Season 2, Episode 17: "A Ghost of a Chance"

English Version Written by: Craig Doyle

Original Air Date: November 11th, 2000

Transcribed By: katiecat <>



Charlie: And, here we go! My new TV show, "When Parakeets Attack" will be a smash hit!

Employee: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Did you check the camera before you filmed this footage?

Charlie: Of course! I'm a professional!

Employee: Then what the heck is that shadow?

Both: Ahh!



Demiveemon: Time for a snack!

Kari: Is that all you can think about? Food?

Demiveemon: Travelling to and from the digiworld works up quite an appetite!

TK: He's right! We should celebrate our latest victory over the digimon emperor!

Yolei: Pizza! I heard there's a rad new place down by the beach! Let's get a large!

Davis: Half anchovies, half mustard!

Kari: Cody? What's the matter?

Cody: Nothing, I just don't think we should be celebrating when we don't know what the digimon emperor's up to.

TK: Cody's right! We should probably hold off on the pizza until we can figure out our next plan of attack!

Davis: Come on, TK, you know we can't fight him on an empty stomach!

Yolei: *laugh* Yeah, yeah!

Cody: But starting tomorrow, we won't be able to use this classroom.

Yolei: What? Why not?

TK: Oh, yeah, that's right! The detention room has been moved here and all the bad kids will be in the computer lab!

Davis: Hey, we're not all bad!

Yolei: How will we go tomorrow if we can't access the computer lab?

TK: Wait a sec! We can't go into the digital world tomorrow, anyway! I forgot we have big plans!

Davis: What plans? What do you mean, 'we'?

Kari: He means plans with me, Davis.

Davis: Ahhh! Are you two talking about a date together?

Kari: Of course not, silly.

[KARI shows DAVIS a day planner]

Davis: You two have a date to do fractions? What gives?

TK: No, Davis, that's a DATE, not a FRACTION! Tomorrow marks the day the digidestined defeated Myotismon!

Cody: Davis thought it was a fraction!

All: *laugh*

Davis: Well, how should I know they started putting math in calendars?

TK: Do you guys want to come with us?

Davis: On your DATE?

Kari: I told you, it's not a date!

Davis: Do you promise, Kari?


TK: I can't believe it's been four years since we went into the digital world! It seems like yesterday!

Cody: I couldn't imagine being at camp one second, then in another dimension the nest! That sure beats canoeing and archery any day!

Kari: I was sick, so I didn't go to camp that summer.

TK: I almost forgot! You weren't there the first time we saw all that weird stuff!

Patamon: Hey, you looked pretty weird to us, you know!

Yolei: I guess.

Tai: Hey!

Davis: Look, it's Tai and the whole gang!

Tai: Happy Anniversary, guys!

Davis: Hey!

Yolei: Mimi, hi!

Mimi: Hi!

Joe: Wow, what a reunion!

Sora: It has been a long time since we've all been together.

Cody: No kidding!

TK: Yeah! Think about it: There's enough of us here to start our own soccer league!

[the kids move to sit under a tree, and TAI explains the story]

Tai: So you see, not all the corrupted digimon we encountered were, in fact, bad. They were just under the influence of the evil black gears!

Sora: But, we found out we could destroy the black gears with our digivices, and free them from the spell! They became our friends, and helped us defeat the four Dark Masters!

Davis: Jeez...those Dark Masters sound like my math teacher!

Yolei: We could make a movie out of this story!

Cody: I hope these grass stains come out of my clothes, or my mom'll ground me.

Tai: You guys have to stick together, no matter what. Remember that friendship is key, or you'll all be toast!


[two EMPLOYEES are watching the monitor for a SHADOW]

Employee: There it is. There it is again! That's impossible! I've watched this tape 50 times, and every time, that shadow does something completely different! I give up.

Charlie: Ugh, this was my first time as a director!

Employee: Take a look at those monitors. See, it's not just us! That shadow is on every program in the TV station!

Charlie: Have you checked for technical difficulties?

Employee: This isn't technical, boss!

Charlie: Then what is it, smart guy?

Employee: A ghost!

Charlie: How am I supposed to tell my boss I can't get my show on the air because of a ghost? He'll can me for sure! I should have listened to my mother and gone to accounting school.


Cody: That's an incredible story! I must say, I"m a little afraid we can't live up to the achievements of you original Digidestined.

Yolei: We wouldn't be here if we couldn't handle it.

Davis: What she said. I'm ready to fight, right here, right now!

Sora [sarcastic]: Davis, you're so brave!

Tai: That's the spirit, Davis! Take no prisoners!

Davis: Oh, yeah?

Matt: Can the rest of you handle it?

Joe: Just follow Davis!

[JOE pats DAVIS on the back, almost knocking him off the BRIDGE]

Davis: Ah!

All: *laugh*


TK: I haven't been here in a while! It's...the same. Including the smell of your socks!

Matt: What are you talking about? I just finished cleaning the place!

[TK picks up some shirts off the floor]

TK: Hmm...what are these doing here?

Matt: Quit nit-picking, TK! Dad's been putting in a lot of hours at the TV station, and I've been rehearsing with my band!

TK: Sorry. I almost forgot, it's just you two guys.

Matt: Forget about it. This place does have a distinct odour to it. Those dishes are so filthy, I think I'd rather face the Dark Masters again that clean them! If mom was with me, she'd never let this mess happen. She kept us in line.

TK: She cracks the whip on me!

Matt: Anyway, I'm starving! What do you want to eat? And don't expect anything too fancy, because we haven't gone grocery shopping in quite a while.

TK: Anything'll be fine.

Matt: Okay, but I warned you!

Patamon: *sounds*

Matt: I guess I'll take a stroll over to the refrigerator and have a look at what's not expired.

TK: Why don't we just order a pizza? I'll buy!

Matt: I've got a better idea. And it's a hot one!

[TK takes a long drink of water - the food is VERY hot]

TK: Ah!

Matt: *laugh*

TK: Quick, call 911! The police! I'm gonna pass out!

Matt: I thought I told you! Eat at your own risk! But, you said you were hungry!

TK: Are you crazy? What is this stuff?

Matt: Well, it's a secret, but I'll tell you: A little bit of hot sauce, a little wasabi...and a mystery meat I found in the refrigerator covered in green fuzz!

TK: Oh, man! I never thought cooking could make you dizzy!

[the door clicks]

TK: Dad must be home! Hey, dad!

Mr. Ishida: Hey, TK. Hey, Matt.

Matt: Another tough day at the TV station?

Mr. Ishida: It's always tough, but lately, it's been brutal.

TK: Dad, what's the matter?

Mr. Ishida: Ugh...I don't even know how to explain it.

Matt: Don't tell me...Myotismon destroyed the station again.

Mr. Ishida: I wish. At least then, I would have an answer for what's going on! My staff is quitting every hour, saying they're seeing 'strange things', and I don't blame them. I must be losing my mind.

Matt: What's happening, dad?

Mr. Ishida: One minute, you're walking down the hall, and you see something out of the corner of your eye.

TK: That doesn't sound crazy, so far!

Mr. Ishida: Right, but when you turn to look...Nothing! Not a trace of anyone or anything, just an empty...hallway.

Matt: So, what?

Mr. Ishida: It may sound crazy, but I've come to a conclusion: The station is haunted! TK: Are you sure you're not just overtired? You've been putting in a lot of hours lately!

Mr. Ishida: I know. But it's more than that. For instance, there's this dark shadow. It keeps appearing on every monitor in the station, but it's different every time!

Matt: I bet it's just the equipment. It probably needs to be cleaned.

Mr. Ishida: I know. I thought of that.

TK: Wow, that's pretty weird.

Mr. Ishida: You're telling me. Maybe it is just stress.

TK: Well, what are you going to do?

Mr. Ishida: I don't know. Maybe I'll go on a vacation. I heard the arctic is a nice place to visit. I haven't taken one in fifteen years.

Matt: What's up with the CD player?

Mr. Ishida: It's a soothing recording of buffalos migrating.

Matt and TK: Buffalo??

Mr. Ishida: I heard these recording help with stress. At this point, I'm willing to try anything. "I'm a happy little buffalo..."

[MATT leaves]

Matt: You've flipped your lid!

Mr. Ishida: Huh?

TK: Don't mind him, dad. He's just not a happy little buffalo!

[TK runs after MATT]

Mr. Ishida: Boy, am I hungry.

[MR. ISHIDA eats some of the food MATT made]



Employee: Here's the moment of truth. So far, so good!

[the SHADOW appears again]

Employee: Ah!

Charlie: Ugh, not again!

Employee: Look, boss, we're not going to finish at this rate. We're definitely going to need more time!

Charlie: Are you crazy? This is supposed to go on the air tomorrow!

Employee: What are we going to do?

Charlie: My career is finished! I'll forever be known as 'The Haunted Director'!

Employee 2: We got the sound track back,'s weird.

Charlie: This is the very worst day of my entire life!

Employee: What do you mean by 'weird'? Play the darn tape!

Employee 2: Here it goes!

Voice on tape:

Employee: Hey wait, I didn't hear anything. Where's the music?

Employee 2: That's the thing. We recorded this music, but it plays back this voice!

Voice on tape: Gat...gat...

Employee: I didn't sign up for this.

Employee 2: Huh? It's the ghost! It doesn't sound happy, and I bet it's coming for us!

Employee: Ah...

Charlie: It could be anywhere!

All: Ah!

Woman: Sir, we need you right away!

Mr. Ishida: The shadow? Oh no, not again!


Mimi: Hey look, it's Tokyo Tower! I did my first fashion shoot here.

Sora: This place looks better than the last time I saw it.

Yolei: Is it true a digimon levelled it?

Mimi: Yeah, and he almost demolished the entire city, too!

Yolei: Why did he destroy the tower? Why couldn't he have blasted my dentist's office?


Teacher: So, this is how we determine how fast the pie was moving when it hit the clown in the face.

Joe [thinking]: Please, let the bell ring. PLEASE get me out of here!


TK: The mall's crowded, as usual.

Matt: This anniversary is making me think of all the digimon we lost.

TK: I know What you mean. Everywhere I look today, I'm seeing their faces.


Matt: Sure are lots of good memories.

TK: Mmm-hmm.


Tai: My mom won't be home for a while. She's at a 'Cooking With Fungus' class.

Izzy: So, while she's gone, I thought we could do an experiment.

Davis: Huh? What kind of experiment?

Izzy: It's simple. It has to do with the DigiPort!

Kari: The DigiPort? But how are we supposed to do an experiment from here?

Izzy: Right. We've always had to use The computers in The school's computer lab to go to-and-from The digital world. But, What if we could program our D3 digivices to open up The DigiPort from our home computers. too?

Cody: Yeah, but that's easier said than done, Izzy! Where do we begin?

Izzy: See, that's where it gets a little foggy. I have a few theories, but I'm not real sure.

Tai: Come on, Izzy, let's hear them!

Izzy: Here's The thing: We've always just assumed The power of The computer is The key to opening The DigiPort. But, I think The computers are incidental, and The D3's are The true power of The DigiPort!

Kari: These tings?

Izzy: I've suspected it for a while now, but I didn't say anything because I didn't have enough proof to be absolutely sure. Now, with The school's computer lab being used for detention, The Digimon Emperor might do some things while we're stuck looking for a way into The Digital World!

Tai: That's a great point, Izzy, but where are we supposed to open The DigiPort?

Izzy: Right here. We'll open it up right here!

All: Huh?

Izzy: See, according to my theories, The D3's all we need to open The DigiPort, but if I'm wrong, it could be dangerous.

Cody: Oh...

Izzy: So, who's The first guinea pig? Come on, Davis, give it a try!

Davis: Who, me?

Kari [sarcastic]: No, silly, he means The OTHER boy with goggles!

Davis: Ah, where is he??

[they all go over to The COMPUTER]

Davis: Here it goes! DigiPort Open!

[The DIGIPORT opens]

Cody: I don't believe it! Nice work, Izzy!

Davis: Let's go through!

All: Huh?

Davis: We need to test The DigiPort!

Mrs. Kamiya: I'm home!

All: Huh?

[MRS. KAMIYA sees The shoes by The door]

Mrs. Kamiya: Visitors? I'd better make fungus cookies!

Tai: Great! We can't go, my mom's home early!

Davis: But...

Tai: She saw our shoes by The door. If she comes in and we're gone, we're toast!

Cody: Tai is right.

Davis: Aw, man!

[The DIGIPORT closes]

Izzy: Bummer. I wanted to see my theory through.

Tai: Don't worry, Izzy, you'll get your chance soon enough. I just wish we could have known earlier. It might have saved us some close calls with our parents.

Izzy: Yeah, I know. I should have said something earlier.

Tai: No need to sweat it, it's not your fault! Nice work, Izzy!

Kari: Mmm-hmm!

Cody: Now that we can open The port from any one of our houses, we're going to have to be extra-especially careful!

Kari: But, why? Huh?

[MRS. KAMIYA comes in The room]

Mrs. Kamiya: Hi, kids!

Tai: Hi, mom.

Kari: Hi, mom!

Mrs. Kamiya: I hope everyone's hungry!

Izzy: Because of just that, Kari. Keeping The secret from our parents becomes a lot more difficult when they can barge in on us at any second.

Kari: I couldn't imagine our mother coming into our rooms in The night and we weren't there. She'd probably call The National Guard and The army!

Tai: Mmm-hmm.

Izzy: We're just going to have to work out some sort of plan.


Kari: Look at that huge cloud! Do you see how it just came out of nowhere?

Gatomon: Hmm...

TK: The weathermen are always wrong.

[lightning hits The station]

All: Ah!

Davis: Something's not right!

[all The WORKERS run out of The STATION]

Workers: Ah!

Mr. Ishida: Not again! Oh...

Woman: It's The ghost!

Man: It's after us!

Kids: Huh?

Gatomon: Huh? Ugh!

Voice [ghost]:

[GATOMON runs into The STATION]

Kari: Gatomon!

[in The STATION]

Kari: Who' ya gonna call?

TK: Hey, what's going on?

Veemon: Gatomon!

Davis: What does it want?

TK: You're asking me?

Gatomon: It wants me! I'm here! I'm right here, What do you want?

DemiVeemon: Davis, I think she's flipped her lid!

Davis: What?

Upamon: Oh no, let's do something!

Yolei: Are you guys sure this is a good idea?

Poromon: We're got to save Gatomon!

DemiVeemon: DemiVeemon, digivolve to...Veemon!

Upamon: Upamon, digivolve to...Armadillomon!

Poromon: Poromon, digivolve to...Hawkmon!

Yolei: Go get him!

Hawkmon: I suspect that's a servant of The Digimon Emperor, send here to frighten us.

Davis: He doesn't stand a ghost of a chance!

Kari: Good one.

Veemon: Ready?

[they start to move in and help, but GATOMON steps in front of them]

Veemon: Huh?

Gatomon: Stop! I'm here!

Veemon: Gatomon!

Gatomon: Don't move, guys!

Cody: Gatomon, run for it!

Gatomon: Wizardmon!

TK and Kari: Ah!

Tai and Matt: Huh?

Mimi and Sora: Oh!

Izzy and Joe: Huh?

Wizardmon [ghost]: Gatomon. Gatomon, I'm glad you've come.

All: Huh?

Kari: Wizardmon!

Cody: A friend?

Yolei: Let's hope so!

Gatomon: Wizardmon, it's good to se you again.

Wizardmon: Gatomon, I need to tell you something.

Gatomon: What is it, old friend?

Wizardmon Your great enemy, you cannot defeat him The way you are.

Gatomon: Huh?

Davis: Does he mean The Digimon Emperor?

Wizardmon: Your enemy is not only The Digimon Emperor, but a more powerful darkness. The darkness, it cannot be defeated with strength alone. You must return The one wrapped in darkness to his true self.

Gatomon: What? True self?

Wizardmon: Kindness will release The Golden Radiance.

Yolei: Kindness? I hope she doesn't mean we have to be nice to Ken!

Wizardmon: Kindness alone will not prevail. The Golden Radiance is also necessary.

Gatomon: I see, but...

Wizardmon: You don't have mush time, you must hurry! Goodbye, my friend.

Veemon: But wait!

Wizardmon: I can't. Gatomon, be careful.

Gatomon: Wizardmon!

[WIZARDMON and GATOMON try to touch, but can't]

Gatomon: Oh!

Wizardmon: I'm sorry.

Gatomon: Wizardmon!

Wizardmon: Hurry!

[WIZARDMON disappears]

Gatomon: *cry*

Kari: Gatomon.

[KARI goes up and comforts GATOMON]

Sora: He came back to tell us!

Davis: Who was Wizardmon, anyway?


Sora: We were battling a very evil, dark Digimon named Myotismon. He was about to destroy Kari and Gatomon. Wizardmon stepped in The way of Myotismon's attack. And he payed The ultimate price. Wizardmon sacrificed himself in order to save Kari and Gatomon! And we'll never forget him for it.


Kari: Will we ever see him again?

Tai: I'm sure we will, Kari.

Gatomon: That Wizardmon. What a friend. Even from beyond, he still continues to watch over me.

Narrator: What is The significance of The Golden Radiance? Find out, on The next Digimon: Digital Monsters!