Season 2, Episode 26: "United we Stand"

English Version Written by: ??

Original Air Date: February 3, 2001

Transcribed by: katiecat <>




Davis: Ow, Shurimon, watch what you're doing!

Shurimon: You don't have to yell at me.

Davis: He's right, we need a rest.

Cody: I'm with you!

Hawkmon: Do you have any Worcestershire?

Yolei: Kari, I you think it's possible that Ken's in some sort of danger?

Kari: What do you mean?

Yolei: That woman Palmon was talking about. I just know she's up to no good, and I think he

might be in her way.

[KEN and WORMMON stand in front of a CONTROL SPIRE]

Wormmon: Look on the bright side. At least no one will ever say you think small.

Ken: You certainly have a good point.

Wormmon: Just trying to help. Don't touch it, it's...

Ken: Pure evil. They're my...creation. But even *I* don't understand how Arukenimon can take

one of my Control Spires and turn it into some sort of Digimon. I don't get it, Wormmon. When I

was the Digimon Emperor, I understood this sort of thing. Nothing makes sense to me now.

Wormmon:'re a genius, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Ken: Thanks, pal. I'm glad someone still has faith in me. Now I just have to have faith in myself.

I'm the one who built these things. You'd think I'd have some idea as to how they work! But I

don't. I don't. As the Digimon Emperor, I was a genius! Now I'm just plain Ken.

Wormmon: That's a relief.

Ken: Yeah as far as you're concerned, but what about the Digital World?

Wormmon: They'll get over it.

Ken: Wormmon, looking at these things makes me sick to my stomach.

Wormmon: Oh, great. Stick your head between your knees and take a deep breath. This whole

thing is my fault.

Ken: Oh. How many times do I have to tell you it's not your fault? There are people you can talk

to about this stuff!

Wormmon: Then why didn't you talk to them before becoming the Digimon Emperor? It had to

be easier than building Control Spires!

Ken: Excellent question, Wormmon.

Wormmon: Hm. Well, it you can't figure out how they work, then I'll just have to knock them all


[at the bridge with the other DIGIDESTINED]

Cody: It seems sturdy enough.

Davis: Of course it is! What do you mean by that, anyway? Don't you think I know what I'm


TK: You said it!

Yolei: Yeah, even if it is what we were thinking.

Davis: Hey, that rock slide wasn't my fault, it was Flamedramon's!

Flamedramon: Was not!

Davis: Was too!

Flamedramon: Was not!

Davis: Was too!

Flamedramon: Was not!

Davis: Was too!

Flamedramon: Was not!

Davis: Was too!

Gatomon: You two would make good scratching posts.

Arukenimon: Those meddling kids. Just when I had the Digital World so deliciously destroyed.

What's this? A split end? How did this happen? Intolerable! That's enough. Now, it's personal!

Spirit Needle! Go.

[a CONTROL SPIRE is turned into a bull-like DIGIMON]

Arukenimon: Go. That bridge offends me.

Veemon: But you said, 'Give me the rock on the bottom!'

Davis: Did not!

[they spot the DIGIMON heading for the bridge]

TK: Huh? What does he think he's doing?

Davis: Looks like he's headed for the bridge!

Cody: Maybe he's just admiring the detailed architecture!

Kari: Yeah, or a way to blow it up!

Yolei: Oh no, not again!

Veemon: Davis!

Davis: Yeah! DigiArmour Energize!

Veemon: Veemon, Armour Digivolve to...Raidramon: The Storm of Friendship!

Digimon: Earthquake Drill!

[the DIGIMON begins to destroy the bridge]


Digimon: Minotarumon is a Champion Digimon with a nasty left jab. His Earthquake Drill will

turn that bridge into stepping stones!

[END D.A.]

Davis: Not my bridge! Get him!

Raidramon: Thunder Blast!

[RAIDRAMON attacks, and the two land in the river]

TK: Davis! Taking a swim?

Davis: Very funny, TP! A little help, here?

Yolei: Davis is gonna mess this up again! Hawkmon?

Hawkmon: My pleasure! Hawkmon, Digivolve to...Aquilamon!

Aquilamon: That's enough!

[AQUILAMON picks MINOTARUMON up, and drops him on the bridge]

Yolei: Oh! Oi, vay!

Kari: Hold on! That thing's a Control Spire!

Cody: It's not real!

TK: It's real enough! Let's get him!

Kari: Do it!

Gatomon: Hm!

TK: You ready?

Patamon: Hm!

TK & Kari: DigiArmour Energize!

Gatomon: Gatomon, Armour Digivolve to...

Patamon: Patamon, Armour Digivolve to...

Nefertimon: Nefertimon: The Angel of Light!

Pegasusmon: Pegasusmon: Flying Hope!

Nefertimon & Pegasusmon: Golden Noose!

Raidramon: Thunder Blast!

Davis: Now you're talking!

[MINOTARUMON explodes]

Davis: Huh?

[All the attacks made a huge dent in the bridge]

All: Oh, no!

[The DIGIDESTINED go back onto the bridge]

Davis: It looks like he took a big bite out of it! Oh, I feel so violated!

TK: We still respect you.

Kari: That's right, Davis. We're just gonna have to rebuild it. And it'll be easier this time!

Cody: She's right, you know. We really learned a lot from all our mistakes.

Yolei: Yeah, and this will give you the chance to make new mistakes!

Davis: But I liked my old mistakes better! Huh? Hey, speaking of mistakes, we should ask Ken

to help us!

TK: Ken?

Yolei: Are you out of your mind?

Davis: Thanks for the support! Seriously, I think he'd jump at the chance to help us!

Cody: I don't know. I don't trust him.

Davis: You may be right, but he's the only one who can help!

Cody: Well, I'm just not comfortable around him. It's hard for people to really change. I think it's

too risky.

Davis: You've got a good point. But I have a good feeling about him, Cody!

Cody: Really? But why, Davis?

Davis: The DigiEgg! If you had seen what I saw, you'd believe in him, too! I mean, his crest of

Kindness turned into a golden DigiEgg! It was the most amazing thing! You're probably going to

think I'm crazy when I say this, but I guess you already think I'm crazy, so here it goes: That

DigiEgg believed in him, and it's like it was telling me I could believe in him, too! It's almost

like it was asking me to go ahead and trust Ken! I know that's not very logical, but then again,

neither am I! All I know is, he has to have the crest of Kindness for a reason! And what about his

Digimon? He believes in him, too! I think it's because Wormmon knew it was in his heart. In

fact, I know it!

Kari: But what if you're wrong, Davis? He's made it clear he doesn't want to be part of the team.

Davis: Yeah, I know. But I'm an optimist.

TK: Goody for you! But realistically, he still could be bad to the bone! I think Cody is right. He

usually is.

Yolei: *yawn* I'm bored, and all this talk isn't getting us anywhere! Don't forget, that crazy

white-haired chick is still out there, and she's up to no good.

[IZZY is watching his computer, and sees a weird ripple coming from the DIGITAL WORLD]

Izzy: Huh? What's that?

Davis: Huh?

Cody: It's a message from Izzy!

Izzy: I'm getting a real bizarre signal. It's not too far from you. Check it out!

Cody: Hey, it looks like the sector where Ken's base went down!

Davis: Let's get moving!

[elsewhere, STINGMON knocks down another CONTROL SPIRE]

Stingmon: And another one bites the dust!

Ken: Ready to take a break, Stingmon?

Stingmon: I guess I've wreaked enough havoc for one day. I want a bath.

Ken: No offense, but you really need one.

Wormmon: Please slow down, Ken. I have suck short legs, and, not to put too fine a point on it,

those Control Spires you built have splinters!

Ken: Sorry, Wormmon. This isn't exactly a Sunday in the park, is it?

Wormmon: Now there's a good idea. See, you're still a genius. Let's have ice cream sundaes in

the park!

Ken: That sounds good, but would you settle for half a jelly roll at home?

Wormmon: Yummy!

Yolei: What's going on, do you know?

Izzy: My theory is that a major power source is about to melt down. You better shut it down, and

I mean fast, or else it'll explode!

Davis: What do you mean, explode?

Izzy: I mean explode, you know, 'Boom!'?

Cody: This is bad. But what can we do?

Davis: Ah...the crest of Kindness! I'll bet it's because Ken's crest isn't there anymore! I don't care

what anyone says, we need Ken's help, and we need it now!

Cody: But Davis!

Yolei: Shouldn't we talk about this?

Davis: We just did. You guys are going to have to trust me on this. I know I'm right, and we don't

have much time!


Wormmon: Hey Ken, I feel queasy.

Ken: I do, too. Let's save the rest for later!

Wormmon: Hm!

Ken: What is it? Huh?

[KEN turns and sees ARUKENIMON on his computer screen]

Arukenimon: My, my, my. Now isn't this just too domestic.

Ken: Grr. You again!

Wormmon: Oh please, Ken, don't talk to her!

Arukenimon: Did I come at a bad time? Oh, well I'll be going.

Ken: No, wait!

Arukenimon: Your little friend there is being quite rude.

Ken: Because you're the one who keeps calling me! What do you want with me?

Arukenimon: What makes you think I want anything from you, maybe?

Ken: Then why are you bothering me? What do you plan to do to the Digital World?

Arukenimon: Why, Ken, what a nosey little boy you are. That's really none of your business, now

is it?

[In the DIGITAL WORLD, the EMPEROR's BASE explodes]

TK: This is crazy! What do you expect us to do, Davis?

Davis: Ah...where's Ken? When he was the Emperor, we were always tripping over him!

[KEN's apartment]

Ken: Of course it's my business, you're using MY Control Spires! My creation! My...shame.

Arukenimon: You think rather well of yourself, little boy Emperor.

Ken: Ugh!

Arukenimon: Poor me. Why did I use my awesome powers for bad, when I could have used them

for good?

[the PHONE rings]

Wormmon: The telephone. Oh, Ken!

Arukenimon: Oh, yes. You're so special.

Ken: Grr.

Arukenimon: The truth is, any other pretty little boy would have been good.

[the PHONE rings again]

Ken: You used me.

Arukenimon: Of course I did, you little fool!

[the PHONE rings again]

Ken: Grr!

Arukenimon: Temper, temper! But you always were so easy to manipulate. The perfect toy. Oh, I

mean tool. And you actually thought building the Control Spires were your idea?

Ken: What are you talking about?

Wormmon: I can't take this anymore!

[WORMMON picks up the phone]

Wormmon: Hello, Ichijouji residence. I'm sorry, Ken is busy right now. Will you please hang up,

and try your call again.

Izzy: Are you...the Operator?

Wormmon: No, I am the Digimon. May I help you?

Izzy: You must be Wormmon. You seem bright enough to me.

Wormmon: Thank you, I think. What have you heard about me?

Izzy: Oh, never mind. This is an emergency. I need to speak to Ken, right away!

Arukenimon: Humans with something to prove are putty in my hands. You were particularly

easy to mold into shape.

Ken: But why me? Why did you have to mold me?

Arukenimon: Why me, really. You must stop asking that. I told you, it was just a whim.

Ken: I am not your whim! And I am not going to let you get away with this!

Arukenimon: Well, you see, I already have. And there's nothing you can do about it, Ken.

Wormmon: Oh, just hang up on her. She's not a nice woman, and this is important. The Digital

World is in trouble, Ken. They need you right away! Your friend, Davis, is sending emails.

Ken: Huh? Grr. You knew about this, didn't you?

Arukenimon: Maybe I did.

Izzy: You need to get to the Digital World as soon as possible, and take your crest! I think Davis

may actually be right this time! His theory is that the power source of your base can only be

controlled be your crest.

Arukenimon: Oh, Emperor boy!

Ken: I have a little theory of my own to check out.

Arukenimon: Very clever. But I'm still ahead of you.

Wormmon: Not for long.

[the BASE explodes]

Cody: Another one? Do you think maybe we should move back a little?

[KEN and WORMMON run to help the others]

Ken [thinking]: What was I thinking?

Wormmon: You're thinking too much again.

Ken: That's because I have to find a way to end this! She used my pain and guilt to control me...

Little Ken: I didn't mean it!

Ken: I'm guilty of too much, already.

Little Ken: Mama, papa, where's Sam?

Ken: Not this time!

All: Ah!

Kari: It's getting worse!

Yolei: So, where's Ken, huh?

Davis: I'm sure he's on his way.

Arukenimon: Don't count on it.

Yolei: Who invited her?

Cody: Maybe Ken send his secretary, instead?

Arukenimon: You children are so terribly rude. Always interfering in my business. Spirit Needle!

Destroy them!

[a CONTROL SPIRE is turned into a large, grey DIGIMON]

Kari: Well not I've seen it all!

Yolei: How does she do that thing?

Cody: I don't know, but she sure is good at it!


Arukenimon: Okuwamon is an Ultimate level Digimon. Steer clear of him Double Scissors Claw

attack. He has a cutting sense of humour.

[END D.A.]

TK: It's showtime, guys!

Okuwamon: Grr!

Veemon: Veemon, Digivolve to...ExVeemon!

Hawkmon: Hawkmon, Digivolve to...Aquilamon!

Armadillomon: Armadillomon, Digivolve to...Ankylomon!

ExVeemon: V-Laser!

Aquilamon: Blast Rings!

Ankylomon: Tail Hammer!

[none of the attacks hit OKUWAMON]

Gatomon: He'd be kitty kibble if I could become Angewomon.

Patamon: You go girl!

TK: Well, you can't, so you'll just have to do what you can. Got me?

Gatomon & Patamon: Hm!

Kari: DigiArmour Energize!

Gatomon: Gatomon, Armour Digivolve to...Nefertimon: The Angel of Light!

Patamon: Patamon, Digivolve to...Angemon!

Okuwamon: Double Scissor Claw!

Hawkmon: Oh...

Yolei: Hawkmon, no, don't!

Angemon: Hand of Fate!

[ANGEMON is hit, and de-Digivolves]

Patamon: Ah!

TK: Patamon!

Kari: Angemon is most effective against evil Digimon. That thing's not even a Digimon!

Davis: Hm.

Okuwamon: Double Scissor Claw!

Cody: Ah!

Yolei: h!

TK: Ah!

Wormmon: My turn?

Ken: Hero time, Wormmon!

Wormmon: Wormmon, Digivolve to...Stingmon!

Stingmon: Spiking Strike!

ExVeemon: What took you so long?

Ken: Davis!

Davis: It's about time! And they doubted me. Where's your crest?

Ken: Here.

Davis: Great! Come on, give it here!

Ken: What do you think you're doing? This is my responsibility! I don't want anyone else to get

hurt because of me.

Stingmon: I can take it from here.

ExVeemon: Are you nuts? He's an Ultimate!

Stingmon: So? I can do this alone!

Davis: What are you trying to do, get yourself killed? That's a genius move.

Ken: It's my crest, my base, my fault. No one else is going to die for my mistakes, understand?

Davis: We know the risks!

Ken: Have you forgotten I was the Digimon Emperor? I was a monster!

Stingmon: And I am as guilty as Ken. I didn't stop him.

ExVeemon: You two need to chill.

Ken: The only way I'll feel like a human again, instead of a monster, is to erase all trace of my

evil. To fix things. And the only way I can do that is with my own hands.

Davis: But Ken...

Stingmon: He still has nightmares. Horrible ones! But then, mine are worse.

Ken: It doesn't matter what happens to me, as long as I can accomplish my goal!

Davis: Enough!

[DAVIS slaps KEN]

Davis: I'm tired of you big bad wolf routine!

ExVeemon: You mean lone wolf.

Davis: That's what I mean, what he said. I'm not going to let you do this by yourself. What about

the people that care about you? At least think of your Digimon! Here, we're helping, and that's

that! Wake up, Ichijouji!

ExVeemon: Yeah, wake up, Stingmon! Here's your chance to stop him from doing something


Davis: That's what I said! You're the genius, Ken, you figure it out!

Ken: If I'm not here, then...

Davis: Then what?

ExVeemon: Davis is right. Then what? How will you fix your mistakes if you're not here? I may

not be the smartest tool in the shed, but I know that much.

Stingmon: Hm. You're right. I guess neither of us has been thinking very clearly.

Davis: Okay, so you've messed up a few times. You think I haven't? I do it all the time! Don't

give up. Fix it!

Ken: I don't know how.

Davis: You think I do? You just keep trying until something works! And when it gets really bad,

you hang with your friends, 'cause they're always your friends, even if you mess up!

Ken: Great, but what if you don't happen to have any friends?

[a light begins to glow around DAVIS and KEN]

Davis & Ken: Huh? Ah!

Davis [thinking]: Cool, I can hear my heart beating! Wait, that's Ken's heart!

Ken [thinking]: So this is what it feels like to have a friend. It's not that bad.

[EXVEEMON and STINGMON begin to glow, as well]

ExVeemon: ExVeemon!

Stingmon: Stingmon!

ExVeemon & Stingmon: DNA Digivolve to...Paildramon!

Davis & Ken: Paildramon?

TK: That's amazing!

Yolei: Wow, I don't believe it!

Narrator: Will the combined power of ExVeemon and Stingmon be enough to beat Okuwamon?

Find out soon, on Digimon: Digital Monsters!