Season 2, Episode 36: "Stone Soup"
English Version Written by: Rebecca Olkowski, Jeff Nimroy, & Bob Bucholtz
Original Air Date: March 10, 2001
Episode Transcribed by: Katie Frederick

Cody: We hid the 5th Destiny Stone from Arukenimon and Mummymon, but BlackWarGreymon found it easily and blasted it.
TK had another meltdown. He once had to watch Patamon get destroyed and he's never gotten over it! The 6th Destiny Stone
was at the bottom of the Ocean, but BlackWarGreymon got to that one, too. Even though I couldn't hurt him because he had
a heart, I still stood up to him and said, "If you want to destroy the Destiny Stone, you'll have to destroy me first!" That's the
last time I try that one! Luckily, Angemon saved me before BlackWarGreymon smashed the Destiny Stone. Now there's only
one left!

[Theme song begins, the show opens by showing the outside of the school.]

Davis: Dudes, we can't just stand around! There's only one Destiny Stone left and we gotta find it before BlackWarGreymon
does and totally loses his cool!

[Legs belonging to TK, Davis, and Kari are shown sprinting down the hallway.]

Kari: Yeah, well I'm going to lose MY cool if you keep calling me dude.

[Yolei is shown. She is running so fast down the stairs that she slides down them.]

Yolei: Yeee-ahh! [ Skids a bit and nearly grabs onto the railing. Then she insanely dashes down the next flight of stairs, panting.]

[The 4 are then shown in the computer room with their digimon. Upamon is also there, waiting for Cody. Yolei is at the computer.]

Yolei: Looks like Ken has to help his mother clean. He says to go on ahead without him and he'll join up with us when he finishes
vacuuming the chimney.

Kari (worriedly): But what happened to Cody?

Davis: [goes into a fighting pose, angry and fists ready] D'you think he got pushed in a locker?!

TK (cheerfully): I hope not.

Cody: [quickly slides open door, looking a bit frantic] Sorry I'm late!

Davis: Well?!

Upamon: We were worried about you!

Cody: [hands clasped in front of him, almost pleadingly] I was cleaning up the teacher's lunchroom, it was my turn.

Davis: You should be helping us find the last Destiny Stone! I mean between you and Ken, we must be running a cleaning service,

TK: [makes a face and directs comment to Kari] Sheesh! Talk about getting dramatic.

Kari: [turns fiercely to the computer] Yolei!

Yolei: [holds out her D3 to open the digiport] Right. Digiport, open! We can't waste any time. Let's...go!

["Here We Go" plays, kids are transported to the Digital World.]

[A crude oil refinery of sorts is shown.]

BlackWarGreymon: My mission is clear. That Destiny Stone is here somewhere, and I'm going to find it if I have to destroy
everything in my path!

[Blows out a wall and appears onscreen.]

BlackWarGreymon: Now...where is it! Uh! Black tornado!

[He drills through a line of storage tanks, and a gigantic explosion follows.]

[Arukenimon and Mummymon are in their jeep a short distance off. Arukenimon is watching BlackWarGreymon through
her binoculars admiringly.]

Arukenimon: Why can't you be as powerful as HIM, Mummymon?

Mummymon (with alarm): Huh? But I've got charm and class! Come on, don't tell me you're falling for that prefabricated hunk
of shrapnel?

[Black screen shown with bright yellow stars as Arukenimon beats up Mummymon]

Arukenimon (angrily): I don't have TIME to bother with all that nonsense!

Mummymon (blissfully): I'm glad, that's such a big relief! [promptly passes out on the horn, which blares loudly and will not
stop because his head has it pressed in.]

[Arukenimon calmy reaches over and shoves him back into place.]

BlackWarGreymon: Where is it?! I STILL don't see it. I should just destroy everything here!

[Meanwhile, all the fire and smoke has prevented Arukenimon from seeing BlackWarGreymon]

Arukenimon: Where'd he go? [binoculars move upward, she sees BlackWarGreymon soaring high overhead, preparing to attack.]
Huh-oh! Ohhh, if we don't get moving, that bucket of bolts is going to incinerate us! Oo...wake up Mummymon, I NEED you!

Mummymon: [Still out of it] Uhh...mmm? [Snaps to attention and tries to kiss Arukenimon] I thought you'd never come around,
give us a kiss!

[Stars are shown again as Arukenimon dishes out some more serious punches]

Arukenimon: Anyone ever tell you you have bad breath?!

Mummymon: [looking rather worse for wear] Why that's impossible, I think I brushed my teeth at least a year ago...huh?

[He notices a crane creak and swing over. It starts to fall, headed right for them. Mummymon floors it, the jeep zooms backwards
just in time. They speed out of the area, tires squealing and leaving a cloud of smoke and dust behind them. Next they are shown
pulling up in front of Digi-Chinatown.]

Mummymon: Face it, the guy's not a rocket scientist. BlackWarGreymon will never find us in this place.

Arukenimon (relieved): Mmm...

[Gong crashes, and music begins to play]

Arukenimon and Mummymon: Huhh...??

Arukenimon (wonderingly): Ah...hmm...??

Arukenimon and Mummymon: Mm?

[Shows Tapirmon playing music, and Digitamamon, donning a chef's hat and an apron, making soup.]

Digitamamon: What YOU want is some delicious Chinese soup. Oh come on, try it, you'll like it, it's my specialty--egg drop!
[laughs. Fan blows aroma out of restaurant.]

Arukenimon: Well, I supposed I could do a bit of shopping while I'm here in Chinatown. What I really need is a nice pair of sandals.

Mummymon (pondering): Hmm...that could be hard, considering you have 8 sticky feet!

[stars again as Arukenimon beats the heck out of Mummymon.]

Mummymon (defensively): [Crouched on the ground with arms over his head, trying to protect himself.] They're nice--!

Arukenimon: Well, I don't need any comments from YOU, sticky tape boy, you know that I am sensitive about my feet, I'm a spider.

Mummymon: I'm just giving you a compliment! I love you feet, even your pointy toes!

Arukenimon: [firmly clamps hand on Mummymon's mouth] Eh! Enough about the feet! [the smell of Digitamamon's soup begins
to waft past] Hey!! What's that tasty aroma?

[Meanwhile, Mummymon is struggling to breathe, totally suffocating, but she neither notices or cares.]

Arukenimon: Yum! [Releases Mummymon's head as she says this, and he frantically gasps for breath. She looks on and smiles
as he notices the smell and sniffs] It's incredible, what is it?

Mummymon: Mmm? Mmm!!

[Show Mummymon and Arukenimon getting up with delight, the background is a giant bowl of Chinese Soup]

Mummymon: Chinese soup! Let's go and get some!

Arukenimon: Good idea. Maybe we can even get some extra hot soup to go and give it to BlackWarGreymon so he can scald his
mouth when he eats it! [laughs]

Mummymon: When you're hot, you're hot.

[Rev up the jeep and floor it to the restaurant. They enter.]

Mummymon: Gee, I hope they have fortune cookies. They're my favorite.

[Smaller digimon (Tapirmon) speedily floats over after they seat themselves.]

Tapirmon: So, what'll it be?

Tapirmon and Digimon Analyzer: I'm Tapirmon and I'll be your waiter. Ya better leave me a big tip of next time you'll have a fly
in your won ton.

Arukenimon: Hmm...

Mummymon: Uhh??

Tapirmon: [smiles and bows] Want some soup? It's our specialty.

Arukenimon: Yahh! Extra flies for me!

Mummymon (clarifies): Just hers.

Digitamamon: [jumps for joy] Finally, a customer!

[meanwhile, kids arrive at Digi-Chinatown.]

Davis: Uh oh. BlackWarGreymon's in close range! I hope Ken put away his dust rag and is able to find us.

Veemon: Give Ken a break. After all cleansliness is next to digi-ness!

Davis (laughs): Ha, ok.

Yolei: Hey, Kari, want some mineral water? [holds out a bottle of mineral water]

Kari: Sure, thanks. Mineral water, huh? Gee, Yolei, since when did you get so healthy? [unscrews cap as Gatmon nods in
agreement to her question.]

Yolei: [proud, puts her left hand on hip, holds out her right arm, and answers brightly] Since our family starting selling it in
our store.

Hawkmon: [holds same position and attitude as Yolei] It's full of vitamins and minerals for good health.

Yolei (craftily): Next time you're in my family's grovery store, be sure to pick up a bottle or two.

Hawkmon (also crafty): That's right.

Gatomon (amused): What is this, a commercial?

Kari (laughs): Yolei!

[Davis, Kari, Yolei, and their digimon all laugh.]

Cody (observing): Ever since those guys have been able to DNA digivolve, they've become closer friends.

TK (reassuring and friendly): Don't worry. [puts hand on Cody's shoulder]

Cody (startled): Oh-!

TK: Soon you'll be able to digivolve with the best of 'em.

Cody: Think so?

TK: [points over shoulder] Patamon and Armadillomon have been practicing hard and they're about to master it at any moment.

[shows Armadillomon tossing Patamon into the air and catching him cheerfully, with Patamon giggling.]

Armadillomon: Arma-pat! [Patamon giggles] Pata-arm! [more giggles]

[TK laughs, and Cody looks on, partially startled but mostly amused. Kari is shown sniffing the air]

Kari: Hey! Check out that scrumptious smell!

Yolei: Huh? [sniffs air, as does Davis] Mmm...

Davis: Mmm...

Yolei: Mmm! That's awesome, my stomach's growling with sheer delight!

[Davis' and Veemon's stomachs growl audibly, and they, embarrassed, cover stomachs, laugh, and blush.]

Davis: Mine's growling with sheer hunger.

Veemon: Mine too!

TK: Well I'm not gonna pass on good food, and besides, it's not often we find ourselves in Digi-Chinatown, so we may as well enjoy it.

Cody (startled and concerned): Uh? Right NOW?

Davis: [leaps, throws right fist up into the air] Yes!

[Kids enter the gate all talking at once. Yolei can be heard saying, "Maybe we should all go in together for the lunch special.
That way you get a lot more food! I want mine as spicy as they can make it, so watch out!" Cody, however, stops at the gate
entrance, fists clenched and shaking. Armadillomon notices and turns around.]

Armadillomon: Cody? Is somethin' the matter? Aren't cha hungry?

Cody (quietly but angrily): BlackWarGreymon is out there looking for the last Destiny Stone--like we should be!
Instead, they're all in THERE. [fists come up, shaking. He continues speaking with disgust.] Eating! Stuffing themselves
with Egg Fu Young!

Armadillomon: But Cody!

Cody (surprised): Huh?

Armadillomon: The thing is, I love Egg Fu Yung!

Cody: Huh? Armadillomon...[continues worriedly with a touch of sadness] I have a bad feeling that the reason you and
Patamon haven't been able to DNA digivolve is because I'm too serious all of the time, but I'll try to lighten up by the time
dessert comes.

[Switches back to show Mummymon slurping up soup and long noodles like crazy]

Mummymon: I have to say, this soup is magnificent!

Arukenimon: And full of flies! It's the best!

Mummymon: Mmmhmm [raises right arm to call on Tapirmon] Waiter!

Tapirmon: Need something, sir?

Mummymon: Tell me, my good mon. What is this tasty soup made of?

Tapirmon: Lots of noodles.

Mummymon: Well I KNOW that, what else?

Tapirmon: Even MORE noodles.

Arukenimon: [slams hands on the table, making the dishes clatter, and gets up angrily] This isn't getting us anywhere at all,
this guy's got noodles on the brain. I want to talk to your manager!

Tapirmon: [blinks] Of course. [blinks twice]

[Shows Digitamamon in Tapirmon's place]

Digitamamon: I'm the owner, Digitamamon. What's the problem?

Arukenimon: [takes a spoonful of soup] That stupid waiter wouldn't tell us what this delicious soup is made of.

Digitamamon: Sorry, it's a secret recipe.

Mummymon: [absolutely outraged, gets up, sweating and shaking] WHAT?!

Digitamamon: [equally irked] If I TOLD you my recipe it wouldn't be a secret anymore, now would it?!

[Both Mummymon and Arukenimon get up threateningly]

Arukenimon: What insolence, do you have any idea who you're talking to, buster?!

Digitamamon: More guests! [laughs as the bell on the door sounds the arrival of more customers]

Arukenimon: Huh? [Davis, Kari, Yolei, TK, and Cody, along with their digimon, enter, equally startled. Davis is angry and
ready for a fight upon seeing who else is there.]

Davis (mad): Rrrr...ahhhr!

Arukenimon and Mummymon: Oh rats! Those kids!

Davis: ARrr! Digitamamon! It's nice to see you again, but I've kinda lost my appetite!

Digitamamon: Eh, don't worry about it. Just remember, there's always take out. When you're feeling a little better you'll
have a little mushu, or maybe a little poo poo, or just for fun, I'll even throw in some almond cookies.

Arukenimon: [begins to transform into her digimon form] How about a nice trip to the moon? Would you like that?! [laughs evily]

Mummymon: [also laughs evily, morphs into his other form as well]

[Show Davis' D3 activate. Veemon begins digivolution process.]

Veemon: Veemon, digivolve to...

Exveemon: Exveemon!

[Yolei's D3 activates, and Hawkmon begins as well.]

Hawkmon: Hawkmon, digivolve to...

Aquilamon: Ahh-quilamon!

[TK's D3 activates, Patamon is next]

Patamon: Patamon digivolve to--!

Angemon: Angemon!

[Cody's D3 activates, and Armadillomon begins.]

Armadillomon: Armadillomon, digivolve to...!

Ankylomon: Ankylomon!

[Kari's D3 activates, and Gatomon is last to digivolve]

Kari: Digiarmor, energize!

Gatomon: Gatomon, Armor Digivolve to...

Nefertimon: Nefertimon, the Angel of Light!

[Battle now begins]

Aquilamon: Blast Rings!

Nefertimon: Queen's Paw!

Arukenimon: Acid Mist! [is quite effective, hits both and they cry out.]

[Angemon, Exveemon, and Ankylomon try their attacks at the same time and rush at Mummymon.]

Mummymon: Snake Bandage!

[All three are hit and yell. The Digidestined cry out in alarm.]

Davis: [to ExVeemon] DNA digivolve!

ExVeemon: I can't! Stingmon's not here!

Davis: [makes exasperated face] Erg! I forgot! What happened to Ken, did he decide to become a maid?!

Yolei: [to Kari] We'll bust up, and then take 'em both down.

Kari: Yeah!

[Nefertimon reverse digivolves back to Gatomon. Both D3s activate and DNA digivolution begins.]

Aquilamon: Ahh-quilamon!

Gatomon: Gatomon!

Together: DNA Digivolve to--!

[Nothing happens]

Kari and Yolei: Huh?!

Yolei: Let's try that again.

Kari: Right.

[the process repeats, but with no luck]

TK: Well, this proves one theory, Digimon have to have plenty to eat before they're able to DNA digivolve. We better think
of something real fast.

Cody (panicked): I'm, I'm thinking!

[Arukenimon and Mummymon gleefully stand by, Mummymon with gun raised and laughing. Suddenly they make an odd
squawking noise. The outside of the building is shown.]

Digitamamon: Let's get out of here! [he and Tapirmon run for dear life out of the restaurant]

[Arukenimon and Mummymon, back to their other more human-like forms, come running out]

Arukenimon: We de-digivolved! What happened?!

Mummymon: What's in that soup? They won't get away with this!

[both leap into their jeep and tear after Digitamamon and Tapirmon, in hot pursuit just as Ken and Stingmon arrive.]

Ken: Something's up! Hurry, let's go!

Stingmon: Right.

[both of them dash into restaurant]

Ken (harshly): Hey! What happened!

Davis: I'm not sure, but if I were you, I wouldn't order the soup.

Ken: I don't get it, what are we waiting for?! Let's follow 'em!

Davis: [clenches fist with a fierce look] Yeah!

Cody: No, wait!

Others (shocked): Huh?! [turn to face Cody]

Cody: We should be focused on what's most important, and chasing them isn't what we need to be concerned with. Right now,
we all have to replenish our energy, that way we can DNA digivolve and get ready to beat BlackWarGreymon.

Stingmon: I could use a snack. [everyone else remains silent]

Cody: [gets up with a smile and claps his hands together] Whadaya say? Let's have something to eat!

[TK and Davis smile]

TK: Cody's right.

Davis: Hey, dudes, I'm not complainin'!

Veemon and Palmon: We need food! Let's eat!

Ken: [smiles and agrees with a nod] Mmmhmm!

Kari: Wait! We don't have anyone to cook for us, Digitamamon left!

Davis and Veemon: Aw, no!

Yolei: [holds up pointer finger] We're not helpless, we'll cook for ourselves!

Hawkmon: We'll do our share and set the table!

[All laugh and chatter, during which Davis can be heard easiest]

Davis: Hey, maybe we can add some onions and mushrooms. How 'bout some tunafish? How do you turn on the stove?

[show the aroma from the soup they are making wafting out the doorway as they all continue laughing and talking merrily]

[Next, Arukenimon and Mummymon are shown, as the jeep they are in creeps along, making odd noises and smoking]

Mummymon: Ooohh!

Arukenimon: What's the matter?

Mummymon: [groans as the jeep stops with a bang, continues grumpily] I don't know, it can't be the radiator, I just put water in
it five years ago.

Arukenimon (sarcastic): Lovely...

[Suddenly the hood blows off as the front explodes into a mushroom cloud of smoke and flames. Both of them yell.]

Mummymon: [frantic to the point of insanity, waving his arms around wildly, in a blur] The only thing that will save it now is
water!! Yaaaaa!! [runs into the woods]

Arukenimon: [hops out, pauses for a strong wave of coughing] I'm coming too! [she is then shown walking through the woods]
Mummymon, where are you? This isn't funny at all! Mummymon...

Mummymon: [steps out right in front of her] Quiet!

Arukenimon: Ahhh!! [nearly loses her balance, then continues angrily] What's the big idea, you twit?!

Mummymon: [holds up a finger to his lips] Shhh...

Arukenimon: Huh?

Mummymon: Hmm...I can hear it.

Arukenimon (curiously): What is it?

Mummymon: Water dripping.

Arukenimon (surprised): Oh?

[Show woods. Birds are heard, then screen goes black and shows a drop of water falling into a pool, making a soft sound]

Arukenimon: You're right, drippy...!

Mummymon: The sound's coming from over there! [runs off in that direction]

Arukenimon: Hey, wait for me! [runs after Mummymon]

Mummymon: We're almost there, just a little farther...

[show them running, and then a pool of some sort slowly becomes visible throught the reeds]

Arukenimon: Oh great, a swimming pool, I'm going to stink after this.

[They get closer and closer to the pool]

Mummymon: Mm? Oh, that smells good enough to eat! What is it?

[Both stop at edge, and read a sign that was posted]

Arukenimon: That sign over there says it's the Chinese Soup Spring.

[Both look down at the giant basin of soup and see their reflections in it]

Arukenimon: You are looking at a jumbo pot of soup.

Mummymon: This is where that irresistable soup was made and my stomach's telling me I've got to have some! [gets down
on hands and knees, lowers his head with tongue stuck out] Ee hee hee hee heh heh heh hee! [laughing]

[Out of nowhere, Digitamamon and Tapirmon leap out of the bushes]

Digitamamon: No slurping!! [lands firmly on Mummymon's head, causing Mummymon's mouth to abruptly shut--right on his
tongue. His sharp teeth sink in and are stuck there because Devitamamon will not move] What, don't you have any manners?
No slimy tongues allowed in the soup! [moves over a bit, off of his head]

Mummymon: [tongue glowing red, quite swollen and smarting] Ahhhh!!!

Arukenimon: What's the big deal, is there a law against drinking soup around here?

Digitamamon: As a matter of fact, there is.

[shows sign, Arukenimon reads]

Arukenimon: "Drinking this soup is strictly forbidden and you don't want to know the consequences." Humph!

Mummymon (extremely angry by now): That's Baloney!! It makes me want to have some of it even more!! And you're
NOT going to stop me!

[shows Digitamamon and Tapirmon flying over the bushes with muffled cries, as they are tightly bound in bandages]

Mummymon: [once again on hands and knees] Yummy! [laughs gleefully and takes a lick] Mmm! [laughs even more gleefully,
goes to take another taste. Ground suddenly shakes, and he is alarmed, as is Arukenimon] Hm?

Arukenimon: Oh! [something big begins to move and head towards the surface] I hope that's not a giant fly seeking revenge!

Mummymon: [makes noise of fear]

[Giant wave of soup rises and falls over Mummymon, pulling him into the basin of soup]

Arukenimon: Oh, nice time for a swim...!

Mummymon: [grabs on to a Destiny Stone as it rises, holding onto the gold band on it] Either this is a Destiny Stone or it's a
giant motsu ball! [Whimpers and grunts, desperately trying to hold onto ring, but the harder he tries, the more it slides off of
the stone]

Arukenimon: Hold on!

Mummymon: [cries out in panic, the ring slips off. Mummymon stays suspended in mid air for a split second before dropping
like a stone] Yaaaaa!!! [splash!]

[Destiny Stone, high in the air, begins to brightly glow green]

Arukenimon (disgusted): I hope you're satisfied. Now you've ruined the soup AND the Destiny Stone!

[switches back to the Digidestined. Shows Veemon and Davis eagerly slurping soup out of the bowl, and looking quite content.]

Davis and Veemon: Ahh...

[Show entire crew seated around a large table, eating their fill]

TK: Ha, not bad for a bunch of kids...

Davis: It's a good thing the chef left broth!

Yolei: Maybe, but we added a special touch.

Cody: Yeah, everyone's hands went in the soup!

Armadillomon: Tastes better that way.

[TK, Cody, Patamon, and Armadillomon exchange looks and chuckle]

TK: There's something strange about this soup, Cody.

Cody: Huh?

TK: I have this weird feeling...that we'll figure out how to DNA digivolve...[jokes] Must be the MSG!

[Patamon and Armadillomon begin to laugh, but are cut short. The sky darkens with the sound of thunder. All are shocked
and alarmed. Ken and Davis quickly rise.]

Davis: Why'd it go dark?

Ken: Whoa! That's the light of a Destiny Stone!

[Show BlackWarGreymon on rocks, observing as the eerie, glowing green light of the last Destiny Stone streak about him.
Resolve is in his eye. Then Arukenimon is shown]

Arukenimon: A perfect turn of events! How lucky. Now the Digital World will be my oyster! Now I need my black pearl...

Mummymon: [surfaces but keeps ducking under] Help! I've got a mushroom! Up my nose! Help!!

Arukenimon: [immediately lifts up a boulder with a grunt, and hurls it at Mummymon, who is dense enough to catch it] Can it!!

Mummymon: Ahhh!! [sinks under from the weight of the boulder]

[BlackWarGreymon lands with a thud behind Arukenimon]

BlackWarGreymon: The final Destiny Stone.

Arukenimon (angered at his intrusion): I hope you came for the soup.

BlackWarGreymon: I'll shatter it to pieces!!

Davis: Stop!

Arukenimon: Figures. Those nosy kids always show up at the wrong time!

Davis: Don't try it or we'll turn you into a heap of sardine cans!

[All kids and digimon slide into position, ready to protect and defend the Destiny Stone]

BlackWarGreymon: You just never seem to learn your lesson, do you?

Arukenimon: Obnoxious parasites! [shows Mummymon climbing out of soup as she stamps on the rocks angrily] Show
'em what you're made of--BlackWarGreymon!

BlackWarGreymon: I don't need YOU to tell me...[without warning, he fireballs his attack at them, scoring a direct hit and sending
them flying over the treetops and far into the distance]

[Cody and TK turn angrily toward each other]

TK: Cody? I think the time has come for us to put that big guy away!

Cody (intensely): Yep!

Ankylomon: I'm ready when you are, Angemon.

Angemon: I am too, let's let 'er rip!

[brief split screen]

Davis: Payback time!

Ken: Save some for me!

[Begins DNA digivolution]

ExVeemon: ExVeemon!

Stingmon: Stingmon!

Together: DNA digivolve to...! Pieldramon!

[brief splitscreen]

Yolei: Let's get him!

Kari: I'm with you!

[Begins DNA digivolution]

Aquilamon: Ahh-quilamon!

Gatomon: Gatomon!

Together: DNA digivolve to...! Silphymon!

BlackWarGreymon: Terra Destroyer! [hits right where Pieldramon and Silphymon stand. TK, Cody, Angemon, and
Ankylomon shout out. Both ultimates recover, however]

Pieldramon: Desperado Blaster!

Silphymon: Static Force!

[TK and Cody yell again after the impact]

TK: Ready?

Cody: Yeah, let's go!

[brief splitscreen]

TK: Give it all you've got!

Cody: Yeah.

[TK's and Cody's D3s activate, DNA digivolution begins]

Ankylomon: Ankylomon!

Angemon: Angemon!

Together: DNA digivolve to...Shakkoumon!

TK and Cody: Wow! Shakkoumon! We did it! [laugh and hug each other in joy, TK spins Cody around]

Davis: Whoa! Way to go, guys! Shakkoumon is a totally awesome digimon! BlackWarGreymon is going to have a
major challenge on his hands!

[Shows BlackWarGreymon, then show kids lined up]

Davis: This is it! The final battle!

[show everyone prepared for battle]

Narrator: Will Shakkoumon be able to defeat BlackWarGreymon? Don't miss the battle of the century, on Digimon: Digital Monsters!

[end episode, with "to be continued..." on the bottom of the screen]