Season 2, Episode 22: "Davis Cries Wolfman"

English Version Written By: Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz

Original Air Date: December 2, 2000

Transcribed by: katiecat <>


[OPENING SCENE: CODY's classroom]

Cody: And so the Kingdom was saved but their was no joy in the land that day for the kind had died. In an effort to save his people, he mistakenly stood on the wrong side of the cannon as it was being fired. The people watched in shock as the king flew overhead.

Upamon: Gee, Cody, you couldn't be a little more depressing, could you?

Cody: Sh!

[in the SCIENCE LAB]

Yolei: Listen up, everybody. I take this tube of hydro-something stuff, and add it to this beaker of

a few things I threw together, I let it simmer for a bit. Now the experiment is almost complete!

I'm thinking of doing some tutoring in chemistry after school, if any of you boys are interested.

Boy: Is it supposed to smoke that much?

Yolei: *laugh* Of course! It's just the chloro-dicarbonate polyethylene!

Poromon: Ah...

[The beaker explodes in YOLEI's face]

Yolei: *laughs*

Poromon: *laughs nervously*

[in the GYMNASIUM]

[KARI is dancing]

Kari: Hmm..aha!

Patamon: Kari's such a graceful dancer!

Gatomon: She should be. I taught her everything she knows.

Patamon: Teach me!

Gatomon: Okay!

[GATOMON and PATAMON start dancing]

DemiVeemon: I forgot my dancing shoes! Hmph.

[the boys are all shooting basketball, and missing the net]

Davis: You guys are lame! Watch me!

[DAVIS gets the ball in]

Davis: Nothing but net. Not only am I the best soccer player in the school, but I'm the best

basketball player, too.

DeviVeemon: Is there anything in the real world that Davis isn't the best at?

Gatomon: Yeah. Being modest.

Kari: The basketball game is about to start. Go, TK!

Referee: Jump ball!

[TK easily grabs the ball]

TK: Ah!

Patamon: Air...TK!

TK: Try and stop me Davis, if you can! Hah!

[TK runs past DAVIS and goes for a shot]

TK: Ah!

Patamon: Don't pose for a picture, shoot it!

TK: Ah!

[TK shoots, and gets it in]

Patamon: Two points!

Gatomon: Yeah!

DemiVeemon: I guess anybody could get lucky against Davis just once!

Kari: Nice shot!

TK: Teamwork, baby! Yeah!

Davis: Guys, we need to learn to pass the ball now! Let's do it!

DemiVeemon: Go, Davis!

Davis: Ah!

[DAVIS trips himself and falls on his face]

Gatomon & Patamon: *laugh*

DemiVeemon: It's not that funny!

Kari: Come on, guys. I think Davis needs a little more time to practice. *laugh*

[KARI leads all the girls away]

Girls: *laugh*

TK: Need a hand, Davis?

Davis: No, I need a team that knows how to pass the ball!

TK: I think they're starting to learn.

[a basketball hits DAVIS in the face]

Davis: Ah!

TK: Ah!

Cody: Oh...I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

Yolei: We're late!

Davis: Look who's here!

TK: Davis is in a bad mood. Let's hope things are better in the Digital World. He's already had

one nasty trip today!

Yolei: Hm. Is everybody ready?

All: Yeah!

Yolei: Then let's do it! DigiPort Open!


Cody: You know, I'm surprised that now with the Digimon Emperor gone, we're still able to

come to the Digital World!

Yolei: Of course we can still come! I don't know about the rest of you guys, but now that the

Digimon Emperor is gone, I plan on having a little fun in the Digisun! Don't you think we

deserve it?

TK & Cody: Well, yeah!

Yolei: How about you, Kari? Do you agree with me?

Kari & Gatomon: Well...

Davis: There will be plenty of time for rest and relaxation later, Yolei! But that's not why we

came to the Digital World today!

Yolei: I know, I know. We're here to restore the Digital World to the way it was before the

Digimon Emperor took over.

Davis: That's right! There are a lot of areas that are in pretty bad shape! And we're the reason for

it! We have to get to work.

Cody: Alright! Yolei, give us a damage report on all the different areas.

Yolei: Okay. Let me pull it up on the D-Terminal. The mountain area's pretty bad.

Gotsumon: Hyah! Let's get to work, boys! Don't leave any rock unturned, even if it's your cousin!

TK: I guess then...we'll take it.

Patamon: The Gotsumon rock!

Davis: Okay. Patamon and TK will handle the mountains.

Yolei: Next is the city. Wow, that looks in pretty bad shape, too!

Vegiemon: Form a single line, everybody! And no cutting in. Today's entree will be tuna

surprise. But we didn't have any tuna. That's the surprise!

Armadillomon: Did you hear that, Cody? You get a free lunch!

Cody: Wait for me!

Davis: Man, he beat me to it!

Yolei: Let's have a look at the farmlands.

Gekomon: Alright, you Bakemon! A little to the left. Now a smidge to the right. That's it! Easy

does it! Yeah!

Davis: Okay, then we'll take that one!

Kari: Wait, I wanted that area!

Gatomon: Me too!

Davis: The only fair thing to do is Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Kari: Let's do it!

Davis: Just so you know, I was champion in the fourth grade! Hyah!

[DAVIS gives a rock, KARI gives paper]

KARI: Yeah! *laugh*

Gatomon: *laugh*

Veemon: Oh...

Hawkmon: The next area is the lake.

Davis: Veemon and I will take that one!

[KARI and DAVIS run off to their areas]

Yolei: The only area left, then, is the beach.

Hawkmon: Alright. It's settled. You are I are headed to the beach!

[at the FARM...]

TK: Okay, Patamon!

[PATAMON waters some plants]

[at the BEACH...]

Yolei: Woodmon, you pull, and Gizamon, you push. Get it right this time! Go!

[in the CITY...]

Armadillomon: Ugh. This is hard work. So much for a free lunch.

[at the LAKE...]

Davis: Come on, Vegiemon! Lift! You gotta put some backbone into it! Oh, I forgot. You don't

have one!

Patamon: Gatomon!


KARI: What's wrong?

Gatomon: Patamon, is a dog chasing you?

Patamon: No, listen up! TK has a theory that I think we should al listen to!

KARI: What is it?

TK: I was thinking about what Cody said about still being able to come to the Digital World.

KARI: I thought we figured out that we could still come here because we're needed for

something, didn't we?

TK: That's the reason we were able to come here the first time.

Patamon: You're right, there must be a reason this time, too!

Gatomon: The reason is as plain as the whiskers on my face! We're here to clean up the mess left

by the Digimon Emperor!

Kari: The only problem with that theory is that we volunteered to do the work. We weren't


TK: Exactly. That's the part that's been bothering me. We're not meant to be here as a clean-up

crew. There's something else out there that we don't know about yet.

KARI: TK, you mean a new enemy?

Patamon: *gasp*

TK: I'm not exactly sure what it is yet, but I think we should be prepared for whatever's out there

waiting for us.

Kari & Gatomon: Hm.

Patamon: Uh-oh. Everybody's gone.

Kari: That's really strange. They were all here just a minute ago!

Patamon: Alright! If you're hiding, we give up! You can come out now! Ollie Ollie, Oxen Free!

TK: Davis! Veemon!

[at the LAKE...]

Davis: Hey, Veemon, have you noticed how chummy TK and KARI are together? Why do you

think that is?

Veemon: Maybe they're identical twins that look completely different!

Davis: For example, did you see how KARI was openly rooting for TK when we played


KARI: I love you, TK!

TK: Yeah!

Veemon: Funny, I don't quite remember it like that. I was too busy watching Gatomon.

Davis and Veemon: Ugh.

Veemon: We're not that popular.

Davis: If we want KARI and Gatomon to like us, we're got to change!

Veemon: What do you have in mind?

Davis: We have to be better at the things they like!

Veemon: Like what?

Davis: I have to learn to be a better basketball player.

Davis the Star Player: Ah!

KARI the Cheerleader: Yay!

Davis the Star Player: KARI loves me!

KARI the Cheerleader: *laugh*

Veemon: And I have to learn to be a better dancer!

[VEEMON tangos with GATOMON]

Gatomon: Veemon...

Davis: I've got it! Just Digivolve into a Champion Digimon who happens to be a great dancer!

Veemon: A regular twinkle toes!

Davis: Yeah, right! I can just picture it now. Angemon would have nothing on you!

Veemon: Here it goes! Veemon, Digivolve to...Champion MegaDancermon!

Davis: *laugh & clap*

[there's a rustling in the trees]

Davis: Huh?

Veemon: Ah!

[a large DIGIMON comes out of the trees. A cross between a reindeer and a Monzaemon]

Davis: That Digimon needs a new tailor!

Veemon: He must have a hard time finding eye glasses!

Davis: Look out, a monster! Ah!

Veemon: Ah!

Davis: Veemon, try and Digivolve into a Champion!

Veemon: Veemon, Digivolve to...ugh!

Digimon: Can we stop now, Davis?

Davis and Veemon: Huh?

Digimon: It's getting really hot in here.

Davis: Yeah, I guess so. Nice job, guys.

Digimon: Alright, everybody out!

[the DIGIMON falls down, and some NUMEMON and VEGIEMON come tumbling out of it]

Davis: Aw, you ripped your costume. And it was really good, too!

Numemon: Ugh. Seeya later!

Davis *laugh* This is all your fault, Veemon. If you would just Digivolve into a champion, I

never would have had to trick you!

Veemon: tried to scare me?

Davis: Well, you usually Digivolve when you're scared!


Davis: Ah!

Veemon: Grrrr...

Davis: Come on, Veemon! You're slower than the US mail!

I hope your champion form runs faster than you do! *laugh*

[DAVIS hold onto the rope of the bridge]

Davis [thinking]: And now, it's time for part 2 of 'Operation: Make Veemon Digivolve.' I made

Veemon mad, then while we're crossing this bridge, it breaks. In order to save me from the fall,

Veemon has to Digivolve to the Champion lever!

[DAVIS breaks the rope, and starts to rock the bridge]

Davis: Veemon, help me!

Veemon: Davis, hold on!

Davis: Ah! Help, Veemon! You've got to Digivolve!

Veemon: Veemon, Digivolve to...ah!

[DAVIS and VEEMON fall into the river below]

Davis: Ah!

Veemon: Was this another trick?

Davis: I would never do something like that!

Veemon: But Davis, why did you want me to Digivolve into a Champion?

Davis: I thought KARI would like me more if my Digimon could Digivolve to Champion level,

like TK's can!

Veemon: That's ridiculous. Gatomon wouldn't like me more if you could Digivolve!

Davis: Well, it couldn't hurt. She doesn't like you now!

Veemon: Hey, that's not nice! I really wish you wouldn't rub it in.

Davis: Okay.

Davis & Veemon: Huh?

[Some rocks fall from the cliff above]

Davis: Run, Veemon!

Veemon: This isn't another one of your tricks to get me to Digivolve to the Champion level, is it?

Davis: No! This time it's for real! Run!

Davis and Veemon: Ah!

Digimon: Huh?

[the yellow DIGIMON catches the rock, and shatters it on his shell]

Veemon: That was close!

Davis: It's a good thing he was here to block it! You were great, pal!

Digimon: Grr!

Davis: He doesn't take compliments well!


Digimon: I am Tortomon. I am a turtle type Digimon, but I hide my head from no one. I use my

Strong Carapace attack to be hard on my enemies.

[END D.A.]

Davis: This guy looks pretty angry!

Veemon: I'd be pretty angry, too, if I had a boulder come at me like that!

Davis: We didn't throw it at him!

Veemon: He doesn't know that!

Davis: Well, I'll just explain it to him and everything will be fine. Listen, you seem like a

reasonable fellow. Let me tell you what happened.

Tortomon: Grr!

Veemon: Smooth move. Hey, how do I know that's not some Digimon in disguise trying to scare


Tortomon: Grr!

[TORTOMON looks really angry]

Veemon: Never mind!

[at the FARM...]

TK: So let me get this straight. Davis is trying to trick Veemon so he'll Digivolve to the

Champion level?

KARI: Why does he always have some hair-brained scheme he's trying to pull off?

Veemon: Ah!

KARI & TK: Ah!

Davis & Veemon: Ah!

KARI: What's wrong, Davis?

Gatomon: Veemon!

TK: You guys look like you've seen a monster!

Tortomon: Grr!

TK: So, you think the Digimon's mad at you because he thinks you threw a boulder at him?

Davis & Veemon: Mm-hm.

KARI: Why don't you guys just explain the situation to him?

Gatomon: Start with Davis' lame plan...

Patamon: And finish by saying you're sorry!

Veemon: We tried that already!

Davis: Of course, if Veemon had Digivolved to the Champion level in the first place, none of

this would have happened!

Veemon: Again with the Digivolving thing?

Tortomon: Grr!

All: Ah!

[TK and KARI jump behind some logs, and DAVIS runs away]

Tortomon: Grr!

TK: Have you ever noticed that Davis always gets himself into these things?

KARI: Should we help them?

TK: Nah.

KARI: But how do we know that they'll be okay?

Gatomon: Somehow, Davis always lands on his feet.

Patamon: Besides, I don't think Tortomon is that angry with them, anyway!

[TORTOMON chases after DAVIS and VEEMON, growling]

Davis & Veemon: Ah!

[in the CITY...]

[CODY is teaching kendo to some GAZIMON]

Cody: Ready! And one, and two, and three, and four...

Davis: Cody!

Cody: Huh? Hey, Davis, what's the big hurry?

Davis: We need help!

Cody: Hyah!

Tortomon: Grr!

[CODY drops his stick and runs]

Cody: Oh! I just remembered I've got to study for a big math test next Monday! Seeya!

Tortomon: Grr!

Davis & Veemon: Ah!

Cody: Boy, Davis sure has some strange ideas about how to have fun!

Armadillomon: You can say that again!

[at the BEACH...]

Veemon: Hawkmon! Yolei! Help!

Yolei: Cody sent me an email and said you have a small problem!

Tortomon: Grr!

Davis & Veemon: Ah!

Hawkmon: I would not call that small!

Davis: Yolei, quick! Do something, please!

Veemon: Yeah, help us! Hurry!

Yolei: While you guys are running around playing games, some of us are working! Now...


Yolei: Ugh! Ah!

Hawkmon: Oh!

Davis: We're not playing games!

[TORTOMON splashes YOLEI and HAWKMON with water]

Tortomon: Grr!

Yolei & Hawkmon: Huh?

[VEEMON and DAVIS run up a cliff]

Veemon: Davis, please tell me this is another trick!

Davis: Do you think I'm smart enough to think of something like this?

Veemon: Good point.

Tortomon: Grr!

Veemon: Someone help us!

Davis: Please, anybody!

Tortomon: Grr!

Davis & Veemon: Woah!

[DAVIS and VEEMON stop when they reach a cliff]

Davis: This is the end of the line, pal!

Tortomon: Grr!

Davis: He' bad breath!

Tortomon: *roar*

Davis & Veemon: Goodbye, old friend!

Davis: Hold on, Tortomon! Let me just say one thing!

Tortomon: Huh?

Davis: I have one final request.

Veemon: What are you doing, Davis??

Davis: Shut up and get down here!

Veemon: Oh, boy.

Davis: I've always considered myself a very clean person.

Veemon: Oh, really? It's a good thing he's never seen your room!

Davis: Before you destroy us, could you do me a big favour? Would you mind washing your


Veemon: Huh??

Tortomon: Huh?

Davis: I don't want to get any bad germs or anything.

Veemon: I wouldn't be worrying about germs right now!

Davis: If you've got a better idea, I'd be glad to hear it right about now!

Veemon: Uh, Davis is right! Germs can be very dangerous, especially when...

[TORTOMON gets very angry]

Tortomon: Grr!

Veemon: I don't think he buys the whole germ theory!

Tortomon: Grr!

Davis: Ah!

Veemon: Vee Head...

[VEEMON falls down]

Veemon: Ugh...Butt...

Davis: Veemon!

Veemon: Boy, do I have a headache!

Davis: Teach this guy a lesson, Veemon!

[DAVIS' DIGIVICE starts to glow]

Veemon: Huh? Wow! Veemon, Digivolve to...ExVeemon!

Davis: You did it, Veemon! You reached the Champion level!


ExVeemon: I feel like a new 'mon! Davis, wait 'til you see my Vee Laser attack! I'll make Vee

Head Butt look like a tip of the shoulder!

[END D.A.]

Tortomon: Grr!

ExVeemon: ExVee Punch!

Tortomon: Strong Carapace!

[EXVEEMON blocks the attack]

Tortomon: Grr!

ExVeemon: ExVee Kick! Vee Laser!

[TORTOMON is hit, and knocked off the cliff]

ExVeemon: Yeah!

Tortomon: Ahh!

Davis: Tortomon has got to learn to come out of his shell. Huh?

Tortomon: Spinning attack!

Davis: I can't wait!

[TORTOMON comes out of his shell, dizzy and defeated]

Davis: Do I head splashing?

Tortomon: *laugh*

[TORTOMON is washing his hands in the lake]

Davis: What do you know? The big lug washed his hands after all! That's a good habit to get


Tortomon: *laugh*

[later on, they go to meet the others...]

ExVeemon: So, this is what it feels like to be a Champion!

Davis: Kinda like a great boxer, huh? Only with all your teeth. Everybody, I'd like you to meet

ExVeemon! Champion Digimon extrordinaire!

Cody: I've always been fond of Veemon, and I'm sure I'll like you, as well!

Yolei: Now out cleanup of the Digital World will go a lot faster! Let's put them to work!

All: Alright!

ExVeemon: Huh?

Davis: Ah!

All: *laugh*

Davis: Ha ha... What are you laughing at, ExVeemon? Just because you're a Champion now

doesn't mean you know how to dance yet!

Narrator: Is TK right about the DigiDestined having a new enemy? Find out next time, on

Digimon: Digital Monsters!