Season 2, Episode 33: "A Chance Encounter"

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Original Air Date: February 24, 2001

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(Yolei runs out of a building marked "Kyoto Station")

Yolei: Yay! I'm finally in Kyoto!

Girl: Yolei! Hurry or you'll miss the bus!

Yolei: Coming! Dear Poromon and Izzy, how's it going guys? This is the second day of our school trip and we're finally in Kyoto! I'm having a great time with my friends - what a cool place! And the food is fab! Poromon, if you're good I'll bring you a souvenir. Ciao for now - Yolei

(As she reads the last line, we see Poromon sitting on the floor, looking miserable. The camera pans up so we can see Ken and Izzy, sitting opposite each other at a table. Minomon is sitting next to Ken.)

Izzy: According to everything you've just told me, this whole mess started when your digivice changed into a D3. If my calculations are correct, it's all your fault!

Ken: Huh?

Izzy: The other needed D3s in order to compete with you, so their sub-conscious minds must have willed their digivices to change, although I'm not sure Davis has a sub-conscious mind at all.

(Izzy holds up his own digivice)

Izzy: As strong as these digivices are, they just weren't enough. Of course, you must have made a wish for your digivice to change into a D3.

(Cut to a flashback of Young Ken dipping his digivice into a lake ("Genesis of Evil"))

Ken: I don't remember making any fact, I always got the short end of the wishbone from the turkey.

Izzy: Like I said, it must've been your sub-conscious mind. We geniuses have pretty large ones. In the Digital World, data is formed into shapes, usually based on whatever a person has running through their mind, kinda like a VCR for the brain. And that's the reason why everyone's clothes change every time they go into the Digital World, and why Davis looks the way he does - like a fighter pilot on safari.

(We see the digi-port animation for Davis (without Veemon))

Ken: I see. So, I must have wished for that Digimon Emperor outfit, too.

(A flashback of Ken as the Digimon Emperor, with a Control Spire in the background)

Izzy: So you're not perfect. You should read Singbold's "Theory of Ultimate Brain Power". You might be able to pick up a few pointers.

Ken: Actually, I taught a class on it. But don't you think Tsaro's "Strengthening Your Mind" was more effective?

Izzy: Uh, yeah. But of course, Gorski's "My Brain My Buddy" is the quintessential masterpiece when it comes to exploring the inner working of the human mind. But I'm sure you've read it a dozen times - it's a bestseller in the school's psychology department bookstore.

Ken: I'm sorry, Izzy. I can't believe I've never heard of that one - I feel so ashamed of myself.

Izzy: Oh, don't worry. I've got another copy you can borrow. After all, we high-IQ types gotta stick together, right? Besides, of all the other digi-destined I've met, you're one of the only ones as smart as me!

Ken: Other digi-destined? What are you talking about, huh?

Izzy: Oh, I guess no-one told you we're not the only ones around. Actually, there are quite a few of us all over the world. I haven't met them all, but I'm working on it.

(Flashbacks of the ordinary people watching the battle with Apocalymon ("Now Apocalymon"), and of Michael with Betamon and Seadramon ("The Samurai of Sincerity"))

Izzy: It seems that most of us have one thing in common - we all had some contact with the digimon when they invaded the real world a few years ago. And now we each have our own digimon partner.

Ken: I see. That means that I must've, too. Everything from that time is still such a blur to me.

(Izzy opens the D-Terminal sitting on the table.)

Izzy: Oh, Poromon, there's an e-mail here for you from Yolei on her trip.

(But Poromon just sits, there apparently not interested)

Izzy: Hey, what's wrong with you? Are you sick?

(Poromon groans as his answer)

Minomon: Oh, he's just tired because he's been in the real world for a couple of days without Yolei. I know sometimes when Ken's not here even my naps make me exhausted.

(Izzy picks Poromon up off the floor)

Izzy: Yolei asked me to watch him while she's on her school trip, and it's been three days since she left. I've noticed that as each day passes he seems to get more and more tired, and he's not hungry. You know it's really gotta bad when he'd rather sleep than eat a bag of chocolate gummy chews.

Ken: Well then I'll just have to take him into the Digital World so he can regain his strength. Davis and the others have already gone on ahead, haven't they?

Izzy: Yeah, you're right, that's a great idea Ken. Here you go.

(He hands Poromon over to Ken.)

Izzy: Things are kinda crazy there now, so be careful of any warps. Promise me you won't talk to any strange digimon.

Ken: I'll be fine. Hey, Izzy, d'you think I can ever make up for all the trouble I've caused?

(Flashback of the younger-looking Izzy and the rest of the gang inside the walkway through the Sphinx in "The Prisoner of the Pyramid".)

Izzy: Look, Ken, we all make mistakes. When we first went to the Digital World, I came up with a bunch of theories. Not all of them were exactly right. But I was only a kid then. I eventually realized that you have to have all the facts before hypothesising. We need to learn all we can about the Digital World. I know that somewhere down the road, we'll be called on again to help the Digital World. Let's just make sure that this time we're totally prepared.


(Yolei's class laughs)

Teacher: Alright, listen up. I want you all to meet back here in two hours.

Class: OK!

(Yolei walks down a street with her friends)

Yolei: I told my whole family I would bring them back souvenirs.

(She picks up something from a shop)

Yolei: There!

Girl: That was fast!

Yolei: OK, now we can see the sights. Huh...?

(She sees a translucent, grey shadow above her.)

Yolei: Tell me I'm not seeing what I think I'm seeing!

(BlackWarGreymon materialises.)

Yolei: Aaaahhhh!!


BlackWarGreymon: Terra Destroyer!

(He's launching his energy balls at a rock in a canyon - a Destiny Stone.)

BlackWarGreymon: I'll demolish them all, and once I do, my suffering will finally come to an end!

(Arukenimon is standing on a cliff with Mummymon)

Arukenimon: Yeah, whatever. Stop the talking and keep destroying! I've got a deadline to meet, I haven't got all day!

Mummymon: I'm so proud of that boy, sometimes it just makes me want to cry...

BlackWarGreymon: Terra Destroyer!

(The Destiny Stone is vaporised. Davis arrives on Raidramon, with TK and Kari close behind on Pegasusmon and Nefertimon.)

Davis: Rats! We got here to late!

(The area begins to warp)

TK: What's that?

Kari: It's warping!

Cody: The area is starting to become unbalanced! I saw a warp when he destroyed the other one too, but it was smaller then. It seems that every time BlackWarGreymon destroys one of those stones, the warp just gets bigger and bigger!

TK: Hey, look what's happening to him now!

(BlackWarGreymon gets distorted, and disappears.)

Arukenimon: What?


(Purple light bursts out of a building in Kyoto.)

Yolei: Ohhh! I was right, it's BlackWarGreymon!

(And sure enough, there he is. He's followed by a number of shadows. Now at this point, there should be widespread panic.)

Yolei: Aaahhh! Why is everyone standing around like nothing's happening? What's wrong with you people?

(Some traffic lights start going haywire as BlackWarGreymon and co walk across a bridge. Yolei follows.)

Yolei: Wait! Stop,, digimon!

(One of the shadows turns and sees her. Cue Digimon Analyzer!)

Apemon: I am Apemon! I swing into action and use my Mega Bone Stick attack to demolish my enemies!

(He jumps up and away.)

Yolei: I've got to tell the others what's going on!

(We're now seeing Yolei's e-mail. It's addressed to "Everyone".)

Yolei: Emergency! Digimon are now in Kyoto! Hurry! Having a wonderful time - Yolei.


(Mummymon and Arukenimon laugh evilly.)

Arukenimon: When will you children ever learn, you can't possibly beat me!

Davis: Ha! We'll see about that! Let's go, Veemon!

(Cue Digivolving animation)

Veemon: Veemon, digivolve to....

ExVeemon: ExVeemon!

Armadillomon: Armadillomon, digivolve to...

Ankylomon: Ankylomon!

Patamon: Patamon, armor digivolve to...

Pegasusmon: Pegasusmon - flying hope!

Gatomon: Gatomon, armor digivolve to...

Nefertimon: Nefertimon - the angel of light!


(Meanwhile, back in Kyoto they're shooting a movie!)

Actress: That's just a legend.

Actor: I'm not so sure...

(BlackWarGreymon walks past behind him)

Cameraman: Huh? Wait a minute, what was that?

Actor: What do you mean? It was a rehearsal!

Cameraman: That's not what I mean. I just saw something.

(Apemon jumps down from a rooftop, crushing the camera)

Actress: Aaaahhhh! Get my agent!

Yolei: Oh! Good, there he is! Now what am I supposed to do?

(Apemon is approaching the Cameraman menacingly.)

Cameraman: Uhh...good dog?

(There's a flash of yellow light from the river. Ken, Stingmon and Poromon come through it. Ken looks at his D3.)

Ken: There it is! Alright, Stingmon, do your thing!

Stingmon: Right!

Yolei: Stingmon!

Ken: Yolei!

Yolei: Ken? I don't get it.

(Poromon files over to Yolei.)

Ken: I'll explain everything to you later. Stingmon, remember, he's not a Control Spire digimon so you can't destroy him!

Stingmon: Don't worry, Ken!

(Stingmon clashes with Apemon, punches him to the ground and grabs him so he can't move.)

Stingmon: Ken! I got him!

Ken: Alright, Yolei, the rest is up to you now!

Yolei: What are you talking about? Come back!

(Ken and Stingmon go back through the yellow light with Apemon.)

Poromon: OK, Yolei, I'm ready for action! What shall we do first?

Yolei: Hey, I thought I left you with Izzy. What are you doing here?

Poromon: It's a long story.

Cameraman: I found her! She's over here, professor!

(The Cameraman and an older man "Professor" approach Yolei.)

Professor: Excuse me, miss, are you the girl who called out 'digimon' before?

Yolei: Uhh...maybe?

Professor: I have one more question to ask.

Yolei: What is it?

Professor: That's a digimon you're holding, isn't it?

Yolei: Oh boy...


(Yolei, the Professor and the Cameraman are in a car. Cameraman is driving.)

Yolei: Who are you guys?

Professor: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Professor Takenouchi. I teach folklore at the university in Tokyo, but I've been spending the last year doing research right here in the city of Kyoto. And this is-

Cameraman: My name's Jim, Joe's brother. I'm one of the professor's students. I was pre-med and had to study everything from brain surgery to bedpans. And then I took one class with the professor here. I changed my major to ghosts and goblins - my kid brother still wants to be a doctor, though.

(Jim? Jim who? Oh, that Jim, Joe's brother. You know, Joe-who-has-Gomamon?)

Yolei: How nice. I'm Yolei Inoue and I'm in eighth grade. I live in Tokyo too. But I'm not too sure what I'm doing here. [JEDI_AMARA'S NOTE: I think the eighth grade thing is a mistake, as that would put her in the same grade as Izzy or Tai, depending on which language version you watch, and we know she's not in high school.]

Jim: I knew it! My little brother told me all about you!

Yolei: Huh?

Professor: Yep, and I've heard a lot of good things about you from my daughter as well.

Yolei: And, uh, I guess that means that you're referring to Joe Kido and Sora Takenouchi?

Professor: Bullseye!


ExVeemon: Vee Laser!

Mummymon: And now it's my turn!

(He fires his gun, but misses ExVeemon. Stingmon arrives on the scene.)

Stingmon: ExVeemon!

Ken: Davis! You alright?

Davis: Where were you? I've been waiting! Are you ready?

Ken: Let's do it!

(Cue DNA Digivolve animation.)

ExVeemon: ExVeemon!

Stingmon: Stingmon!

ExVeemon + Stingmon: DNA Digivolve to...

Paildramon: Paildramon!


Professor: I've studied legends all over the world - the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle - you should see my Frequent Flyer Miles! Anyway, I don't spend much time at home. I guess that's what caused Sora to be so angry. Then three years ago, she suddenly turned into a whole new person. She and her mother became best friends - I thought maybe she'd got a boyfriend or was going through one of those teenage things, but she simply said she owed it all to her friends the digimon.

Yolei: Her friends the digimon?

Professor: That's right, her adventures with them forced her to grow up and change her outlook on everything.

(Flashback to Young Sora and Biyomon sitting in a tree, talking.)

Professor: Especially the stormy relationship with her mother. You should see them now, shopping every Saturday - my credit card's at the limit!

Yolei: Ohhh...

Professor: So thanks to the digimon, our family's a lot closer now, even though I'm still never around.

Poromon: You're welcome!

Yolei: That's a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

Jim: I'm glad I'm getting to see a digimon on a friendly basis. I've had a run-in with them before, you know. When everything happened three years ago, I was right in the middle of the battle - actually, my brother Joe was a little more involved - I was kinda helping from the sidelines.

(Flashback - families of the original digi-destined during the Apocalymon battle ("Now Apocalymon"))

Jim: It's not that I couldn't have helped him fight, it's just that I wanted to give the kid a chance to learn on his own.

Yolei: I still don't get it. Of all the cities they could've picked, why did the digimon start to show up here in Kyoto?

Professor: Ever since Kyoto became the capital, residents here feel the city has developed a very strong link with animal spirits.

Yolei: What?

Professor: That's right, different animals like racoons and foxes.

(The background changes to Japanese Kanji on a papery background)

Professor: One of the reasons I'm here is to determine if these stories are based on fact. Another reason is there's an outlet mall here where I can get my socks for half price.

Yolei: I...see.

Professor: Kyoto was chosen to be the capital partly because the four gods are in harmony surrounding the city. Have you heard that story?

Yolei: I'm not sure.

Professor: It's quite interesting.

(And the background changes again, this time to a hand-drawn 'map' of Kyoto.)

Professor: You see, the mountains to the north are for Genbu the turtle, the river to the east is for Seiryuu the dragon, the river to the south is for Suzaku the phoenix, and the road to the west is for Byakko the tiger. So the city was protected by the mountains, had the convenience of a river and roads nearby, and was open to the west - a perfect scenario.

Yolei: Cool.

Professor: There's also the Spirit Gate, and the fact that there were many temples built in all four directions. They believe that without those temples it'd be too easy for the magical creatures to get in.

Yolei: Spirits? Creatures?

Jim: Professor!

Professor: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Sometimes I get wrapped up in my own stories. The city has changed a lot since those days. What I'm trying to say is that Kyoto is close to the spirit world - in other words, and world other than our own.

Yolei: Like the Digital World?

Professor: I have a theory that those digimon you saw running around found it easier to travel through the warp in the Digital World to Kyoto, rather than trying to get to Tokyo.

Yolei: Wait a minute - are you trying to tell me that digimon are some kind of magical creatures?

Professor: Well aren't they?

Yolei: Huh?

Professor: It's not like they're just a collection of data. I believe that digimon are actually legends that people have spoken of for hundreds of years, and, over time, have gained a level of consciousness and become a reality. I think that digimon may have started out as data in some old computer, but have since come alive. Just like those old legends. Do you agree with my theory?

Yolei: Huh? Oh...woah!

(She sees BlackWarGreymon and his shadow crew walking by the roadside.)

Yolei: Stop the car! There they are!

(The end shadow turns and jumps onto a bridge.)

Jim: Huh? What's that?

(Cue Digimon Analyzer!)

Poromon: That's Musyamon, a warrior digimon who can take different forms. I've seen him use his Shogun Sword attack to make mincemeat out of his enemies! Should I?

Yolei: Go for it.

(Cue Digivolving animation.)

Poromon: Poromon, digivolve to...

Hawkmon: Hawkmon!

Yolei: You can do it, Hawkmon!

Professor: Do you think Hawkmon would let me interview him?

Hawkmon: Feather Strike!

(But Musyamon just bats it back with his sword.)

Yolei: Hawkmon! Armor Digivolve!

Hawkmon: Glad to.

(Cue Armor Digivolve animation)

Hawkmon: Hawkmon, armor digivolve to...

Shurimon: Shurimon - the samurai of sincerity!

(Shurimon jumps, and....)

Shurimon: Double Star!

(...sends Musyamon flying off the bridge.)

Jim: Professor, do you suggest I start taking notes about what I'm seeing?

Professor: Never mind the notes, drive the car!

Jim: Right!

(They get into the car and follow Shurimon and Musyamon, currently jumping across the rooftops of Kyoto.)

Yolei: Professor, do you happen to have a laptop computer?

Professor: Um...yeah!

Musyamon: Shogun Sword!

Shurimon: Double Star!

(Their attacks connect, and Shurimon lands Musyamon in the nearby lake. Yolei has the Prof's laptop and her D3 ready.)

Yolei: Digiport, open! Shurimon, the port is open!

(Shurimon throws Musyamon though the open digiport.)

Yolei: Jim! Close it!

(And he does.)

Jim: He's vanished!

Professor: No, Jim, he didn't vanish. He returned to the Digital World where he belongs.

Yolei: Phew.

(Shurimon de-digivolves to Hawkmon, then Hawkmon to Poromon. He flies into her arms.)

Yolei: You did a good job. But we have to figure out a way to stop BlackWarGreymon.

Poromon: Look, Yolei! Look what's happening to them!

(BlackWarGreymon and co disappear - um, sorry Professor, I meant 'return to the Digital World where they belong')

Jim: They're all returning to the Digital World.

Yolei: Yeah, but I've got a question. Why did they come here to the real world?

Professor: It may not make sense to us, but there must have been a reason.

Yolei: That was really strange. I was able to open the digiport and send Musyamon back to the Digital World, but Tai and the others weren't able to do it.

Jim: Yolei!

Yolei: Huh?

Jim: We'd better hurry up and get you back to your class - after all, you don't want to miss the rest of your school trip, do you?

Yolei: Oh! I almost forgot about that!


Arukenimon: Huh?

(BlackWarGreymon materialises behind her.)

Arukenimon: They have returned! Mummymon, let's go!

Mummymon: Right!

(Mummymon regains his disguise and jumps into their car. Paildramon breaks free of Mummymon's wrapping.)

Davis: Going somewhere?

Arukenimon: I don't have time for small talk with small children. I wouldn't get to comfortable if I were you - there are still five more Destiny Stones out there, and when I destroy them, there goes the Digital World!

Davis: Is she serious?

TK: She won't stop until she finds all the Destiny Stones.

Cody: And if she destroys them all...

Kari: Then the balance of the Digital World will be destroyed as well!

Ken: Now I finally understand - this must be what Izzy was worried about. If the balance of the Digital World is destroyed, something terrible will happen.


Professor: Nice meeting you, Yolei. Say hi to Sora for me when you get back to Tokyo.

Jim: And to Joe too!

Yolei: Sure! Nice meeting you!

Girl: Yolei! Where have you been?

Yolei: I had to take care of a couple of small things.

(The girls notice Poromon, sitting in Yolei's arms.)

Girl #2: Hey, what's that?

Yolei: Aaah...just a souvenir. A very quiet souvenir.

Girl #2: Aah, it's so cute! Where did you get it?

(Both girls grab Poromon and start stretching him and playing with him.)

Yolei: Ugh...sorry about that, Poromon.

Narrator: What are the mysterious Destiny Stones? Will Arukenimon be able to destroy them all? Find out next time on Digimon - Digital Monsters!

---To Be Continued---