Season 2, Episode 3: "A New Digitude"

English Version Written by: Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz

Original Air Date: August 26, 2000

Transcribed By: katiecat <>



Boy: Let's see...just a few simple modifications. Perfect. *laugh*


Patamon: The classroom is empty. I think it's safe to come out now!

Gatomon: Hold on, I'm still taking a spelling test.

Patamon: Shh, I hear somebody coming!

DemiVeemon: Smells like Davis!

Davis: Are you saying I stink?

DemiVeemon: It is Davis!

Davis: DemiVeemon! Did you guys have a good day at school?

Poromon: Where's Yolei?

Upaamon: And Cody, too!

Kari: Don't worry about it. They're both on their way over!

Davis: I heard someone now!

Yolei: Sorry I'm late. I brought goodies from my family's convenience store.

TK: Good idea! In-Training Digimon are bottomless pits!

Davis: If my family owned a convenience store, I"d eat candy all day untill my teeth fell out!

Yolei: It's not that glamorous. I have to pay for everything I eat, even when I work there. But, the job comes with a great pension plan!

Davis: huh?

DemiVeemon: What is it?

Poromon: Can we eat it? I'm hungry!

Patamon: Of course you can, watch me!

[Patamon drinks some juice]

Upaamon: The buffet is now open!

[Dives into the bag]

Upaamon: This is the best thing I've ever eaten in my life! All two days of it!

DemiVeemon: Me too!

Poromon: Oh It's hot! Owww! Owww!

Gatomon: I hope my first litter doesn't act like this.

Davis: Let's see if the gate's open!

Yolei: It's open!

Davis: Great! Let's go to the digital world!

Kari: Wait a minute guys! We can't go yet. We have to wait for Cody.

Davis: Cody? What's taking him so long?

Yolei: He's still in the lunch room. Last time I checked, he was still chewing the same carrot 50 times!

[in the LUNCHROOM]

Cody: I'm so stuffed! I just have one more tomato to eat.

Teacher: You don't have to eat every bite, Cody.

Cody: You should never throw away food unless it smells bad. That's what my father used to say before he passed away.

Teacher: Oh, I see.

[back in the COMPUTER ROOM]

Davis: Does he know we're waiting? He's holding us up!

Yolei: Why don't we watch some TV to pass the time?

Kari: Yeah! Let's see what's on!

Newscaster: We interupt this broadcast to bring you the latest story.

Davis: Awww!

Newscaster: The results are in from the national computer programming contest are in and the winner is boy genius, Ken Ichijouji!

Ken: There were many well-deserving geniuses out there, and I an honoured that the judges chose me to receive the top prize.

Newscaster: Let's go live to the site of the contest with out field reporter, Jerry Rivera. Jerry?

Jerry: Thanks, Jackie! Young Ken wow-ed the judges by creating a computer program that actually brushes your teeth for you. The rumour is this year he's planning something with floss, too. can't wait. Back to you, Jackie.

Jackie: Ken's talents include being able to play one game of chess while everyone watches. Just last week, he actually balanced the world's biggest check book!

And that's not all! He's a champion in Judo, and a star on the state soccer team. And girls, he's single!

Davis: He's almost as good as I am!

Jackie: Now, let's talk to the proud parents of this genius, Mr. and Mrs. Ichijouji! What are some of the advantages to being the parent to one of the most brilliant children in the world?

Mrs. Ichijouji: Oh, he's great in the kitchen. He invented dishes that clean themselves!

Mr. Ichijouji: Like father, like son! I once guessed how many jelly beans were in a pickle jar!

Cody: I heard this kid is so smart that one time, he gave his teachers homework.

Kari: Cody? When did you get here?

Cody: About a minute ago.

TK: Hey maybe Ken knows how to defeat the emperor!

Yolei: Hmm. I know more about the digital world than that stupid kid!

Davis: He may be stupid, but he's still a genius!

Gatomon: Hey Kari?

Kari: Hmm?

Patamon: We're ready to go back to the digital world now!

TK: All present and accounted for!

Yolei: The gate's open!

Davis: Well, then let's go!

Yolei: Yeah! Enough of this talk about geniuses!

Davis: Next stop, the digital world!

[KEN walks through the street]

Girl: Isn't that the boy genius?

[a DOG comes up to KEN]

Ken: Beat it you maingy little mutt. Or I'll call the pound.

Dog: *runs away, whimpering*

Ken: *laugh*

Mrs. Ichijouji: Oh, Ken? You're home? I'm going to work now, I'll just leave your snack on the table. I bought a new label maker today. I just can't stop using it. I even labelled the toilet!

Mrs. Ichijouji (to herself): Ken sure spends a lot of time alone in his room.


[The EMPEROR is chasing Elecmon]

Digimon Emperor: There's no use running away from me!

Elecmon: Ahh!!

[Elecmon runs]

Digimon Emperor: Ooh, a chase. Interesting.


Digimon Emperor: Let's go. We have a little errand to run.

Elecmon: Ahh!!

[ELECMON runs, but the DIGIMON EMPEROR catches up to him]

Digimon Emperor: It's no fun if I catch you right away.

Gotsumon 1: Oh! He's caught another digimon!

Gotsumon 2: They all change once he puts those dark rings on them!

Gotsumon 3: If he thinks he's going to catch us, he's got rocks in his head!

Gotsumon 2: Then again, so do we! We've got to run!

Gotsumon 3: We can't abandon our friend, Elecmon!

[ELECMON 2 comes and attack GOOD ELECMON]

Digimon Emperor: *laugh*

Gotsumon 2: He's making them fight!

Gotsumon 1: Digimon who are friends would never fight!

Gotsumon 3: What a terrible person!

Digimon Emperor: Huh? You two are next!

[GOTSUMON 1 and GOTSUMON 3 have dark rings on them and they start to fight one another]

Gotsumon 2: How can they fight? They're best friends!

Digimon Emperor: *laughs*

Wormmon: Master? Is this really the kind of thing that makes you happy?


Cody: Woah! YOu guys are back to normal!

Armadillomon: Yeah, we change back when we return.

[The DIGIVICES start to beep]

Davis: Hey!

Kari: What's this?

Cody: Another digiegg!

Veemon: Where is it?

Cody: The digivice says it's not far from here!

Davis: More digieggs? We already have ours.

Yolei: Who's are they?

Kari: We'll never know, until we look.

Davis: I'll do anything you want, Kari!

Digimon Emperor: It's those kids again! I've had enough!

Davis: It's getting pretty of dark in these woods. Here, Kari, I'll hold your hand so you don't get scared!

Kari: I'm not scared.

TK: And it's not HER hand, it's MINE!

Davis: Oh, sorry TJ.

Kari: And THAT'S not his name. It's TK!

Davis: Whatever. Shh! I'm getting something. It says it's right over there.

Digimon Emperor: What are you doing here?

Yolei: Watch out!

Davis: I'll get you! Once and for all!

[Davis runs into him, put passes right through]

TK: It's just an illusion! He's not really there!

Digimon Emperor: What are you doing, sneaking into the digital world? What do you think this is, a movie theatre?

Cody: What's he talking about?

Digimon Emperor: We both know normal kids aren't allowed in the digital world. Only the digidestined are!

Davis: We are the digidestined, wonder boy!

Digimon Emperor: You're wrong! That's physically impossible!

TK: Why is that impossible?

Kari: Yeah! Why can't we be?

Digimon Emperor: It's simple. Based on the laws of physics, I have determined that only perfect human beings can be digidestined. And of course, I am the only perfect human being.

Davis: Oh yeah, big shot? Well, what about Kari? Oh, no!

Digimon Emperor: You are intruders in a place you don't belong! YOu are hereby ordered to evacuate the premises without further notice!

Davis: The landlord told my uncle the same thing once!

TK: We have jsut as much right to be here as you!

Digimon Emperor: This world and everything in it belong to me, now all of you, GET OUT!

Yolei: Try and make us!

Digimon Emperor: Why does everybody question my authority? Does it always have to turn into a big production? Get em, Tyrannomon!


Digimion Emperor: He's one of the most powerful Digimom. His blaze blast attack incinerates him enemies.

Tyrannomon: Blaze blast!

Davis: Is that all you've got?

Digimon Emperor: hmmm!

Veemon: Are you ready for me, Davis?

Davis: Yeah!

Veemon: Veemon, armour digivolve to...Flamedramon: The fire of Courage!

Digimon Emperor: See, this is why I'm a genius and you're not. You keep using the same atacks, while I keep coming up with new ones.

Davis: I've had enough of your babbling! Let's get to it!

Digimon Emperor: Fine, have it your way!

[Flamedramon and Tyrannomon fight]

Flamedramon: Fire Rocket!

[Tyrannomon blocks it]

Digimon Emperor: *laugh*

Davis: No way! He blocked it!

Hawkmon: Now, Yolei?


Hawkmon: Hawkmon, Armour Digivolve to...Halsemon: The wings of Love!

Tyrannomon: Blaze blast!

Halsemon: Tempest wing!

Digimon Emperor: You think you can beat me with a little addition? How do you like multiplication?

[4 more Tyrannomon appear]

Davis: How'd he do that?

Digimon Emperor: The more, the merrier!

Yolei: There are 5 of them!

Cody: Ready, Armadillomon?

Armadillomon: Ready when you are!


Armadillomon: Armadillomon, armour digivolve to...Digmon: The Drill of Power!

Gatomon: Why not let us digivolve so we can fight?

Patamon: Yeah, what are you afraid of?

Digimon Emperor: As long as I have this dark digivice you'll never be able to digivolve. And you two are useless. I might as well destroy you both, first!

Kari: *gasp*

TK: Leave them along!

[Tyrannomon attacks patamon and gatomon, knocking them into a tree'

Patamon: I thought that cats were always suppposed to land on their feet!

Gatomon: Oh shut up.

Patamon & Gatomon: Ahh!

[digmon appears from underneath the Tyrannomon's blaze blast.]

Digmon: Hello boys! I think you've got some cavities that need filling!

Davis: That's not fair!

Digimon Emperor: Remember what they say: It's not how you play the game, it's whether you win or lose.

Cody: We don't stand a chance like this! We'vve got to go and try to find the other digieggs!

Yolei: But we don't know who it belongs to!

Davis: It doesn't matter! It's worth a try!

[Cody runs to find the eggs]

Cody: I'm getting something! This way!

Kari: Gatomon, let's go lok for the other digieggs!

TK: Patamon, come this way!

Digmon: Open wide! Good!

Halsemon: Tempest Wing!

Flamedramon: Fire rocket!

Digmon: Gold Rush!

Digimon Emperor: You can run, but you can't hide!

Flamedramon: Going somewhere? You'll have to go through me first, to get to them.

Patamon: Boom bubble!

Gatomon: Patamon, it's no use! Run!

Cody: Let's hide in that cave.

All: *pant*

Cody: Huh? What are those?

[there are two glowing lights at the back of the cave]

Kari: Digieggs!

TK: Great! What do we do now? Sit around and wait for a new kids to come along so a new digimon will be born?

Kari: But there aren't any digidestined left!

TK: What are those symbols on the front of them?

Kari: One of them is the crest of Light.

TK: Huh?

Kari: And the other one has the crest of Hope! Wow, come on!

TK: You're right!

Gatomon: Then these digieggs must belong to the two of you!

Patamon: Pick them up, you guys!

TK: Yeah, but...

Gatomon: If you don't try, you'll never know!

Kari: But we've already got out digimon!

Gatomon: Just do it!

TK: Gatomon's right!

Kari: Hmm.

TK: The digivices are glowing!

[The old DIGIVICES transform into the new model]

Kari: These are the same digivices that the new kids have!

TK: Yeah!

[TK and KARI pick up the DIGIEGGS]

Kari: Wow, it's light!

TK: I'm stronger than I thought!

Patamon: Patamon, armour digivolve to...Pegasusmon: Flying Hope!

Gatomon: Gatomon, armour digivolve to...Nefertimon: The Angel of Light!

Cody: Gatomon and Patamon were able to ARMOUR digivolve!

Kari: Nefertimon, you're beautiful! But the best part is that now you can fly, we don't have to walk everywhere!

Nefertimon: Well, don't get too excited. These wings aren't broken in yet.

Pegasusmon: TK!

TK: Alright! My very own armour digimon!

[back with the DIGIMON EMPEROR]

Digimon Emperor: Do you guys give up yet?

Davis: Not a chance!

Digimon Emperor: Look behind you. Where do you think you are going to run to?

Cody: Davis, we've here!

Yolei: Huh? Cody?


Armadillomon: That's Pegasusmon! He's one wild horse! When he attacks with his Star Shower, his enermies will be blasted into outer space.

Veemon: That's Nefertimon! She's a flying, fighting machine with nine lives. And, she's quite a shot when throwing those Rosetta Stones of hers!

[the TYRANNOMON all attack with BLAZE BLAST]

Nefertimon and Pegasusmon: Golden Noose!

Pegasusmon: Star Shower!

Nefertimon: Rosetta Stone!

[the attack break the DARK RINGS from the Tyrannomon]

Yolei: Wow! Their dark rings disappeared!

[the Tyrannomon all go back to normal, and leave the kids]

Kari: I want to get a picture of those for my computer scrapbook.



Kari: These pictures turned out great! Except the Tyrannomon all have red eye. Oh, I forgot. They always have red eyes!

Davis: I'm so mad! Just wait until I get my hands on that Digimon Emperor!

Kari: You'll defeat the Emperor, won't you, TK?

Davis: Ugh!!

TK: I'm not sure, Kari, but we'll give it our best shot! But, we've never faced an enemy that was human before! How do we fight him?

Cody: Actually, TK brings up a very interesting point we should all consider.

Davis: Oh yeah? Well, what's that?

Cody: It's quite a little army we've put together so far. We've all found our digimon, and they've been able to armour digivolve. Even Gatomon and Patamon were able to find a way to bypass that Digimon Emperor's dark digivice.

But with all our powers conbined, we still haven't been able to beat the Digimon Emperor in the Digital World. Yet we keep on forgetting that he's human.

TK: Yeah, but I don't get it. What's your point?

Kari: He means we have to fight differently!

Yolei: What do you mean by that?

Cody: If we could find out his human identity, we could fight his from this side, where his powers aren't as strong.

Davis: What do we do? Knock on doors and ask for the Digimon Emperor?

TK and Patamon: Hmm...

Cody *thinking*: I knew I shouldn't have expressed my opinions. Now they're all going to make fun of me.

Yolei: Well, you're a little young to be worrying about those things, Cody.

Davis: Yeah! Just let us older kids handle it!

Yolei [to the digimon]: Aren't they cute?


Ken: Tomorrow's another day.

Narrator: Will the digidestined find the true identity of the Digimon Emperor? Find out next time, on Digimon: Digital Monsters!