Season 2, Episode 18: "Run Yolei Run"

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Original Air Date: November 11th, 2000

Transcribed By: katiecat <>




Tai: We have to find the Digimon Emperor! I hope the others are having more luck than us.

TK: I don't see anything!

Matt: I wonder how Cody's doing.

[CODY and IZZY are looking on a mountain. CODY slips and falls]

Cody: Ahh!

[IZZY catches him]

Izzy: You okay, Cody?

Cody: Yeah, thanks to you!

Izzy: You can make it. We're almost at the top. Just don't look down!

Tentomon: You two get up here right away! You won't believe it!

Izzy: We'll be right there, Tentomon!

[IZZY and CODY climb to where TENTOMON was talking about]

Cody: I don't believe it!

Tentomon: I told you!

Cody: I'm seeing things, I think.

[there are lots of CONTROL SPIRES, along with lots of Digimon slaves fighting each other]

Armadillomon: Dig this!

Izzy: Woah! Look at all those!

Cody: There are hundreds on control spires!

Izzy: And hundreds of evil Digimon slaves!

Cody: Poor Digimon!

Armadillomon: Seems to me those DarkTyrannomon are coming out of that dome!

Izzy: I bet you that's where the Digimon Emperor's headquarters are. Uh oh, we better get out of

here! I hope we don't need your help, Tentomon. It would be impossible for you to digivolve

with all these control spires! Maybe they haven't spotted us.

[a KUWAGAMON flies up to them]

Izzy: Ugh!

Cody: Ah!

Armadillomon: I knew I should have brought my giant fly swatter!

Cody: Get him, Digmon! DigiArmour Energize!

Armadillomon: Armadillomon, Armour digivolve to...Digmon: The Drill of Power!

[KUWAGAMON starts to attack]

Cody and Izzy: Ah!

Digmon: May I have this dance?

[CODY and IZZY ride down the mountain on a piece of metal]

Cody and Izzy: Ah!

Izzy: My D3's going wild!

Digimon Emperor: Going somewhere?

Cody: The Digimon Emperor!

Digimon Emperor: So nice of you to drop in on my headquarters. It saves me the time of hunting

you down.

Tentomon: I could TRY to digivolve!

Izzy: Go!

Tentomon: Tentomon, digivolve to....oh, forget it. I can't digivolve!

Digimon Emperor: How many times do I have to tell you people? You're sitting in the

'no-digivolving' section!

Cody and Izzy: Grrr...

[they all fall through a hole in the mountain]

All: Ah!

Cody: Thanks, Digmon!

Digmon: Do I know how to dig a hole, or what?

[DIGMON digs them away from danger]

Digmon: You're in the clear!

Cody: There are no control spires around here!

Izzy: Tentomon!

Tentomon: I'll give it another shot! Tentomon, digivolve to...Kabuterimon!

Digimon Emperor: So that's Kabuterimon. I think I'll add him to my collection.


[CODY and IZZY come through the DIGIPORT]

Tai: That's everyone!

Izzy: Is my mom here?

Tai: No, we were lucky. We all made it back before she got home.

Izzy: That was close.

Tai: What did you find in your area?

Cody: The whole place was covered with a bunch of control spires!

Yolei: I knew it!

Davis: There must have been a control spire convention in town!

TK: Tell me about it. There were hundreds of them!

Cody: We found something else, too! The Digimon Emperor's Base!

Kari: His base?

Cody: Yeah!

Tentomon [from the computer]: I'll keep my eyes open here, and report back if there's any


Izzy: Right. Alright, everybody should take a look at this.

[IZZY shows them the computer screen, which has the grid of CONTROL SPIRES on it.]

All: Huh?

Izzy: First, look at the area that Davis' group explored. Next, the area that TK's group was in.

Finally, here's where my group was. If we connect them together...

Davis: It's a circus clown! I love this game!

Izzy: No, Davis, it's a path.

Poromon: He's taking over all the areas! Talk about nesting!

Patamon: There will be nothing left of our world!

DemiVeemon: Not to mention our friends!

Upamon: That's it! Now I'm really starting to get upset!

Gatomon: If only we could destroy that base.

Kari: Hm? That's it! If we destroy the Emperor's base, then the Control Spires would be useless!

TK: That makes sense!

Davis: So then why are we sitting around like a bunch of Yahoos? I say we go to the Digital

World, find his base, and rip it up like a bad cheque! Right, DemiVeemon?

DemiVeemon: Right!

TK: What do you want to do? Walk up there and say 'Excuse me, do you mind if we take a

couple of minutes and tear down this building?

Davis: Well, you're right. I suppose we have to come up with some sort of plan.

Yolei: He's right. It's going to take a lot of thinking.

TK: I agree. And I also think it's going to take longer than one day to accomplish!

Yolei: Huh? I suppose if we all had to be back by a certain time, we wouldn't be able to

concentrate on destroying the base!

Kari: Right. Then we all have to agree on one thing: We don't return until the base is destroyed.

Yolei: Huh? You mean...

Cody: I don't know. If I'm not there for my mom's tuna casserole, she'll know something's wrong!

I haven't missed one in two years!

Davis: Just make up some excuse to tell her, like you were picked by the army to go on a secret

mission to mars!

Kari: If you told your parents that, they'd actually believe you?

Davis: 'Course not! They don't believe anything I say!

Izzy: Ugh...with all these control spires in the Digital World, there's no way our Digimon will

ever be able to digivolve!

Matt: That means us older kids would be useless if we went to the Digital World with you guys!

Tai: That's true, Matt, but there's other ways we can help out without actually going with them!

Like camping! While you guys are in the Digital World, we'll go camping!

Kari: Huh?

TK: How's it going to help us if we're fighting the Emperor while you guys are roasting


Tai: It's simple. We can tell our parents we're going camping. But if they call the camp grounds

and no one's there, we'll get in trouble! So, the older kids will go camping and cover for you!

Matt: Great idea, Tai. Plus, we get to go camping!

Tai: Tough job, but someone's got to do it!

[there's a knock at the door]

Izzy: Ugh, come in...

Mrs. Izumi: Oh, you're home! Hello!

[when MRS.IZUMI walks in, DAVIS and KARI are holding each other, dancing, TK and YOLEI

are arm wrestling with CODY watching, MATT and TAI are looking at a globe, and IZZY is

holding all the DIGIMON, pretending they are stuffed animals]

Izzy: Ah, hi there, mom!

All: Hello, Mrs. Izumi!

Mrs. Izumi: Hi kids! What are you all doing inside on such a nice day?

All: Uh...

[they all look at IZZY]

Izzy: Uh well...we're discussing going on a camping trip for our next vacation!

Mrs. Izumi: That sounds like fun, but you're going to need a chaperone. Who's the adult who's

going with you?

Izzy: Uh...

Matt: Oh, don't worry! My dad will go with us! He loves travelling the world!

Tai [whispering]: Are you sure?

Matt: No, but it sounded good!


Mr. Ishida: What? You want me to go camping with you?

Matt: Please, Dad? I already promised the others you would do it! Just imagine...being out in the

wilderness with all the snakes, and the wolves and the grizzly bears...

TK: Hey, Dad? Tell us again about the time you were chased by a grizzly bear!

Mr. Ishida: Ugh...don't you kids have homework?


June: What are you doing?

Davis: None of your business.

June: Looks like you're packing for a camping trip.

Davis: It's your imagination.

June: Are TK and the others going?

Davis: I can't remember.

June: Is Matt going camping, too?

Davis: Matt moved to another country.

June: Well, if you're going, and Matt's going, can I go too?

Davis: Sure you can go! Go away!

[from the TV]

Reporter: Police still have no idea as to the whereabouts of boy genius Ken Ichijouji, who

mysteriously disappeared sometimes ago.

Mr. Ichijouji: If anyone has seen my son, please contact the police right away.

June: That kid's still lost?

Mrs. Ichijouji: I hope he's not along somewhere, cold and hungry! Oh, he's helpless without me!

[at TK's APT]

TK [thinking]: If only they knew!


[YOLEI thinks back to what the group said earlier - she's having doubts]

TK: I also thing it's going to take more than one day to accomplish!

Kari: Right! Then we all have to agree on one thing: We don't return until the base is destroyed!

Yolei: Alright. Even though I'm going to be gone a long time, and I'll miss my soap operas, I am

totally up for this!

Poromon: You shouldn't be up at all! We went to bed hours ago! Some of us are trying to sleep!

Good night! Hmph!

Yolei: Yeah. Good night. [Thinking] Go Yolei, Go Yolei, Go! Go Yolei, Go Yolei, Go!

[The next day, in IZZY'S room. The group prepares for "camping"]

Yolei: Digimon Emperor, prepare to go down! We're going to teach that evil genius a lesson he'll

never forget!

Patamon: She's excited.

Poromon: I know! She's been like this all night.

Yolei: Hyah! Rrr! Ya! Hyah!

[YOLEI does karate moves on the air]

Izzy: Hey, Yolei, save some for the Digimon Emperor!

[YOLEI marches in front of the kids]

Yolei: Left, Right, Left, Right, Halt!

TK: Sir, yes sir!

Matt: You've got a lot to learn about women, TK!

Izzy: Be safe!

Kari: Right!

Yolei: Alright! Time to go! Let the battle begin! DigiPort Open! Yeehaw!


Mr. Ishida: Are you rugged camping men all ready to go? *laugh*

Tai: Yup. Thanks for taking us.

Mr. Ishida: Well, I guess we should get going.

Matt: Right.

June: Hi there, Matt! I'm ready!

All: Huh?

Tai: Isn't that Davis' sister? What's she doing here?

Matt: I have no idea.

Tai: Well, see what you can do to get rid of her, okay?

Matt: Right. Hey, June. What's going on?

June: I thought this camping trip would be a perfect romantic getaway for us.

Matt: Oh, I see.

Izzy: Lucky Matt. Girls must chase him all day.

Tai: I know exactly how he feels.

June: By the way, where's Davis and the others?

Matt: Oh, those guys? They went ahead of us in another car. A friend of my dad's has a really big


[TAI and IZZY snicker from the rear-view mirror]

June: Hm. Where do I sit?

Matt: Uh...first, I have a present to give you!

June: For me?

Matt: Yeah, but I didn't get a chance to wrap it, so...close your eyes and count to ten, and I'll be

right back with your present, okay?

June: Okay, Matt! 1...2...

[JUNE turns around and starts to count, while MATT runs back to the van]

Matt: Okay, dad...step on it.

Mr. Ishida: You want to...leave her there?

Matt: Yep.

Mr. Ishida: You have a lot to learn about women, Matt.

Matt: Where have I heard THAT before?

[JUNE continues to count as they drive away, but she notices]

June: Matt! Where's my present?


Cody: The Emperor's Base is up here! Follow me!

Hawkmon: Yolei, this isn't a track meet!

Cody: Huh?

Tentomon: I hate to be the fly in your soup, but the Emperor's base is gone!

TK: Huh? It can't be!

Kari: Let's have a look.

Cody: It was right here!

Davis: Maybe it was a mobile home!

Armadillomon: Since he was leaving, he could have done the polite thing and taken the control

spires with him!

Gatomon: Has anyone seen Yolei?

Kari: Look down there!

Yolei: Wee!

[YOLEI slides down the hill]

Hawkmon: Yolei, can't we take the scenic route?

Davis: Are you sure you saw it? Maybe it was a garage!

Cody: You mean a mirage?

Davis: No, I meant a place were the Digimon Emperor keeps his cars!

TK: How can a whole building simply disappear into thin air?

Kari: Maybe Ken is friends with a really good magician.

Patamon: What do we do?

TK: We keep on looking. We promised not to leave until the base is destroyed!

Davis: Leave it to me! I'll find his headquarters! All we have to do is follow the building tracks

in the dirt!


Yolei: Up here!

All: Huh?

Hawkmon: Yolei seems to be losing it.

Yolei: I know what happened! The entire building just flew right up into the sky!

Hawkmon: Ridiculous. If that happened, someone would have seen it!

Yolei: That's right. It was you!

[YOLEI points an accusing finger at TENTOMON]

Tentomon: Me?

Yolei: You were guarding the area the whole time we were gone, now tell us what you saw, or


Hawkmon: Stop yelling at Tentomon, Yolei! He tried.

Yolei: Well, he should have tried HARDER!

Hawkmon: Sorry, Tentomon. Yolei doesn't really mean any of this. She's been under a lot of

strain lately.

Tentomon: Well, must She yell at me? Can't She take a Yoga class or something?

Hawkmon: I'm not going to ask her as long as she has that hammer in her hand!

[YOLEI is nailing a rope to the ground]

Yolei: Troops, I'm off to scout the Digimon Emperor's underground empire. I'll report back soon

with good news.

Hawkmon: Yolei, wait for me!

[YOLEI and HAWKMON go down the side of the hill]

Hawkmon: Yolei, what are you doing? Are you losing you mind? What has gotten into you


Yolei: Leave me alone, Hawkmon! This adventure is different! I am a highly motivated woman,

and I can achieve any goal I set my sights on!

[a DIGIMON appears in the ravine]

Digimon: Grr!

Yolei: Ah!


Hawkmon: Oh, no! It's the dreaded Dokugumon! He's a poison Digimon, who's special attack is

'Poison Thread'! You don't want to get caught up in his web!

Yolei: Ahh!

Dokugumon: Poison Thread!

Hawkmon: Yolei!

[HAWKMON is hit with DOKUGUMON'S attack]

Yolei: Hawkmon!

TK: Yolei, get out of there!

Dokugumon: Grr!

Veemon: Davis!

Davis: Yeah! DigiArmour Energize!

Veemon: Veemon Armour Digivolve to...Flamedramon: The Fire of Courage!

Dokugumon: Grr!

[everyone pulls YOLEI and HAWKMON up the hill]

Yolei: Hawkmon, speak to me!

Tentomon: Pull, everyone! Pull!

Dokugumon: Grr!

Yolei: Hawkmon...hang on!

Flamedramon: Fire Rocket! Fire Rocket!


Kari: We've got you, Yolei.

Yolei: Hawkmon! Hawkmon! Hawkmon! HAWKMON!!!

Flamedramon: You're busted. Hmm.

[the DARK SPIRAL falls to the ground, and smashes]

Veemon: How's Hawkmon doing?

Davis: I think he'll be alright. Now we just have to keep him safe until he heals. He sure was

brave, saving Yolei like that!

Yolei: Hawkmon... *cry*

[YOLEI walks to the group]

Kari: Yolei? Hm. Huh?

Yolei: I'll stay here and take care of Hawkmon. You guys? Go out and find the Emperor's


Davis: But...

Yolei: I don't want to cause trouble for anyone else! Please, just go! *cry*

TK: Alright then. We'll see you later.

Yolei: Huh?

Davis: He's right. Let's go.

Cody: Right.

Kari: I'll stay here.

Yolei: You will?

Kari: More of the Digimon Emperor's slaves might attack, so we need Gatomon around as a


Gatomon: Good point.

TK: Alright. If anything happens, we can always email each other, and you'll always know where

we are through the D3s. If we haven't found the base by nightfall, we'll come back here. Okay?

Kari: Okay. Seeya later!

Davis: Be careful!

Kari: Yeah, you too.

Veemon: Oh, don't worry about us. We've got Davis! What could possible go wrong?

Kari: *laugh* Hey, Yolei?

Yolei: What?

Kari: I know you're trying to do What's right and win this battle and everything, but you're going

about it the wrong way.

Yolei: Huh?

Kari: I tried the same thing one time. But I was wrong, too.

Yolei: Hm. We have to work together as a team> Right, Kari?

Kari: Mmm-hmm. Now you get it.

Yolei: *laugh*

Gatomon: I'm glad you got that straightened out. How I'm going to see if I can find some herbs to

help Hawkmon.

Cody: There's a lot of Control Spires around here.

Tentomon: I know! I'm getting tired of all this construction in my beautiful forest!

TK: Don't worry. When we're through here, this place will be good as new!

Cody: Huh?

Armadillomon: Hey, Cody. What's wrong?

Cody: I'm not sure. I saw something. I don't know what it was, but it came from over there. Some

kind of shadow.

Davis: Hey, Cody! This isn't a tour, come on!

Cody: Oh, sorry. I'm coming!

[WORMMON is searching through pictures of Digimon]

Wormmon: Next. Next. Next.

Digimon Emperor: I told you to be finished with that part an hour ago!

Wormmon: Sorry, master. I had to finish the dishes.

Digimon Emperor: Heads, I win!

Hawkmon: Where am I?

Yolei: You're safe now. I'll take care of you.

Kari: Just relax.

Yolei: Hawkmon, What can I do to apologize?

Hawkmon: Just...get off my tail.

Yolei: Mmm-hmm!

Kari: Oh.

Gatomon: I found catnip. It cures it all!

Kari: Okay. But let's give them a minute.

Gatomon: Huh?

Yolei: You see, I thought this was the chance to prove to myself that I was as strong as everyone

else. I didn't realize that taking matters into my own hands could wind up hurting someone!

Especially you. I was too stubborn.

Hawkmon: *laugh*

Yolei: Hawkmon, what happened to you today is all my fault! It's like, when my mind gets set on

something, I just can't stop until I'm finished! I'll understand if you want to find someone else to

be your partner from now on.

Hawkmon: You're missing the point, Yolei. Those qualities you described are what make you

who you are!

Yolei: Huh?

Hawkmon: Yolei, I like you exactly the way you are.

Yolei: *sigh* Thank you. I promise to stubbornly attack my problem of being stubborn, and I'll

never do anything to hurt you again!

Hawkmon: That's a relief!

[YOLEI starts to kiss HAWKMON]

Hawkmon: You can start now!

[later on...]

Hawkmon: Ane one and two, and one and two, Flap those wings! It's amazing. I haven't felt this

good in years, and it's all because of catnip! Thanks, Gatomon!

Gatomon: Go, really...go on, I want to hear more!

Kari: DO you guys hear that noise?

Yolei: Ley's climb up here where we can get a better view!

[they all see something floating in the air]

Kari: What is that?

Gatomon: It can only be one thing. It has to be the Digimon Emperor's base!

Hawkmon: Yolei, I'm sorry we doubted you earlier. You were right! It *is* flying!

Yolei: Hm.

Digimon Emperor: *laugh* He's almost completed. My ultimate program.

Narrator: What sort of evil Digimon is the Emperor going to unleash on the DigiDestined? Find

out on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!