Season 2, Episode 5: "Old Reliable"

English Version Written by: Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz

Original Air Date: September 2, 2000

Transcribed By: katiecat <>



[the DIGIMON EMPEROR is pushing around some GIZAMON]

Wormmon: Put this one, it's cold!

Digimon Emperor: Leave me alone! [to the GIZAMON] Get up!

Gomamon: Hey, quit it! They're all tired and need rest! Maybe someone should use that whip on you, you big bully!

Digimon Emperor: Number 1, don't ever talk to me without calling me 'Sir'. Number 2, Don't ever talk to me! Whoever among you can destroy this creature will get a special prize package. The rest will get some lovely parting gifts. So, who is up for the challenge?


Digimon Emperor: I know all about Gizamon. They're amphibian digimon with webbed feet. Their fins cut through the water like knives.

Gomamon: They won't attack me!

[the GIZAMON attack GOMAMON]

Digimon Emperor: That was way too easy.

Wormmon: Yeah, they've defeated him master. Now tell them what they've won.

Digimon Emperor: Right. Here's your reward. You all get the honour of being my slaves. Now get going on that prison! Move it, Wormmon. I want you to make me a hot chocolate.

Wormmon: But what about Gomamon?

Digimon Emperor: Let him freeze.

Gomamon [badly hurt]: I've just got to climb up this little hill.

[GOMAMON climbs the hill]

Gomamon: Okay, maybe it's not such a little hill after all. Huh?

[GOMAMON sees a TV]

Gomamon: Joe.

[in the REAL WORLD]

Joe: Gomamon!

Boy #1: So, are you guys ready for that big anatomy test today?

Boy #2: Yeah, I spent the whole night looking in the mirror. What about you, Joe?

Joe: Uh, I just remembered I forgot to remember something. Gotta go.


Davis: Cody!

Cody: Oh hi, Davis. What's up?

Davis: What's up? Where are you going?

Cody: I'm going home. I have kendo practice this afternoon.

Davis: What? Pratice later! The digital world is in danger!

Cody: I'm sory, Davis. But my grandfather is the teacher and he would be very disappointed if I missed a practice. Seeya.

Davis: Yeah, but...

Kari: What's the matter with you?

Davis: Kari! I'm going to the computer room. Why don't you join me?

Kari: Sure, let's go!

Davis: Really? You and me together, all along in the dangerous digital world? It'll be like my dream come true!

Kari: Excuse me?

Davis: I said 'I'm studying french. Parlez-vous?'

[the go to the COMPUTER ROOM. TK and YOLEI are already there]

Davis: ugh...I just can't win.

Kari: What's up, guys?

TK: We just got a signal from the digital world. It's a distress call from one of the digimon!

Kari: Who?

TK: I'm not really sure yet!

Yolei: I've got it! The signal is coming from one of the black areas controlled by the digimon emperor! But it's a lot further than any area we've ever been to!

Kari: Well, this should add to our frquent flyer miles!

Yolei: According to the map, the emperor's area is getting a lot bigger. I bet his ego is, too!

Davis: It won't be long until he controls the entire digital world!

Kari: Then every single digimon is in danger.

Davis: Alright, I've had enough of this clown! Let's head to the digital world!

Upamon: But we have to wait for Cody to get here!

Davis: He's not coming!

Upamon: What's he doing?

Davis: He says he has kendo practice.

Upamon: One question: What's kendo?


Upamon: What did you hit me for?

Davis: You wanted to know what kendo is!

Upamon: Huh?


Grandfather: Let's take a break. What's the matter with you today, Cody? You just don't seem to be concentrating enough.

Cody: I'm sorry, grandfather.

Grandfather: You have lost interest in the martial arts? Or hanging out with your old Grandpa?

Cody: I can read faces. Your expression tells me something is troubling you deep down inside. You father acted the same way when he was a boy. I have been to many lands and met many people, and in my travels, I have found only one thing I can depend on. Prune juice!

Cody: Huh?

Grandfather: Yep, take two big glasses. You want some?

Cody: No thanks. I'm afraid my problem is even too big for prune juice.

Grandfather: Hmm?

Cody: There are others that are counting on me to do something, and I'm afraid I might let them down.

Grandfather: I oce told your father. People will rely on you only to the extent that you rely on yourself. Try your hardest, and you won't let anyone down.

Cody: I've got to go, grandpa. Thanks for the advice. Seeya.

Grandfather: No problem is too big for prune juice.


Upamon: Oh, boy! I knew Cody would show up!

Davis: It's not Cody, okay! Now everybody hide!

All: Huh?

TK and Kari: It's Joe!

Joe: Hi, guys!

Upamon: Oh...

Joe: Wow, even though Tai told me about it, it's still weird seeing the digimon here in the real world.

TK: This is Joe, our old friend we told you about!

Davis: The doctor? That's really cool!

Yolei: Would you mind taking a look at my tonsils for me?

Kari: Joe, this is Davis and Yolei. Joe's not really a doctor yet.

TK: We're glad your here! We got a distress call from the digital world.

Joe: I know, it's from Gomamon.

TK: So your digivice was triggered too? That's why you came!

DemiVeemon: Candy!

Joe: These are supplies for an emergency!

Kari: Do you plan on coming to the digiworld with us Joe? We could really use your help!

Joe: Absolutely. I'm worried about Gomamon.

TK: These are the digivices of the new digidestined! They're the only things that can open up the gate to the digital world.

Joe: Yeah, Izzy gave me a heads up about them. And he also told me about this jerk who calls himself the digimon emperor.

Yolei: Alright, let's open up the gate!

Davis: Right!

Cody: What about me?

Upamon: Cody! You made it! You made it! You made it! You made it! You made it! You made it! You made it! You made it! You made it! You made it! You made it! You made it! You made it!

Cody [to Joe]: You'll have to forgive him. He's hyperactive.

Davis: Hey, everybody, the gate's open!

Yolei: Alright, let's GO!!!


Davis: Great. I hate the cold. Kari, are you okay?

Kari: Yup.

Cody [to Joe]: I'm orry, but we weren't proberly introduced before we took our trip. My name is...

Davi: Hey, I'm freezing my goggles off here, and you're introducing yourself? Let's go!

Joe: Here, you can use one of these. They're hand warmers. Kari.

Kari: Thanks a lot.

TK: Leave it to you! Good, old reliable, Joe.

Joe: I watch all those survival shows on TV.

Yolei: Ugh! I won't open!

[YOLEI drops her HAND WARMER on the ground. It melts the show, leaving something underneath showing.]

Yolei: Joe, look!

Joe: Woah, gomamon!

[they all dig up GOMAMON]

Joe: Gomamon, speak to me!

Gomamon: Joe.

Joe: What day of the week is t?

Gomamon: It's saturday.

Joe: Actually, it's thursday. But you never did know the day, so you're back to your old self.

Gomamon: I heard from Tentomon that we could use that TV to contact you if we were in trouble.

Joe: Boy, it looks like you're going to wipe out my entire first aid kit.

Armadillomon: I always get misty at happy reunions. I actually think I"m gonna cry.

Gatomon: Don't, your tears will turn to icicles.

Joe: You really look terrible Gomamon. But I mean that in a nice way.

Gomamon: I picked a fight with the wrong guy. The Digimon Emperor.

Davis: He's built another Control Spire here, too!

Joe: WHat's that?

Kari: The Digimon Emperor's secret weapon!

TK: He hunts down digimon, then puts these dark rings on them, making them him slaves. And the control spires supply power to those rings!

Kari: And no one can digivolve!

Davis: Dude, I'm gonna rip it down!

Kari: But we're going to have to cross that ice if we hope to get close enough to destroy it!

TK: Now I know what Matt means when he says I'm walking on thin ice.

Yolei [to Joe]: Did you bring any skates? We need 6 pairs.

Joe: Sorry, I'm all out.

Davis: Hey Joe, do you have any rope?

Joe: Yeah.

[the digimon attack a tree]

Armadillomon: Claw Chop.

Hawkmon: Beak buzz saw!

Veemon: Vee head butt!

[the kids made a big sled]

Davis: Phew. Well, that's done.

Yolei: What a great looking sled!

Davis: Now all we have to do is go for a ride!

Armadillomon: That's easy for you to say. We're pulling!

Hawkmon: I'm no dog.

Cody: Come on, you guys. We're counting on you!

Patamon: Okay!

Davis: Now, mush!

Digimon Emperor: So they're here?

Wormmon: Mmm-Hmm.

Davis: Go, Veemon!

Yolei: What a way to travel!

Patamon: Uh-oh, we've got visitors!

Yolei: Showmen. How cute!

TK: No, they're Frigimon, but what's that around their ankles?

All: Uh oh! Uh...

Digimon Emperor: Attack!


Digimon Emperor: Freeze them, Frigimon, with your SubZero Ice Punch! It's amazing how these docile creatures can be turned into such abominable snowmen.

All: Woah!

Davis: That's cold!

Joe: Forget about the Frigimon! They're not very fast! We can outrun them!

Davis: What?

Joe: Our mission is to destroy the control spire, right? So it's better to keep going then to waste our time fighting!

Davis: But they're attacking us!

TK: Joe's right! Just run right past them!

Yolei: Alright!

Davis: We made it through!

Digimon Emperor: Aim for that hill!

[the FRIGIMON send ice punch to the hill, creating an avalanche]

Davis: They missed us by a mile!

All: Woah!

Davis: It's an avalanche!

[The sled jumps over a crevace, but before the second one, they stop and Cody falls off the cliff into the river]

Cody: Ahh!

Gomamon: I'll save him!


Cody: *shivers*

Armadillomon: Are you warming up yet?

Joe: Drink this herbal tea. It's 10% herbal, 90% tea.

Cody: Thanks a lot,Joe.

Yolei: Boy, Joe really comes prepared!

Kari: That's nothing! Wait until you see him during hayfever season!

TK: We should leave Cody here.

Davis: What?

Joe: Right! I'll stay back here and take care of Cody.

TK: Thanks Joe.

Cody: I'm going too! grandfather told me that if I rely on myself and try my hardest, I won't let any of you down!

Kari: You're not letting us down.

Joe: Yeah, and besidesm you'll need to reserve your strength!

Armadillomon: That's right, Cody. We've got a long fight ahead of us, and we're gonna need ya!

Cody: I guess you're right. I'll wait here. Don't be gone long!

Davis: We'll be back, quicker than you can say 'Digimon Emperor'!

[the digidestined leave Cody and Joe]

Joe: Are you okay?

Cody: A little tired.

Armadillomon: Me too. I could really use a nap. I propose we take this opportunity to get some shuteye.

Cody: I couldn't sleep! I feel I should be out there helping the others!

Joe: I know exactly how you feel. I used to feel the same way, but I thought it was nausea. And then I slowly began to realize something. All of us are here for a reason. There's a big picture we can't see yet, and I don't mean a wide-screen tv. So, us staying for a reason.

Cody: But what? *gasp*

Joe: Come on, let's go!


Digimon Emperor: Meet my newest slave: Shellmon. His aqua blasters attack shoots water so hard it can demolish solid rock!

[END D.A.]

Digimon Emperor: It seems that I have discovered your secret little hide-out.

Joe: Gomamon! Now I know the reason we were supposed to stay behind! So the others would have time to destroy the spire. I need you to create a diversion with some of that great Gomamon charm of yours!

Gomamon: Right! Why did one Shellmon take the other Shellmon's lunch? Because it was shellfish! I guess you heard that one before.

Cody: Ahh!

Joe [thinking]: That's the great Gomamon charm?

[at the SPIRE]

Davis: Time to get down to business! Veemon, let's do it! Digiarmour Energize!

Veemon: Veemon, Armour digivolve to...Flamedramon: The Fire of Courage!

Flamedramon: Fire Rocket!

[back with the EMPEROR]

Gomamon: You have no sense of humour!

Joe: Try the knock-knock jokes!

Cody: Are you ready?

Armadillomon: You bet!

Cody: Digiarmour Energize!

Armadillomon: Armadillomon, Armour digivolve to...Digmon: The Drill of Power!

Joe: Armour, huh? Not bad!

Gomamon: Thanks, digmon!

Digmon: You're welcome!

Cody: Hey, leave him alone!

Joe: Cody!

Shellmon: Aqua blasters!

[DIGMON shields CODY and is hit with the attack]

Cody: Ahh!

Digmon: Don't worry Cody, I'll protect you!

[at the SPIRE]

Flamedramon: Flamedramon: The Fire of Courage!

Davis: Strike three!

TK: Flamedramon can handle the Frigimon by himself. So it's up to us to destroy the control spire!

Kari: Okay, but I think we're going to have to do it from the air!

Yolei: Got it!

[with the EMPEROR]

Digmon: Hold on tight, Cody! Gold Rush!

[DIGMON breaks the DARK RING]

Gomamon and Joe: Alright!

[a DIGIMON jumps out of the water at them]

All: Ahh!


Digimon Emperor: No problem. I never run out of ideas or slaves. Ebidramon uses his Twin Scissors attack to crush the enemy like a snail.

[END D.A.]

Digimon Emperor: Ebidramon, destroy them all!

[EBIDRAMON grabs DIGMON and pulls him into the water]

Cody: Digmon!

Joe: If there was some way you were able to digivolve. What's taking them so long with the spire?

Pegasusmon: Star Shower!

Halsemon: Tempest Wing!

[the SPIRE falls down]

Joe: They did it! They destroyed the spire, now you can digivolve!

Digimon Emperor: WHAT?

Wormmon: He said 'They destroyed the spire, now you can digivolve.'

Digimon Emperor: It's just a figure of speech!

Gomamon: Gomamon, digivolve to...Ikkakumon!

[IKKAKUMON jumps in after DIGMON and saves him]

Digmon: Now, it's my turn. Gold Rush!

Cody: You got him!

Joe: Finish him, Ikkakumon!

Ikkakumon: Harpoon Torpedo!

[they defeat EBIDRAMON]


Joe: Alright, Gomamon, you're in charge here!

Gomamon: Great, a frozen wasteland, just what I always wanted.

Joe: At least you'll have plenty of time to work on your jokes!

Gomamon: Very funny.

TK: I guess we'd better head back home.

Cody: Before we go, there's just one thing I have to finish.

Joe: Oh really? What's that?

Cody: Our introduction. Hello, my name is Cody.

Davis: I don't get it Cody, what's the big deal.

Cody: My Grandfather says that next to prune juice, manners are the most important thing a man can have.

Davis: *laughs*

Kari: You know, Cody reminds me a lot of Joe. Always honest, and sticks to the rules!

TK: I think he reminds me of Izzy. Just loaded with curiosity!

Joe: Part Izzy and part me? That's a scary combination!

Davis: He's got a split personality!

Digimon Emperor: Blast! They've destroyed another control spire! And that was a freshly conquered area, too. Alright then, I'll just have to go to plan B. Wormmon, what is plan B? Well?

Wormmon: We could all become friends?

Digimon Emperor: That's not plan B, you fool!

Wormmon: Don't blame me, I can't spell!


Davis: I bet he's home crying, 'mommy, those mean kids destroyed another one of my spires. wahhh....'

Kari: The fight's not over yet!

Cody: Joe, will you come and fight with us again?

Joe: Sure. Who knows, maybe I'll even find my own digiegg someday. But, I have to watch my cholesterol!

Cody: I was wondering if you'd like to come over to my house sometime. I think you'd like my grandfather, and I just know he'd like you.

Joe: Sure, I love prune juice.

Kari: Would it be alright if I came over too? I'd just love to meet your grandfather!

Davis: If Kari's going, I'm going!

Kari: Do you always have to do everything I do?

Davis: But you and I are partners!

Kari: Sorry Davis, but you already HAVE a partner.

Davis: Uh, you mean him?

DemiVeemon: Yeah! You got a problem with that?

Davis: It's just not the same.

All: *laughs*

Narrator: Where will the Digimon Emperor build his next control spire? Find out next time, on Digimon: Digital Monsters!