Season 2, Episode 25: "Spirit Needle"
English Version Written by: Craig Doyle and Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
Original Air Date: December 9, 2000
Transcribed by: katiecat <>


[OPENING SCENE: KARI and DAVIS walking up stairs, carrying a bucket of food]

Boy: I think Kari's a total babe, dude!

Girl: What's with Davis and his goggles?

Kari: Lunchroom duty. Yuck!

Davis: I know what you mean. These outfits are totally humiliating! We look like a couple of
salt-and-pepper shakers!

Boy: Yuck!

Davis: You know, maybe Ken isn't such a bad guy, after all!

Kari: I'm not sure. 

Davis: He helped us last time!

Kari: I don't know. [Thinking] He'll have to prove it to me. He's done some pretty evil things in
the past.

Boy: Hey man, I want my lunch already!

[Outside. DAVIS sits on some steps, while CODY practices Kendo]

Cody: Hm.

Davis: Technically, Ken is one of the DigiDestined. I was thinking of asking him to join our...

Cody: Hm!

Davis: [thinking] I guess that's a 'no' from Cody. [Aloud] I don't know. It was just an idea. I
thought he could help. I guess someone hasn't had their coffee this morning.

Cody [thinking]: Ken? One of us? Impossible. When he was the Digimon Emperor, he was
ruthless. He might be pulling another trick on us.

[In the computer room. YOLEI sits in front of a computer]

Davis: I think Ken's changed. He's not the Digimon Emperor anymore!

Yolei: I don't know. 

Davis: What do you mean?

Yolei: I thought Ken had changed too, especially after Wormmon got hurt. It seemed like he
finally realized that Digimon were living creatures! But after out last battle in the Digital World,
I'm not so sure! He seemed a lot like the old en, to me. The way he mercilessly ordered
Stingmon to go in for the kill? The poor Digimon! It was just horrible! I'm sorry, Davis, but I
don't think I can trust him. Not after what he did.

Davis [thinking]: Nobody ever believes me! I'll just have to do this on my own. 

[DAVIS leaves]

DemiVeemon: Hey Davis, wait for me!

TK: Hey, Davis, what's up?

[DAVIS ignores him]

Yolei: I think he's mad at me for disagreeing about Ken.

TK: About Ken? What's going on?

Yolei: He's nuts! He wanted to ask Ken to join us, even after seeing what he did to that Digimon!
Davis needs to realize that people don't change that easily!

TK [thinking]: I'm not so sure Davis is wrong! Maybe we're being too hard on him.

Yolei: We have more important things to worry about besides Ken, like why the Control Spires
started working again!

TK: Yeah, like the Spire that was at Primary Village.

[at KEN's school]

Teacher: You're always first to complete the test, Ken!

Ken: I'll be quicker next time.

Boy: Look, I beat Ken on the math test!

Girl: Almost everyone beat him! Look at the board!

Girl: Yeah, what happened? He used to get top marks in every class!

Boy: Maybe his brain is possessed by an evil alien!

Girl: I think your brain is possessed by a rock!

Girl: Looks like he's given up.

Ken [thinking]: They're right, I have given up. I can't focus anymore. I've got a lot on my mind.
No one understand.


Davis: Ken! Hey!

Ken: So, why did you come all the way out here? Did you come to remind me that I've been a
bad boy?

Davis: Come on, Ken. You've done some pretty rotten thins, but you're not an evil person!

Ken: I'm not?

Davis: No! The person who designed the school's lunch menu, now that's an evil person! *laugh*
It was a joke, Ken.

Ken: Sorry, I haven't been in a laughing mood lately.

Davis: That's okay. Look. I have an idea. Why don't you come with me? You can meet my
friends, and tell them you're sorry!

Ken: But why? They hate me!

Davis: They don't hate you, Ken, they just don't understand you! I know you're sorry for what
you've done, but they don't!

Ken: What makes you so special?

Davis: I never said I was special, I just think you're better than you're giving yourself credit for!

Ken: I'm not sure...

Davis: Look, the Digital World's been pretty freaky lately. We need your help! After all, you're
one of us DigiDestined!

Ken: Huh? Me, a DigiDestined?

Davis: That's right! Just one big happy family!

Ken: I don't know. Thanks, Davis. I appreciate you being honest with me, but it just won't work.
I can't join you.

Davis: What? What do you mean?

Ken: I just can't, I'm sorry.

[KEN walks away]

Davis: Ugh! Ken, where are you going? Come on, Ken, we could be your friends! Don't turn your
back on us!

DemiVeemon: I really thought you were getting through to him! Why do you think he didn't
want to join us?

Davis: I think he just needs time.

[TK and PATAMON stand up on the hill]

Patamon: Hey, TK, do you think Davis is right about Ken? Should we forgive him for what he's

TK: I think everyone deserves a second chance, even Ken. I believe he's sorry for what he's done,
and it's time we forgave him and let bygones be bygones. [Thinking] I just hope he forgives

[in YOLEI's apartment]

Yolei: I've been thinking a lot about what you said, but the answer is still no. I'm sorry, Davis,
but I don't think it's a good idea.

[YOLEI hangs up on him]

Mrs. Inoue: Hey, Yolei, is something wrong?

Yolei: Huh?

Mrs. Inoue: Let's see. I bet it has something to do with a boy.

Yolei: Well, kind of.

Mrs. Inoue: Hm. This boy's been a real jerk lately in the past, and you're wondering if you should
forgive him.

Yolei: Yes, exactly!

Mrs. Inoue: Well, I think you should give him another chance! After all, he is your boyfriend.

Yolei: Huh?

Sister: Oh, Yolei? According to the new issue of Girly Girl magazine, the horoscope says you're
going to be lucky in love this month!

Yolei: Wait, you guys have this all wrong. I don't have a boyfriend, got it?

Brother: Yep, that's what they all say. Ah, young love. Sweet!

[in YOLEI's bedroom]

Yolei: Hm. Now I'm really confused! Maybe Davis is right about Ken.

Poromon: If this is bothering you so much, why don't you go and talk to Ken yourself? It might
make you feel better.

Yolei: I know that's the right thing to do, Poromon, but I still have this little voice in my head
that's telling me that Ken is still untrustworthy.

Poromon: It's up to you, Yolei, but listening to little voices in your head sounds pretty weird to

Yolei: Ugh! I don't know anymore. U just hope I can make the right decision, Poromon!


Snimon: Grr!

Ken: Now, Stingmon! Go get him!

Stingmon: Hm.

Snimon: Twin Sickles!

Stingmon: Maybe if you practised more. Spinning Spiking Strike!


Ken: Stingmon. This insect Digimon bugs enemies with his Spiking Strike attack. Don't try bug
spray on him,'ll only make him angry!

[END D.A.]

Stingmon: Spiking Strike!

[SNIMON explodes]

Stingmon: He's gone to pieces.

Ken: You showed him, Stingmon!

Stingmon: Can we not do that any more tonight, Ken?

Ken: Unfortunately, I don't think that's the last of the monsters we'll face. Look at all these
Control Spires! I'm sorry I ever made them. Something's going on, and it doesn't look good!
[Thinking] Maybe I should join the other DigiDestined. I don't think I can do this alone!


Digimon: I want a marshmallow, Mimi!

Mimi: Palmon is bringing back some more marshmallows now!

Digimon: This is great, thank you!


Mimi: Tiny-weeny Snowbotamon are cute baby Digimon with white fur! Your bubble blow
attack is almost as big as your appetite!

[END D.A.]

Mimi: I'm glad, Next time we'll make s'mores, how about that? I wonder where Palmon went to?
If she doesn't hurry up with those marshmallows, we're going to have to start roasting tree bark!

[PALMON is walking through the forest]

Palmon: pretty! I bet Mimi would love this flower! I should find more and make her
a bouquet! *hum* Huh? A human? But what's she doing here? I thought only children could
come to the Digital World! She doesn't look like a child to me! Huh? And what's she doing with
that Control Spire?

Woman: *laugh* Hair today, gone tomorrow. Spirit Needle! Hm.

Palmon: Huh? Oh! This doesn't look good!

Woman: Go. Flood the city, leave it in ruins! Now, do as I command!

Palmon: Oh, no! Mimi! Mimi, help!

Mimi: Did you hear something?

Palmon: Mimi, help! You have to make me Digivolve. He's going to destroy the whole town!

Mimi: Palmon, what are you talking about? Who's going to destroy the town? Huh?

[a shadow looms over PALMON]

Palmon: Ah!

Snowbotamon: It's Golemon!


Palmon: Golemon [written: ROCKMON], a monstrous Digimon made up of stones and
minerals. His Crimson Curse attack overpowers him enemies. 

[END D.A.]

Palmon: That was too close! Oh!

[PALMON is hit by a flying rock]

Mimi: Palmon! Are you alright?

Palmon: I'm alright. I just need to rest. Go, Mimi. Golemon's going to destroy the damn.

Mimi: Wait! Stop! Don't do it! Stop! The town is defenceless, you big bully!

Palmon: There's no time. You need to warm them! And I need to sleep.

Mimi: Palmon! Wait! I can't do this alone! I NEED HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!

[the DIGIDESTINED hear her cry, and go to the DIGITAL WORLD]

Yolei: Oh!

Kari: Huh?

TK: Huh?

Cody: Oh!

Davis: Ah! DigiPort open!


Yolei: Mimi, we're right here!

Davis: We came here as fast as we could. Are you okay?

Mimi: It's Golemon. He's going to destroy the damn and flood the city!

Davis: Why would he do that? Did he just freak out or something?

Snowbotamon: We're running out of time!

Davis: Where's the town?

Snowbotamon: At the end of the ravine! All of the Digimon there will be up to their Digiears in

Davis: Hey, don't worry, we're all over it. Let's take care of that rockhead!

Digimon: Yeah!

Raidramon: First, we're going to have to get him off that damn!

Pegasusmon & Nefertimon: Golden Noose!

Golemon: Grr!

Raidramon: It's my turn. Blue Thunder!

Digmon: Gold Rush!

Shurimon: Double Stars!

Raidramon: Great shot, guys!

[the attacks hit, but do nothing to GOLEMON]

All: Huh?

Raidramon: The shot didn't even phase him!

Pegasusmon: He's too strong!

Nefertimon: Look for his Dark Ring, and destroy it!

Shurimon: I'm all over it. I don't see a Dark Ring!

Raidramon: No Dark Ring? That means he's not being controlled!

Digmon: It's like that Thundermon I fought that time!


Pegasusmon & Nefertimon: Ah!

TK: Pegasusmon!

Raidramon: That did it!

Golemon: Crimson Curse!

Davis: Hey, that's not fair!

Shurimon: My turn!

[GOLEMON knocks SHURIMON away]

Yolei: Shurimon!

Cody: Look, he's going to do it!

All: Ah!

[GOLEMON punches a hole in the damn]

Digmon: There are millions of gallons coming out of that hole!

Raidramon: We have to stop it!

All: Oh!

Snowbotamon: Oh no, the town!

Mimi: Quick you guys, stop the water!

Raidramon: You heard the lady!

Nefertimon: I'll take care of this! Rosetta Stone!

[four STONES fly and block the hole in the damn]

Kari: Take that, you big rockhead!

Raidramon: Sorry, but I've already had my bath today!

Shurimon: Double Stars!

Raidramon: Thunder Blast!

[the two DIGIMON cut rows of trees down]

Pegasusmon & Nefertimon: Golden Noose!

[PEGASUSMON and NEFERTIMON round up the trees, and place them in a line, blocking the

Digmon: Rock Cracking!

[DIGMON creates a hole, and the water drains into it]

Nefertimon: There must be easier ways to water the flowers.

Raidramon: You're telling me!

Davis: That was awesome!

Mimi: That's what I call teamwork!

Snowbotamon: Ah!

Mimi: Huh?

Snowbotamon: Golemon's at it again!

Davis: He's climbing up the damn again! Doesn't he know when to stop?

Yolei: I don't think so!

Kari: Well, he has a rock for a brain, he can't be that bright.

Yolei: There's no way the Digimon can stop that much water!

Raidramon: Let's go!

Cody: Why is he so intent on destroying the damn?

TK: Golemon doesn't seem to care that there are millions of Digimon down there!

Yolei: That's why we have to stop him! Those poor Digimon! But how do we stop him without
hurting him?

Davis: We'll have to go to extreme measures.

Yolei: And what exactly do you mean by that, Davis?

Davis: We have to destroy him!

Yolei: Have you gone completely nuts? He's a Digimon! He's still a living creature, Davis! We'll
have to think of a better plan!

Davis: If you have a better plan, I'd love to hear it!

Raidramon: Let's get him!

[while DAVIS and YOLEI talk, the DIGIMON are attacking GOLEMON]

Yolei: What if we keep trying to protect the damn?

Davis: Now who sounds crazy? It'll swallow the Digimon like flies! We have to take out
Golemon to protect the damn!

Yolei: Let's at least try it.

Davis: Look, Yolei, the longer we fight him, the better his chances of taking out the damn!
There's millions of lives at stake. We have no choice!

Yolei: There's got to be a better way!

Davis: It's too late, Yolei! We have to act now!

Yolei: Oh! If we destroy Golemon, we're no better than Ken and Stingmon! There must be a
solution without violence!

Cody: I agree with Yolei. If we destroy Golemon then we'll just be sinking to Ken's level!

Yolei: Right, Cody!

Davis: Wrong, Cody! We have to do the right thing! Being the hero isn't always pretty. Ken did
what he had to do to save people's lives!

Yolei: Why does Davis always stick up for Ken, even after he's seen him do such horrible things
to the Digimon? Does he really think Ken has changed? Maybe the hair gel leaked into his brain.

Mimi: This might sound crazy, but I think we should ask Ken for him help!

All: Huh?

Yolei: Have you lost your mind, Mimi?

Mimi: Give me your D-3.

Yolei: You have got to be kidding!

Mimi: I'm totally serious. Golemon's too powerful, we need all the help we can get!

Yolei: But he's dangerous!

Mimi: Don't argue with me!

Yolei: Mimi, how do you know we can trust him? [Thinking] Maybe I am being too hard on
Ken. I really do want him to come, I just can't admit it!

Shurimon: Ugh!

[SHURIMON de-Digivolves]

Yolei: Hawkmon, no!

Raidramon: Ready, guys?

Golemon: Crimson Curse!

[All the DIGIMON are hit. They de-Digivolve]

All: Ah!

Golemon: Grr!

Davis: Run for it! He's gonna break the damn!

Golemon: Grr!

[GOLEMON's arm is held in place]

All: Huh?

Davis: It's Stingmon!

Ken: Stingmon, give him your best shot!

Stingmon: Here goes nothing. Spiking Strike!

Yolei: It's Ken! He came to help us!

Davis: Way to go! Yeah, I knew he'd come!

Mimi: Me too! Now Golemon has his hands full! 

Yolei: Wow...Ken and Stingmon are defending the town! If Stingmon hadn't stopped Golemon,
the damn would be history by now!

Palmon: Mm...

Mimi: Look everyone, Palmon's waking up!

Palmon: About Golemon...he's not what you think! He's not even a real Digimon! I know I sound
crazy, but you have to believe me on this one!

Mimi: What are you talking about?

Palmon: I walk walking through the woods when I saw something, so I went to check it out.
That's when I saw this strange woman! She was casting a spell on a Control Spire! There was all
this bright light, and I couldn't see! And then the Control Spire became Golemon!

TK: Hey guys, I just thought of something! Thundermon must have been one of those Control
Spires, too! I bet Ken probably figured that out during the last battle.

Davis: That must be why he ordered Stingmon to destroy him! He knew it wasn't a real Digimon!

Cody: That's why Golemon attacked the damn! He's Control Spire under a dark spell!

Ken: Stingmon, look out!

Yolei: [thinking] I was wrong! Ken has changed! I assumed he was just as ruthless as before, but
now he's trying to save the Digital World! [Aloud] I'm sorry, Ken! I was wrong!

[YOLEI's DIGIVICE begins to glow]

Yolei: Huh?

Hawkmon: Oh!

Armadillomon: Hawkmon, are you okay?

Hawkmon: I feel rather strange right now.

Yolei: Oh! I know I was wrong.

Hawkmon: Hawkmon, Digivolve to...Aquilamon!


Armadillomon: Aquilamon. This giant winged Digimon sails along at super sonic speeds and
beats his opponents with his special Grand Horns attack.

[END D.A.]

Yolei: Aquilamon! Golemon's really an evil Control Spire! He's not a real Digimon! So give him
all you got!

Aquilamon: Ah!

Ken: Hm.

Aquilamon: Excuse me! Blast Rings! Stingmon, attack!

Stingmon: Spiking Strike! Aquilamon, he's weakened! Get him!

Aquilamon: Grand Horns!

[GOLEMON explodes]

Yolei: They did it!

Armadillomon: Just in time for lunch.


Ken: I won't make any excuses. And I'm sorry for what I've done.

Davis: Hm?

All: Hm?

Palmon: Thanks for coming when we called you, Ken! We were nearly finished back there!

Ken: I was the least I could do after all the trouble I've caused. I want you to know that I have
nothing to do with that woman who turns Control Spires into dark Digimon. Wormmon and I
discovered that she is able to recharge the old Control Spires through some sort of dark magic.

Mimi: Ken, if you knew about the Control Spires, then why didn't you say something?

Ken: Well, I...

Wormmon: We made the mess, so we wanted to clean it up ourselves.

Davis: I guess you should have called a maid service, Wormmon!

Ken: I wasn't sure if you were going to believe me.

Davis: I would have, but the rest of the guys would have been a hard sell. We need to start over.
Why don't you join us?

Ken: I'm sorry, but I can't. 

[KEN and WORMMON walk away]

Davis: We can figure this out together! Ken, please! At least think it over! We really need your

[KEN's D-TERMINAL beeps]

Ken: Email. 'Thanks for helping us today. I can't wait for the day when you decide to join us,
Ken. Yolei.'

[KEN smiles, and keeps walking]

Yolei: Don't worry, I think he'll come around. Why blame him for being cautious? We were
wrong not to give him a second chance. Besides, we could always use another DigiDestined!

Narrator: Will Ken join the other DigiDestined? Find out next time, on Digimon: Digital