Season 2, Episode 38: "A Very Digi Christmas"

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ExVeemon: Vee-Laser!

Aquilamon: Grand Horn!

Ankylomon: Tail Hammer!

Pegasusmon: Star Shower!

Nefertimon: Rosetta Stone!

Stingmon: Spiking Strike!

[Five CONTROL SPIRES fall down]

Davis: Yeah! We rule!

Yolei: Nyah, Nyah!

Davis: Take that, Control Spires!

Davis & Yolei: 2, 4, 6, 8, Who do we appreciate? Us!

All: *laugh*

Ken: I never thought I'd have friends like this, Wormmon.

Wormmon: Don't tell me, tell them!

Ken: But what if they don't want to come to my party?

Wormmon: Of course they will!

Davis: Ken, get over here and join us! Hey, what you got there?

Ken: It's nothing.

Davis: Come on, Ken!

Ken [thinking]: This Christmas party was a bad idea. Maybe I should forget the whole thing. But what am I going to do with all that eggnog?

Davis: Hey guys, Ken's got something to show everybody!

Ken [thinking]: Thanks a lot, Davis. Great. No pressure!

Davis: Come on, guys! Gather 'round!

All: Really? Wow!

Ken: Ahem. I request the honour of your presence at a holiday celebration. That is...

TK: Say no more. You're having a Christmas party. We're in!

Veemon: Hey Ken, can we come too?

Ken: Of course! Maybe you'll even catch Gatomon under the mistletoe!

All: *laugh*

Ken [thinking]: It looks like Cody still hates me. Well, here it goes.

Cody [thinking]: It looks like Ken still hates me. Well, here he comes.

Ken: Here you go, Cody. You're invited, too.

Cody: Really? I'm glad I made your list!

Ken: *laugh*


Announcer: Attention, Christmas shoppers. Get into the spirit of the season, and spend, spend, spend!

[in MATT's dressing room]

Band Member: Sorry I'm so late, guys. But there was still really cute girl, and she wanted my autograph!

Band Member: Oh, that's a lame excuse!

Matt: Zip it! Anybody ever hear of rehearsal?

Band Member: Sorry!

[MATT's phone rings]

Matt: Huh?

Mr. Ishida: Sorry, Matt. I'll be working late tonight, so you'll have to make your own dinner, sport.

Matt: Don't worry about it. My band's got a gig tonight, anyway. Besides, you're a lousy cook!

Mr. Ishida: Very funny. That's not what you said when you wolfed down my Tuna Surprise!

Matt: The surprise is on you, dad, I fed it to the dog! See ya, don't work too late!

Mr. Ishida: Hm.

Arukenimon: I just love the holidays, Mummymon. All those smiling faces. All the better when we give them something to frown about!

Ms. Takaishi: Thanks for meeting me at the mall, Mr. Motomiya. Thank you for returning TK's homework, he's so forgetful!

Mr. Motomiya: At least your son does his homework! I had some Christmas shopping to do, anyway. I'm buying Davis a notebook, not that he'll ever use it.

Ms. Takaishi: By the way, thanks for always letting TK come over, it really helps me out since I'm so busy.

Mr. Motomiya: It's okay. TK's a great kid. Well, see ya!

Ms. Takaishi: Merry Christmas! Don't forget to save the notebook receipt!

Mr. Motomiya: *laugh* So he can exchange it for a soccer ball? No way!

[MRS. TAKAISHI begins to walk away, but a man stops her]

Man: Ah, Ms. Takaishi. What a pleasant surprise, bumping into you here. I hope you remember me.

Ms. Takaishi: Mr. Oikawa, is it?

Mr. Oikawa: Yes.

Ms. Takaishi: Right. You investigated the Highton View Terrace incident, eight years ago. It's nice to see you again.

Mr. Oikawa: Yes, it is. By the way, remember the Odaiba fog incident four years ago? Well, I'm afraid this current monster problem is related. In fact, it's only just the beginning.

Ms. Takaishi: Huh? What do you mean by that, only just the beginning?

Mr. Oikawa: You'll find out soon enough. Until then, you should be careful who you let your sons play with.

Ms. Takaishi: Huh? What do you know about TK, and Matt?

Mr. Oikawa: Actually, I know everything. Enjoy the holidays. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Ms. Takaishi [thinking]: Huh? He's gone! What have the boys gotten themselves mixed up in this time? I thought all this Digital World stuff was over with! Now, the danger starts all over again.


Agumon: Davis, yoo hoo, it's me! Agumon!

Davis: Merry Christmas!

Agumon: What's Christmas?

Davis: It means you're going to be the best present the original DigiDestined ever got!

Palmon: But What about me? Mimi's in America!

Kari: Don't worry, Palmon. We wouldn't let everyone meet up with their partners, and leave you out!

Palmon: I get to see Mimi!

Yolei: This will be a snap. We'll open up a portal from the Digital World that will drop Palmon off right in the middle of downtown US of A.. Say hi to Mimi for me! And when you come back, ask her if she'll let me borrow that pink blouse I love so much!

Palmon: Hey! What's this?

Davis: Don't worry!

Palmon: Wait, first I...

[PALMON is sucked through the DIGIPORT in a large sack]

Palmon [in MIMI's bedroom]: Mimi is going to be so surprised when she wakes up!

Woman: Mrs. Ichijouji, you can go home now!

Mrs. Ichijouji: Already? I feel like I just started!

Woman: Go home to that son of yours. He's changed recently. I called the other day, and we had the most lovely conversation! He never would have bothered himself with such trivialities as answering the phone before! What brought on the pleasant change?

Mrs. Ichijouji: Oh, I guess it's just the holiday spirit! Merry Christmas!

[on the BEACH]

Agumon: Let me out of here, Davis! I know I'm supposed to be a present, but did you have to gift-wrap me?

Davis: Sh! Quiet, or you'll ruin the surprise, Agumon! Wait 'til I give you the signal! Now!

Tai: Woah, Agumon! No way!

Matt: Gabumon!

Joe: Gomamon, don't squeeze so hard! I'll get a cramp!

DemiVeemon: I think they like their present!

Davis: Just call me Davis Claus!

Sora: Just What I wanted! How did you know?

Yolei: A little Birdramon told us.

Cody: This is nice. Christmas is a time for families to get together.

[outside MATT's dressing room]

Sora: Wow, this is exciting! People are already lining up for Matt's concert!

Biyomon: Don't worry, Sora, we'll be sure to get good seats! Especially after you bring him those homemade cookies!

Sora: I hope.

Tai: Sora! Wait up!

Sora: Oh, Tai!

[SORA pulls the present away from TAI, blushing]

Agumon: Something smells good!

Gabumon: Matt's busy getting ready. But I'll take those to him! Mmm!

Biyomon: Oh, no you won't! You'll eat the whole thing yourself!

Gabumon: Why, I resent that! I'm on a diet!

Tai: So, Sora? Are you going to the concert with anyone? Not that it matters...just wondering.

Sora: No. I want to be available in case Matt's free afterwards. Hmm.

Tai: Oh, I see. Matt, huh?

Sora: Yeah.

Tai: It's okay.

Sora: You're not mad at me, Tai?

Tai: Of course not. Now get in there, and say 'Hi' to Matt for me.

Sora: Thanks, Tai.

Agumon: The least you could do is leave us the cookies!

Sora: Tell you What. I'll make some special ones for you.

Tai: I'll be waiting. Thanks.

Agumon: You know What, Tai?

Tai: What?

Agumon: You've really grown up!

June: Look out! Incoming!

Tai & Agumon: Huh?

June: Woah!

Tai: Watch where you're going, June!

June: Sorry! I'm in a hurry to see Matt! He's the cutest!

Tai: Grr...

[at KEN's apartment]

Ken: And this is my room. Nothing fancy.

Yolei: Ooh! This is a good picture of you, Ken!

Ken: It's not me. It's my older brother Sam.

Yolei: Oh, I'm sorry. Hm...

[at MATT's concert]

Matt: Are you ready to rock? I can't hear you!

Girls: *screaming*

Matt [singing]: You've got a boy, you've got a girl! Sitting underneath a tree. They sit there everyday. And even though you may think, this is the way that things should be.

Gabumon: Matt's a really good singer! Although I may be biased.

June [with pompoms]: I love you, Matt! I'm your number one fan! YEAH!

Matt [singing]: You can't take nothing for granted! You've got to live life today! I turn around, I can see what's behind me.

Arukenimon: I just love a good concert. Mummymon, we're going to bring a new meaning to the phrase 'Monsters of Rock'!

Matt [singing]: I turn back around, and I can see what's ahead. And if you don't believe I'll be here all along, just turn around. Just turn around!

[a CONTROL SPIRE glows, and there's lots of static]

Matt: Huh? What?

Sora: What's wrong? Something's happening!

Tai: I hope this is part of the show!

Izzy: You never know with rock concerts!

Matt: Huh?

TV guy: There's a bunch of static coming through.

Charlie: Huh? This is terrible! We're on live!

Digimon: Grr!

[everyone plugs their ears]

All: Oh!

Charlie: What's that??

[DARKTYRANOMON and some BAKEMON punch through the stage behind the BAND]

Matt & Band: Ah!!

Tai: What are they doing here?

Joe: Maybe they're just music lovers.

Charlie: What a concert! These crazy kids!

TV guy: Yeah. Woodstock, now that was a concert.

[crowds of people run out of the concert tent]

Tai: Agumon, Digivolve!

Agumon: I can't, Tai!

Tai: What do you mean, Agumon? Did you forget how?

Izzy: Nevermind, let's get out of here!

[TAI, SORA, IZZY, and JOE scream, and run out]

[DIGIMON begin attacking all over the city]

Tai: There's another one! Yeah, I have one: RUN! Huh?

[TAI sees a large, growing, red CONTROL SPIRE]

Tai: A Control Spire!?

[at KEN's apartment]

[the DIGIMON are eating]

Davis: Got any threes?

Yolei: NO! No, no, no!

Davis: You can just say 'Go Fish!'

Yolei: Oh.

Davis: You'll get the hang of it, Yolei.

Yolei: Ugh, I can't even pay Go Fish!

All: *laugh*

[KEN laughs really loudly]

All: Huh?

Cody: Did you see What I saw?

Yolei: Ken just laughed!

Kari: What a great smile! And you should try to laugh more often.

[CODY, DAVIS, and KEN gape]

Ken, Davis, Cody: Huh?

Davis: Thanks a lot!

[KEN blushes]

All: *laugh*

Mrs. Ichijouji [thinking]:It's so nice you have a house full of laughing children again! Oh, dear!

I'm getting all misty. Oh, I promised myself I wouldn't cry! Quick, think sad thoughts! Oh, the

phone! [aloud] Hello? Ichijouji residence!

Yolei: My deal! What do you guys want to play?

Davis: How about Strip Po...

Mrs. Ichijouji: Ken? Some boy named Tai is on the phone for your friend, Kari!

Tai: Something must be wrong!


attacking the people]

People: *screaming*

Matt: Hey! You ruined my concert!

Tai: Matt! Glad to see you're focussed!

Ken: Come on, Davis! Can't we move any faster?

Davis: Don't be a backseat driver, Ken! [thinking] A Control Spire? No wonder Tai needs us!

Well, if it's help he wants, it's help he'll get!

Raidramon: Thunder Blast!

Digmon: Rock Cracking!

[the CONTROL SPIRE falls down]

Davis: Going down? Now!

Ken: It's time for us to clean up this mess!

Wormmon: Wormmon, Digivolve to...Stingmon!

Tai: Let's do it! Old School style!

Agumon: Hm! Agumon, Digivolve to...Greymon!

Matt: Everyone!

Sora: Digivolve!

Izzy: Right now!

Joe: Hurry!

Biyomon: Biyomon!

Gabumon: Gabumon!

Gomamon: Gomamon!

Tentomon: Tentomon!

Biyomon, Gabumon, Gomamon, Tentomon: Digivolve to...

Birdramon: Birdramon!

Garurumon: Garurumon!

Ikkakumon: Ikkakumon!

Kabuterimon: Kabuterimon!

Greymon: Nova Blast!

[GREYMON and DARKTYRANOMON begin to fight]

Mr. Ishida: Matt...TK!

Charlie: Let's turn the cameras on! This is great stuff! This will be the highest rated show we've

ever had! We may even get a raise!

TV guy: If anyone's left to give it!

Birdramon: Meteor Wing!

Gigadramon: Hah, missed me!

Charlie: Is it just me, or is this exactly What happened four years ago?

Garurumon: Surround him, Kabuterimon!

Digmon: Didn't we meet in Metal Shop?

June: I don't know how long they can keep this up! I knew Davis liked action, but this?

Monzaemon: Hearts Attack!

Matt: They're al over the place!

Tai: Yeah, they've got us outnumbered!

Joe: Wait, I have an idea! Everyone, get all the evil Digimon together in one place.

Izzy: We're gonna send 'em back to the Digital World.

Yolei: Right. Halsemon!

Halsemon: At your service. Tempest Wing!

[the attack freezes some of the DIGIMON]

Nefertimon: Ready, partner?

Pegasusmon: Let's tie one up!

Nefertimon & Pegasusmon: Golden Noose!

Yolei: Is you laptop ready, Izzy?

Izzy: Ready, and able!

Yolei: What are we waiting for? DigiPort Open! Now!

Davis: Well, that wasn't so hard!

Tai: Easy as pie!

Kari: Oh, boy. I think we should make it a rule that Tai and Davis aren't allowed to be together in

the same room.

TK: Forget about them, Kari. It's the Digimon that worry me. How did they get here to our world,

in the first place? And What about that Control Spire?

Cody: What's a NEW enemy?

Greymon: Seeya 'round! Not!

Ken: Listen up, everyone! I'm pretty sure I know who's behind all of this. It's got to be


Snimon: Ah!

Tai: You think so?

Davis: What makes you think she's involved?

Ken: Because she's able to move freely between the two worlds.

Davis: Birdramon, Nefertimon! Wrap then up to go!

[the two DIGIMON drop a blanket on the evil guys]

Snimon: Who turned out the lights?

Raidramon: Push 'em back, push 'em back, way back!

Tai: Davis, Ken! Would you like to do the honours?

Davis: New plan, guys! We have to fight Ultimates with Ultimates! Go back to your Rookie

stages, and get ready to DNA Digivolve!

Veemon: Veemon, Digivolve to...ExVeemon!

Hawkmon: Hawkmon, Digivolve to...Aquilamon!

Armadillomon: Armadillomon, Digivolve to...Ankylomon!

Patamon: Patamon, Digivolve to...Angemon!

Tai: Now let's see What all this DNA fuss is about!

Davis: Show him, guys!

ExVeemon: ExVeemon!

Stingmon: Stingmon!

ExVeemon & Stingmon: DNA Digivolve to...Paildramon!

Aquilamon: Aquilamon!

Gatomon: Gatomon!

Aquilamon & Gatomon: DNA Digivolve to...Sylphimon!

Ankylomon: Ankylomon!

Angemon: Angemon!

Ankylomon & Angemon: DNA Digivolve to...Shakkoumon!

Paildramon: Sting Strike!

Gigadramon: Woah!

Sylphimon: Static Force!

Monzaemon: Hearts Attack!

Shakkoumon: Cachina Bomb!

Gigadramon: Huh?

Cody: Bedtime! Don't forget your teddy bear!

[MONZAEMON and GIGADRAMON are sucked in through the DIGIPORT]

Yolei: And to all, a good night!

Davis: Yeah, we did it! All the DigiDestined together! Ultimate teamwork!

Tai: Guys, if Arukenimon and her Digimon can move between worlds, then we're in trouble!

Matt: What will we do?

Tai: We'll have to fight all over again!

Sora: Oh, no!

Davis: Huh? Relax. We'll get her!

All: Yeah!

[later on...]

Ken: Thanks for walking me to the train, everyone. I guess my party is over, then. It was short,

but it was fun.

Davis: We had a great time, Ken!

Ken: Me too. Thanks.

Davis: And we're all going to come over next year!

Sora: Merry Christmas. And a Happy New Year.

Kari: You, too.

Davis: Oh, no! I forgot to kiss Kari under the mistletoe!

Tai: He never quits. Davis, take it from me: You'll never learn about women!

All: *laugh*

Davis: Oh...

Tai: Ah! Ooh! Agumon, you were the best present even! Can you stay through 'til New Years?

Agumon: I thought you'd never ask me!

Tai & Agumon: Wee! Woo!

Salamon: Careful, guys, you just ate!

Kari: I don't want you losing your Christmas dinner on my bed.

Agumon: Tell me a Christmas bedtime story, would you, Tai?

Kari: I know one! 'Twas a Digimon Christmas, and everyone was busy, especially the likes of

Tentomon and Izzy! Joe played with Gomamon, Matt and Gabumon ate. Palmon saw Mimi; Isn't

that great? Cody and Upamon shared a little some sushi, while Parurumon sat on Yolei's tushie!

Tokomon went Carolling, Ken's thankful for friends. And in Davis' dreams, the fun never ends.

Goodnight now. Merry Christmas!

[the next morning]

June: Davis, wake up!

Reporter: We now bring you this special report.

Davis: What is it? What's goin' on?

Reporter: We've received many eye-witness reports on yesterday's monster attack on downtown,

including sightings of black poles. International reports now confirm these towers are appearing

all over the world!

June: Ah! It's just like the one at Matt's concert!

Davis [thinking]: More Control Spires!

Izzy: Ah!

Tentomon: What is it? Did your computer freeze again?

Izzy: It's even worse! Look at this! DigiPorts are opening all over the world!

Tentomon: Oh, no!

Izzy: And there's nothing we can do to stop them.

Tentomon: I don't suppose it could be Santa's new way of delivering toys?

[NOTE: Although I didn't realize it, my tape was cut off right here, so I didn't get the last little

bit. But, I think it's just the narrator thing, not too important.]