Season 2, Episode 31: "Opposites Attract"

English Version Written By: Terri-Lei O'Malley and Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz

Original Air Date: February 17, 2001

Transcribed by: katiecat <>


[OPENING SCENE: BLACKWARGREYMON walking through a forest]

Numemon: Ah!

Unimon: Ah!

Elecmon: Ah!

Kuwagamon [in a tree]: I'm invisible! I'm not here! You don't see me! Oh!


Mummymon: We should be able to track BlackWarGreymon by following the spacial

disruptions! He won't elude you, my sweet.

Arukenimon: You had better be right, Mummymon. And don't call you that.

Mummymon: I am your eternal slave, my dear. Whatever you wish!

Arukenimon: You're pathetic. Speed up. I'm growing weary of you.

Mummymon: Yes, pumpkin!


TK: We needed this like a hole in the head!

Davis: I think that's exactly BlackWarGreymon's plans!

Gatomon: If he even LOOKS at Kari in the wrong way, I'll put a hole in *his* head! I don't care

if he is a Mega!

TK: That's courageous, but crazy! Even if you could Digivolve to Ultimate, which let me remind

you you CAN'T, he's too powerful!

DemiVeemon: If the rest of you could DNA Digivolve, he'd be toast!

Davis: Could you have more of an attitude, little guy?

DemiVeemon: I don't mean to be rude, but he's right! We're useless!

Poromon: Maybe if we practiced. But with who?

Upamon: Yeah! Who's my partner?

Gatomon: You're right. You're all so young and inexperienced.

Poromon: But we can learn.

Yolei: I can't believe BlackWarGreymon dissed Arukenimon like that. Not that I blame him.

Cody: She was just as surprised as we were.

Kari: Where do you think he's going? I kind of feel sorry for him.

All: Huh?

Kari: He must be really scared, and lonely. She created him to be a fighting machine. That just

seems really sad to me.

Yolei: I must be going crazy. It sounds to me like you're worrying about a cold-blooded monster!

Kari: I'm not worrying. I just care about him.

Davis [to Yolei]: That's the difference between you and Kari. She cares about other people!

Yolei: What was that supposed to mean, Davis?

Davis: Exactly what it sounded like!

TK: Hey! Do I hate to separate you two? It's no good to fight each other! Let's go to the Digital

World and finish what we started!

Davis: Yeah! If we knock down the Control Spires, old white hair is out of business! Kari, you're

with me, aren't you?

Kari: Yeah...

DemiVeemon: I'm with you, Davis!

Yolei [thinking]: I hate to say it, but Davis might be right about Kari and me. She never puts her

foot in her mouth like I do. I never know *what* she's thinking! It kind of makes me nervous.



Veemon: So then the guy says, "Knock, knock!"

Davis: Veemon! I told you. No more knock knock jokes!

Veemon: But this isn't a knock knock joke. It's a joke about a guy who *tells* knock knock


Davis: No more!

Veemon: You're no fun.

[GATOMON stops]

Gatomon: This is weird.

Kari: What is it, Gatomon?

Gatomon: This is it! I thought it looked familiar! This is where I lost my tail ring!

Kari: You sure, Gatomon?

Gatomon: Positively! It was awful! Ken wasn't so sweet back then, and even good Digimon like

Unimon were forced to do his dirty work back then! I couldn't look for my ring back then, but if I

had it now, I'd be one tough Digi-Kitty!

Davis: That's it then! We'll just have to go find it, whatever it is!

Kari: You're the greatest!

Cody: Trying to score brownie points with Kari? Looks like it actually worked.

Yolei: Not even Davis can strike out this time!

Davis: Oh yes I can!


Veemon: I don't think that's what you meant to say.

Davis: Oh, yes it is!

Kari: *laugh*!

TK: Whatever. He may be confused, but he happens to be right.

Hawkmon: That's one point for Davis!

Armadillomon: Two points and a cookie if you find it!

Gatomon: Now you're talking! Thanks a lot.

Davis: Let's get going!

[KARI walks in the other direction]

Kari: I think the clearing we passed is the best bet, Yolei. Shall we start there?

Davis: Oh...


Davis: What?

Veemon: Back to usual, huh, buddy?

[deeper in the woods, KEN and WORMMON are exploring]

Wormmon: This just doesn't feel right, Ken.

[KEN doesn't answer]

Wormmon: Ken? What's wrong?

Ken: I'm not sure.

[KEN looks around him]

Ken: *gasp*

[KEN looks through a bunch of trees and sees an ocean]

Ken: Oh!

[FLASHBACK to little KEN dipping a DIGIVICE into the water]

Little Ken: This world is mine now!

[KEN remembers, and starts to go crazy]

Ken: Ah! Ah!

Wormmon: Oh, no, Ken! Help!

[KARI and YOLEI are looking together]

Hawkmon: This is exceedingly tedious.

Gatomon: And you're the one with the bird's eye view.

[the sound of KEN screaming is heard]

Kari: That's Ken! He's in trouble!

Gatomon: I hate it when she does that.

Wormmon: Oh, Ken!

Gatomon: Wait for me!

Yolei: Where are you going?

Kari: Didn't you hear him scream just now? It's Ken! Something's wrong with him!

Yolei: Ken?

Ken: Ah!

Kari: Ken! We're here now, it'll be okay.

Yolei: What happened? Were you attacked? I don't see anything!

Ken: The ocean...It was the dark ocean. It's horrible!

Kari: Huh? The Dark Ocean? Could it be...?

Yolei: Maybe it's contagious. But I don't see a thing. How about you, Hawkmon?

Ken: It's okay. I'm fine.

Yolei: No you're not. You're clearly seeing things. The Dark Ocean? *laugh*

Kari: I think I know how you're feeling.

Yolei: Maybe we should just play along, Hawkmon.

Hawkmon: Do you think he fell on his head? I did that once and thought I was a fruit bat!

[as KEN, KARI, and YOLEI walk away, they begin to disappear]

Armadillomon: This is hopeless.

TK: We can't just give up!

Davis: No way! Kari is counting on me to find this thing for her.

[DAVIS' D3 shows KARI, YOLEI, and KEN moving away from them]

Davis: Where did she and Yolei go? Huh? That doesn't make sense!

TK: Huh? There are three of them! Who's that with them?

All: Huh?

Davis: Three of them!?

[in the FOREST]

Kari: These trees are all beginning to look the same. Tall, and really, really dark!

Gatomon: Do you think me we've been chasing our tail this whole time?

Yolei: You mean we're going in circles? You think we're lost, is that it? Forever and ever until

we die?

[they see DAVIS and VEEMON walk in the distance]

Yolei: It's Davis!

Hawkmon: We're saved!

Yolei: Hey, over here!

Hawkmon: Veemon!

[the three of them run over to DAVIS]

Hawkmon: Excellent timing!

Kari: Davis! TK!

Yolei: *laugh*

[DAVIS runs right through YOLEI]

Yolei: Huh?

Hawkmon: Veemon!

[VEEMON does the same with HAWKMON]

Hawkmon: Huh? I feel rather faint.

Yolei: I'm confused!

Davis: I could swear I heard a voice over here. Do you think it's ghosts?

Kari: Davis, we've right here!

Veemon: Nah, I don't believe in 'em.

[DAVIS runs away, not having seen the three others]

Ken: Where are you going?

Davis: Kari!

Veemon: Kari!

Davis: Yolei!

Veemon: Yolei!

Kari: That's strange. If we can see him, why can't he see us? It makes no sense!

Yolei: What now?

[DAVIS runs back to meet with the others]

Davis: Cody, TJ! Did you find Kari?

Cody: They seemed to have just disappeared. It's not logical. They can't have gone That far!

Armadillomon: Well, they have!

Patamon: Even I couldn't find them! Not one trace!

TK: I'll go up with Patamon. We just have to try harder!

Patamon: Right!

Davis: They're around here somewhere, and we'll find them!

Veemon: Yes, sir!

Cody: You ready Armadillomon?

Armadillomon: You can count on me!

[KEN and the others are still searching]

Ken: I don't like the way this fog keeps getting thicker.

Yolei: Hey, I know! Let's sing a song!

[KEN and KARI don't reply]

Yolei: Okay, so you don't like That plan. Why don't we play a game?

[KEN and KARI still don't say anything, just keep walking]

Yolei: Hey, how about this? We can play me favourite game! Telephone! Oh, I forgot...there are

only three of us. I guess That would be pretty boring. *laugh*

Ken: How are we ever going to find our way home if we don't even know where we are? It's


Kari: Nothing is ever hopeless, Ken. you of all people should know That. There are too many

people who want us back, and we want to go back too much to be stuck here forever!

Yolei: Why won't you talk to me?

[KARI and KEN turn around]

Kari: What?

Yolei: Do you to want to be alone or something? You could just say so, instead of ignoring me

like this!

Kari: We're not ignoring you.

Yolei: Yes you are!

[YOLEI marches away]

Kari: Come back, Yolei!

Ken: Um, Yolei?

Yolei: Oh, I did it again, Hawkmon. Whatever was I thinking?

Hawkmon: Thinking is precisely what you didn't do.

Yolei: Ken probably hates me after I made a fool of myself.

Hawkmon: I doubt That.

[YOLEI and HAWKMON come across a cliff]

Yolei: Uh oh, now what?

[YOLEI sees something shining down the cliff wall]

Yolei: Kari! Gatomon! I think we've found it!

Gatomon: My tail ring?

Kari: Really?

Yolei: See? Right down there!

Kari: What do you think, Gatomon?

Gatomon: I can't tell from up here.

Ken [thinking]: I know I've seen this before. But from where?

[KEN remembers back to the DARK RINGS]

Ken [thinking]: There are too many gaps in my memory. Why can I only remember the awful

things, and not the things That will help people? It almost feels like it's on purpose.

Wormmon [thinking]: He has That look again.

Yolei: There's only one way to find out.

[YOLEI starts to climb down the cliff]

Hawkmon: Oh, Yolei. I beg of you, don't!

Yolei: You worry too much.

Kari: Of course he's worried. It's too risky!

Yolei: It's the least I can do after...

[a rock breaks, and YOLEI falls]

Yolei: Oh!

Kari: Oh!

[KARI catches her arm]

Hawkmon: I wish you wouldn't do this sort of thing.

Yolei: Well, at this exact do I.

Kari: Don't worry. I have you!

[KARI's eyes grow wide]

Kari: *gasp*

Ken: *gasp*

[KARI sees waves underneath YOLEI]

[KEN sees them, too]

Ken: Oh!

[KARI falls down the cliff, hanging on to YOLEI]

Hawkmon: Yolei!

Gatomon: Kari!

[HAWKMON and GATOMON jump after their partners]

Wormmon: Ken?

[KEN screams out to the sky]


[KARI and YOLEI are on another cliff, battered and bruised]

Kari: Yolei? Wake up!

Yolei: Kari? Where are we?

Kari: Thank goodness! I was worried.

Yolei: About me? Why? Oh, yeah. I remember seeing something shining down here, but then

what happened?

Hawkmon: The usual. You did something absurd.

Gatomon: But we did find this.

[Gatomon holds out a piece of a DARK RING for YOLEI]

Yolei: It was just a Dark Ring! Oh. I was trying so hard not to be selfish this time.

Gatomon: But you weren't! You thought it was the real thing. Thank you, Yolei.

Yolei: You're just saying That.

Kari: No, really. It was very thoughtful!

Yolei: It was? Alright! Let's get out of here!

Hawkmon: My pleasure! Hawkmon, Digivolve to...

[nothing happens]

Yolei: What are you doing?

Hawkmon: It seems...I just can't do it.

Yolei: What do you mean? This is no time for jokes, Hawkmon! Stop fooling around and

Digivolve! How can you pick on me like this? I just fell from a cliff, you know!

Hawkmon: Here she goes again.

Yolei: If you can't Digivolve, we can't get out of this canyon, and even if we can, where will we


Gatomon: We'll be fine!

Yolei: No we won't! How can we be fine? Davis ran right through me!

Kari: We'll think of something.

Yolei: No! We won't! My life is over! I'll never grow up, get married have children, make

millions in the Stock Market! I hate this!

Kari: Gr!

[KARI slaps YOLEI]

Hawkmon: Oh!

Yolei: Huh.

Kari: Oh, what have I done?

Yolei: I'm sorry, I guess I needed That!

Hawkmon: Brutal, but effective. Now let's see if we can find our way out of this mess.

Gatomon: I'm with you!

[HAWKMON and GATOMON scurry up the cliff to get away from YOLEI and KARI]

Kari: Yolei, I'm really sorry for slapping you like That. It's just not like me. You seem to bring

out the worst in me. Maybe it's because we're so different.

Yolei: No, it's me.

Kari: I have to be honest, Yolei. The truth is, I envy you!

Yolei: Me?

Kari: I wish I could say what I'm feeling, like you do. Instead I keep everything inside so no one

gets hurt but me.

Yolei: I had no idea.

Kari: Maybe that's why I was drawn into the world of darkness, just like Ken.

Yolei: Ken? You're not like Ken!

Kari: We keep too much inside, making us vulnerable.

[HAWKMON lowers a rope down]

Hawkmon: Hello, hello! Help is at hand!

[after they climb up...]

Yolei: Wow, I'm glad That's over.

Ken: Um...

Yolei: Ken?

Ken: I'm sorry, Yolei. I wasn't able to help you.

Yolei: It's okay Ken. I know you were afraid, and it would have been silly for you to fall down

with us. You were so freaked out you probably wouldn't have done any good, anyway.

Ken: Uh...

Yolei: Oh, right. I forgot! You were the Digimon Emperor! You were brave back then! What


Kari: Hey, Yolei, stop!

Yolei: Oops, I'm sorry. I guess you don't really want to be reminded of That. I wouldn't. Hey,

guess what we found down there? You'll find this funny. It wasn't Gatomon's tail ring at all, it

was one of your Dark Rings!

Kari: *gasp*

Yolei: Okay, That's not funny, but I didn't mean funny ha-ha, I meant funny ironic-funny. Don't

get me wrong. Even though you made them, I'm not blaming you.

Kari: *laugh*

Yolei: What are you laughing at, Kari? This is serious! I'm just making it worse, huh?

Kari: *laugh* *gasp*

Gatomon: Kari, What's wrong?

Kari: The waves. I can hear the waves.

[KARI runs toward the ocean]

Kari [thinking]: Oh, I knew it! Is this darkness inside of me? Inside of Ken? Is That why we can't

get away from it? [aloud] I wish I were stronger. Or knew what it wanted.

Gatomon: Don't scare me like That!

Ken: It really is the dark ocean.

Yolei: Ocean? What are you talking about? All I see is trees!

Hawkmon: It is indeed an ocean of trees, but I don't think that's What they're talking about.

Gatomon: I almost lost Kari once to this stupid ocean! I wish I knew what it wants with her.

Ken: Kari, you've been here? Seen this before? I didn't know anyone but me had ever been here!

Yolei: Kari sees it, and now Ken, too! HOW COME I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING?

[as YOLEI says those words, she slowly begins to see the ocean, too]

Yolei: Woah.

Hawkmon: Yolei, what have you done?

Ken: Something doesn't feel right here. It's as if the world has slipped out of place.

Yolei: I wonder if it's because the powers guarding the Digital World are losing their grip!

Ken: Huh?

Yolei: I was just remembering something Izzy told us once.

Ken: This could be important. What powers was he talking about?

Arukenimon: Look at this, Mummymon. Isn't this delightful? Those boorish little children have

stumbled into a phase world. They have no idea how vulnerable they are.

Mummymon: It's such a shame we have to keep following BlackWarGreymon.

Arukenimon: You underestimate me. This little operation isn't worthy of my personal attention.

Spirit Needle!

[ARUKENIMON throws some hairs into CONTROL SPIRES]

Arukenimon: Enjoy your lunch, my darling!

Digimon: Gr!

[KARI drops to her knees]

Kari: *cry* Oh, I want to go home!

Gatomon: You have to fight it, Kari. Don't give in. I need you!

Yolei: Don't worry, Kari. We'll be home soon! You said so yourself!

[everyone hears growling from behind them]

Yolei Huh?

Gatomon: I think Big Brother is watching us!

Hawkmon: Or at least his corsage!


Ken: That's Blossomon. An Ultimate Digimon. Her Spiral Flower attack is a good excuse for

weed killer, and her children are worse than thorns!

[END D.A.]

Gatomon: Hey! There's a hole in space behind her! I can see right through it!

All: Oh!

Hawkmon: I believe That's my cue!

Yolei: It's about time! You'll have no trouble Digivolving now!

Ken: Are you ready?

Wormmon: Let me at her!

Hawkmon: Hawkmon...

Wormmon: Wormmon...

Hawkmon & Wormmon: Digivolve to...

Aquilamon: Aquilamon!

Stingmon: Stingmon!

Gatomon: Is it okay?

Kari: Hm.

Blossomon: Gr!

Kari: Huh? Ah!

[KARI falls to her knees again, holding her head. She drops her D3]

Yolei: This is not a good time!


Aquilamon: Blast Rings!

[the attack does nothing to BLOSSOMON]

Kari: Not again! DON'T TAKE ME!

[KARI finds herself in a puddle of water again]

Kari: I just don't think I can stand it this time!

Yolei: Kari, snap out of it!

Gatomon: You have to fight!

Stingmon: Spiking Strike!

[the attack, again, does nothing to BLOSSOMON]

[STINGMON it struck down]

Ken: Stingmon!

Aquilamon: Grand Horns!

[AQUILAMON is bit by one of the vines, and is pulled to the ground]

[KARI kneels on the ground, crying]

Yolei: Kari, you have to talk to me, or I can't help!

Kari: The darkness won't leave me alone! I'll never be strong enough! It's going to win!

[YOLEI gets mad, and slaps KARI]

Yolei: That's enough of That nonsense! Of course you're strong enough! You're the strongest

person I've ever known! And if you think I'm going to sit by and let you run on yourself like That,

then think again! We'll beat it together! The darkness will never beat you, do you hear me?

Kari: Yolei, thank you. You're a true friend.

[a pink LIGHT shines onto YOLEI and KARI]

Kari: It's beautiful.

Yolei: Just like you. I forgot, yours in the crest of Light! You have the power to light up the

darkness! It doesn't have a chance!

Gatomon: You're the worst enemy of darkness!

[YOLEI and KARI smile]

Kari: Yeah!

[KARI and YOLEI'S D3s light up, as do their DIGIMON]

Yolei: What happening?

[the DIGIMON start to DIGIVOLVE]

Aquilamon: Aquilamon!

Gatomon: Gatomon!

Aquilamon & Gatomon: DNA Digivolve to...Silphymon!


Narrator: Silphymon is the DNA Digivolved form of Gatomon and Aquilamon. Silphymon's

Static Force is the Ultimate weapon against darkness and hate.


[SYLPHIMON, a combination of GATOMON and AQUILAMON, has AQUILAMON's lower

body, GATOMON's ears, and a machine-like upper body. A visor covers its eyes.]

Kari: It has Gatomon's grace!

Yolei: And Aquilamon's strength!

Ken: That overgrown daisy is history.

Silphymon [speaking as Gatomon]: Let's send this Control Spire Digimon back to the spire and

the dustpan! [speaking as Aquilamon] I like the way you think, Gatomon!

[BLOSSOMON lunges at SILPHYMON, but SILPHYMON attacks]

Silphymon: Static Force!

[BLOSSOMON is destroyed]

Davis: Over there!

TK: I'll bet it's theme!

Ankylomon: They started without us!

Kari: Wow!

Yolei: Double wow!

[KARI and YOLEI look at each other]

Kari [thinking]: You know, she's pretty cool.

Yolei [thinking]: You know, she's pretty cool.

Kari & Yolei: Huh?

[SILPHYMON de-digivolves to SALAMON , and a new Digimon]

Kari: Salamon!

Little Digimon: I'm Pirurumon now, Yolei!

[Everyone meets up again]

Cody: Silphymon...?

Davis: Rats! I guess That Yolei is Kari's DNA Digivolve partner! Too bad, T.O.!

Ken: You're all together now. Time for me to go.

Yolei: Ken! [thinking] There's a lot more to Ken than just a pretty face. And Kari, too! They fight

enemies I've never even seen! [aloud] Ready to go? [thinking] She won't fight them alone

anymore! Not if I can help it.

Kari: *gasp*

[KARI looks at TK]

TK: I thought I'd really lost you this time! I was afraid you'd slipped into the other world for


[KARI shakes her head]

Kari: Don't worry, TK. I have a feeling I won't be fighting it alone anymore!

[KARI looks at YOLEI]

Kari: *laugh* Yolei won't let me.

Narrator: Have Kari and Ken seen the last of the dark ocean? Will Kari's light defeat the

approaching darkness? Find out on Digimon: Digital Monsters!