey, do you hang
out with any other DigiDestined kids, Michael?

MICHAEL: I know the kids who got their digivices at
the same time I did, but everyone else I just know through Mimi.

DAVIS: You mean like us? I can't wait to meet the others.

VEEMON: Me too.

MIMI: Well, you won't have long to wait because
they're going to be here soon.

DAVIS: I wonder how many of them have heard of me?

PHIL: We're almost at Central Park, guys. No,
Cherrymon, that's not an enemy, it's just a Christmas tree!


FLARERIZAMON: Cherrymon, it's okay.

PHIL: Oh no. We'd better call someone for help.


DAVIS: Whose in trouble?

MIMI: A boy named Phil. He sad there's Cherrymon
attacking the Christmas tree at Rockerfeller Center.

DAVIS: Is nothing sacred? Let's go, Veemon.

VEEMON: Right.

MICHAEL: Davis, wait up!

DAVIS: What?

MICHAEL: Do you know where Rockerfeller Center is?

DAVIS: Of course. Uh, actually I haven't got a clue.

PALMON: That's typical Davis.

MIMI: How about if we all go together?


BENJAMIN: Why don't I come along too, just incase you
guys need the power Gennai gave me. It's from Azulongmon's power

PALMON: Does that mean what I thin it means? That I
can digivolve?


VEEMON: Veemon, digivolve to...


PALMON: Palmon, digivolve to...

TOGEMON: Togemon! Togemon, digivolve to...

LILLYMON: Lillymon!

BETAMON: Betamon, digivolve to...

SEADRAMON: Seadramon!

DAVIS: All right, troops. Move out!

POLICE OFFICER 1: No, I'm telling you, the jelly
filled is much better than the bear claw.

POLICE OFFICER 2: You're crazy. Custard beats them
both hands down.

POLICE OFFICER 1: Forget about it.

BOTH: Huh?

POLICE OFFICER 2: They're not slowing down! Ah!


MRS. TACHIKAWA: Where are you? Where?


PHIL: where's help when you need it?

LILLYMON: This should do it. Flower Wreath!


LILLYMON: What happened?

MIMI: It won't work because he's not under the control
of a virus.

PHIL: He just doesn't like other trees.

DAVIS: All right, ExVeemon. It's time to put that
giant cherry tree on ice!

EXVEEMON: On ice, huh? Hmmm. Don't worry. Leave
everything to me. V-Kick! Is that what you meant by
putting him on ice, Davis?

DAVIS: Not exactly.

CHERRYMON: Pit Pelter! Hah!

DAVIS: ExVeemon!

MIMI: Lillymon!

MICHAEL: Seadramon!

PHIL: Flarerizamon!


MARIA: My name's Maria. Did somebody call for help?

DAVIS: Yeah, thanks a lot!

TORTOMON: Strong Carapace!

LOU: My name's Lou, is everyone all right?

MIMI: Yeah, thank you!

FRIGIMON: Sub©zero Ice Punch!

STEVE: Hi, I'm Steve. Nice to meet all of you.

MICHAEL: The pleasure is ours.

DAVIS: Can we please take care of all the
introductions later? We're right in the middle of something here!



LILLYMON: Flower Cannon!



DAVIS: Now that's teamwork, DigiDestined style! Yeah!
My name's Davis, but I'm sure you already know all about me.

LOU: Actually, I've never heard of you.

LILLYMON: All the digimon present and accounted for!

MRS. TACHIKAWA: Stop! Look up there! I saw that fairy
looking thing back in Odaiba. It almost took Mimi from us once

MR. TACHIKAWA: Don't let her out of you site! With any
luck, she'll lead us to Mimi!

MIMI: All right. We're all here. Now let's get down to

BENJAMIN: The rest is up to you now, Davis.

MICHAEL: Just remember, we're all behind you.

DAVIS: Wait 'till I turn around. DigiPort, open!

PHIL: So that's what a DigiPort looks like.

MIMI: All the digimon are being sucked in.

MICHAEL: Good show!

ALL: Yay!

LOU: Davis, thanks for coming all this way to help us.

STEVE: We wouldn't have been to do this without you.

BENJAMIN: I hope you're not letting all this praise go
to your head.


MIMI: Yeah, right.

MRS. TACHIKAWA: Mimi, there you are!

ALL: Huh?


MIMI: Papa? Mama? Uh!

MRS. TACHIKAWA: You're all right, Mimi! Oh, thank
goodness! I was so worried about you! Were you warm enough? Did you
have enough to eat?

MR. TACHIKAWA: Where are all the monsters? What
happened? Come on, kid, tell me what's going on here.
DAVIS: Uh, well, there's a simple explanation. Uh,
anybody got one?

MR. TACHIKAWA: Well, son, I'm waiting.

DAVIS: Uh. (thinking) Come on, Davis, think of
something. You're not as dumb like everyone says. Think! (aloud) What


DAVIS: I don't see any monsters around here. *laughs*
(thinking) Nice going. When in doubt, deny, deny, deny. Who says
I'm so dumb?

[In China]

OLD MAN: This charm should do the trick. Evil spirit
be gone!


OLD MAN: No need to get snotty!

MAN: Watch out, Grandpa!

Poi ?: Leave this to us!

OLD MAN: To you? What are you boys doing? This is


ALL 3 POI: Syakomon:

ALL 3 SYAKOMON: Syakomon, digivolve to...

OCTOMON 1: Oc...

OCTOMON 2: to...

OCTOMON 3: mon!

OCTOMON 1: Spur...

OCTOMON 2: ting...


POI ?: Now finish him off!


KARI: Please stop! Don't hurt him anymore! He's not

POI ?: Huh?

POI ?: Who are they? Hey, tell me something. How come
you guys have digimon too?

KARI: Izzy, explain to them about being DigiDestined.

IZZY: Well, you're a part of a fraternal society.

MEGAKABUTERIMON: Izzy, how many times do I have to
tell you. When explaining things, keep it simple.

IZZY: Oh, yeah. Uh, let me start over. You're digivice
carrying titans destined to save the Digital World. Simple?

KARI: *sighs*

IZZY: Still don't get it? Well I could explain it
better if I had visual aids to work with, but I left my charts and
graphs at home. How am I supposed to function under these
primitive conditions!?

JACKIE: Allow me. That digimon you attacked wasn't
bad, he's just a long way from home. Scared and confused, just like
you would be. We would be honored if you would join our team of
kids all over the world who are safely returning these digimon
to their homes.

POI ?: And who are you?

IZZY: My name is Izzy Izumi and I came all the way
from Japan. And this is my DigiDestined friend, Kari.

KARI: Hi, guys.

IZZY: This is our friend, Jackie. He was sent to help
us out in case we got into trouble.

JACKIE: *laughs*

IZZY: And you three are the DigiDestined children of
Hong Kong.

POI ?: No we're not. We're the Poi Brothers.

JACKIE: I know this is quite a shock, but believe me,
it's all true. We're herding the lost digimon into Crulon Park
so we can return them safely to the Digital World. Won't you
please join us? What do you say?

POI ?: Huddle up, guys.

POI ?: What do you think?

POI ?: I say we join them, so then afterwards I can
ask the Japanese girl out on a date.

POI ?: No fair, I saw her first!

POI ?: She likes me! How can you not tell?

ALL 3: Break!

POI ?: All right, we've decide to work together with
Kari, I mean the team.

IZZY: Prodigious!

KARI: Thank you!

ALL 3 POI: Ah!

IZZY: The DigiDestined and the digimon are starting to
arrive from all over Asia.

KARI: I don't think Jackie heard you.

JACKIE: And one, and two...

POI ?: It looks like we'll get this over with before

POI ?: So that means..

POI ?: We'll be able to take Kari out for the best
Hong Kong meal she's ever had!

IZZY: Whoa!

KARI: Bad news, Izzy?

IZZY: It's an email from a girl named Mina who lives
in India. I'll explain everything later, but right now we've got
to get to the China/India border. Excuse me, guys. Could one of
you please come with me?

POI 3: Sure I'll do it. What's the problem?

[On the China/India border]

MINA: What should we do, Meramon?

MERAMON: I'm not sure. It seems that they think that
we're the enemy.

MINA: If we try to cross the border into China we
might start a war.

CHINESE SOLDIER: What now, General?

CHINESE GENERAL: I'm not sure. I've never stopped
monsters crossing our border before. Huh?

CHINESE SOLDIER: What is it, sir?

CHINESE GENERAL: More monsters, this time by air.

MINA: Hi, thanks for coming.

KARI: No problem.

ANGEWOMON: Don't worry about a thing, kids. MegaKabuterimon and I
will hold off the Chinese army.

MEGAKABUTERIMON: Right. And while we keep them busy,
get the others to Hong Kong.

IZZY: Wait, it's not that easy. This situation calls
for diplomacy. The last thing we want to do is cause an
international incident that results in a war.

POI 3: But what choice do we have?

IZZY: I guess we'll have to explain it to them. I
don't want to go through that again. Uh, Kari, you do it.

KARI: Why me?

ANGEWOMON: Oh, I'll do it. It's probably better if a
digimon explains it to them anyway. But the problem is, if we
approach, they attack.

MEGAKABUTERIMON: That's a problem.

KARI: Hmmm. Hey, I've got a great idea!

CHINESE GENERAL: They're attacking! Looks like one of
them has a blow dryer. If it's a fight they want, then they've
got it.

OCTOMON: Spurting Ink!

POI 3: Watch your spelling, Octomon. There's going to
be a quiz later.

CHINESE GENERAL: Huh? We come in peace? Sergeant, I
think we've landed in the middle of a B movie. Only one thing to
do. This isn't going to look good on my resume.


CHINESE GENERAL: Let's keep this maneuver out little

KARI: It worked!

IZZY: Great. Now let's explain our situation to them
and get to Hong Kong.

POI 3: Right on!

CHINESE SOLDIER: Are you sure it's a good idea to let
them cross, general?

CHINESE GENERAL: Yes. We're all part of the same army
when it comes to saving the world.

[Back in Hong Kong]

IZZY: All right, everyone, settle down. We're almost
ready. Kari, let's get started.

KARI: DigiPort, open!


KARI: Thanks everyone for all your help.

POI ?: Now that we're finished why don't I show you
around town?

MINA: I think the Poi Brothers have a crush on you,

POI ?: Hey, why are you the one who gets to shake
Kari's hand? Hi, there.

POI ?: Oh, you're too young!

ALL: *laugh*

[In Japan]

KID: Hey, come on.

ALL THE KIDS: *laugh*

KID: Hi, mister, I guess you're all alone too. You
want to be friends?


NARRATOR: Who is this strange and lonely boy and what
does Mummymon have planned for him? Don't miss the next
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