Season 2, Episode 8: "Ken's Secret"

English Version Written by: Charlotte

Original Air Date: September 23, 2000

Transcribed by: katiecat <>



Boy: Kick it!

Davis: No! ugh!

[DAVIS tackles the boy]

Boy: Ahh!!

Tai: You walk much, Davis?

Davis: *nervous laugh*

Coach: Alright team! Hustle in. Quiet down! Alright. Our first scrimmage is this Saturday. It's against last year's champions.

Davis: Woah! That's the team with that braniac kid! He's good at soccer, he's good at sports...he's good at everything!

Coach: Hey hey! Watch the name calling. He's Ken Ichijouji!


Yolei: As captain of his soccer team, Ken Ichijouji led his team to victory last year by scoring a record-setting 45 goals!

Tai: Woah. This kid may even be better than I am!

Cody: I bet he could be in the olympics if he wanted to!

Davis: He's not so tough! I never got a chance to beat him! That's cause we never played his team last year!

TK: You guys got knocked out early! You didn't even make the playoffs!

Davis: Very funny, TE!

Kari: You think you can beat him?

Davis: Well, I don't have to flat out beat him! If can make it a close game to that guy, I'd be a living legend! And everyone knows how much chicks dig living legends.

Yolei: Oh, Davis?

Davis: Uh oh, it's starting already!

Yolei: When you see Ken on the soccer field, will you get his autograph for me?

Cody: Yolei and Ken, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Yolei: Hey watch it, Cody. And besides, I didn't say I wanted to KISS him, duh, I just want to marry him!

Cody: Oh.

Davis: If you want to meet him, ask for his autograph yourself!

Yolei: Oh, I guess I could do that...

Kari: Let's all go to the game and you can ask him then!

Davis: Hey, don't you want *my* autograph?


DemiVeemon: Can I come to your game, too, Davis?

Davis: Sure! You can watch me wipe the field with Mr. Perfect! I'll show *THEM* who's the man!

[at the SOCCER GAME]

Kari: Good luck Davis!

Yolei: Don't forget to hug Ken!

Tai: Give him a kiss, too! *laugh*

Davis: Ha ha.

[a BUS arrives]

Davis: Enjoy the attention while it lasts, pal.

Yolei: Oh, I can't believe it's really him!

Davis: When I woke up this morning, I was just a regular kid. When I go to bed tonight, I'll be a hero.

Tai: I hope Davis isn't getting in over his head.

Davis: [thinking] Tai probably thinks I'm getting in over my head. [aloud] Where's Ken?

Kari: Where is he?

TK: Izzy? No, we're waiting for Ken!

Yolei: Uh, we know that. Ken's no coming, is he Cody?

Cody: Will you stop asking if I say yes?

Yolei: No I won't!

Poromon: Lucky for me I have no spine!

Davis: Uh, excuse me, any of you know when that Ken kid is supposed to be here?

Boy: Well, he's got a soft drink commercial to shoot, then he's having a meeting about a soccer ball being named after him.

Boy2: Ken hardly has time to play soccer anymore.

Davis: I'll never get to play him!

Tai: Hey Davis, can we talk? Even if Ken isn't here, his teammates are still champions. If you're not careful, they'll use you as the soccer ball!

Davis: No way.

TK: But you gotta know that if you play last years champions...

Kari: Win or lose, you'll still be a hero!

Davis: Yeah! I'll still be a living legend! Cool!

Yolei: Why do I have to be here if Ken isn't here? It's not like I don't have important things I could be doing you know.

Cody: But what about Davis?

[the GAME starts]

Davis: I gotta play as well as Ken. I just gotta!

[DAVIS and the others play a good round, and DAVIS scores a goal]

Kari: It's rewinding. There. You look good on camera!

Davis: Thanks, Kari. I kicked butt out there, didn't I?

DemiVeemon: And you kicked the ball good, too!

Davis: Yeah, that too! *laugh*

TK: You nailed that shot, Davis!

Tai: Hey, you guys only lead by one goal. The game's still wide open, and Ken could still show up.

Davis: And what's Ken gonna do? Please. If we were here right now, I'd show him...

Other Girls: HE'S HERE!

Davis: Me and my big mouth.

Yolei: Oh my god, it can't be real! I can't believe it! Somebody pinch me! Oww! He looked right at us! Oh, I'm going to faint!

Ken: Huh? Grrr...hmm.

Davis [thinking]: That's what all the fuss is about? I dunno, he doesn't look so tough.

Tai: For all the attention he's getting, that guy sure knows how to keep his cool.

Davis: Hey, I'm cool!

Tai: More like likewarm!

Davis: Oh, that's so funny I forgot to laugh.

Coach: Hey, Ken, we're glad you could make it.

Ken: Sorry I'm late, coach, but there was something I had to do first.

Coach: Don't worry about it. We're just glad you found the time for us at all! Can I put you in the game now?

Ken: If that's what you want.

Announcer: Now substituting, Ken "The Rocket" Ichijouji!

Davis: Hi, I'm Davis. Nice ta meetcha!

Ken: Hmm.

Yolei: Oh my gosh, he looked right at me, Poromon! Can you believe he's even cuter in person than he is on TV? I could just hug him all day!

Cody: He's not an accordion, Yolei.

Kari: He's just a kid like you, Davis!

TK: You can outrun him!

Tai: You can do it! And even if you can't, we won't think any less of you, man!

Ken: Some nice friends you got there.

[the game starts. KEN runs around DAVIS, and starts playing wildly.]

Tai: Did you catch that move?

Kari: He's fantastic!

Yolei: Hands off, I saw him first!

Announcer: Goal scored by The Rocket!

Davis: Houston, we have a problem.

Yolei: He's so amazing and did I mention dreamy?

Cody: Would you like for me to pinch you again?

Yolei: Yolei Ichijouji. Ken and Yolei Ichijouji!

Tai: Now that Ken's tied up the game, I wonder how it's going to affect Davis' confidence.

[the game starts up again]

Davis: Woah, how'd he do that?

Tai: Davis isn't looking too good out there.

Kari: Ken's running circles around him! It's like Davis isn't even there!

TK: Easy shooting goals into an empty net! Ken doesn't just have skill, he leads his team like a General leads his army!

Davis: I don't believe this guy! He's not just good, he's great!

Ken: Stick to the playbook I wrote, everyone! We've got em on the run! All forwards and midfielders move up!

Davis: No!

[DAVIS tackles KEN, and KEN falls]

Ken: Ugh!

Tai: Nice tackle! Have a good trip Ken, see you next fall!

Announcer: Time's run out! And the Green Tomachi team, led by Ken "The Rocket" Ichijouji, wins 9-1!

Team: Yeah!

Davis: He Ken, is your leg okay? Sorry about that tackle. I guess I caught you off-guard.

Ken: I barely felt it. Too busy thinking about scoring goals.

Davis: So I guess you heard. Your teammates probably told you about how I was dominating the field, how unstoppable I was before you came.

Ken: I don't know. Somebody may have mentioned something about your play. Keep it up and you might win a championship.

Davis: Well, once you came along, and you guys got so far ahead, I figured it was all or nothing, so I just went for it on that last play.

Ken: I was obvioulsy focused on scoring another goal and didn't see you coming. That play never fails.

Davis: Well, it did against me!

Ken: Indeed. Well, my worthy adversary. Farewell, until we meet again in battle.

Davis: Huh?

[after the game]

Davis: And then we shook hands, and he said he admired me.

Tai: Oh, come on.

Kari: I've never seen you this happy about losing before!

Davis: It wasn't that bad. He called me his worthy adversary. I mean, The Rocket practically said I'm as good as he is!

Yolei: Ugh! I can't believe you didn't get his autograph!

Cody: Need a pinch?

TK: That sliding block you did was ultra-cool, Davis!

Kari: Yeah, cool!

DemiVeemon: It made my toes tingle!

Davis: You know what I predict? I betcha me and Ken will be on the same championship team someday.

Tai: I think you're getting ahead of yourself. Why don't you try something? Why don't you try scoring at least one goal against him?

Davis: Very funny, Tai. But I guess you've got a point. I'll have to try that...

All [minus Yolei]: *laugh*

Ken: *laugh* Go ahead. Laugh while you are still able. For the time draws closer to when you shall bow before me. No one is my equal, as you shall find out soon.


Yolei: Give me your hand?

Davis: Why?

Yolei: I'll tell you why! Because I said so!

Davis: Here ya go.

Yolei: Since you shook hands with Ken, if I shake hands with you, it'll almost be like I'm shaking hands with him! Ugh...I can't do it. It's not the same. I need to see my beloved in person.

Cody: I can't believe it!

Upamon: You're dreaming...let me pinch you!

Cody: It's a control spire?

Kari: What's it doing there?

Gatomon: Controlling...spiring...the usual.

Cody: It must have been built overnight.

TK: So just where is it located?

Cody: I don't know. This map doesn't show the points of interest.

Upamon: It's the Forbidden Valley of No Return!

Kari: Why do bad guys always name things like that?

TK: It's in their job description! It's right after really stinky breath!

Cody: Even if this place was called 'The Valley of Dickies and Bunnies', with acontrol spire there, there's trouble.

TK: We've got to destroy it before it's used to control all the digimon, yeah?

Kari: Right!

TK: What are we waiting for? Let's go Davis!

Davis: You really sure about this? DigiPort open!


Kari: Well, this valley sure looks forbidden, alright.

Davis: A few duckies and bunnies would spruce it up!

TK: Come on, quit kidding around. The Digimon Emperor could be around here anywhere, so stay sharp!

Cody: Let's stay together!

Yolei: This valley is kind of quaint and homey.

Davis: More like homely!

Kari: Quiet, you guys! You don't want the emperor to hear us coming!

[YOLEI and HAWKMON are swallowed by the ground]

Kari: I bet he heard that!

Gatomon: My gosh, they're gone!

[TK, KARI, and CODY are swallowed by the ground, too]

All: Woah!

Davis: Woah! Did you see that, Veemon? The ground just ate our friends!

Veemon: Maybe it'll swallow us next!

[the rest of the kids continue to fall deeper]

Fallers: AH!!

Veemon: I think you'd better call Tai to help us out.

Davis: No way, Veemon! That'll take way too long! Help me dig before we find more trouble!

Digimon Emperor: Trouble has found you!

Davis: Digimon Emperor, what have you done? Where are my friends?

Digimon Emperor: Your friends are with me. Come and see, if you dare!

Davis: Hurry, Veemon! The ground could open up and swallow us any second!

Veemon: I wanted to start getting more excersize, but running for my life wasn't what I had in mind!

Davis: I'm more worried about our friends right now. We're coming!

Veemon: Hurry!

Davis: The digimon emperor's voice came from this direction!

Veemon: I hope so!

Davis: There he is! You're going to get it!

Digimon Emperor: I'm so scared.

Davis: Let my friends go! What have you done with them?

Digimon Emperor: Your friends are at my mercy. And so, it would appear, are you.

[the rest of the kids and digimon are tied up and hanging from a bridge]

Davis: Oh no, guys!

Kari: Davis, save yourself!

TK: You can still escape!

Cody: Don't take your eyes off of the emperor!

Yolei: *What* are you waiting for? Save me!

Davis: Don't worry, I'll think of something!

Digimon Emperor: Think fast, your time's running out. Oh no, times up.

Davis: Oh, no!

Digimon Emperor: Awaken, Deltamon!

Veemon: Maybe it's a ducky or a bunny!

Deltamoin: roar!

Davis: Just what is that thing, Veemon?


Veemon: Deltamon is a dragon type digimon with a metal head for one hand, and a skull for the other! His attacks are tri-flex force and dragon's bite!

Digimon Emperor: What luck you all dropped by. You see, it's Deltamon's lunchtime, and I think eating your friends will make a well-balanced meal, don't you?

Hangers: Ahh!

Davis: Oh, no you won't! I'll never let you get away with this!

Digimon Emperor: It appears you have no choice. If you want mercy, you must beg for it.

Davis and Veemon: Huh?

Digimon: You heard me, you pathetic loser! Now on your knees and beg!

Veemon: Don't Davis!

Digimon Emperor: Please Master, spare my friends.

Davis: Please Master, spare my friends.

Digimon Emperor: Please Master, spare my worthless friends.

Davis: Please Master, spare my worthless friends.

Digimon Emperor: That's excellent! Now, Veemon! Restrain him...I command you!

Veemon: Never!

Davis: Do what he says.

Veemon: Davis?

Davis: Do it for the others. If it'll save our friends, then obey the emperor.

Veemon: Uhh...

Digimon Emperor: *laugh* Seeing you squirm is so delicious. You are so entertaining, maybe I should take pity on you.

Davis: Yeah?

Digimon Emperor: As you can see, Deltamon has only three mouths. But there are four children. Therefore, you may have one.Sadly, I cannot spare them all. Choose who will be spared.

Davis: So *I* have to choose? I can't do it! How do I pick one over the other?

Digimon Emperor: This desicion must be done delicately. Delicately. You have until the sand's run out to choose. And it isn't long, pretty boy. It isn't long.

Kari: Don't worry about me, Davis! Save one of the others!

TK: Get out of here, Davis! Go ahead, save yourself!

Yolei: Oh, sure...make *ME* look bad! Fine then, *DON'T* save me!

Cody: Whatever you decide to do, Davis, we trust you! So think of something!

Davis: I...I...uh, I just can't do it! How am I supposed to choose only one of my friends?

Digimon Emperor: Like sands in the hourglass, so are your friends' lives.

Davis: I just...I...I can't do it!

Digimon Emperor: Will you throw *ALL* their lives away? Is that what you call friendship?

Davis [thinking]: They're all my friends! Kari! TK! Cody! Yolei! [aloud] Ahh!

Digimon Emperor [thinking]: You brought this on yourself. You made me look like a fool.

Davis: Huh?

Digimon Emperor: And now, digidestined, time's up. Say goodbye.

Davis: Wait! Take me instead of the others!

Digimon Emperor: You think YOU can satisfy his hunger? Alright. Deltamon!

TK: Look out, Davis!

Veemon: Davis, if you've been holding out and planning a surprise attack, now would be a good time to yell 'surprise'!

Davis: Surprise?

Veemon: It isn't funny!

Digimon: Surprise? It isn't even my birthday!

Davis: It's Digmon!

Pegasusmon and Nefertimon: Incoming!

Veemon: Pegasusmon! Halsemon! Nefertimon!

[the other kids come running up behind DAVIS]

TK: It's just an illusion! We're alright!

Davis: Than who's that?

[the kids hanging change form and become BAKEMON]

Yolei: Eww, gross!

Davis: What are those things?


Veemon: Despite their obvious dental hygiene problems, Bakemon are able to accurately impersonate any other creature. Their attack is called the 'Dark Claw'

[END D.A.]

Veemon: He made the Bakemon look like our friends!

Digimon Emperor: I can't believe it! You dumb Bakemon, I had that kid right where I wanted him.

Wormmon: It's not my fault!

Davis: I can't believe you pulled that trick on me! Go get him, Veemon!

Veemon: It'll be my pleasure.

Davis: Digiarmour Energize!

Veemon: Veemon, armour digivolve to...Flamedramon: The Fire of Courage!

Digimon Emperor: Bakemon, you've got tooth rules...Attack! Not me, them!

Pegasusmon: Here they come.

Halsemon: They're everywhere.

Nefertimon: Like mosquitos.

Digimon Emperor: Attack them!!

Davis: I never saw mosquitos do that.

All: Ahh!

TK: The emperor is controlling them! The dark rings the Bakemon are wearing are the key! He's ordering them around like a genenral leading an army!

Davis: Not for long! I'm gonna get that guy!

Flamedramon and Digmon: ugh!

Digimon Emperor: Bakemon, finish them! I have them now.

Davis: Never!

[DAVIS jumps and pushes the DIGIMON EMPEROR off the hill]

Wormmon: I'll stay here and guard the hill!

Davis: You try to take over the digital world and destroy me? Well, I'm taking you with me! You call yourself the digimon emperor. What's with that?

Digimon Emperor: I am a genius! I cannot lose to a child like you!

Davis: Like me? You are like me! You're a kid, just like us!

Digimon Emperor: I think not! Deltamon! Tri-flex force! Say goodbye!

Flamedramon: Hello. Why leave so soon? The party's just starting. Fire Rocket!

Davis: Flamedramon, aim for the dark ring!

TK: It's working! The emperor's power over the Bakemon is weakening!

Pegasusmon: It's now or never. This is our chance to attack! Star Shower!

Digmon: Target the Control Spire!

Halsemon: Tempest Wing!

Nefertimon: Rosetta Stone!

Digmon: Rock Cracking!

[the knock down the CONTROL SPIRE]

Digmon: There she blows!

All: They did it!

Davis: They sure did! Yes!

Digimon Emperor:! What went wrong? My master plan was invincible! Ah, I forgot to factor in that you're one of those all-or-nothing types. I can't believe the same person made me look like a fool twice in the same day.

Davis: What do you mean, twice? Hey, how'd you get that cut on your leg? Wait, are you...could you be...?

Digimon Emperor: I can be and I am. Ken Ichijouji!

Davis: Ugh, I'm dreaming! Ken is the digimon emperor?

Digimon Emperor: The one and only. Well, Davis, farewell for now, my worthy adversary. Until we meet again, in battle!

Davis: I really looked up to you Ken. I dreamed of being just like you. And now that I know you're my sworn enemy, all I can say is...and I mean this: YOU CAN KEEP YOUR CRUMMY AUTOGRAPH!

Narrator: Now that Ken's secret is revealed, will the digidestined be able to stop him? Find out next time, on Digimon: Digital Monsters!