Season 2, Episode 4: "Iron Vegiemon"

English Version Written by: Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz

Original Air Date: August 26, 2000

Transcribed By: katiecat <>



Agumon: Pepper Breath!

Veemon: Vee Head Butt! Come on, let's rock!

Davis: That...was...easy!

Agumon [to GOTSUMON]: You guys are officially fugitives!

Davis: If that's the puny defense the Digimon Emperor is going to put up, then this fight will be over in the first round!

TK: Something was weird!

Patamon: What?

TK: Well the fact that it was so easy for us to escape. There wasn't a single guard around, it was like he wanted us to get away. I think he's up to something.

Davis: You're crazy! He took one look at our awesome skills and he hit the road! Isn't that right, Kari?

Kari: Oh. Actually, Davis, I'm going to have to agree with TK on this one.

Davis: Ugh!!

Kari: We wouldn't be able to get away that easy without some sort of a reason!

Tai: We'll deal with that later! Let's get back to the real world. I can almost smell the cafetiria food from here!

Davis: That's my peanut butter and jelly bean sandwich I've had in my pocket since last week.

All: Eww!

Gatomon [thinking]: What's that tower?

Digimon Emperor: The next one should be in place right Now, to let everypne know who is the boss. This control spire is the most dominating object in the digiworld. Wherever I

put one, that area will be under my control and all those around it will be my slaves. It's uneless to try and escape, and anyone who does will have to answer to my soldiers.

Gabumon: How do I get myself into these things?

[back in the REAL WORLD]

Yolei: Ahh!

Izzy: Are you crazy, bringing the Gotsumon back from the digital world?

Tai: But we couldn't just leave them there for the Digimon Emperor to make into slaves. Right?

Kari: Yep.

Yolei: But how are we going to explain it if Mr. Fujiyama happens to stop by?

Cody: Don't worry. I'll tell him that I'm taking a sculpting class and these are some of my early masterpieces. Hit it, guys!

Yolei: 'Early rejects' would be a better phrase. Hehe...

Izzy: Yolei, I have a big favour to ask. Would it be alright if I borrowed your digivice?

Yolei: Sure, but what for?

Izzy: Well, it's obvious the power from the digivices opens the gate to the digital world. Our old digivices don't seem to work.

Tai: Izzy's right. I tried using mine, but no luck. The only way we can get into the digital world is if one of you opens the gate for us.

Izzy: So I wanted to try and experiment with the new digivices, if that's okay with you.

Yolei: Mmm-hmm.


Digimon Emperor: Let's move out! I've got an early tea time in the morning.

Gabumon: We're busting out tonight boys! Aw, why wait? Everyone, stay to the back of the cell! Blue Blaster!

Bad Digimon: Apparently, you don't listen to instructions!

Gabumon: Who are you?

Digimon: I'm the world's worst salad bar, RedVegiemon!


RedVegiemon: I am the biggest and the ripest of all Vegiemon. My stinkjet attack destroys my enemies with noxious fumes!

Gabumon: Try and stop us, stinky!

RedVegimon: For trying to escape, you get to smell my roots. And I have root rot! Smell this!

Gabumon: Yuck!

RedVegiemon: Smell it again!

Gabumon: That's disgusting! No more, please!

RedVegiemon: Hey, if you can't stand the smell, then get out of the kitchen!

[REDVEGIMON knocks GABUMON off the cliff]

Gabumon: Ahh!! My fur is dry-clean only!

RedVegiemon: Let that be a lesson for all of you. Never try to defy the power of the Digimon Emperor!

Gabumon: I have to tell the others. They need to be warned. I have to find...Matt. Man, I stink!

[back in the REAL WORLD]

Matt [singing]: It may not always be that way. You can't take nothing for granted. You've got to live life today! I turn around, I can see what's behind me. I turn back around, I can see what's in front...

[after the concert]

Matt: Listen, TK. Just becasue I'm in a rock band, doesn't mean that I can hide a band of rocks that happen to be digimon.

TK: Well, think about it. Maybe they could be your backup singers!

Matt: They sound to gravel-y.

Girl: Oooh! Can I have your autoraph?

Matt: Sure. What's your name?

Girl: Just make it to June Motomiya.

TK: Did you say Motomiya? You wouldn't happen to be Davis' sister, would you?

June: Yeah, that's right. Who are you?

Matt: His name is TK. He's my little brother.

TK: It's nice to meet you, June. Your younger brother, Davis, and I are in the same class together.

June: Will you sign my shirt, too? I get all the cute boys to sign. You may not know it, but I haven't washed this shirt in two years.

TK: There's not a lot of room!

June: I know. I think all boys are cute!

Matt: There's some kind of trouble in the digital world!

TK: I just got an email. It's from Yolei. It says 'Emergency. Hurry back to school!' Emergency?

Matt: I hope Gabumon's okay!


Yolei: Back off, Davis! You're making me nervous!

Davis: Can't you go any faster?

Yolei: Alright. The gate's open. Shall we go?


Matt: Gabumon!

Gabumon: Oh, Matt.

Matt: Gabumon, are you okay?

Gabumon: Let's just say, I'll never look at steamed vegetables the same way.

Matt: Okay, I want you to tell me everything that happened.

Gabumon: Good. We never talk anymore.

Yolei: Hey everyone, I'm going over to Izzy's to get my digivice back, and then I'll meet up with you there later.

Poromon: Have no fear while Yolei's gone. This place shall be guarded by Poromon.

Davis: Stay in touch!

Gatomon: Why do they call those thing on top of the TV rabbit ears? Why don't they call them cat ears? After all, when's the last time you say a rabbit sleeping on top of a TV?

Kari: This is what you think of?

Patamon: Okay, break's over, let's get back to work!

Gabumon: It's a small village called Santa Caria.

Davis: Cool, sounds like it's in California.

Gabumon: It was always a quiet place. Everyone minded their own business. Them, the Digimon Emperor came along!

Gatomon: Look! There's one of those things that scared the Gotsumon.

Gabumon: The Digimon Emperor calls them 'Control Spires'

Davis: Let's so!

Matt: Wait, you can't just rush in there. For all you know, he's in there waiting for us. It could be some kind of ambush.

Davis: No problem! All wehave to do is Armour Digivolve and blow them apart!

TK: It's not that simple! He could be using digimon hostages as a sheild to protect himself!

Kari: Tk's right! We have to try and rescue the hostages and make sure no one gets hurt!

Davis: Hummph!

Patamon: They're being guarded by te Vegiemon. Watch out for the digisludge!

Matt: Patamon, tell us everything you know about RedVegimon!

Patamon: Okay!

Davis [to Cody]: Well, it looks like we're not needed here. Let's go off and do things our own way!

Cody: Actually, Davis, I think we should stick together.

Davis: Ugh!

Matt: Alright, I've got a plan to sneak into the prison.

Davis: It's too dangerous! We can't take the chance that anyone, especially Kari, might get hit with that digisludge!

Kari: No big deal.

TK: Yeah! We've been hit with a lot worse than digisludge, right Kari?

Kari: Right!

Davis: I can't even believe you're not worried about Kari's well-being, TA!


Cody: He forgot how to spell TK!

All: *laugh*

Davis: argh!!!

[at the PRISON]

Vegiemon: Stop right there!

Gatomon: It's okay! We're one of you. We caught these digimon and their friends.

Patamon (?): Where are you taking us?

Armadillomon: Pire down! You're all going to jail where you belong!

Vegiemon: *laugh*

Armadillomon: Move it, move it, move it!

Patamon: Those guys didn't even notice these rings are plastic.

Gatomon: Don't start feeling too frisky yet. Those first set of guards were just flunkies. We haven't even faced the pick of the litter! Adn even if we get past them, we need to figure out a way to destroy the control spire!

Vegiemon: Thanks for bringing the prisoners in. THe Emperor will be pleased. We could have done it ourselves, but I guess you beat us to the punch!

[Gatomon and co. take their 'rings' off]

Vegiemon: Wah!

Gatomon: Speaking of punch...Lightning Paw!

[They all escape the Vegiemon]

Patamon: Shh! There are more guards!

Veemon: The exit is blocked! We'll never get out!

Davis: I'm tired of hiding, anyway. Let's fight!

Matt: Easy there, junior! You have to learn that fighting's not the only answer. It should only be your last resort.

Gabumon: Let's go back this way. We'll come out on top, near the control spire!

Patamon: Good idea!

Davis: Ugh! Why won't anyone listen to me?

Veemon: What'd you say?

TK: Oh, Davis, I almost forgot. I saw your sister today!

Davis: So, what?

TK: So, nothing!

Davis: I bet she had all kinds of bad things to say about me, didn't she?

TK: Well, actually, she...

Davis: I know. She probably told you how I used to bite my toenails and spit them on the floor. And that I used to suck my thumb until about a month ago, and that I wet the bed every Thursday - it was laundry day, so it was okay. Well, she talks to much! And when I see her again, I'll teach her a lesson!

Matt: Thanks for sharing, but she didn't say any of that!

Davis: Say what?

Matt: Your sister didn't say anything bad about you. In fact, she didn't even mention you! You're the one with the big mouth!

Davis: If you've got a problem with me, let's settle it right now!

Matt: Ugh!

TK: Stop Matt! Don't fight! He's younger than you are, he doesn't know any better!

Matt: I don't care how young he is! He'd better learn some respect!

Davis: Who does he think he is? She's my sister, and if I want to call her names, I will! After all, that's what brothers are here for!

Kari: That's enough Davis! I can't stand anyone who talks bad about their brother OR sister!

Davis: Me? Hmmm...She loves me, she hates me, she loves me...she hates me!!!

Veemon: Davis, what's the matter?

Davis: It's Kari. She hates me. She thinks I'm a disgusting, worthless piece of dirt.

Veemon [thinking]: I'm never seen Davis so depressed. I've got to cheer him up. I know! [out loud] Knock, knock!

Davis: hmmm

[the kids come across a cliff]

TK: How are we supposed to get down from here?

Kari: We can't! It's too steep!

Matt: If only we had some rope or something to climb down.

Gabumon: I'll go look for one!

Gazimon: Wait! We'll just hold onto each other and you can climb down the bunny slope. Our way of saying thanks!

Gabumon: That'd be great! Okay, let's go!

RedVegiemon: No one's going anywhere!

Veemon: Alright, Davis, it's time for action! I'm gonna take that overgorn vegetable and make him into tomoato soup! I'll make vegetarians around the world proud! That should cheer you up!

Davis: But...

Veemon: Vee Head-Butt!

[Veemon's attack doesn't work]

RedVegiemon: Adn now for a side dish: Chili Pepper Pummel!

Davis: Veemon! Armour digivolve!

Cody: Yeah!

[everyone is grabbed by the Vegiemon]

RedVegiemon: Stink Jet!

Veemon: Put me down, or I'll toss you like a salad!

RedVegiemon: In case you've forgotten, I have the upper hand, here!

Davis: Veemon!

RedVegiemon: THe key to good cooking is to always tenderize throughly, like so.

Veemon: Is that the best you've got?

RedVegiemon: Are you kidding? We're just getting started! How do you feel about flying?

Gabumon: I can't watch this!

Matt: Veemon doesn't stand a chance against him!

Davis: Veemon! I'm coming!

RedVegiemon: Combine all your ingredients into a bowl. Next, stir. Blend. Mix. Frappe. And voila! The first course! And now, the entrée!

Veemon: No matter what you do, I'll never give up! I have to try my best to cheer Davis up!

Dais [thinking]: This whole thing is my fault. Veemon is doing this just for me! [out loud] Veemon! You can stop now! I'm happy! I'm happy, I'm happy!

Veemon: You are?

RedVegiemon: *laugh*

Davis: Leave him alone! He's had enough!

RedVegiemon: I don't doubt he feeling a little full. But he must have saved room for dessert! And I've cooked up a sweet surprise!

Gabumon: If only I could digivolve!

Matt: There must be a way!

Davis: Veemon!

RedVegiemon: Now, here's the surprise I promised you: A double-helping of Spiked Punch!

Davis: Veemon! Quick!

Matt: Duck!

Gabumon: Now!

Vemon: Hyah!

Gabumon: Gabumon, digivolve to...Garurumon!

RedVegiemon: What?

Matt: Gabumon, how did you digivolve?

Garurumon: Howling Blaster!

Veemon: Veemon, armour digivolve to...Flamedramon: The Fire of Courage!

Flamedramon: Flame fist!

Davis: Boy, am I glad to see you, Flamedramon! It's time for a little payback! I say we give this overgrown houseplant a REAL cooking lesson!

RedVegiemon: You want a piece of me?


RedVegiemon: That hurt.

Flamedramon: Fire Rocket!

RedVegiemon: I've heard of grilled vegetables before, but this is ridiculous!

Davis: You did it!

[TAI, IZZY and YOLEI run in]

Tai: Garurumon!

Agumon: How were you able to digivolve?

Garurumon: I'm not quite sure.

Patamon: You know what I thinkg? When RedVegiemon's punch smashed the control spire, we were freed from it's power.

Hawkmon: THey're certainly going to need a lot of glue.

Armadillomon: We need to destroy this control spire once and for all, and who better to do the job then Digmon?

Cody: Yeah! Digiarmour Energize!

Armadillomon: Armadillomon Armour digivolve to...Digmon: The Drill of Power! Rock Cracking!


Digmon: Sorry, I forgot to yell 'Timber!'

RedVegiemon: Woah...did I get married while I was asleep?

Yolei: Oh, now I see how it works!

Hawkmon: May I enquire as to what you are talking about?

Yolei: The spire. It acted as an electricity rod. The Digmon Emperor built it to send out power to all the Dark Rings, making it possible for him to control all the digimon throughout the area. Isn't that right, Izzy?

Izzy: Yeah! I'm very impressed with your theory, Yolei.

Tai: I wonder how many more Control Spires there are scattered around the digital world.

Matt: Well, whatever the number, we know for sure that they have to be destroyed. Quite a task for the new digidestined, don't you think?

TK: Leave it to us! We can handle it!

Davis: Yeah!

Agumon: Someone should take the gotsumon back to their homes now.

Gatomon: I'll do it!

Tai: Come on, I'll lead the way!

Kari: I'm right behind you, big brother!

Matt: Garurumon will stay here to protect you guys from the emperor.

Gazimon: Garurumon!


Yolei: I'm glad the Gotsumon aren't staying with us anymore. Everytime they touched my CD's, they scratched them!

Cody: And they clog the sink when they brush their teeth!

Davis: They were kinda cool, though.

Izzy: Hey everyone, I really think you should take a look at this!

Yolei: What is that?

Izzy: I found it when I was examining the digivice. It seems to be a map of the digital world! See this white square? It used to be black, until we destroyed the control spire there. Unfortunately, there are a lot of black squares left, and they all have spires.

Cody: It'll take a long time to turn all those black squares into white ones.

Davis: And how do we know he won't built more?


[GREYMON knocks down the CONTROL SPIRE]

Greymon: They don't make control spires like they used to.

Tai: Way to go, Greymon! You're a one mon wrecking crew!

Digimon Emperor: What? A control spire was destroyed? Must be those meddling kids. Oh, well. That area was pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Within a year, I'll have every area under my full control. And then, every living thing in the Digital world will become my slave. THat includes those kids, too. *laugh*

Narrator: What is the Digmon Emperor's master plan? Another piece of the puzzle revealed, next time on Digimon: Digital Monsters!