Season 2, Episode 11: "Storm of Friendship"

Englsh Version Written by: Steve Rollman

Original Air Date: October 7, 2000

Transcribed By: katiecat <>



Digimon Emperor: Now that I've got my bear force and my armour, I'm conquering more territories every day! With the control spires, and the dark rings, not only will I control MetalGreymon, but all other digimon as well.

MetalGreymon: Roar!

Digimon Emperor: You're ready for a bite now, too, aren't you? Let's go!


Kari: It's Tentomon!

Tentomon: Allllll aboard! I just love riding trains. Where's the dining car?

Cody: An email from Izzy!

Kari: Has he found them yet?

Cody: Apparently Ken and MetalGreymon have been seen south of here.

Matt: We're on the right track.

Tentomon: Well, technically, Matt, we're on the only track.

Tai: Alright, Digidestined! This time we'll get Agumon back for sure!

Matt: Yeah! There's no way that Ken can stop all of us! Uh, but just in case...Tentomon, need your help.

Tentomon: Now? I was going to have my shell waxed.

Matt: I want you to go and search for Garurumon.

Tentomon: Garurumon, huh? Okay, I'll be back in a flash!

Davis: Huh? Wait a minute, are you planning for us to fight MetalGreymon?

Tai: Yeah.

Matt: With all of us together, I think we stand a chance. There are just some things that have to be done. Am I right, Tai?

Tai: Yeah.

Davis: I'm not so sure, guys. What makes you think we can beat Ken and MetalGreymon?

TK: What makes you think we can't?

Davis: Who asked you?

TK: I'm speaking from experience! We have to fight becuase if we don't, we'll never save Agumon! What are you afraid of, Davis?

Davis: No one said anything about being afraid! I just don't want to see Agumon hurt, that's all!

TK: No one said we had to hurt him! All we have to do is get rid of the dark ring!

Davis: And how do you propose we remove it, especially without hurting Agumon? Any bright ideas under that fancy hat?

TK: At least I'm trying, goggle-head! And don't make fun of my hat!

Davis: That's it!

[DAVIS lunges at TK, and they begin to fight]

Veemon: Ah!

Kari: Stop fighting! Do I have to separate you two like a couple of children?

Tai: Let them fight.

Kari: What do you mean?

Cody: Isn't that bad for team morale?

Tai: When Matt and I were younger, we fought a lot, too. But if we hadn't have fought all those times, we probably wouldn't have become such good friends. So just let them fight it out of their systems.

Yolei: Leave it to boys to think you have to fight to become friends.

Cody: The way I like to make friends is over a nice game of checkers.

Matt: Sounds great to me! I play the winner!

Tai: *laugh* But for now, what we need to do is catch up to Ken!

Matt: Mmm=hmm! Everybody blow!

Tentomon: Garurumon...oh, Garurumon! Where could he be?


Tentomon: Either that's the biggest sun-dial I've ever seen, or it's one of the digimon emperor's control spires. What's that? A squadron of Pagumon? And they're all being controlled by those dark rings! I've got to find Garurumon!

Tai: Can't this thing go any faster?

Cody: Hey, everybody! My D3 has found another Digiegg!

Davis: Well, don't just sit there! Put on the brakes!

[the crest of FRIENDSHIP is carved in the stone]

Yolei: Who could have carved that?

TK: Somebody with a really big chisel?

Matt: It's got my crest of friendship, but why would someone go to the trouble of carving that into a wall?

Cody: The Digiegg is in there!

Tai: What's down there?

Kari: It looks like a flip-flop with a bent nail in it!

TK: Has everyone had their tetanus shot?

Davis: It's got that same symbol on it!

Tai: It's got the crest of friendship on it, alright. I wonder if it's meant for you, Matt?

Matt: Maybe it's meant for the one with the most friends?

Davis: Or maybe it's meant for the one with the fewest friends, me.

All: *laugh*

Cody: Someone should try to pick it up. After all, what's the worst that could happen?

Yolei: Well, it could be a trap set up by the digimon emperor!

Matt: I don't think it could be a booby trap. After all, it's emblazened with the crest of friendship.

Tai: Then I think you should go for it, Matt!

Matt: Wish me luck, just in case.

[MATT tries to pick up the DIGIEGG, but can't]

Matt: No luck.

Tai: Cody, why don't you give it a try?

[CODY tries to pick up the DIGIEGG, but can't]

Cody: I should have had a bigger breakfast.

Matt: Alright Tai, it's your turn!

All: Lift, Tai, lift! Lift, Tai, lift!

[TAI tries to pick up the DIGIEGG, but can't]

All: Ohhh....

Matt: Alright! Which one of you is next?

[TK and KARI try to lift the DIGIEGG, but can't]

TK: Ugh! I think I'm done!

Kari: Me too.

[YOLEI tries to lift it, too, but can't]

Davis: I think you guys are going about this the wrong way.

Tai: You think you can lift it up?

Davis: Yeah, you just have to use physics. In physics, there's this little thing called Equilibrium. When you have two Libriums that weigh the same, they're Equilibrium!

Tai: Makes sense to me.

Cody: Huh?

Davis: You know, I was just making that stuff up. I really don't know anything about physics. I usually leave all that stuff up to professors, and scientists, and Izzy...I didn't think you'd take me seriously!

Matt: Ugh, I'm sick of your babbling! You're the only one who hasn't tried yet, so just get in there!

Tai: Yeah! Lift that Digiegg up so we can get out of here!

[MATT and TAI throw DAVIS towards the DIGIEGG]

Davis: Watch it! I could've put my eye out! Okay, this shouldn't be too hard. 1...2...3...Ugh!

[DAVIS tries to pick up the DIGIEGG, but can't]

Davis: I can't do it! I give up! Ugh, what is the terrible noise?

[a loud BUZZING comes from the sky]

Yolei: It's hurting my ears!

TK: Something's coming!

Flymon: Deadly Sting!

Matt: Watch out!

Yolei: Poison stingers!

TK: Patamon!


Armadillomon: That's Flymon. THe only thing worst than his Deadly Sting attack, is the sound he makes when attacking! When I hear him coming, I usually just dig a hole until he blows over.


Veemon: Let's do it!


Veemon: Veemon, armour digivolve to...Flamedramon: The Fire of Courage!

Flamedramon: Fire Rocket!

[FLYMON dodges the attack]

Yolei: Hawkmon!

Hawkmon: Right!


Hawkmon: Hawkmon, armour digivolve to...Halsemon: The Wings of Love

Halsemon: Tempest Wing!

[FLYMON dodges the attack]

Matt: Here he comes again!

[FLYMON starts making a louder NOISE]

All: Ahh!!

TK: Huh? Patamon is gone!

Kari: Where'd he go?

Matt: Did he run away?

Yolei: Look up! There he is!

[PATAMON is being taken away by FLYMON]

Patamon: Help, TK, help!

TK: Hang on, Patamon! I'll save you!

Kari: But how? They're getting away!

[TK runs after PATAMON]

TK: Patamon!

Flamedramon: I think we're gaining!

Digimon Emperor: Where do you think you're going?

Tai: MetalGreymoN@

Matt: TK, Davis, get out of there!

Digimon Emperor: *laugh*

All: *growl*

Flymon: Here's your new playtoy, your evilness!

TK: Patamon! Put his down!

Digimon Emperor: I'm just getting started with him!

TK: He's got more dark rings!

Kari: What do you have planned?

Tai: You can be sure it's something bad!

Digimon Emperor: When I put this on your little friend here, I will have conplete control over him. I can make him to whatever I want. Did you hear that? I'm going to make you do my laundry, one piece at a time. And then, I'll...

TK: I'll never let you get away with it!

Digimon Emperor: Don't interrupt while I'm planning my evil deeds!

Flamedramon: Fire...

Davis: Wait, FLamedramon! You might accidentally miss and hit Patamon!

Flamedramon: I'm such a hothead. Sorry.

Halsemon: We have to separate Patamon from the emperor.

Davis: I don't see how we can!

TK: We've got to try!

Davis: Oh yeah? How?

TK: We can trap him by using you as bait!

Davis: Me? Why do I have to be the one?

TK: We have to use some kind of bait we could do without!

Davis: Oh, yeah? Well, we could easily do without your hat!

[TK lunges at DAVIS and they start to fight]

Yolei: Stop fighting! How's a good time to remember to crest of friednship, oaky?

Digimon Emperor: *laugh* I'd love to see how this turns out, but I've got to run. I have a few chores to take care of, like taking over the digital world.

TK: THere's no way we're going to let you use Patamon to help you with your plan!

Tai: The same going for Agumon!

Digimon Emperor: That's really funny. Because I don't remember asking for permission.

Patamon: You really should have Flymon trim him nails back.

Digimon Emperor: Just hoold still. In a few seconds, you won't remember anything except what it's like to be my slave! *laugh*

[PATAMON tries to escape]

TK: Patamon!

All: *gasp*

[TK runs at METALGREYMON, but METALGREYMON's CLAW come down at TK]

Tai: Get down!

[TAI pushes TK out of the way]

[GARURMON appears and saves PATAMON from the EMPEROR, removing FLYMON's DARK RING in the process]

Matt: Nice going!

Tai: Garurumon, you came to help us!

Patamon: TK!

TK: Patamon, how do you feel?

Patamon: Kind of like a big piece of dental floss, but other than that, I'm fine!

Davis: I have to hand it to TK. He really rised himself to save Patamon. What a friend.

Flamedramon: Would you risk yourself to save me if I was in trouble, Davis?

Davis: Well...maybe...

Flamedramon: Maybe? MAYBE? What about definately?

Digimon Emperor: Oh, you are going to make me cry. If you really want a test of your friendship, I'll be happy to give you one. Prepare for the fight of your life! MetalGreymon!

Tai: Don't listen to him, MetalGreymon! Don't you recognize me?

Matt: Garurumon and I are going to try and get those rings off MetalGreymon's arm.

Digimon Emperor: Squash them like a bug! Go

Matt: Garurumon, that was close, but we've got to attack him with all of our strength.

Garurumon: Hmm...I'm afraid of hurting MetalGreymon!

Matt: We have no choice! If we don't use all our strength, he'll crush us like grapes! Isn't that right, Tai?

Tai: Hmm! Go get him!

Davis: But Matt...

[MATT and GARURUMON jump up to remove the DARK RING]

Cody: It's time to call in the cavalry! DIGIARMOUR ENERGIZE!

Armadillomon: Armadillomon, Armour digivolve to...Digmon: The Drill of Power!


Gatomon: Gatomon, armour digivolve to...Nefertimon: The Angel of Light!

Digmon: Gold Rush!

Nefertimon: Rosetta Stone!

Halsemon: Tempest Wing!

Tai: Stop, you'll hurt him!

Halsemon: Sorry.

Tai: You did what you had to. Don't worry about it.

[MATT and GARURUMON jump once again to remove the DARK RING, unsuccesfully]

MetalGreymon: You're getting annoying! *roar*

Matt: Woah!

Garurmon: Howling Blaster!

Matt: MetalGreymon, I'm sorry! We're only doing this out of friendship!

Tai: Davis, help us!

Flamedramon: Come on, Davis, aren't you going to help them fight?

Davis: I just can't do it! There's a chance I'll hurt MetalGreymon!

Flamedramon: You don't know about Friendship!

[FLAMEDRAMON dedigivolves into VEEMON]

Davis: Veemon! [thinking] Oh, no!

Veemon: Davis, you have to fight! How can you just stand there and let him try to hurt me??

Davis: Lay off! What do you want? I don't want to hurt anybody!

Tai: This isn't about what you want to do! It's about the things you have to do for friendship!

Davis: Friendship...

Matt: Agumon, don't worry...we're going to try one more time to remove the dark ring!

Tai: Matt, Garurumon, do your best!

Garurumon: *roar*

Davis [thinking]: Matt and Tai have such a deep bond with their deeper than I would have ever imagined! It must have taken Tai a lot to say we had no other choice than to fight MetalGreymon!

[METALGREYMON'S claw comes down on VEEMON]

Patamon: I got you, Veemon!

Veemon: I owe you one!

Patamon: Don't worry, I'm keeping track!

Davis: Veemon, you okay?

TK: He is, but no thanks to you! Patamon risked his life to save Veemon, and all you did was sit there and watch!

Davis: TK, I... [thinking] Now I'm beginning to understnad what makes friendship so powerful! You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to protect them, because they would do the same for you! [out loud] VEEMON, I'M YOUR FRIEND!

[his digvice starts to react]

Davis: Huh? This is new!

Cody: His D3 is responding to the new digiegg!

[the new DIGIEGGG flies over to DAVIS]

Kari: What's it doing?

Veemon: Look, it stopped right in front of you! It's your digiegg of Friendship!

Davis: My digiegg of Friendship?

Cody: Davis already has the digiegg of Courage, so how can he have another one? This means that Veemon can become twice as powerful! We can win now!

Veemon: Hey, that's cool!

Davis: Hey, let's give it a try! DIGIARMOUR ENERGIZE!

Veemon: Veemon, armour digivolve to...Raidramon: The Storm of Friendship!


Raidramon: I am Raidramon! As Veemon, I use the digiegg of Friendship to armour digivolve. My blue thunder and electric bite attacks annhililate my enemies!

Cody: Finally, someone who can stand up to the emperor: Raidramon!

Digimon Emperor: *gasp* *laugh* Show 'em who's in charge here!

MetalGreymon: *roar*

Raidramon: Blue Thunder!

Davis: Gotcha!

[the BLUE THUNDER hits METALGREYMON, but does nothing]

Matt: It's no use! It won't come off!

Digimon Emperor: *laugh. Your weak attempts make me laugh. Give up yet?

Tai: There's got to be a way to get through to MetalGreymon! Somehow!

Matt: Don't worry, Tai. We'll get him back for you! RIght, Garurumon!

Garurumon: Rrrrright!

Matt: Davis, this is a team effort. We're going to attack him at the same time. We need you!

Davis: I'm not sure...

TK: Not sure?? This time, you're going to do things the right way!

Davis: How can I?

Raidramon: If we must, we'll fight together!

Davis: You're right! All this time, I've been worrying about what's best for me, not the team. Well, you can count on me, now!

Matt: Let's go, now!

Davis: Right! Raidramon, give 'em your best shot!

Tai: Good luck, guys!

Garurumon: Howling Blaster!

[both RAIDRAMON and GARURUMON'S attacks hit the dark spiral. After a second, it comes off.]

All: *gasp*

Matt: Look, it's off!

Digimon Emperor: What??

[METALGREYMON dedigivolves to AGUMON]

Tai: I'm sorry we attacked you, Agumon!

Agumon: I'm sorry, too!

Tai: And I'm sorry that you're sorry!

Agumon: And I'm sorry that you're sorry that I'm sorry!

Tai: I'll tell you what. I won't be sorry anymore, and you don't be sorry anymore, either!

Agumon: Sorry!

Kari: Davis,! You saved the day! We thought you were wonderful.

Davis: ugh...

Kari: Are ya sick?

TK: What's the matter with him?

Cody: I don't know, but I'm getting out of here before he throws up!

Matt: Davis! You saved Agumon, and you didn't even lose a single hair!

Davis: Not yet...

Digimon Emperor: I can't believe they were able to beat one of my new dark spirals. I'm just going to have to make them more powerful!

Wormmon: Hey Ken, can I drive for a while? You said once we took over the digital world, than I could drive. Well, can I?

Digimon Emperor: How many times have I told you that while I'm thiking, never talk! And I'm always thinking, so never talk! Why are evil geniuses always surrounded by fools?


Izzy: Okay, we managed to get Agumon back safe and sound, but we can't relax with Ken still out there. Tentomon, I need you to be a spy and find out what he's up to.

Tentomon: The name's Mon. TentoMon.

Davis: Woah, two digieggs! That's cool!

Tai: Davis, thanks a lot for saving Agumon. You're a good friend.

Davis: Who, me? A good friend?

Matt: That's right! Come here, you're officially part of the team now. Time for a noogie! Ha ha...

Davis: Hey, did you see that? I got a noogie! That means I'm one of the guys now!

DemiVeemon: Davis, if you're one of the guys now, does that mean you used to be one of the girls now? And if you were, how come you never told me about it? I wish you humans would just make up your minds.

Davis: Okay, then how's this for friendship?

[DAVIS starts to choke DEMIVEEMON]

DemiVeemon: Ugh...ah...oh...

All: *laugh*

Matt: He's not the only one who's got a lot to learn.

Davis: Great! Teach me!

Matt: You'll learn soon enough. Let's just take it one step at a time.

Kari: Starting with the noogies!

Davis: Right! Ah...



[Note: My VCR cut off the very end...just the part the narrator says, you're not missing anything big.]