Season 2, Episode 24: "If I Only Had A Tail Hammer"
English Version Written by: Michael Sorich and Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
Original Air Date: December 9, 2000
Transcribed by: katiecat <>



Mr. Ichijouji: Delicious, dear!

Mrs. Ichijouji: So tell us, dear. How was soccer?

Ken: was okay, mom.

Mrs. Ichijouji: Some more rice?

Mr. Ichijouji: It's important that you eat well. For your brain and body. You may not see it, but
you're growing all the time, Ken!

Ken: I'll have another...half a bowl, please.

Mrs. Ichijouji: Sure! Oh, Ken...tomorrow, soccer practice has been postponed!

Mr. Ichijouji: Mm...this beef stew is delicious! Can I have some more?

Mrs. Ichijouji: It's Chicken Parmesan!

Mr. Ichijouji: Oh, never mind.

[after dinner, KEN goes into his room]

Ken: Phew!

Leafmon: What's the matter? What is it, Ken?

Ken: Uh, it's nothing, really. I just ate too much at dinner.

Leafmon: That doesn't sound like you.

Ken: Normally, I just eat one bowl, but my folks seemed concerned, so...I ate a little more than I
usually do.

Leafmon: You ate more for your parents?

Ken: You would have ever thought of that? Boy, were they happy! I should eat like this every

Leafmon: Uh oh. In that case, there's only one thing to do. Jumping jacks! Come on, Ken! Feel
the burn! Crunch those abs! *laugh*

Ken: Huh? Alright, alright. You're buff enough. Let's just get some sleep.

[Later that night, a woman stands in front of KEN's computer]

Ken: Huh?

Leafmon: What is it, Ken?

Ken: Huh? Who are you?

Woman: Emperor, are you having trouble sleeping? That's because you're through!

Ken: Who...who are you?

Woman: You were just so useless.

Ken: What are you talking about? And What do you think you know about me?

Woman: And you had so much potential.

Ken: Huh?

Voice: Ken, you had a true chance for greatness. To rule in infamy forever! And you wasted it.
How unfortunate.

Leafmon: Is she gone?

Ken: I hope so.

[the next day, in the DIGITAL WORLD. The DIGIDESTINED are helping to clean up

Kari: Yolei, I'm so tired of liking this brush that my whole body is shaking! 

[KARI sees that DIGMON is drilling]

Kari: Oh. *laugh* Never mind.

Cody [sitting on DIGMON, shaking]: We make quite a drill team, Digmon!

Davis: Hey, lookin' good guys!

[Later, after they are all done...]

Davis: Well, that was a good day's work.

Yolei: Yeah, good work everyone!

Kari: We painted everything that's in sight, and some things that weren't!

Yolei: And Davis almost strained his voice shouting orders!

Kari: You know, even with some fresh paint and some new rooves, Primary Village seems kinda

Gatomon: You're right.

Yolei: Maybe a cute carpenter will come by!

Cody: If he shows up, the only place he's going is to work!

Yolei: I volunteer to be his helper!

TK: That jerk really left the Digital World in a big mess, didn't he?

Davis: Hey, listen, it's not my fault! I'm doing the best I can!

TK: I was walking about Ken, not you, Davis.

Davis: Oh. Never mind.

TK: No harm, no fowl.

Kari: You gotta wonder. What is he up to now?

Gatomon: Is he just playing with us so we think he's nice?

Davis: Well, if we is nice, he'd be here just like us, cleaning this place us just like us!

Veemon: That's for sure.

Yolei: But Ken's not coming back to the Digital World anymore, right?

Hawkmon: One wouldn't think so.

TK: Yeah, I don't think the Digimon could forgive him for What he did.

Cody: That's for sure.

Armadillomon: You sound mad.

Cody: Well, you're right. I can't forgive him, either. Not ever!

Davis: Well, let's get back to the real world. I'm starving!

Veemon: You're right!

Yolei: Davis, party of one!

[back in the REAL WORLD]

Yolei: Let's get going.

Cody: Well, I have a Kendo lesson to get to. Seeya later.

Davis: Yeah, seeya.

TK: Guess we'll just have to pig out without ya!

Kari: Have fun at your lesson!

Cody: Thanks.

Davis: And now What time is it?

All: It's time to munch!

Cody: What's this?

[CODY sees a newspaper with KEN's picture on it]

Cody: Hmm...

[at the lesson, CODY is fighting his GRANDFATHER]

Grandfather: That's excellent, Cody! This is all for today.

Cody: Yes, sir. Thank you, Sensei. Grandpa?

Grandfather: Look, check these out! They're liquid yogourt packs,

Cody: Oh?

Grandfather: I always eat yogourt with a spoon, right? Wrong!

Cody: Hmm...

Grandfather: Last week, I said 'What the heck!' and tried it this was. What a surprise. I learned
that I really enjoy drinking my yogourt instead of eating it with a spoon.

Cody: Oh?

Grandfather: A light went on, and I realized that we never stop learning, if we just keep trying.
*laugh* It's an interesting lesson.

Cody: Oh...

[at DAVIS' apartment]

DemiVeemon: *snore*

[at YOLEI's apartment]

[POROMON is jumping on her back]

Yolei: Ooh...oh! Just a little lower, Poromon! Ah...that's great!

[at TK's apartment]

[TK is building a tower of blocks]

TK: Finally, I did it! Wait 'til Davis sees this. He'll flip!

[PATAMON sneezes, and knocks the tower down. TK doesn't even care]

[at KARI's apartment]

[KARI is reading GATOMON a book]

Kari: And Catpunzel would let down her Persian hair, so he could climb up!

Gatomon: Hmm?

[at CODY's apartment]

Upamon: Hmm...

Cody: Grandpa's right. Being flexible is important.

[the next day, at SCHOOL]

Davis: Motomiya shoots, he scores! 

[DAVIS smashes the window]

Teacher: And if this happens again young man, you will be talking to the principal!

Davis: Yes, sir. It won't happen again.

[DAVIS goes to the computer room]

Poromon: What took you so long? Lose your way?

Davis: It's a long story. Some teachers are just nitpickers about such little things!

Yolei: What was it this time?

Davis: I was accidentally playing soccer indoors, and somehow, a window broke. Boy, Mr.
Reynolds sure is a grouch!

Cody: Not again!

TK: It's the fourth time, but hey, who's counting?

Davis: Four? I thought it was at least six!

All: *laugh*

Yolei: Alright, ready? Back to Primary Village we go! DigiPort Open!


Punimon: Hi!

Davis: We have new friends!

Punimon: Let's play! Let's play!

Cody: Well, they weren't here yesterday!

Armadillomon: Maybe it's 'cause yesterday, we rebuilt the nursery school!

Davis: No way, that was a nursery school?

Cody: Yep.

Hawkmon: So logic dictates, they were students there.

Yolei: Gotcha. So, if we restore things to the way they were, all the Digimon will return as well, right?

Punimon: Yay!

TK: Right, so let's keep working!

Davis: They're a major pain!

Kari: Aww...they're cute!

Davis: Huh? Aww...they're so sweet!

Veemon: It's not What you said a second ago!

Davis: Veemon, let's give this our best shot today! You know What to do!

Veemon: Veemon, Digivolve to... Uh oh...

Davis: And What was that all about? You gotta try harder! Digivolve!

Veemon: Hm! Veemon, Digivolve to... Veemon. I'm still Veemon... I guess my biorhythm's off

Davis: This doesn't make sense! You ate a ton, and you Digivolved fine yesterday!

Veemon: Why can't I Digivolve? Tell me whyyyyyyy!!! *cry* I'm done.

Davis: Maybe you're tired. Maybe some kind of Digi-jetlag!

Hawkmon: Is there any chance you ate some bad chocolate?

Veemon: Mm-mm. Nope.

Armadillomon: Maybe chicken soup'll help. Huh?

Davis: But he's fine! He ate four TV dinners for lunch! I've got it! He hasn't fought in so long,
that he's rusty! It's like he's totally out of shape when it comes to Digivolving. That must be it!
Glad I thought of it. You just need to relax, and do something to take your mind off of it!

All: Hmm.

Yolei: We've decided that both of you need a break from all this hard work. So guess What?
They're going back to work, while the four of us rest!

Davis: Well, I didn't want to say it, but I kinda need a little rest, myself.

TK: We're going to go outside of town. We have to check something out.

Kari: *laugh* We'll be back in about an hour.

Davis: Hey, I could use a little walk!

Yolei: Hey, I've got a great idea! I know something we could do that's really relaxing!

Davis: Yolei!

[out in the forest...]

Gatomon: No go for Gato!

TK: Alright, Patamon, you try it! Go ahead, give it your all!

Patamon: Right! Patamon, Digivolve to...Patamon... I need a break!

Gatomon: We're not amateurs like Veemon, that's going on?

Kari: It's pretty strange.

TK: Boy, I thought the Control Spires were knocked out of commission when Ken left. But this
makes me think they just might be active again!

Arukenimon: *laugh*

[YOLEI blows up a beach ball]

Yolei: Here!

Cody: Digmon and I are going to get back to work and finish fixing those water lines!

Davis: Hey, how is it Veemon and I end up having to babysit?

Yolei: Well, someone has to look after them! And strange as it sounds, they really seems to like
you! So, we figured you were the best choice.

Punimon: Yay!

Davis: Wait!

Veemon: Hey!

Yolei: Seeya!

Davis: Mmm...hey!

Davis & Veemon: Ugh. 

Davis: Alright, watch. You control the ball like this, got it? It's easy! Here it comes, Veemon!

Veemon: Got it!

Davis: Alright, now let's play a game so you can try! Go after it!

Punimon: Yay!

Davis: Go after that ball! Nice, you're getting the hang of it! Great!

Veemon: Ugh!

Davis: Go, go, go! That's it, use your head! Outstanding!

Kari: We're back, Yolei!

TK: Looks like they're having fun!

Yolei: I told Davis to watch the little ones, although I'm not sure who's watching who!

Kari: Great idea! This way, Davis gets to boss around someone else, not just us!

Yolei: So, we're you able to Digivolve?

TK: Nope. I think the Control Spires are What's keeping them from Digivolving. So, we gotta
find a way to prove my theory. Where's Cody, anyway?


Digmon: Boy, the emperor sure left a mess here! Everything's been buried! Well, we got a lot to
do. I guess we'd better get started, Cody. Cody?

Cody: Oh, uh...yeah. Let's get to work, Digmon!

Digmon: Dig it!

Digimon: Grr!

Cody: Ah!


Digmon: It's Thundermon! He's a highly charged Digimon, who's electrifying! But What's
shocking about this pint-sized powerhouse, is that he packs a ten-million-volt wallop!

[END D.A.]

Cody: I don't understand! Why is he attacking us? He's not being directed by a Control Spire, or
wearing a Dark Ring!

Digmon: I'm not sure. What should we do?

Cody: I don't know if we should fight! I've had enough! [thinking] We are in big trouble!

Davis: Wha...huh?

All: Huh?

Cody & Armadillomon: Ah!

Cody: This is ridiculous, he's attacking us for no reason! Hey, we haven't done anything, stop it!

Armadillomon: Armadillomon, Digivolve to...Ankylomon!

Ankylomon: That's enough!

Cody: You...Digivolved!


Ankylomon: I'm Ankylomon, a Champion Digimon. My whole body is covered in super strength
steel. I clap evildoers with my Megaton Press attack, and the bows that shoot from my Tail
Hammer will definitely put a dent in any enemy's plans!

[END D.A.]

Ankylomon: What happened, why did I Digivolve, Cody?

Cody: I don't know! Now I'm really confused. Veemon can't Digivolve, but you're at Champion

Ankylomon: Anyway, I think we better go above ground now. Now you better take cover.

Cody: Wait, Ankylomon! Don't tell me you're going to fight!

Ankylomon: Nah, I'm just gonna drive him away.

Cody: Ah!

[CODY is sucked into the air]

Ankylomon: Cody!

Stingmon: Hm.


Stingmon: Here.

Cody: The one that caught me, who is he?

Ankylomon: Never seen him before!

Davis & Veemon: Cody!

Gatomon: Are you Alright?

TK: Oh, wow! Just who is that?

Cody: Yeah!

Yolei: That's news, but uh...

Halsemon: So Cody, is that Digmon?

Cody: Yes! Armadillomon at the Champion level!

Davis: That's unbelievable!

Patamon: Who's that Digimon up there?

Ankylomon: Nobody knows!

Cody: That big green one helped us out! In fact, he really saved my life.

Kari: *gasp*

Stingmon: Spiking Strike!

[THUNDERMON is hit, and explodes]

Davis: Oh! What did he just do to Thundermon?

Yolei: He was...vapourized!

Kari: Look up there!

Davis: Hen? It just can't be!

Kari: What is he doing in the Digiworld?

Yolei: Watch out!

[STINGMON flies up behind him, and de-Digivolves]

Davis: Wormmon?

TK: Ken's back? Wormmon can Digivolve?

Davis: So, Wormmon saved Cody...didn't he?

Yolei: I guess that's right!

Cody [thinking]: This just doesn't really add up!

[later on, in the evening]

Davis: Here comes the ball! Good job. Now, advance the ball in the goal! The goal is that way!

TK: You're so popular!

Davis: Huh? Jealous? Alright, let's move it!

Yolei: Back to your troops, General!

Cody: You won't believe this. You know that Control Spire that was up on the ridge? Guess
What, it's vanished!

Yolei: Oh, no! Cody's right, it's really gone!

TK: How? When?

Cody: Maybe that's why Armadillomon was able to Digivolve!

Armadillomon: Yeah, that's it!

Ken: Wormmon, are you okay?

Wormmon: Well, I've been better. I let her get away.

Ken: Don't worry, my friend. We'll have another chance.

Wormmon: You're right, Ken. Next time, I won't miss.

[back in the REAL WORLD]

Cody: I still can't figure it out. What was his angle? Why did Ken help me out?

Grandpa: Cody... Kendo isn't just doing the same move over and over. 

Cody: Right.

Grandpa: Your heart, your mind, your technique. They need to be softer. 

Cody: Sensei, you mean...more like that liquid yogourt?

Grandpa: Huh? That's another way to look at this lesson. *laugh*

Narrator: Why did Ken help the DigiDestined? Who is this woman? Find out next time, on
Digimon: Digital Monsters!