Season 2, Episode 2: "The Digiteam Complete"

English Version Written by: Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz

Original Air Date: August 19, 2000

Transcribed By: katiecat <>



Tai: Where are we?

TK: This is the computer room.

Cody: Hey, when you guys came through the computer, where did you come from?

Davis: Where? The digital world! That place is the coolest ever! There we were, when suddenly a dinosaur-like digimon attacks, and I jumped into action.

Yolei: Enough! Let's go back.

Cody: I think we've had enough excitment for one day.

Yolei: Don't you want to go to the digital world, Cody?

Cody: Of course seeng those monsters would be fun, but tonights macaroni and cheese night at my house and I don't want to miss out.

Tai: Oh, that's right. It's pork surprise at my place.

Izzy: Stuffed green peppers and a salad.

TK: TV dinners and a microwave.

Yolei: No fair! I wanna go!

TK: Don't worry Yolei, you'll get a chance.

Yolei: When?!

Izzy: Oops. I almost forgot to turn off the computer. The gate's closed!

[Matt's band practice...]

Band member: You're leaving already, Matt? We're not done with rehearsal!

Matt: Sorry, guys, there's something I've got to take care of.

[At the PLAYGROUND...]

TK: Here he comes!

Tai: Hi Matt!

Matt: Hey everyone. Sorry I'm late.

Sora: It's been a long time! It's nice to be back.


Cody: I wonder what it's really like. To travel into the digital world.

Yolei: *fixing Cody's computer* I don't care if they don't want me along...tomorrow, I'm going to the digital world!

Ms. Hido: Yolei, will you be staying for dinner tonight? Mac and cheese!

Yolei: No, but thanks anyway. I have to get going.


Davis: Boy. I just can't stop thinking about Veemon!


Matt: Digiarmour Energize, huh?

Tai: It was a form of digivolving I've never seen before! Somehow, Davis' digimon was able to digivolve, but Agumon and the others weren't!

Sora: You mean Davis, from the soccer club, went to the digital world?

TK: That's right! And the two kids from my apartment building, Yolei and Cody, also got new digivices!

Joe: Well, if they have digivices, that means they are the new digidestined.

Izzy: That's just what I thought.

Tai: Hmm.

Sora: One question: If this Digimon Emperor is really hunting digimon and making them his slaves, will Biyomon and the others be okay?

Kari: I got an email earlier from Mimi in America. She was asking the same question.

Matt: Well, I say we go there. And do things our way.

Izzy: We can't. I went back to check the computer and the gate was closed.

Matt: That means...we can't help them?

Izzy: I'm going back first thing tomorrow and check the computer to see if the gate has opened up again.

Tai: I'm going with you!

Sora: And so am I!

TK: Mmm-hmm!

Kari: Mmm-hmm!

Joe: I can't. I've got an oral test tomorrow on laryngitis.

Matt: Yeah, and my band's got a big concert coming up, and we need to practice.

Tai: Don't worry about it! Just leave everything to us.

Matt: Okay, but let us know if you need us.


Izzy: Just as I thought. It's still closed. I need to find another way into the digital world.

Yolei: What are you doing in here?

Izzy: Oh, hi. I was just getting more information on what happened here yesterday.

Cody: I couldn't sleep last night. I kept thinking about it. Izzy, will you take me with you to the digital world.

Izzy: I can't because the gate isn't...huh? But, it's open!

Davis: How's it going, guys?

Sora: Hi everybody!

Sora: Those are the new digivices? How cool!

Tai: That's right! Those were the ones that were released from the digiegg when I touched it,

Yolei: Well, what are we waiting around here for? I say we go!

Davis: Wait a minute. Maybe I should give you a couple of pointers on the things you're about to see.

Yolei: Give me a break. You've only been there once! What do you know?

Cody: I think we should be prepared for a little danger.

Izzy: My suspicions were confirmed. I checked the other computers, and none of them seem to be affected by it. It's only open on this one. Also, the gate has never been opened two days in a row before!

Davis: Then I say we get going! As ashore that's going ashore.

All: Mmm-hmm!

Voice: Tai Kamiya? Is that you? We haven't seen you here in a while. And Sora and Izzy are here too. Say, didn't you all graduate?

Tai: Mr. Fujiyama! We did, and what are you doing here?

Mr. Fujiyama: I'm the new head of the computer club.

Tai and Sora: But what do you know about using computers?

Mr. Fujiyama: Not a single thing!

Tai and Sora: *sweatdrop*

Tai: I just remembered, there's something I need to talk to you about. Got a minute?

Mr. Fujiyama: Sure! What is it?

Tai: I'm having a problems adjusting to High School. It's the girls. They're so much older.

[TAI pushes MR.FUJIYAMA out of the CLASSROOM]

Sora: Thanks, Tai. We owe you.

Izzy: Alright! Let's get going!


Izzy: Is everyone okay?

Davis: Yeah, but I feel like I went through the rinse cycle of the dishwasher.

Cody: So this is the digital world? Hey, wait, I'm wearing new clothes! And they're pretty comfortable, too!

Yolei: Hey! I'm dressed like I'm part of the cool crowd!

Davis: I forgot the part about a new wardrobe.

Yolei: I love this helmet! It makes my glasses look smaller! Wait until I tell my sisters I got free clothes!

Sora: Kids today have no sense of value. When I was a kid, I showed a lot more respect whenever I receive a gift.

Kari: Sora, I hate to say this, but you're sounding just like my mom.

Sora: Biyomon!

Izzz: Tentomon!

Digimon Emperor: I've been waiting for you to get here. Now let the games begin! Snimon, attack!

Davis: Veemon! Where are you? Veemon!

Veemon: Davis! Davis, I'm over here!

Davis: Veemon!

Veemon: I've brought Patamon and his friends with me.

Izzy: Tentomon!

Sora: Biyomon!

Izzy: Tentomon.

Tentomon: Izzy! You're a sight for big, green sore eyes!

Sora: Biyomon!

Biyomon: I've missed you, Sora!

Sora: I've missed you, too, Biyomon.

Snimon: Roar!

[Snimon attacks Sora and Biyomon.]

TK: Sora, move!

[TK pushes Sora out of the way]

Biyomon: Spiral Twister!

Patamon: Boom Bubble!

Tentomon: Super Shocker!

Gatomon: Lightning paw! Without my tail ring, I don't have enough power!

Veemon: Don't worry about it! I'll just have ti armour digivolve. Davis, get the egg ready!

Digimon Emperor: Not so fast! This isn't a drill, Drimogemon!

Davis: Ahh!!

Tentomon: Drimogemon lives deep insidethe cavities of the digital world. His drill spin attack will make you wish you were at the dentist!

Veemon: Are you okay?

Digimon Emperor: You're up, Mojyamon!

Tentomon: Mojyamon is a frosty digimon that lives in the snowy mountains. His bone boomerang attack will make your head spin!

Mojyamon: Bone boomerang!

Veemon: Ahh!

Davis: Veemon!

[Veemon falls down a hole in the ground. Davis follows him, and they are both pulled under by Drimogemon.]

Yolei: Oh, my. They're gone. The ground just opened up and swallowed then.

Cody: Well, I want to go home now.

Izzy: First, we have to protect ourselves.

Cody: But what about Davis?

Biyomon: Spiral Twister!

Patamon: Boom bubble!

Tentomon: Super Shocker!

Sora: Davis will be fine. But our digimon are only at half-strength. We need to get away.

[The digimon fight more...]

Yolei: I can't take this anymore...I want to go home!

[Yolei starts to cry]


Davis: Huh? Ah! Great, I must have been walking in my sleep again. Where am i?

Digimon Emperor: You're just hanging around.

Davis: Who are you?

Digimon Emperor: I'm your worst nightmare come to life. I'm rather disappointed I was able to catch you so easily.

Davis: Are you the Digimon Emperor?

Digimon Emperor: Speaking!

Davis: But you're a kid, just like me.

Digimon Emperor: I'm nothing like you. If I was, I'd be the one hanging from a cliff. Oh, that reminds me.

[Veemon is hanging from the other cliff]

Davis: Veemon!

Veemon: Davis! Great view, isn't it?

Davis: I haven't had time to look. Quick, armour digivolve!

Digimon Emperor: Oh, there's one problem. Aren't you going to need these to pull off that little trick?

[The Emperor has taken Davis' digivice and communicator]

Davis: Ahh!


Cody: Wait up! This digivice you were so nice enough to give me is starting to make noise.

TK: My digivice is going off too! There might be something nearby!

Sora: A building of some sort.

Biyomon: There are no buildings around here!

Tentomon: No, just the temple.

Sora: Temple?

Biyomon: Yeah, but it was shut down.

Tentomon: They couldn't book enough weddings or Bar Mitzfahs.

Sora: Well, something in there is making the digivices go off, and I don't think it was the caterers.

[they go to the TEMPLE]

Yolei: I'm exhausted! Hasn't anyone ever heard of elevators?

Biyomon: Just look at it this way, Yolei. Only a few more steps to go.

[the kids arrive inside the TEMPLE, and two objects are sitting on an altar]

Sora: They look like digieggs!

Cody: Must be what our digivices were reacting to.

Sora: That one has the crest of Love on it.

Izzy: And that one has the crest of Knowledge!

[SORA and IZZY try to lift the DIGIEGGS up, but can't]

Sora and Izzy: Ugh!

Sora: It's just no use.

Izzy: We'll never be able to move them.


Tai: I don't understand. I couldn't budge the Digiegg with the crest of courage on it, but somehow Davis moved it with no problem!

*end flashback*

Sora: Yolei, I think you should try to move it.

Izzy: You too, Cody.

Yolei: What? You want us to try it?

Cody: Me?

[CODY and YOLEI try to lift the DIGIEGGS, and they succeed]

All: Woah!

Izzy: Huh?

Sora: THey were able to lift them!

TK: Just like Davis did yesterday!

[two beams of light come from where the DIGIEGGS used to be. Two digimon emerge from them]


Hawkmon: Ah! It feels so good to be out from underneath that stuffy rock and spread my wings!

Armadillomon: Howdy! Why'd you have to wake me up? I was having such a nice dream.

All: Woah!

Hawkmon: Hello, I'm Hawkmon, and I've been waiting to make your aquaintance!

Yolei: Uh, are you talking to me?

Armadillomon: Wowee, I think my shell fell asleep. Hi, I'm armadillomon, and you and I are partners.

Cody: Oh! Well...

Hawkmon: So then, Yolei, you and I shall be working together as a team!

Yolei: What? I don't fight? Except with my sister over who gets the last cookie!

Hawkmon: Are you saying you refuse to fight? Humph! Why do I get the defective human?

Sora: Yolei?

Yolei: What is is, Sora?

Sora: I have this friend. Her name is Mimi, and she's a lot like you. She said she didn't want to fight anymore, either, even though she knew she had to. She did it for the digital world, and us. Yolei, the more you do to help your digimon, the closer you two will become! And that's a friendship you'll carry with you for the rest of your life.

And you've got another friend for life. Me.

Yolei: Ah!

Izzy: So tell me, what do you think of the digital world so far, Cody?

Cody: I don't know. After all, I've only been here for a short time.

Izzy: But you must have some sort of opinion.

Cody: Well, I try not to judge things until I have all the information, but this place is so new to me, and I have so many unanswered questions, I don't know where to start first.

Izzy: Sounds like someone I know. Always trying to get all the facts. Do just what I did. Learn to trust your instincts. And if there;s a problem you can't solve, just come to me, and we can solve it together.

Cody: Okay!

Hawkmon: I beg your pardon, but in order for us to digivolve, you must say 'Digiarmour Energize'


Hawkmon: Hawkmon, armour digivolve to...Halsemon: The wings of Love!


Halsemon: I am an armour digimon. As Hawkmon, I use the digiegg of Love to armour digivolve. I use my tempest wing attack to defeat my enemies.


Armadillomon: Armadillomon armour digivolve to...Digmon: The drill of Power!


Digmon: I, too, am an armour digimon. As Armadillomon, I use the digiegg of Knowledge to armour digivolve.


Digmon: Now what do you say we find the others?

Sora and Yolei: Wow!

Cody and Izzy: Woah!


Davis: Give me back my digivice! And let Veemon go, he has nothing to do with this!

Digimon Emperor: Yeah, right. You've both been trespassing in my garden without my permission. And for your punishment, you'll have to watch Veemon as he becomes my slave.

Davis: Veemon, no!

Digimon Emperor: *laugh*

Veemon: I'll never become your slave! You might as well destroy me now and get it over with!

Digimon Emperor: I wish.

Veemon: Hey, take it easy! I was just kidding. You know, a little comedy to lighten up the mood! COme on, old buddy, don't you know a good joke when you hear one?

Davis: Veemon, no!

Digimon Emperor: I don't hear anyone laughing now, Veemon!

Davis: Leave him alone!

Halsemon: Tempest Wing!

[HALSEMON destroys the DARK RING]

Digimon Emperor: Who's that?

Yolei: Davis! Hold on, we're coming!

Davis: Get Veemon!

Digimon: Sorry to burst in on you like this.

Veemon: You could have knocked!

Gatomon [to EMPEROR]: This litterbox ain't big enough for the both of us.

Wormmon: Keep your claws to yourself, you big bully!

[WORMMON jumps at GATOMON, but she uses LIGHTNING PAW and knocks WORMMON to the EMPEROR, sending the DIGIVICE flying]

Digimon Emperor: You're useless!

[YOLEI catches the DIGIVICE]

Yolei: Thank you!

Digimon Emperor: Here kitty! Snimon! Mojyamon! Drimogemon!

Yolei: Here ya go!

Davis: hanks a lot, Yolei! Now it's time for a little payback. What do you say, Veemon?

Veemon: Yeah! Veemon, armour digivolve to...Flamedramon: The fire of courage!

Halsemon: Better hold on tight!

Yolei: Okay!

Flamedramon: Let's show them what armour digimon can do against the slaves of the emperor. Attack@

Mojyamon: Ice cloud!

Flamedramon: When it's fire against ice, fire always wins. Fire rocket!

Davis: Yeah! You destroyed the dark ring, Flamedramon!

Snimon: Twin Sickles!

Yolei: Ahh!!

Halsemon: Time for tempest wing!

Yolei: You did it, Halsemon!

Digmon: I guess we're the drill team! Gold Rush!

Digimon Emperor: They're better than I thought. This makes things a lot more interesting.

Veemon: Sorry we had to fight you, but we had to get rid of the dark rings. I hope we're still buds!

Mojyamon: It's okay. Thank you for saving us. Being the digimon emperor's slave was hard work! All day long, it's destroy this, destroy that, bring me a cappucino...

Davis: Digimon Emperor! He makes me so mad! I'll show him who's in charge around here!

Hawkmon: Settle down! So then, Yolei, will I be able to count on your assistance from now on?

Yolei: Absoltely! 100%

Armadillomon: And will we be a team, Cody? When I'm not napping?

Cody: Of course! I'd be honoured to be your partner.

Sora: Well, it looks like the new digidestined team doesn't need us around anymore.

Izzy: I don't know. I still think we have a lot of work ahead of us.

Biyomon: We can still help them fight the Emperor.

Tentomon: And we can also provide them with advice and guidance!

Sora: What a team!

Davis: Well, it's time to go home!



Tai: The birds and the birds, eh Mr. Fujiyama? Boy when it comes to girls, this guy has a lot to learn.

[in the computer room...]

All: Ahh!!

Tai: What happened to you guys?

All: Please don't ask.

Tai: Woah, the digimon all returned to their in-training forms!

Davis: Huh? Wah!

Yolei: Wow...he's so cute!

Cody: It's hard to believe that this little fella...can turn himself into such a huge creature like Digmon.

Kari: Are we goning to have to do this every time we come back?

Patamon: And I thought Digivolving was a tough job.

TK: At least we made it back to the real world safe and sound!

Sora: Hmm...except Biyomon and Tentomon...

[from the COMPUTER SCREEN...]

Biyomon: Sora! Don't wory. We'll be alright, because the Digimon Emperor never comes out at night.

Tentomon: Imagine. All that power, and he's afraid of the dark!

Sora: Well, get some rest. You'll need it for tomorrow!

Davis: Yeah! That's when we'll go back to the digital world, and beat the Digimon Emperor once and for all!

Digimon Emperor: Oh, really? Well, excuse me if I don't start shaking in my boots.

Narrator: What does the Digimon Emperor have in store for the digidestined? Find out next time on Digimon: Digital Monsters!