Season 2, Episode 9: "The Emperor's New Home"
English Version Written by:
Original Air Date: ??, 2000
Transcribed by: Ichijouji Safaia <>


Wormmon : Oh oh, the emperor isnít in a good mood today, which is like every other day... ... Maybe I can cheer him up : Hey Ken, did you heard the one about the man who.... I guess you heard that one already... ... Master, what are you watching?


Reporter : Join us as we talk with young genius, Ken Ichijouji!

Ken : Iím just your average boy genius.

Reporter : Youíre so modest, do you spend a lot of time studying?

Ken : Some geniuses do, but I prefer toplay soccer.

Reporter : [laughing] And funny, too! They say genius is 1% brain and 99% hard work! Do you think thatís true?

Ken : Mineís 2%.

Reporter : [laughing again] You ARE funny! And the thing you came from such humble beginnings in an everyday appartment building, are you just an average kid?

Ken : Yeah, thereís absolutely nothing I love more than being average!

Reporter : So, youíve mastered chess, 3D chess and the Donkey Madness video game! Is there anything you canít handle?

Ken : [laughing] Reporters?

Reporter : [laughing again] The big question on everyoneís mind is what does a genius do for fun when heís not solving complex math problems, thought I know that maths is already more fun than most people can handle!

Ken : Well, Iím always busy writing one of my computer programs, but like I said earlier, my favorite thing to do is play soccer.

Reporter : Iím sure youíll be a big success in that too, Ken! I donít see how anything could possibly get in your way!


Digimon emperor : [growl] Um....


Reporter : Well, thatís enough, thanks for your time, Ken! Best of luck!

Ken : Youíre welcome!

Man : [coming closer] That was well, donít you think Ken?

Ken : Of course. I always look well to impress.

Man : That 1%, 2% stuff was brilliant, all thought Iím not really sure I understand it!

Ken : [impatient] Iíll explain it to you later.

Man : Thereís something else you can help me with too... How do you get past level 4 on Donkey Madness, I just canít get the sector! [Ken growls] Of course you know I wouldnít tell anyone else your game secrets...

Ken : Iíll be glad to tell you anything I know, Iíll even come ove rand help you play the game! [mocking] that is of course... if you donít think youíre too old to be playing video games...

Man : Um? Oh yeah, too old... I always forget that Iím an adult... Ah! Look at the time! Iíve gotta go to my advance joystick class... [walking away] Oh! Could you do just one last thing for me Ken?

Ken : [impatient sigh] What is it?

Man : Um.... Autograph?

Ken : [writing] um.... Here you go...

Man : Thanks Ken, you are the best, even better than a graphic accelarator card! Whoo! The guys will be jealous...

Ken : [for himself] ...Fool...


Wormmon : Cheer up, you can destroy somebody tomorrow!


Kenís mom : Oh Ken, honey... Your dinner is ready dear... Ken! Itís getting cold! Itís your favorite dear, liver and lovely mash potatoes!

Kenís father : So you were on TV today tiger, soon youíll need a stick to keep all the ladies away, just like your old dad!

Ken : [deep sigh] Iíve lost my appetite. [leaving the table]

Kenís mother : ooh... but whatís the matter?

Ken : Nothing. [walk away]


Ken : [for himself] Look at all those fools out there... dreaming away their meaningless lives... running around like rats in a maze... not one of them is a half of what Iím worth...aaaaaaarrgh..... [Yelling] NOTHING BUT FOOLS!!!!!


Wormmon : Master?... Master?... Master?? Donít be depress... Iíve got an idea, letís grab some dark rings, weíll capture a couple of innocent digimon and make their lives absolutely miserable! That should makes you happy...


Izzy : You mean Ken is the Digimon Emperor?

Davis : Right, and when heís an emperor, heís not just a genius, heís an evil genius!

Demi-Veemon : And the serious evil genuis is that!

Cody : I just donít understand why such talented and smart person will want to use their gifts to hurt others...

Kari : He seems so nice...

T.K : You know, there was a report on him on TV yesterday... I saw them show the genius parade.

Kari : I canít believe the Digimon Emperor is a kid like us!

Izzy : ...Letís find him!

T.K : What? Find him?

Izzy : yeah! Weíll track him down and confront him outside of the digital world!

Upamon : Does his plan include a part where we get to eat?

Izzy : For you, anything. Hey, I wonder where Yolei could be!

[Door opens]

Yolei : Hey everybody, sorry Iím late but look what Iíve got!

Demi-Veemon : Chocolate!!

Upamon : Cookie!

Gatomon : Fish!!!!

Patamon : Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!

Veemon : Youíre the best Yolei, you could be the chief of the cafeteria someday!

Yolei : So, youíre not hungry?

Poromon : What? [flies toward the food and start eating with the others]

Yolei : Thatís s surprise they didnít eat my arm right off. Oh, and look at this! Thereís an article in it about Ken!

Davis : Iíll take that!

Yolei : Hey, you gave me a papercut!!!

Davis : [reading the magazine] Yeah, thatís him, the evil kid!

Cody : Who would that such a normal looking boy could be the Digimon Emperor!

Kari : His smile makes him look so gentle....

T.K : Uh yeah, but his haircut makes him look like you, Kari!

Izzy : Let me see it... Oh, this kid! Iíve seen him on the news before...

Yolei : Look at him, how cute! He could program my computer any day!

Davis : Are you crazy? He may be smart, but this guy is completely crazy in his head!

Yolei : Whoa, heís not just smart, heís got dashing good looks, too.

Cody : And heís also really athletic!

Davis : AAARGH!! Hey, Iím just as good in sports as that guy is!!

Izzy : Ok, ok, donít get your knickers in a twist, Davis, letís just find him!

Davis : What are knickers?

Izzy : Nevermind.... Iíll use my map program to locate the apartment building behind Ken on his picture...

Yolei : Looks like a nice place to live!

Davis : Yeah, living next door to a heartless kid who wants to rule the world is nice!

Izzy : If my calculations are correct, he should live.... Right around here!!!

Kari : Yeah! I know that area!

Izzy : You smudge my screen!

Davis : yeah, I think thereís an appartment building right there under Kariís fingerprint!


Kenís mom : Ken?... Ken?

Kenís dad : Whatís up?

Kenís mom : Well... usually, I heard the furious scribble of him doing math problems, but today.... Nothing!

Kenís dad : Um... heís been oftenly quiet since that soccer game...

Kenís mom : I donít wanna barge in... I might set on one of his booby trap...

Kenís dad : When you met with his teacher, did he say anything at all to you?

Kenís mom : No, at least teacher could talk was something called Donkey Madness...

Kenís Dad : Donkey Madness???

Kenís mom : I know, itís strange, I mean, we donít even own a donkey!

Kenís dad : ... Letís go in there.

Kenís mom : oh, should we do that?

Kenís dad : I say we break down the door!

Kenís mom : What? No, donít break it down!

Kenís dad : Arrgh, Iíve gotta break something!


Kenís dad : Ken?

Kenís mom : [gazing at the computer screen] Oh! Look at this!

Kenís dad : Whatís this? Good bye to all of you, your trivial lives will break me no longer... my destiny waits... Aaaargh no!!! Heís runaway!!!

Kenís mom : No!!! [cry]


Davis : Here it is! This is the place where weíll stop Ken once and for all!

Cody : Ok, I wrote down a battle plan!

Yolei : Uh.... Does it includes the police?

Davis : Man, that kidís trouble!

Reporter : Little Ken Ichijouji is missing and no one has any idea where he might be!

Kenís dad : I think...~sob~... heís runaway from home!

Cody : Runaway from home??!!

Davis : I bet I know where heís gone!


Wormmon : Speak to me... just two words... one even!


Izzy : I think youíre right! Ken is probably in the digital world, but itís dangerous to just rush in there!

Kari : But the longer we wait, the longer he has to plot against us!

Cody : We need to make a new plan!

Izzy : Um.... We need to know what Kenís doing. Letís check the computer...

T.k : Does this mean what I think it means???

Izzy : Ken is taking over areas in the digital world faster than ever before!!

Davis : Well then, Letís go!!

Izzy : We canít risk to be ruthless, remember the expression : Fools rush in while angels fear the thread.

Kari : So what do you think we should do?

T.K : You know, being a fool is really low in my pride, but I cannot just sit here and do nothing!

Cody : Why do evil genius always have to be so evil?

Yolei : Aah, he doesnít look capable to be causing such trouble! You know?

Izzy : Well he is, and donít let yourself forget it! Um!

Davis : Well I have enough talk! The clock keeps ticking away and Iím ticked off! I want some action!

Kari : Heís right! So letís get into the gate!

T.K : Yeah!

Yolei : Iím with you! Letís fight!

Izzy : You conviced me, no more hesitation!

Davis : Excellent! Digi-port, open!

Yolei : Letís go get that evil-cute guy!

Izzy : Iíll be watching over you! Good luck, guys!

Yolei : Itís genius stopping time! Letís go!


Digimon emperor : Iím here.... Um!

T.K : Look at this land of fire! Itís like in the movie... land of fire!

Yolei : I know... Sure itís hot!

Davis : I say chilly-hot!


Wormmon : Why donít you got me fighting instead of capturing Greymon?

Digimon Emperor : You, fight? Um!

Wormmon : I guess Iíll take that as a no... um, Master, can I get a little help here, Iím having some trouble standing... um.... Iím okay!

Digimon Emperor : Hahahahahahaha! That control spire will be their doom!!


Davis : Keep your eyes open, trouble can be anywhere!

~Some Meramon just show up~

Kari : Meramon!!! [digi-analyser] Meramon are very dangerous, they can burn you with their Roaring Flames attack or only by touching you!

Davis : Letís show whoís boss!! Digi-armor energize!!!

Veemon : Veemon, armor digivolve to.... Flamedramon, the fire of courage!

~Battle against Flamedramon and Meramon~

Meramon : Roaring flame!!

Flamedramon : Fire rocket!!

Davis : Donít do that anymore, youíre just thickling them!

Kari : I donít think fire attacks are going to work on them!

Hawkmon : My turn!

Yolei : Getíem Hawkmon!! Digi-armor energize!!!

Hawkmon : Hawkmon, armor-digivolve to...Halsemon, the wings of love!!!

Halsemon : Tempest wings!!!

Yolei : Oh.... Halsemon, STOP! Youíre making the flames bigger!!!

Digimon Emperor : Thereís my prey!

Greymon : Come and get it! What do you say the two on us go on it? One on one!

Digimon Emperor : As much as I appreciate your offer Greymon, I rather we play sphere throw!

Greymon : What? But I hate sphere throw!

Cody : Nothing is working, now itís up to you Armadillomon! Digi-armor energize!!!

Armadillomon : Armadillomon, armor digivolve to... Digmon, the drill of power!

Digmon : Rock cracking!


Cody : Way to go!!!

Kari : Look!!

Yolei : Watch out!!!! Here they come!

Patamon : My turn?

T.K : Letís do it!! Digi-armor energize!!!

Patamon : Patamon, armor digivolve to... Pegasusmon, the flying hope!

Halsemon : Tempest wings!

T.K : Itís working!

Pegasusmon : Star shower!!!

Kari : Are you ready?

Gatomon : Always am!

Kari : Digi-armor energize!!!!

Gatomon : Gatomon, armor digivolve to...Nefertimon, the angel of light!!

Digimon Emperor : Sending Greymon to attack those kids is my best plan yet!

Wormmon : But uh, what about the problems you had with Andromon?

Digimon Emperor : I learn from my mistakes, if I can make a rookie digimon digivolve while under my control, then I can control his other form as well!!

Wormmon : Master, you give me chills when you act all tough...

Digimon Emperor : Oh be quiet. ... Greymon, digivolve to Metalgreymon and be my slave!!!!!

Greymon : Aaaargh!!!! Greymon, digivolve to... Skullgreymon!!!!

Nefertimon : Rosetta stone!!!!

Kari : Thatís what you get for playing with fire!!!

T.K : Oh no!!! Itís Skullgreymon!!! [digi-analyser] The only things that are more terrifying than his looks are his fighting skills, especially his Dark Shot attack!

Digimon Emperor : Skull...Greymon??

~ Skullgreymon fighthing the Emperorís other slaves~

Wormmon : Suddenly.... This plan doesnít really seem... so good.

Digimon Emperor : ARGH!!!

Davis : How can we beat that thing??

Kari : I have no idea!!

T.K : I have one!

Davis : What?

T.K : I say we run and then after that we run some more!!!!


Flamedramon : Fire rocket!!!!

Davis : Heíve got Flamedramon!!!

Cody : Digmon, no!!!

~Fight again~

Yolei : Halsemon!!!

Nefertimon : Everyone, run!!

Kari : But we have to fight Skullgreymon!

Pegasusmon : Yeah, great idea, stay close together so you create and easy target, get to safety!

Skullgreymon : Dark shot!!!!

~Destroy the control spire~

Digimon Emperor : Argh!

Wormmon : Heís got a name...

Everyone : HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Davis : I should probably put on my goggles!!

Digimon Emperor : YOU WANNA PLAY ROUGH? ~whistle~

T.K : Iím afraid to find out who heís calling!

Yolei : What are those things?

Cody : Theyíre Darktyrannomon!!! [Digi-analyser] A computer program turn Tyrannomon into the evil Darktyrannomon! Watch out for his Fire Breath attack!!

Kari : Why canít we ever fight anything short!!

Yolei : Like some mice!!

Davis : In that time, I only remember a phrase: If you canít stand the heat, you better get out of the kitchen!

T.K : Stop, you make me wanna barbecue!

~Fight between Darktyrannomon and Skullgreymon~

Davis : Theyíre rolling around like rag dolls!!

Yolei : Hope he doesnít get the idea to throw US around!!

Kari : He beat them all single-handed!

~Skullgreymon returns to Agumon~

Kari : Thatís Agumon!!

T.K : That slimy creature is coming after him, and when I say slimy creature I mean Ken!

Kari : Agumon!!!

T.K : Let him go!!!

Kari : AGUMON!!!!!

T.K : You better not hurt him, Ken!!

Davis : Yeah... Jerk!!

Digimon Emperor : From defeat now thereís another victory! Hahahahahaha!!!

Kari : T.K, Davis, somebody do something THEYíRE GETTING AWAY!!!


Izzy : Wow, thatís the strangest thing Iíve seen since my internet configuration went defective! Oh.... WHAT? The entire area Agumon was guarding has been take over by the Digimon Emperor!!! Does that mean Agumon is under his control? Or worst yet, what if Agumon has been destroyed! Then whoís next? If he was able to get Agumon.... That means everyone of our digimon are in danger!

Narrator : How will the Digidestined rescue Agumon? The answer on the next Digimon, Digital Monsters!