Season 2, Episode 12: "The Good, The Bad, and the Digi"

English Version Written By: Michael Sorich

Original Air Date: October 14, 2000

Transcribed By: katiecat <>



[BIRDRAMON is being chased by some FLYING DRAGONS]

Birdramon: Ah! Sora!

[tennis court in the real world...]

Sora: Huh? Uh, nice serve, Gwen. I'm feelin a little dizzy. I'd better take a break.

Gwen: Whatever!

Sora: Actually, why don't you two play? Huh?

[SORA'S DIGIVICE is beeping]

Sora [thinking]: Biyomon's in trouble! But how will I get to the digital world?

Biyomon: Sora...

Sora: Hmm...

[at KARI'S apartment]

Gatomon: That catnip rinse makes my ears look too stiff.

Kari: So, ready to go?

Gatomon: Rome wasn't built in a day. Looking beautiful takes time!

Kari: So, beautiful, can you help me wash the dishes?

Gatomon: Okay, time's up!

Kari: Why are you ears sticking up?

Gatomon: It's a new look. It's quite the rage in Katmandu!

Kari: I thought cats were supposed to like mice, not moose!

TK and Patamon: *snore*

Davis: Ugh, my stomach's full.

DemiVeemon: You shouldn't eat so much in the morning!

Davis: You ate twice as much as me! If you keep it up, you'll digivolve into Heavymon!

DemiVeemon: *giggle*

[DEMIVEEMON recieves an S.O.S. from BIYOMON]

DemiVeemon: Huh? Biyomon!

Davis: Hmm?

Cody: An emergency call from Biyomon. What's up?

Upamon: hya!

Cody: It's Biyomon! She needs our help!

[UPAMON is playing with CODY'S kendo stuff]

Upamon: That's nothing to shake a stick at!

Cody: Note to self: Think of better wat to sneak Upamon out of apartment.

Yolei: Hey, try to be more careful next time! Cody? What have you been eating? You must have gained 20 pounds!

Cody: It's Upamon!

Yolei: You ATE Upamon?

Cody: Forget it! Sora sent us a message saying Biyomon's in trouble!

Upamon: Hmm!

Yolei: Your tummy's growling!

[CODY and YOLEI go to the school]

Cody: The only way not to look suspicious is to sneak quietly.

Yolei: Right!

Davis: It's about time! Where TK and Kari?

Yolei: It wasn't my turn to watch them! No TK or Kari?

Cody: If they were out of town, at least they'd email us.

Kari: That milkshake was really good, but seeing you drink out a straw was even better!

[the two of them enjoy the BREEZE]

Kari: Now we can take some pictures!

Gatomon: No, wait! The fish market is calling my name! 'Gatomon'...

Kari: Alright!

[TK and PATAMON are stil sleeping]

TK and Patamon: *snore*

Yolei: Maybe their batteries are dead!

Davis: Maybe TK decided to wash in the bathtub!

Sora: Biyomon needs us! We'll just have to go without them!

Yolei: Let's see where Biyomon's signal came from. There it is!

Davis: Well, now that we know where we need to get, let's get to getting to it, got it?

Yolei: Alright everyone, Digiport open!


[there's sand and dirt flying all around the kids]

Hawkmon: Oh, woah there...I sense this place is a cultural desert.

Veemon: Did you say dessert?

Armadillomon: This sandblasting sure makes my shell look real shiny!

[the sand clears to reveal a GHOST TOWN]

Sora: Woah!

Davis: Check it out! It look like the old west!

Cody: Where's the spire we saw on the monitor?

Yolei: I don't see a control spire anywhere!

Hawkmon: Fear not, Yolei, for I shall save you from any danger that may be thrust upon us!

Yolei: How about finding us some cold water?

Davis: Huh?

Sora: She can't have gone far, Davis. She's here somewhere. Where's that music coming from?

Cody: It's coming from over there!

Davis: Well, how do you like that? It's just a player piano! I'm starting to think there's nobody here!

Voice: Yer came to the right place, yer just sit right where ya are, so says the mon behind the star!

All: Huh?

Voice: Howdy! Welcome, digipilgrims, to the safest town west of Sirus. I'm Starmon.


Hawkmon: Starmon is a law and order digimon who keeps the peace. But, if you break the law, his powerful Meteor Shower will rain down swift justice upon you!

[END D.A.]

Starmon: Now, belly up to the boss, so I can welcome you all with a cold mug'a welcome milk!

All: Huh?

Starmon: Didn't spill a drop, did I? My way of being neighbourly to strangers. So, here's to ya!

Sora: What is welcome milk?

Starmon: It's 100% homogenized moo juice, little missy! *laugh* Welcome.

Davis: Now that you mention it, I'm kindy thirsty.

Yolei: My mouth feels like a cothes dryer full of cotton balls!

Armadillomon: My tongue is a dusty tank train!

All: Thank you!

Starmon: gotta love 'em.

Sora: Uh, Mr. Starmon? Have you by any chance seen a cute little pink bird-link digimon named Biyomon?

Starmon: Did you say Biyomon? That kind of rings a bell. Yep, I've got a feeling I've heard that description before.

[STARMON snaps, and WANTED POSTERS appear, with Biyomon's picture on them all.]

Sora: Biyomon wanted? What did she do?

Starmon: That digidesperado is on the run from the Digimon Emperor! But they haven't caught her yet.

Sora: Well, I hope she's somewhere safe now, but I know I'll feel a lot better when we find her. Sir, maybe you could help find her, We heard she was last seen near here.

Starmon: You are right about that, ma'am.

Sora: And if Biyomon were in trouble, you'd help her. You being a lawmon, I know you'd save her from that Digimon Emperor!

Starmon: Ma'm, there's something I gotta tell you.

[STARMON takes off his hat to reveal a DARK RING]

All: Huh? He's wearing a dark ring!

Veemon: Well, I knew behind that tin star was a gutless, lowlife lackey of the Emperor with jelly for a spine!

Davis: You could have told us! And what did we say about name-calling?

Armadillomon: Look's like the jury's still out on Starmon. Think he's a good apple, or a bad one?

Cody: People are like milk. They can turn bad.

Starmon: You're right! You might think I'm lower than a snake's belly for saying this, but I DO work for the Emperor, and I got orders!

Digimon Emperor: Hunt them down, and punish the digidestined!

Davis: What's the earth-reject up to now? Pulling wings off butterflies?

Starmon: You can bet he's experimenting with something evil!

Digimo Emperor: Almost finished.

Starmon: *laugh* Earth-reject! I'll have to use that at the next company picnic and team-building seminar!

[the DIGIDESTINED have left the SALOON]

Starmon: Well, don't that beat-on. Trying to escape.

[the DIGIDESTINED are running away]

All: Ahh!

Starmon: It's no use trying to high-tail it out of her! Time for a weather report. Meteor Shower!

All: Ahhh!

Davis: I;ve heard of heavy showers, but that was too much!

[STARMON captured them, and puts them in JAIL]

Starmon: Now you'll enjoy your stay. Here's the rules: No cookies in your cell, no loud music after eight, and no chucking oysters during a month without an 'R'. Enjoy!

Davis: No way!

Biyomon: Sora...

Sora: Huh? What was that?

Biyomon: Sora...

Sora: Biyomon!


Biyomon: I tried to get away, but I just didn't have the strength.

Sora: Shhh, don't talk. What happened?

Biyomon: *laugh* You just said not to talk, didn't you? I wish you'd make up your mind!

Sora: Kay. You can talk a little.

Biyomon: When I first came to this town, I had no idea it was under the control of the Emperor! I had been shot down b his flying dragons, and needed food! I was tired, hungry, and very, very thirsty.


Starmon: Welcome, stranger! Your throaat must be parched! How about a cold drink of milk?

Biyomon: Why thank you! I am thirsty. Thank you for your hospitality!

Starmon: Meteor Shower!

Biyomon: Oh! Oh no! Oh!

Starmon: Glad you could stay a while.


Veemon: Vee Head-Butt! Ow! I think I used a little too much 'vee' and not enough 'head-butt'!

Davis: Nice try, buddy!

Cody: That wall is as hard as his head, and just as thick!

Armadillomon: You said it.

Cody: But it should be no problem for you to drill through that wall. Digivolve to Digmon!

Armadillomon: I'm too weak to do it.

Cody: I forgot we haven't eaten.

Armadillomon: I could do something if I had food.

Cody: Boy, Yolei, I sure wish we had some snacks from your store.

Yolei: I'll call my dad! He delivers!

Hawkmon: But Yolei, we're imprisoned in the Digital World!

Veemon: You're right! If it's more than 5 miles, there's a delivery charge!

Biyomon: Huh?

Sora: What is it, Biyomon?

Biyomon: It a horse!

Yolei: He needs new shoes.

[a strange looking DIGIMON comes in the door]

Digimon: I said woah! Never fear, the protecter of justice is here. Holy guacamole! Just who in tarnation are you? Howdy, folks.


Armadillomon: Deputymon is a barrel-chested digimon that shoots from the lip. But, usually he's helpful and harmless.


Yolei: Hmm...

Deputymon: From the look on your faces, I feel like I squashed your favourite hat! What's the story?

Armadillomon: We got put in the dungeon for no reason by your partner, Starmon!

Cody: Where's your justice?

Veemon: Yeah, there's nothing else in here, just us! So let's see it, where's your dark ring, Deputy?

Deputymon: I ain't got no ring. Nobody controls me, I control myself.

Veemon: There's no dark ring!

Deputymon: Right-toe, ya varmants!

Yolei: We're sorry to have been no suspicious, Deputymon, but put yourself in our boots!

Deputymon: There, you see any dark rings now?

All: Huh?

[DEPUTYMON has gotten completely undressed]

Deputymon: Sorry. I guess I got a little carried away.

Yolei: We didn't see anything. Uh, Deputymon, are you here to keep us in jail, or to set us free?

Deputymon: No need to fret, lady. Soon you'll be free!

All: Yeah!

Deputymon: 'Course I'm only freeing the girls.

All: Huh?

Deputymon: I need card players, but not boys, 'cause they cheat.

Davis: Say what?

Veemon: Did I mention I don't even cheat at solitare?

Deputymon: Strictly women-folk, only. That's the rule.

Armadillomon: Coudn't you make that women, children, and digimon first?

Cody: Could you find it in your heart to ake an exception and let us all go?

Deputymon: Ladies only. Scoot! What is this, the petrified desert? I said SCOOT!

Hawkmon and Biyomon: But we're not boys!

Deputymon [to invisable horse]: Move it! Giddyup, doll face!

Invisable horse: *neighs*

Starmon: Well, it's lunchtime. Being a ruthless villain sure works up an appetite! And after lunch, a little nap so I'll be my mean old self again! WHat? They're gone!

Davis: Deputymon freed the girls said boys cheat at cards.

Cody: I imagine they're enjoying some delicious snacks right about now.

Starmon [very angry]: Ooh...I'm going to let that pop gun have it with both barrels! Huh!

[STARMON leaves, going after DEPUTYMON]

Veemon: Just look at that.

Davis: Look at what?

Veemon: His lunch!

Armadillomon: Yummy. If I can just wrap my lips around that lunch, I can Armour Digivolve!

Cody: I've got an idea!

Armadillomon: What's your plan?

Cody: Pretend these ropes are pasta, and help yourself to all-you-can-eat!

Armadillomon: Mammia mia!

Deputymon: I just love cards. Credits cards, greeting cards, you name it!

Yolei: What a show off! After a couple of hands, let's try to sneak away!

Sora: Maybe we can get him to fall asleep by talking him into playing Canasta!

Deputymon: Ever played 52 Pickup? Ah, skip it. Yahoo! Welcome, ladies and gentleMON. Welcome, to toe world championship of Old Maid. Winner take all. Ah, come on. Let's hear it!

Girls [sarcastic]: Yay!

Sora [whispering]: Know any ways of cheating when it comes to playing Old Maid?

Yolei [whispering]: Follow me.

Veemon: I almost got it, Davis. There!

Davis: Now, to figure a way to break out!

Veemon: Chocolate always works.

Cody: Well, that about does it. We're almost free!

Armadillomon: Delicious ropes!

Deputymon: Now, don't try anything tricky, or no fruit cup, ya hear? Huh? Starmon!

Starmon: Well, if it ain't that namby-pamby poor excuse for a sidekick, Deputymon. Playing with the girls again, Gorgey-Porgey?

Deputymon: Stop that talk! Ya got no right!

Starmon: For once, you're right. The time for talking is over!

Girls: *gasp*

Deputymon: Let's settle this once and for all.

Girls: Ah!

[DAVIS makes a lasso, and throws it to STARMON'S lunch]

Davis: Come to papa!

Veemon: Oh, boy!

Cody: Those ropes were just a high-fiver appetizer. Now, bon appetite!

Armadillomon: Looks might tasty.

[ARMADILLOMON starts to eat the sandwiches]

Davis [to Veemon]: You know, the easiest way to escape is to dig out, You can help out later!

Armadillomon [to Veemon]: You can have some.

Veemon: Great!

Cody: Just this once, it's okat to gulp our food. We've got to help our friends!

Veemon: Mmm-hmm!

Cody: Digiarmour Energize!

Armadillomon: Armadillomon Armour Digivolve to...Digmon: The Drill of Power!

All: Cool!

Cody: Alright!

Veemon: Let's move it!

Davis: You got it! Digiarmour Energize!

Veemon: Veemon, Armour Digivolve to...Raidramon: The Storm of Friendship!

Starmon: This ghost town isn't big enough for the both of us, even if we are the only ones here!

Yolei: I saw a movie like this once. The god buy won.

Sora: What one's good?

Starmon: We'll take three steps, then turn around and fire, Ready? One...Two...

Girls [sarcastic]: Go, whoever.

Starmon: Two and Seven Sixteenths...hey!

Deputymon: That's right. I've already turned around.

Starmon: Hold on! Good guys aren't supposed to cheat!

Deputymon: I'm not that good. Besides, I've never won at nothing. But today, win, lose, or draw, I'm cming out of this a winner.

Sora: It seems like this has become a battle of wits, and it look like Deputymon's out of ammunition.

Yolei: Check, please.

Deputymon: Semi-good always triumphs over evil, so go ahead, Starmon, give me your best shot!

Girls: No!

Starmon: Fine. We'll see how this fortune cookie crumbles! Meteor Shower!

Davis: Woah, let's move!

[DEPUTYMON is hit by STARMON'S attack]

Girls: Ohh...

Starmon: Well, I dropped him like a bad habit. Looks like one down, two to go.

Biyomon: Not quite!

Hawkmon: What she said!

Davis: I'll handle this!

Starmon: That's where you're wrong. Meteor Shower!

[RAIDRAMON is hit by the attack, making his dedigivolve. He falls from fhe sky, along with Davis, and the rest catch him.]

Biyomon: Too much chocolate!

Veemon: I'll try to cut back. Davis, digivolve me into Flamedramon! He's a better fighter!

Yolei: Huh?

Davis: Right, Veemon! Digiarmour Energize!

Veemon: Veemon, Armour Digivolve to...Flamedramon: The Fire of Courage!

Starmon: Huh?

Flamedramon: Starmon, you're fired. Fire Rocket!

Starmon: Ugh....ahh!

[STARMON goes flying]

Armadillomon: Look, a control spire!

Cody: Let's go!

[STARMON smashes into the SPIRE, which has been hidden by a WATER TOWER]


Davis: Well, thanks to us, your town won't be under the Emperor's control anymore!

Sora: It was a tough job, but someone had to do it!

Starmon: I guess I just went plum loco. Hope there's no hard feelins, Biyomon.

Biyomon: There's no need to apologize. I'm glad things are normal now!

Deputymon: Yoo-hoo! Tarnations! Good that I caught ya. All of you didn't think you were going to skidaddle without saying adios and playinf some more cards, did ya?

All: We woudn't do that! *sigh*

Sora: So, what have you got, Cody?

Cody: I've got two pair. A pair of aces, and anoter pair of aces. Is that good?

Sora: That beats us all!

Starmon: We're switching to my favourite game: Go Fish!

All: Go Fish!? Aww...

Biyomon: *laugh*

Digimon Emperor: Hm. Those digidim-wits have no idea what I've got up my sleeve.

Narrator: What WILL the Digimon Emperor do to raise the stakes higher for the Digidestined? FInd out next time, on Digimon: Digital Monsters!