Season 2, Episode 20: "The Darkness Before Dawn"

English Version Written by: Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz

Original Air Date: November 18, 2000

Transcribed by: katiecat <>



Kimeramon: Roar! Heat Piper!

Digimon: Ah!

Digimon Emperor: This is what I call fire! *laugh* They can run, but there's nowhere to hide! Soon I will have control over the entire Digital World! *laugh*

Wormmon: Oh, master. [thinking] Is this really what Ken wants?

Kari: Another city destroyed! This is terrible!

Davis: Ken did a lot of damage from his flying mobile home, even if it does look like a giant flying slug.

Kari: And all those poor Digimon...they don't have a home anymore.

Davis: I'm tired of bad things happening to bad Digimon!

Raidramon: Wait until I get my paws on Ken.

Digmon: He's destroying everything in his path!

Halsemon: And he shows no signs of letting up!

Cody: It's like he wants to burn every square inch of the Digital World!

Yolei: Bite your tongue!

Tentomon: That can't taste too good.

TK: I don't care what it takes. I'm going to find a way to stop that thing!

Kari: TK's right! We have to destroy that thing, no matter what it costs us!

Pegasusmon: I think everyone agrees. But ever when we're combined, we don't have the power to defeat him!

Kari: So now what?

Tentomon: We have two options: Quit, or give up. Because nothing is going to stop him until he runs out of gas!

Cody: Runs out of gas....Tentomon, you just gave me an idea!

Tentomon: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!

Cody: Hey, what's that? A pipeline!


Tai: So, he's called Kimeramon?

Izzy: H has Kabuterimon's head! And the wings of both Angemon and Airdramon!

Mimi: Monochromon's tail, and Garurumon's legs!

Tai: He's got Greymon's body, and MetalGreymon's hair!

Izzy: And Kuwagamon's, SkullGreymon's, and Devimon's arms! Talk about a split personality! Gee, it's a good thing Kari send us these pictures, so we can get a good look at it!

Matt: And the Digimon Emperor built this? Couldn't he have stayed with model aeroplanes like the rest of us?

Tai: That's it! I'm gonna destroy him! Hey Izzy, how do I destroy him?

Izzy: Well, before we do that, we're first going to have to figure out how to get him to hold still.

Tai: How do we do that? His base is always moving!

Izzy: We're getting another email from Cody. 'Izzy: We found a pipeline that will cross paths with Ken's base. I know you can use this information somehow.' Hm, he has such confidence in me.

Matt: What pipeline?

Tai: Hey, what's that a picture of?

Izzy: Hm? Let me check. Oh, I get it. The pipe is connected to the off-short oil platform! An oil pipeline. Pipeline. I've got it!

Tai: You figured out how to stop him?

Izzy: Actually, no, but I needed an eight-letter word for my crossword puzzle.

Tai: Stay on track.

Izzy: Oh, right. Actually, I do have a plan that if we're lucky just might work. Let's hope these guys can pull it off.

Digimon Emperor: I should build a monument to myself. *laugh*

Voice: *laugh*

Digimon Emperor: Ugh!

Wormmon: Master, what's wrong?

Digimon Emperor: Just leave me alone!

Wormmon: Why don't you take a time out from all the destruction and we can start again tomorrow.

Digimon Emperor: Go away!

Voice: You can't hide from the darkness!

Digimon Emperor: Who are you?

Wormmon: I'm Wormmon, remember?

Voice: Watch your step! Or you might fall into a hole you didn't even know was there!

Digimon Emperor: Ahh!

Wormmon: Master, what's wrong?

Digimon Emperor: *insane laugh* Now that I have Kimeramon, nothing can stop me from controlling this world Not even a little voice! *laugh*


Agumon: Do you think anyone spotted us?

Gabumon: No, I don't think so.

Tentomon: Let's go topside and scout the situation. Come on!

[they see KIMERAMON]

Tentomon: On second thought, let's go below and hide!

Kimeramon: Roar!

All: Ah!

Gabumon: I changed my mind! I want to go home!

Agumon: No! We have to follow Izzy's plan!

Tentomon: Get ready! Here he comes!

Agumon: Let's do it!

[the three DIGIMON turn a wheel, and OIL sprays up from the PIPE]

Agumon: Alright! Got it! Pepper Breath!

Gabumon: Blue Blaster!

[the FIRE spreads to all around the EMPEROR'S BASE]

Digimon Emperor: Where did those flames come from? Hurry, and get the fire extinguisher!

Agumon: Very efficient, Gabumon.

Gabumon: Thanks, Agumon. You were pretty hot yourself.

Tentomon: What am I, invisible? So sue me, I don't have dragon's breath! Let's see you guys try flying!

Kari: Look! Izzy's plan worked!

Davis: Well, the first part at least. Alright, while he's busy cleaning up, we'll sneak in.

Cody: Hey guys, look down there. Do you see that small door? I bet that's the entrance!

Davis: Let's go, Raidramon!

[DAVIS and RAIDRAMON jump from the cliff onto the BASE]

Davis: Yeah! Am I good, or what?

TK: If he keeps telling himself that, he might start to believe it!

Yolei: At least someone will.

Kari: *laugh*

Agumon: Well, guys, we've done everything we can. Now what?

Tentomon: There's only one thing left to do.

Gabumon: Yeah, let's hit the sushi bar!


Izzy: Part one of the plan went well.

Tai: Great!

Matt: Will they be okay? They're in the most dangerous possible place!

Tai: We're just going to have to trust them. This time, they're on their own.

Izzy: Good luck, you guys.

Tai: We better get ready for a long night. I don't think any of us are going to sleep. I know the Digimon Emperor won't sleep, and I don't think Davis and the others will, either!

[INT. - CAVE in the BASE]

Davis: I'm exhausted. Let's stop and sleep.

TK: Not yet, let's keep going a little further.

Davis: Hey look, guys! There's a light at the end of the tunnel!

TK: Couldn't you think of something a little more original?

Davis: Hey, look at that!

TK: Yeah, it looks like something out of a Science-Fiction movie!

Davis: Yeah, and I'm the hotshot pilot who rescues Princess Kari!

Kari: He said 'Science-Fiction', not 'Complete Fantasy'!

All: Woah!

Yolei: I bet he gets great reception with that antenna! And he probably gets all the underground channels with that one!

TK: Down there. That's where the engine room is.

Davis: Figures. How come the engine room is never on the same floor as the front door?

Wormmon: Look, Master, we have more guests. Should I put together another Hors D'oeuvres tray?

Digimon Emperor: How convenient. I can finish those kids without leaving home.

Davis: What's that sound? Look, Bakemon!

Yolei: At least they're small!

Cody: Something tells me they're not here to welcome us!

Kari: Cody's right!

Davis: No problem. We'll welcome them, instead!

Raidramon: Thunder Blast!

Digmon: Gold rush!

Halsemon: Eagle eye!

Nefertimon: Queen Paw!

Pegasusmon: Baying Wind!

[all the BAKEMON are destroyed]

Davis: Leave, while the ghosts are spooked!

Digimon Emperor: What's your hurry?

All: *pant*

Davis: Wow! This place is huge! I betcha Ken plays soccer in here!

Kari: With who? He doesn't have any friends!

Yolei: Look!

Davis: What's going on?

All: Ah!

Davis: Oh no! It's Kimeramon!

Kimeramon: Grr!

Davis: Look, more Bakemon! What did Ken do, buy them by the dozen?

TK: Yeah. I can't believe it. We were almost in the engine room.

Raidramon: Davis, you and the others go hide.

Davis: Huh?

Raidramon: Kimeramon is really strong! It's going to take all of us to fight, and it might get ugly.

Pegasusmon: I agree. You need to stay clear, TK.

TK: You guys be careful.

Nefertimon: Don't worry, Kari.

Kari: I'll try.

Digmon: Save us some snacks for when this is all over!

Yolei: Let's go, you guys!

Davis: We can hide over here!

Raidramon: Thunder Blast!

Halsemon: Eagle eye!

Nefertimon: Queen Paw!

Pegasusmon: Baying Wind!

Davis: Alright!

Cody: Look!

[the BAKEMON are coming towards the kids]

Digmon: Gold Rush!

Cody: Great job! Thanks a lot, Digmon!

Digmon [minus drills]: Don't mention it!

Kimeramon: Heat Piper!

[KIMERAMON hits the Digimon with his attack]

Raidramon and Pegasusmon: Ahh!

Nefertimon and Halsemon: Ahh!

Digmon: Ahh!

[all the Digimon smash against the wall]

Davis: He's too powerful!

Kari: And they weren't even hit!

TK: He doesn't care who he hits, he's totally out of control!

Wormmon: He's going to destroy the whole base!

Digimon Emperor: I don't care!!

Raidramon: Thunder Blast!

Digmon: Gold Rush!

Halsemon: Tempest Wing!

Pegasusmon: Star Shower!

Nefertimon: Rosetta Stone!

[the attacks hit KIMERAMON]

Davis: They got him!

[the attack don't phase him]

Kimeramon: Grr!!

Kari: It had no effect!

Davis: That's impossible!

Yolei: They used their best attacks and he doesn't have a single scratch on him!

Cody: Now what? What else can we do?

TK: There's just nothing we can do right now Cody, except watch.

Kimeramon: Heat Piper!

[KIMERAMON hits them over and over]

Kari: They can't take much more of him!

[KIMERAMON'S attack slams them into the walls]

Nefertimon: Ugh!

Digmon: Ugh! I've got that shrinkin' feeling.

[DIGMON devolves to UPAMON]

Cody: Upamon!

Halsemon: Ugh!

[HALSEMON devolves to POROMON]

Yolei: Poromon! Oh no!

Raidramon: Davis!!


Demiveemon: Ugh!

Davis: Deviveemon!

Nefertimon: I can't hold it!


Kari: Gatomon!

TK: Patamon!

Digimon Emperor: Wait a minute. Those little Digimon. I've seen them before. Now I remember! It was at that soccer game! When I first met those kids. They're so little!

Wormmon: That's right. Just like human babies.

Digimon Emperor: I never thought of it before. Human babies?

[the DIGIMON EMPEROR remembers back to the soccer game]

Digimon Emperor: Kimeramon, stop!

TK: He stopped moving!

Davis: What's going on?

Kari: Now's our chance, let's go!

Digimon Emperor: I'll deal with those kids on my own.

TK: Let's get out of here.

Davis: You mean leave?

TK: Our plan didn't work because our Digimon aren't strong enough. Sometimes you just have to fall back, come up with a new plan, and try again!

Kari: Besides, they don't have enough strength to keep going.

Cody: I'm with TK.

Davis: Well, I'm not!

All: Huh?

Davis: Look, guys, we can't just give up and leave now! We might not ever get a chance like this again! And how do we know he won't start attacking again? Come on, he's just standing there like a big, ugly stuffed animal! Let's finish what we came here to start!

Kari: That's impossible.

Cody: Kari's right!

Yolei: Davis, look around. Most of our Digimon have returned to their in-training forms.

Demiveemon: We didn't mean to!

Davis: I just can't forget what happened!

[FLASHBACK to when KIMERAMON destroyed the Digimon city]

Davis: We had to sit around and watch as this mix-and-match monster destroyed everything! It didn't matter who got in his way.


Davis: I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't stand by and let that happen again! And if you guys aren't going in with me, then I'm going alone, because I refuse to give up until this thing is completely destroyed once and for all!

Demiveemon: I'm going with you, Davis!

Davis: Are you sure?

Demiveemon: Come on, do you really have to ask?

Davis: Alright then. Let's go!

Demiveemon: Hold on! Let me put on my safety belt!

Davis: Oww! That's not a safety belt, that's my hair!

[DAVIS jumps from the chain, but lands with one hand, hanging on to the edge of the platform]

Davis: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Demiveemon: So what do we do now?

TK: Well, I guess it's our turn.

Cody: Right.

Yolei: If Davis thinks he's going to take all the credit for this, he can forget it!

Kari: Yeah, right. He's take credit for inventing the wheel!

Digimon Emperor: Kimeramon, don't let them get away!

TK: It's the Digimon Emperor!

[KIMERAMON doesn't listen, instead he flies away through the roof]

Digimon Emperor: Kimeramon, where are you going? Kimeramon!

Dark Voice: *laugh*

TK: What's the weird voice?

Dark Voice: *laugh*

Wormmon: Ken, what's the matter? Ken?

Digimon Emperor: Leave me alone! [thinking] I have nothing to be scared of. The powers of darkness mean nothing to me! I'm still the ruler of this world!

Wormmon [thinking]: I knew Ken was doing things he wasn't supposed to be doing. I wish one time he would listen to me.

Digimon Emperor [thinking]: Once I find Kimeramon, nothing can stop me!

Wormmon [thinking]: Now I'm the only one who can protect him. Okay, Wormmon, let's see what you're made of.

TK: Ken must have tried to control the powers of darkness, but it was too much for him! Okay, everybody, this is our chance to get the engine room and destroy it!

Davis: Next time, you climb, and I'll sit on our head!

[WORMMON steps in front of DAVIS]

Davis: Get out of the way! I know who you are!

Wormmon: This way.

Davis: Huh?

Wormmon: The engine room is over here. Follow me.

Davis: Do I look stupid to you? Never mind. This is some kind of trap!

Wormmon: No! Listen, to have to believe me. This isn't a trap. I'm trying to save my master. He created this awful Digimon, Kimeramon, and now he can't control it anymore! I'm afraid things have gone too far, and I'm losing him. I hope that if you destroy this place, I'll be able to get him back. I'm willing to help you, if you'll help me. What do you say, is it a deal?

Davis: I'll do it!

Wormmon: You will?

Davis: Really. I'm not as big a jerk as people think!

Wormmon: Really, you're not? Thanks! Come on.

Demiveemon: Can you feel that? It's like the whole room is full of some kind of energy!

Davis: What do you think it is?

Wormmon: I don't know, but it's coming from that black thing!

Wormmon: Ken found that. Somehow, the power from that is making this base move!

Davis: Okay, so all we have do is take it away and the base will stop moving. We'll never be able to lift it!

[the BLACK OBJECT rises into the air]

Davis: Huh?

Digimon Emperor: The power source!

TK: Way to go, Davis!

Davis: I've got a weird feeling about this! What's going on?

Demiveemon: Davis, look at that!

[DEMIVEEMON digivolves to VEEMON]

Veemon: Huh!

Davis: You digivolved! How?

All: Ahh!

[the LIGHT shines through the ENGINE ROOM]

Davis: Veemon, look at that! I've never seen anything like it!

Veemon: Me, neither!

Davis: Aw, man, it looks like a golden digiegg!

[the DIGIEGG flies to DAVIS]

Davis: I guess this means that it's mine! Veemon, you think you can handle it?

Veemon: Yeah, Mmm-hmm!!

Davis: Golden Armour Energize!

Veemon: Veemon, golden armour digivolve to...Magnamon!

Davis: Aw...dude, that's amazing!

Wormmon: How'd you do that?

TK: This changes everything!

Digimon Emperor: Ahh...

Magnamon: The balance of power has shifted!

Narrator: Will Magnamon be able to defeat Kimeramon? Find out, on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!