Season 2, Episode 6: "Family Picnic"

English Version Written by: Jeff Nimoy and Bob Buchholz

Original Air Date:

Transcribed By: katiecat <>

[Notes: there's a little bit missing at the beginning of this episode, only because my recording didn't start and cut a bit off. Not a lot, but I don't know the first few words said. They are marked by ... Sorry about that, I'll try to fix it.]



Flight Attendant: ... welcomes you to Tokyo. Again, we apologize for the pilot stepping out for popcorn during the in-flight movie.

Flight Attendant 2: Will the owner of a grey 747 parked outside the window please report to the cock pit. Your lights are on.

Mimi: It's so bright out, and I'm wide awake! What time is it? 8:54 in the morning? I'm still on New York time! [changes her watch to say 6:54 p.m.] There. Now I'm caught up. Oh, *yawn* I'm exhausted!

Demiveemon: Davis, wake up!

Davis: *snores*

Demiveemon: Davis! Davis! Davis! Davis! Davis! Davis! Davis!

Davis: Hmm? Uh...

Demiveemon: Good morning! Sleep well?

Davis: Uh, yeah...until I heard all that screaming! The next time I tell you to wake me up, try to be a little quieter so I can get some sleep!

Cody: I turn my back on him for one minutre and he disappears. Upamon! WHere are you? Upamon! Hm? Upamon?

Upamon: Cody!

Cody: How many times have I told you not to wander around the house? Mom might think you're a rodent!

Upamon: I think your mom's making us some candy over there!

Cody: Candy? That's not candy, it's sushi.

Upamon: Does it taste like candy?

Cody: Not really. It's seaweed and raw fish.

Upamon: Yucky!

Cody: That was my first reaction, too.

Kari: I make a little bed for you, Gatomon!

Gatomon: You think I'm getting in there? Think again!

Kari: Oh, come on. Be a'll be fun! *laughs*


Gatomon: mmmmmmph!

TK: I'm leaving now, I'll be back later. Oh, and one more thing! Patamon!

Patamon [from the backpack]: Could you hurry up? Your gym socks from yesterday are in here!

TK: Sorry, I forgot!

Yolei: Okay, mom, I think I'm packed. Besides the usual, I'm taking potato salad, macaroni salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, fruit salad, and three-bean salad.

Mrs. Inoue: Actually, it's only two-bean salad today. I was out of the third bean. That's an awful lot of food for one girl to have for lunch.

Yolei: I told you, mom. I'm having a picnic with the computer club today. So, I offered to bring salad for everyone!

Mrs. Inoue: And who's paying for all this?

Yolei: Yeah, I need to talk to you about that. Talk to you later!

Mrs. Inoue: Yolei, wait!

Poromon: Yolei, hurry! Open up, open up, this is an emergency!

Yolei: What is it, Poromon?

Poromon: Sitting on this coleslaw's getting a little messy. ANd what's in here that has such a fowl smell?

Yolei: Devilled Eggs!

Poromon: PU!

TK: Poromon's right, I can smell them from all the way over here!

Yolei: I guess the mayonnaise has gone bad.

[at the SCHOOL]

Davis: Shouldn't every one else be here?

Kari: Yeah, they're late.

Davis: Here they come now! What took you guys so long?

Yolei: I stopped at a drinking fountain to give Poromon a bath. It's a long story.

Davis: Nevermind. Let's go. All clear. Now remember my plan, everybody: Crouch!

Yolei: Listen, Davis, I know it's Saturday, and we're not really supposed to be here, but nobody is within miles of this place. I refuse to crouch!

Cody: Actually, Davis, I don't think it's really necessary for me to crouch.

Davis: Alright, I got us in? Am I the best, or what?

Yolei and Cody: Uhh... [sweatdrop]


Davis: Hey, I wonder if the digital world's open on Saturdays?

Yolei: Alright! I got us in! Am I the best, or what?

Mimi: I'm sorry, but are you supposed to be here?

All: Huh?

TK and Kari: Mimi!

All: Mimi?

Mimi: Um, TK? Kari?

TK and Kari: Yup!

TK: Davis, Yolei, Cody, I'd like you to meet someone. This is our friend Mimi. She's one of the original digidestined who moved to America!


Mimi: I'm Mimi. I've set y sights on the fashion world or New York. But, don't think I'm just a strawberry-blonde beauty who knows she beautiful!

Yolei: Hi Mimi! Sora's told us all about you.

Mimi: I spoke to her, she told me all about you, too.

Davis: Hi, Mimi. My name's Davis. But you can just call me, uh, Davis...

Mimi: Yes, she definately told me about you. Patamon, Gatomon, how have you been?

Gatomon: Besides being stuffed in a knapsack like a wet towel, fine.

Kari: It's so good to see you. When did you get back?

Mimi: This morning. I was walking by the school and just had to take a look for old time's sake. I just walked right in. Someone left the gate open!

Davis: That was us! We had to sneak in, since the school was closed.

Mimi: Huh?

Davis: That's right! We all decided to go on a nice saturday picnic in the digital world!

Mimi: Digital world?

Yolei: Maybe Mimi can come with us!

Mimi: I haven't been there in so long. Do you think it would be okay?

Yolei: Of course!

Davis: Yolei, we didn't bring enough sodas for another person!

Yolei: Oh, no...

Cody: It's okay, she can have my soda!

TK: Mine too!

Kari: And mine.

Yolei: Perfecto! Alright, let's go!

Davis: Great, now the rest of us don't have anything to drink.


Davis: Look around. I don't see a control spire anywhere, do you?

Yolei: No siree!

Mimi: How cool! I'm back! The digital world hasn't changed! [thinking] I wonder if I'll get to see Palmon again.

[later on...]

Mimi: Digimon emperor?

Davis: Yeah. He builds control spires, tries to take over the digital world, yadda, yadda, yadda...

Mimi: Well, if there's no control spires, are we safe?

Yolei: Yeah! That's why we picked this spot to go on our picnic!

Mimi: Gee, we never would have though about going on a picnic here in the old days. We'd be too worried about giant sized digital ants!

Yolei: So far, every time we've been here, it's been to destroy a control spire. But since it's Saturday, we thought we'd just come here to have some fun!

Cody: We should pick out a spot to lay out the picnic blacnket, and dish out the food!

TK: That sounds great!

Davis: No it doesn't! It's way to early for lunch. Let's keep walking.

Kari: I am a little hungry...

Davis: [blush] I'm starved! Let's eat!

TK [sarcastic]: Why didn't I think of that?

Yolei [to Mimi]: I brought these from my parents' convenience store. You want some?

Mimi: Is that what I think it is? A chocolate covered rice ball? I haven't had one since I was a kid! I love em! ohh!

All: *laugh*

Yolei [to Hawkmon]: What'll you have?

Hawkmon: I'll have whatever armadillomon is having.

Yolei: He's eating sushi.

Hawkmon: Excellent. I'll have one sushi, please!

Armadillomon: Coming right up!

Cody: No, never throw food!

Hawkmon: Oh, come back little sushi!

Yolei: Wait, Hawkmon, it's just a California roll!

Hawkmon: Yes, well it's rolling all the way back to California!

Mimi: I have a bad feeling about this...I don't like that they're going into the forest all alone.

[MIMI goes into the forest after YOLEI]

Mimi: Hey, Yolei! Hawkmon! Come baaaaaahhhhh!!!

[MIMI falls down a HOLE]

Yolei: Wake up! Mimi, wake up! Mimi! Wake up!

Mimi: Hmm?

Yolei: Are you okay?

Mimi: Last thing I remember...I fell.

Yolei: We all did. Look at that!

Mimi: What is it?

Yolei: It's a control spire.

Hawkmon: That means this area is controlled by the digimon emperor.

[some red EYES appear in the forest along with some NOISES]

Mimi: Something tells me those aren't tail lights in a parking garage...

Gekomon and Otamamon: Princess Mimi! Princess Mimi! Princess Mimi!

Mimi: Relax! They're just Gekomon and Otamamon!

Yolei: How do you know?

Mimi: Because they're my friends!

Hawkmon: They don't look too friendly! Not while they're wearing those dark rings!

All: Huh?

Gekomon: Get her!

All: Ahh!

[the GEKOMON chase the KIDS]

Yolei: Gosh, Mimi, if these are your friends, I'd hate to see your enemies!

Mimi: It's not thir fault! *thinking* I wish Palmon was here to protect me!

Palmon: Poison Ivy!

Mimi: Palmon?

Palmon: I thought you needed a vine!

Mimi: Oh...Palmon!!

Palmon: Mimi!

Mimi: Oh, I'm so happy to see you!

Palmon: I'm happy to see you, too!

Mimi: I've never been this happy in my entire life!

Palmon: I've never knew what happiness was until today!

Hawkmon: Please stop. If you get any happier, I'll start to cry.

Mimi: Uh...I'm caught in your vines!

Palmon: I'm caught in your hair!

Mimi: On three. Ready? 1...2...3!

Palmon: Enough reminiscing, Mimi, we've got trouble. This area is called the NightForest. And the digimon emperor has taken control of all the Gekomon and the Otamamon.

Mimi: I know! We have to destroy the control spire! And I've been living in New York! Compared to getting a taxi, it should be a piece of cake!

Palmon: You're the best, Mimi.

Yolei: But, we can't destroy the control spire alone.

Hawkmon: You're right. We'd better contact the others and let them know where we are.

Yolei: Right!

Davis: Hawkmon! Yolei! Where are you?

Rest: Hawkmon! Yolei! Where are you?

Davis: Ha...huh, this place has some echo!

Kari: Oh, boy...

Yolei: I'm trying to get through to Davis, but so far, no luck!

Davis: It's from Yolei, but the signal's kind of weak!

TK: She must be nearby, but in what direction?

Cody: The Digimon Emperor must be blocking the signal.

All: Hmmm...

Digimon Emperor: *laugh* What a wonderful way to spend the weekend! Getting rid of unwanted weeds in my garden. Wormmon!

Wormmon: Yes master?

Digimon Emperor: Who's the digimon du jour?

Wormmon: The roachmon brothers.

Digimon Emperor: Summon them immediately! They're staying at the roachmon motel.

Yolei: There's no answer.

All: oh...

Roachmon: No answer? We didn't even hear the question! We hope we're not bugging you.

Girls: Ahh! Roaches!

Palmon and Hawkmon: It's the roachmon brothers!


Roachmon1: I'm roachmon.

Roachmon2: And I'm him twin brother, roachmon.

Roachmon1: I use my garbage dump attack to trash my enemies.

Roachmon2: and I use my yard sale bombs to wipe out my opponents and clean out my garage!

[END D.A.]

Roachmon2: That's all? I thought you said there were going to be more!

Roachmon1: So sue me, I heard wrong.

Roachmon2: Is it really that hard to write down a message?

Roachmon1: Next time, you take the call!

Yolei: Um, excuse me, but do you always argue?

Roachmon: THe Roachmon brother do not argue. Now stay out of this!

Yolei: Sorry, go ahead.

Roachmon1: I think I should use my garbage dump attack to finish them off.

Roachmon2: That's rubbish! I'll just use my yard sale bombs on them and we won't even have to bargain!

Mimi: How about neither?

Roachmon: The Roachmon brothers are not going to tell you again! Stay out of this!

Mimi: It was just a suggestion.

Roachmon2: Roachmon, I've got an idea! Why don't we use both attack?

Roachmon1: Roachmon, that's the first smart thing you've said.

Roachmon: Garbage Dump!

Mimi: That's it! This is a designer blouse!

Roachmon: *laugh*

Yolei: What now?

[a PIANO falls from the sky]

Mimi: Sorry, I don't play.

Girls: Ahh!

Roachmon: Yard Sale Bombs!

[they run away]

Mimi: Palmon, digivolve!

Palmon: I can't until the control spire is destroyed!

Roachmon2: They were ten feet away and you missed!

Roachmon1: I missed? You missed!

Yolei: Boy, for being brothers, those two sure do argue a lot. *thinking* I'd be best friends with my sister if she were somebody like Mimi.


Yolei: Mimi, you're my beautiful sister!

Mimi: Yolei, you're beautiful, too. ANd we live in a beautiful house with a beautiful is beautiful!


Hawkmon: Yolei, I don't mean to interrupt your daydream, but this is a rather precarious situation. Don't you think it's time?

Yolei: Right! Digiarmour Energize!

Hawkmon: Hawkmon, Armour DIgivolve to...Halsemon: The Wings of Love!

Halsemon: Yolei, climb on my back.

Yolei: Alright, let's go!

Mimi: Boy, that armour digivolving is so fashionable!

Halsemon: Tempest Wing!

Roachmon2: I feel like someone just set off a bug bomb.

Roachmon1: Nevermind that! THere's two of us, but only one of him!

Roachmon: Roachmon fly swatter!

Halsemon: Here they come again!

Roachmon: Roachmon exterminate!

Mimi: Huh? That's it! I've got an idea! Those Roachmon don't seem to be too smart! You can use them to destroy the tower!

Yolei: Perfecto!

Mimi: COme on, Palmon, let's get ready!

Yolei: Here they come!

Roachmon: Roachmon exterminate!

Mimi: Since these guys aren't too bright...

[MIMI shines a light on the ROACHMON, sending them crashing into the CONTROL SPIRE]

Palmon: Now?

Mimi: Now!

Palmon: Palmon, digivolve to...Togemon!

Togemon: Needle Spray!

Halsemon: Tempest Wing!

Roachmon: Ahh!

Digimon Emperor: My spire! Ugh! They've destroyed another one of my control spires. Talk about a wasted weekend. I'm going home. Lock up when you're done.

Wormmon: It's about time. Now I can watch my saturday cartoons.

Davis: Hey, it's Yolei's signal! It's coming in clear!

Cody: That's a good sign! It must mean that they were completely able to destroy the control spire in that area!

Davis: Alright! Way to go, Yolei!

[the DARK RINGS fall off of the ROACHMON]

Mimi: Now they'll be friendly.

Yolei: Yeah.

Roachmon2: The last thing I remember, we were at the motel.

Roachmon1: Yeah, we were out by the pool and you took my towel!

Roachmon2: Well, you ate the little chocolate they put on the pillow!

Roachmon1: I put those chocolates on the pillow! I brought them from home?

Roachmon2: From home? Those were my chocolates in the freezer!

Roachmon1: It's my freezer!

Roachmon2: It's my house!

Roachmon1: I'm paying rent!

[the ROACHMON get in a fight]

Yolei: It just goes to show you. There are some families where they're better off having only one child.

Mimi: You're right Yolei. And in a case like this, they shouldn't have kids at all.

Yolei: I think it's time we left these two alone.

Roachmon1: You stay on your half of the house!

Roachmon2: And you stay on yours!

Roachmon1: Fine!

Roachmon2: Fine!

Yolei: Here come Davis and the others!

Davis: Yolei, Hawkmon, we're over here!

Gekomon: They told us you were back, Princess, but we didn't believe them!

Otamamon: Princess Mimi, we have been waiting for the day that you would return to us!

Togemon: Mimi?

Mimi: Togemon?

Togemon: I will protect this area. You can count on me.

Mimi: I've always counted on you.

Davis: Who's that?

Yolei: That's Mimi's digimon, Togemon!

Davis: Togemon! Call us if you need us!

All: Goodbye, Togemon!

Togemon: Don't make me cry! Rubbing my eyes hurts too much.

All: *laugh*

Roachmon1: Stay on your half of the sky, too!

Roachmon2: Fine!

Roachmon1: Fine!

[back in the REAL WORLD]

All: Bye Mimi!

Mimi: Bye everyone! Thanks for a great picnic! Bye!

Yolei: Oh, Mimi?

Mimi: Hmm?

Yolei: I wanted to say...when I get older...I wanna be...Just like YOU!

Mimi: Huh? Hmmm...ah! Perfecto!

Narrator: Will the digidestined be able to stop the digimon emperor from expanding his empire? Find out on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!



[Man, have you EVER seen the word ROACH so many times? Thank heavens for Copy and Paste!]